Hayley’s Sixth Photoshoot


Hayley’s Saturday was unusually booked all day, thanks to Dan and Pete. In addition to the shoot with Siobhan being arranged, she had also agreed to spend most of the day shooting, from ten in the morning until six at night. Shehe was putting in a full eight hours, and Hayley was really looking forward to it as normal.She had seen the pictures of her new partner and Craig on Pete’s website, and like Dan, noticed how similar their bodies were. The week flew past, and before she knew it, she was undergoing her pre-shoot shower routine. Once she was ready, she went to say goodbye to Dan, and asked if he had any more challenges for her on the shoot.“Well, I hadn’t really thought about it, to be honest. How about, you just go with whatever happens or they suggest, within reason. Obviously so long as it’s legal, but if one of them suggests shooting outdoors, for example, you just go with it,” He said, not really wanting to push her too much for a shoot with essentially a stranger.She left for the shoot and arrived early, just as Pete had finished setting up the day. Hayley had multiple sets of lingerie, bikinis, and other sexy outfits to wear, and after their initial chat and Pete’s standard disclaimer, she headed upstairs to slip out of her dress to get started on the first set of the day. The first few sets flew past, and they were rapidly approaching one o’clock, the time Siobhan would be joining them, without even realising it.Moving (at Hayley’s request) to the garden for a bikini shoot, Pete made sure that the front door was unlocked so that Siobhan could walk straight in without him needing to open it, and he quickly texted her to tell her so, before he and Hayley got started.The shoot began as normal, with Hayley wearing the bikini and slowly taking it off. The high fences on either side of Pete’s garden provided them with some degree of privacy, and because she stood next to the conservatory at the back of his house, any neighbours couldn’t see anything either. The only way anybody could possibly have seen anything, would have been to be peeking through the gap in the fence where the gate was, and that would have been a little creepy, so she was completely relaxed in doing the shoot.It wasn’t long before she had dispensed with the bikini completely, and was happily posing naked against the wall and windows of the conservatory, which had the blinds drawn to give a cleaner shot. Hearing Siobhan call hello as she entered, Hayley wasn’t bothered, since they would be doing a shoot together soon anyway, and continued posing as Pete shouted that they were in the garden as his camera beeped away. What neither of them realised though, was that Siobhan hadn’t realised Pete had arranged to spend the day shooting with Hayley, and had decided to invite Craig along for another shoot later.It was only as he walked outside without Siobhan, who was putting her bag of clothes changes upstairs, that anybody even realised he was there, and he was immediately treated to a sight of Hayley, full-frontal nude.“Oh shit! I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were shooting with anyone else!” He said, turning around, even though he had already seen everything. “Siobhan said to come round with her as she was going a shoot with someone else, and then wanted to do another one with me after if you had time.”“Well, she didn’t ask me, or even mention it!” Pete spat, highly annoyed that his photoshoot had been interrupted, and that the surprise guest had clearly shaken Hayley.Craig headed back inside as Pete seethed, feeling guilty that it almost seemed like it had been set up to make sure Craig got an eyeful without telling anyone, but after giving Siobhan a dressing down inside, he realised it was a genuine mistake, and calmed himself down. It took Hayley a few minutes to regain her composure from the incident isvecbahis as well, but she was soon back in the swing of it, even getting slightly turned on by the fact Craig had seen her.Once the bikini shoot finished, Hayley put it back on and followed Pete inside, heading straight upstairs to where Siobhan was waiting, sitting on the edge of the bed in nothing but sheer lingerie as she chatted to Craig, who was on the chair by the dressing table. Hayley went into the small bedroom to get changed as Pete adjusted a few things in the main bedroom, before pulling out her phone and texting Dan.‘Might be a little later than expected tonight. Siobhan brought Craig round as she wants to do another shoot with him, so I’ll probably let them get in with it after my shoot with her. Love you xx.’A few seconds later, her phone pinged with a reply, just as she was pulling up her thong. ‘You wanted a challenge, here you go – Let him watch you and Siobhan… xx.’‘Alright. He has already seen me naked so why not…. I get the feeling that he would want to join in, rather than just look… Xx,’ She texted back.‘So let him if you want to. I told you to have fun, do whatever, go with it. Xx,’ Dan replied. ‘In fact, now I want you to do a shoot with him and Siobhan. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see pictures of that! Xx,’ He followed up.