Exposing Alice II


My wife, Alice, is a hot fifty-two-year old. She’s a natural blonde. Her five-foot-three body is slim and trim. Her perky tits fill a B-cup to overflowing and, when free, are firm and topped with luscious nipples. In a word, she is hot. And she loves to fuck. Although she may appear to be prim and proper, when we go out she’ll dress as sexy as I want. She loves to be admired and I like it too. The morning after exposing herself to the pizza guy and our hot sex right afterward, Alice said, “I don’t believe what I did. I let him feel my body and I put my hand on the bulge in his pants. My God,” she said, “he must think I’m a slut.” “No, you’re not a slut. You’re my beautiful hot wife. It excites me to watch you show your body to strangers and, although you resist when I tell you what to do, being exposed makes you incredibly hot. You loved giving that guy a hard-on. And you even said that if I hadn’t been handy, you might have fucked him. This was just a start. We have so much fun showing off your body. You love it and so do I, so we’re going to do more.” “Please don’t make me show more than my boobs,” Alice said. “They’re pretty and I’ll show them any way you want, but the rest of me…well, I don’t think its so pretty.” “No, your pussy and your ass are really hot. I like it when you’re nude and vulnerable. I want all of you to be open. And, let’s face it, it excites me to see you with another man. Not that I want someone else fucking you, but watching the pizza guy feel your tits and you enjoying it was a fantastic turn-on for me.” “I have to admit I liked it too,” she said. “And it certainly led to hot sex for the two of us. But I don’t want to go further. If you want, I’ll be nude for that pizza guy again…he thought I was pretty. I’ll call him and invite him back. You can be right here and watch. I’ll do anything you want with him; he’s cute.” “Been there, done that,” I said. “I’m going to come up with another scenario. Just being nude for one guy isn’t enough. And I want to see you being felt all over. If you’re going to make a guy get hard, I want you to see that erection…maybe even touch it.” “My God,” Alice said, “I can’t believe you want me to do that. Next thing, you’re going to ask me to suck and fuck while you watch.” “No,” I said, isvecbahis “that, we’ll save for me, but you are so exciting and beautiful when you’re tantalizing other men. So I want more…and, admit it, you do too. Here’s what makes it so hot for both of us. You don’t know how far I’ll make you go. But it’s my responsibility so if you wind up with another cock in your mouth, it won’t be your fault. It will be mine because I wanted to watch your sexy body being admired and making a man desperate to fuck you.” “Well, okay, if that’s what you want. But please don’t make me feel like a slut. And, for sure, I don’t want you to think that about me either. But I’ll let you decide. I won’t spoil your fun. You can push it as far as you want.” I thought and thought (maybe a better word is fantasized) about exposing Alice to more men. I wanted a scenario in which she’d be fully exposed with no choice but to allow a number of men to admire her nude body. And I wanted to be able to watch. Although  I didn’t tell her this part, I wanted her to be vulnerable to being touched intimately. I didn’t know how far I’d let it go, but I must admit I did think about watching her sucking a stranger’s cock….maybe even being fucked. As I was trying to figure this out, I asked my barber for any suggestions he might have. I knew that he and his partner had a pretty wild sex life so I thought he might have some ideas. He told me that a couple of years ago they had vacationed in San Diego and, while there, had visited Black’s Beach, a nude beach. On weekends there are lots of nude and nearly nude people on that beach, he said, mostly men but some women. If you took Alice there and she was willing to take off her bathing suit, she’d be exposed to dozens of men. No sex, he said, but lots of looking. So I suggested to Alice that we plan a visit to San Diego over the upcoming Labor Day long weekend. I told her about Black’s and said this would be an opportunity for her to be exposed to a lot of strangers.  “You’ll be showing your hot nude body to plenty of people…that will make you so hot…and we’ll have some terrific sex.” I booked a VRBO room in a beachfront community. The night we arrived we met the other guests. Two couples. All were friendly. The next day, Saturday, we made isveçbahis giriş our way to Black’s Beach. After climbing down a steep path we arrived at a wide, long sandy beach. It wasn’t crowded. There was plenty of room for us to spread our towels. Some people were wearing bathing suits; most of the men were nude. Of the females, some were topless but only a few were nude. None had as good a body as my Alice. Alice wanted to pick a spot up from the water where we could watch but not be right where everyone would be walking by. I agreed. We spread our towels. I immediately stripped. Alice removed her top.  “Your tits are beautiful,” I said. “But I want you nude.” “All the women have their bottoms on. Topless is enough.” “That’s not what I want,” I said. “You showed your ass to the pizza guy and you loved it, didn’t you?” “Okay,” she said, “but I’m going to lie on my stomach.”  So she rolled over. In a few minutes, I reached for the sunscreen and spurted some on her back. I rubbed her shoulders and upper back and then started on her ass. She clenched her cheeks together.  “Come on, Alice,” I said, “Let’s have some fun.”  “ No, not there,” she said. “Then roll over and let me rub your front.” Alice rolled over. And I loved having her tits and pussy on display. By that time several young guys had put their towels close by so they could have a good view. So far, Alice hadn’t noticed them.  I started on her belly and then rubbed the oil on her tits. I played with her nipples until she gave a little moan of pleasure. Then I moved down and started on her right leg. At first, she kept her legs tightly together. Then she let me spread them enough that her pussy was exposed. She hadn’t noticed that a young man had positioned his towel, and his eyes, so he could have a direct view between her legs. So I let him have a good look. After a while, I persuaded Alice to walk with me to the water’s edge and let the surf wash over our feet. By now she seemed comfortable with being nude. And she openly checked out others…male and female. Most were overweight but a few guys had good bodies…and cocks. The sun was pretty hot so we headed back to our room. After showering, we Ubered to Balboa Park and spent the rest of the day exploring the lovely park and museums. isveçbahis yeni giriş Then dinner, lubricated by several margaritas. When we got back to our apartment, the other couples were gathered in the jacuzzi in the courtyard. They called us to join them. We went to our room to change. Alice started to put on a one-piece bathing suit.  “No, please,” I said, “wear the bikini I gave you.” “But it’s so tiny,” she said. “We don’t know these people.” “That’s a perfect time to show them how pretty you are. I’ll be so proud.” Alice agreed and put on the bikini. The bottom is tiny with a small triangle that covers her pussy and a thin strap between her ass cheeks. The top is interesting…the two triangles can be spread apart so they completely cover her tits or pulled together to cover only a narrow strip and her nipples. We joined the others in the spa. The two couples introduced themselves: Marge and Joe and Pete and Angie. Marge and Angie teach school together in a small Wisconsin town. Both women are a bit overweight and the men more so. They invited us to share the beers they had in a small cooler. After chatting and getting acquainted, they asked what we had done that day. I told them we’d gone to Black’s Beach. Angie asked what we were talking about. “It’s the local nude beach,” I answered.  I couldn’t tell whether the two couples were shocked or fascinated. But then Marge asked Alice if she had taken off her clothes. Alice was clearly embarrassed. So I said, “Yes, we both did…that’s what you do on a nude beach.” Pete said, “Wow, I wish I had seen that.” His wife gave him a poke in the ribs. “Something isn’t right, here,” Joe said. “Here we are, friends in a jacuzzi and we all have bathing suits on. And, to top that off, we know lots of strangers got to see Alice in the buff. So, why can’t we have the same beautiful experience?” To my surprise, Marge said, “Come on, honey, at least take off your top. I’m sure everyone will like that.” “Tell you what,” I said. “I’ll adjust Alice’s top so you can see more of her tits. Then maybe after a couple of beers, we can persuade her to show you more.” Alice said, “No, I’ll just take it off. If everyone is so intent on seeing my boobs, I might as well let them look.” So she untied her top and took it off. She cupped her hands under her tits so everyone had a good view.  “You’re beautiful,” Marge said. “You’re older than me but your boobs are so much firmer. If mine were as hot as yours, I’d be proud to show them too.”

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