‘You really want me to do a shoot with both of them? You mean a set with her then one with him? Xx,’ She texted back, trying to clarify what he meant.‘If you want to, then yeah, defo. Why not shoot with them individually? Then with all of you. I’d love to see that. Xx,’ He texted back.‘To be clear, you want me to have sex with both of them individually, then have a threesome??? Xx,’ Hayley responded, almost disbelieving what she was reading.‘I’m saying if you want to, I’d love to see it, and hear about it. Go for it if you want! Xx,’ Dan replied again.‘Ok, but I’m not promising anything. Xx,’ She texted back, before putting her away.Looking at the lingerie she had put on, Hayley decided she wanted something a bit more see-through. The text conversation with Dan had spurred her sexuality on a little, and she wanted to really tease Craig a bit, especially if there was a chance she might let him do more than watch. Taking off the set she had originally chosen, Hayley pulled out a different set, one that she had worn for a shoot previously that she knew was a lot more transparent. She slipped it on, and walked out to join the others in the main bedroom.Despite Craig having already seen her completely naked outside, he was still highly impressed with the (slightly) dressed Hayley, eyeing her up and down as she entered, and noticing how easily he could see both her nipples, and landing strip. Even Siobhan couldn’t keep from taking a good look as Hayley moved towards the bed and sat down next to her, facing Craig as they finished the conversation.“Ok ladies, if you’re ready, shall we get started?” Pete asked. “Craig, since I didn’t know you would be here, and it isn’t fair on Hayley, can I ask you to wait downstairs whilst we do this.”“He can stay. I don’t mind. I texted Dan and told him Craig’s here, and he said so long as it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t bother him either,” Hayley said, bringing a huge smile to Craig’s face.“Alright, so long as you two don’t mind, but please make sure you stay back, out of the shot,” Pete told him.They got started, like always, by Pete taking a few of the girls messing around and adjusting to being in front of the camera, and it wasn’t too long before their joking flirty behaviour began to progress. It was during a deep kiss when Siobhan broke off, and turned to Pete.“Why don’t you get Craig to film us, You’ve got three cameras. Why not put him to use and make him earn the privilege of watching us?” She asked.“I never really isveçbahis giriş thought of it, to be honest. If it doesn’t bother either of you, and so long as he is not in the picture, I suppose he could,” Pete responded.All three were now looking at Hayley, since it obviously rested on her decision if it would happen or not. On one hand, he was already watching, so why not? But on the other, she had never really noticed the video cameras before, and this would be the first time she was consciously aware of a shoot being filmed as well as photographed…After a few seconds of internal deliberation, she decided why not, and voicing this, Craig immediately stood up and moved to Pete, who gave him a basic crash course in using one of the video cameras, before resuming the shoot. The two girls had gone back to the kiss they were involved in before Siobhan’s suggestion, and Craig was moving and focussing on where Pete told him to as Pete continued taking pictures.The girls were soon on the bed, Hayley laying on her back with Siobhan kneeling over the top of her, straightening up to remove her bra before leaning down again, reconnecting their lips as both Pete and Craig made sure to capture the moment her small boobs were freed.Over the course of the next ten minutes, both girls removed any items of clothing they were previously wearing, leaving them both naked as Pete gave further instructions as to how he wanted them to pose and act. Craig was now almost shadowing him, and whilst recording the action on his video camera as he enjoyed the show being put on before his eyes.Siobhan wasted no time going down on Hayley, making sure the two men in the room captured her enjoying the taste of another girl as she licked, nibbled, and sucked on the intimate areas in front of her. Hayley was herself incredibly horny at this point, not only because of Siobhan’s actions, but because there was someone else in the room other than Pete, watching and recording. She instructed Siobhan to rotate her body, ensuring her face was beneath the completely smooth pussy of her partner, and buried her tongue as far as she could.The next step was only seconds away, as once Hayley’s tongue was tasting her sweetness, Siobhan buried two, then almost immediately, three fingers inside Hayley’s soaking wet hole. This drew a gasp from Hayley, who then reciprocated the action with her own digits.“Oohhh, that feels so good. I think you should put that camera down and fuck me!” Siobhan said, looking at Craig as he stood filming her finger blasting Hayley.“I was thinking that exact same thing. Craig, get over here and start fucking this tight little pussy!” Hayley stated, before Pete had any chance to say it would be up to her if he joined in or not.Craig looked to Pete, almost as if to seek permission, which Pete just shrugged at, as if to say, ‘Yeah, sure, why not.’ He put the camera back on the tripod it came from, took his t-shirt off, and undid the shorts he was wearing as he moved behind Siobhan. His erection was obvious even through the black Calvin boxer shorts he hadn’t taken off, finally freeing it as he pushed them down and started to crawl the short distance up the bed.Like most English males, Craig was also not circumcised, and despite not being as big as Matty was, he still had a sizable length. ‘Very slightly smaller than Dan,’ Hayley thought to herself as she mentally compared them whilst it loomed above her. Kneeling in position, he nonchalantly tugged himself as Pete took a few pictures, before angling it downwards and moving forward, guiding the exposed and engorged end directly to Hayley’s mouth.Without thinking twice, Hayley opened wide and took his length in, sucking him for a few seconds before he pushed into Siobhan and started slowly fucking her. Siobhan was still three fingers deep in isveçbahis yeni giriş Hayley, and was now synchronising herself so that every tie Craig pushed into her, she pushed into Hayley, who had herself started rubbing Siobhan’s clit since she couldn’t access it with her mouth.For almost ten minutes Pete photographed as Craig thrust in and out of Siobhan, constantly moving around them to capture different shots of them. Any time he seemed to be back towards where Hayley’s head was, Craig would pull out and put himself to her mouth, letting her suck Siobhan’s arousal from his length before resuming his fucking of her.Finally, he pulled out of Siobhan and quickly made his way around the bed, crawling up it on his knees and presenting his cock to Siobhan, who immediately took it in her mouth, sucking her own juices from him as she made sure to grind her own bald pussy back onto Hayley’s eager mouth.So caught up in orally pleasing Siobhan, Hayley didn’t notice Siobhan’s fingers slide from her, nor when they spread her wide open, essentially offering her up to Craig like a treasure. This was something he was not going to pass up, and after pulling out of Siobhan’s mouth, he guided his rigid member to the waiting entrance before him and pushed in.Pete was again in the perfect position to capture when Craig first entered Hayley, his camera beeping constantly as Craig’s hardness made a sustained assault between Hayley’s legs, alternating between long, deep, hard thrusts and shorter, shallower penetrations. Siobhan was also strumming Hayley’s clit like a thrash metal guitarist on speed, leading to a familiar feeling stirring within her, rapidly escalating into a full-blown orgasm.As her climax prepared to hit, Hayley quickly realised she had nowhere to go. Her face was buried deep into Siobhan’s slit, which was now pressing her down as she continued to grind herself into the mouth beneath her. Her arms were behind Siobhan’s legs, granting her hands the freedom to play with Siobhan’s pussy, but preventing them from reaching anywhere near where Craig was, and her legs were spread wide by a combination of Siobhan and Craig.The orgasm hit, and all Hayley could do was thrash about, desperately trying to get her hyper-sensitive pussy away from both Siobhan’s hand and Craig’s cock as they continued their combined pummelling of her. A series of moans attempted to escape her mouth but were muffled by the shaved quim above it, and her head being held, almost immovable by Siobhan’s legs as she knelt above her.Eventually, Hayley managed to get her feet onto the bed, and pushed her hips up as much as she could, finally causing Craig to slip from her and as she came, before almost dropping back onto the bed. What she hadn’t realised though, was that as she lifted herself up, his cock had slipped from her, but not really moved from where it was. As she dropped back down, his dick was directly beneath her ass hole, and now completely soaked from her juices, it was more than sufficiently lubricated to slip easily into her backside.Whether Craig thought this was intentional would be open for debate, but as she began letting out louder but still muffled screams, he instantly swept her legs off the bed and into the air, ensuring she wouldn’t be able to lift up again. Despite Hayley’s loud moaning and thrashing, this did nothing to deter Craig as he began thrusting in and out of her, until she finally wiggled free of him. Seeing that as nothing more than a minor inconvenience, he simply lined himself up to her ass hole again and attempted to push in for a second time.“Uh-uh, no. Stay the fuck away from my ass!” She instructed loudly and definitively, finally having moved her head to enable her to speak.Craig immediately heeded the warning, slipping back into her pussy as Hayley’s recent orgasm was now almost a memory, replaced by the lingering discomfort of having her anus intruded. Siobhan was still positioned above Hayley’s face, and just adjusted herself slightly, as if to motion for the mouth at her quim to resume.

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