Chapter VI (Part Three of Four) – Ready to Rock the Gala


It was about time to head downstairs to the Banquet/Party Room of the four-star hotel in San Francisco for the eagerly anticipated Saturday Night Gala, which was the finale to a wonderful weekend of partying in celebration of the record earnings of our company.I was almost ready to leave the room, but I still needed to get dressed. Just then, my husband Dave, already handsomely dressed in his tux, announced that Jeff and Amy had just dropped by to see how we were doing. Jeff (or more formally, Jeffery Scott, the President and CEO of the rapidly growing, high-tech, publicly-traded company that employed me), and Amy (Jeff’s beautiful and sexy wife, who was also an executive with the company), had the main suite that was conveniently connected to our room, one of the special incentives I had received to attend this big party weekend.It was widely accepted in our industry that Jeff and Amy, and many on our staff, were actively in “The Lifestyle,” meaning they were swingers, as was the General Manager of our hotel. Last night they had hosted a private Lifestyle-type party in their upstairs suite to which our room connected. I had been designated as the official greeter and party starter, meaning that I was naked the entire time and enjoyed various degrees of sexual activity throughout the night.While the Friday night party involved openly sexual activity, tonight’s company Gala, while encouraging women to wear sexy and revealing attire, had no rules against sexual activity. It was up to the attendees to determine what would or would not happen.Jeff and Amy had encouraged me, probably a little too subtly, to wear something topless that would put my firm, tan 38D breasts in full display mode tonight. I failed to read their wishes correctly and decided to bring two possible outfits. The first one was nearly bare-breasted, and was the one with which I planned to start the evening. The other one was totally topless, and if the atmosphere was conducive, I’d change into it after dinner.I stepped into my six-inch platform heels, and otherwise naked, walked out to greet them.Jeff looked particularly handsome in his tux, and Amy was breathtaking. She was wearing a long, figure-hugging, bright green dress with slits up the front of both legs. The bodice was long-sleeved and so diaphanous that her flawless C-cup breasts and prominent nipples were fully visible under the see-through material. Her back was bare to her waist. There was no question she was completely naked under that beautiful and revealing gown.I looked at them and said, “You two are a show-stopping pair. If we had the time, I don’t know which one of you I’d attack first.”Amy gave me a very sexy look, and said, “Coming from someone with such a spectacular body means a lot to me. It also makes me wonder how much of that naked body will we see tonight. Jeff and I were hoping you would be topless.”I said I brought two things to wear tonight, one to start the evening that was ultra-revealing and could become bare-breasted if I wanted, and another for after dinner that was totally topless.Feeling that a picture was worth a thousand words, I said, “Rather than trying to describe the first one, if you’ll wait a few minutes, I’ll put it on, do a few final touch-ups, and I’ll be ready to rock the Gala.”They agreed that would be best. So I rushed back to the closet and put on the full-length dress that I had made just for tonight by a seamstress and dressmaker I knew. It was cleverly made from two large pieces of a soft, clingy, bright yellow, satin-like fabric, a color that went perfectly with my tan body.There was hardly any top. It was intended to allow my breasts to pop into full view, as if by accident. As a result, what little fabric was used for the bodice barely covered the inner half of my breasts and, sometimes, my nipples. There was no other material above my waist, so the outer half and undersides of my breasts were also in full view. My nipples were continually peeking out from under the fabric. The back was completely bare.The top joined the rest of the dress at the waistline, which rode about three inches below my navel. It had a floor-length skirt with slits in front of each leg that were open to the waistline. The sides of the skirt tapered downward as it wrapped around my hips.There was no back to the dress until the two front panels that wrapped around my hips and legs nearly met in a wide “V” partially down my butt crack. Ass cleavage was quite apparent. The two pieces of fabric were four or five inches apart, and a few thin contrasting laces zig-zagged across my ass to keep things together and allow the gap to continue uninterrupted to the bottom hemline near the ground.A narrow ribbon of a thin, clear material, acted as an extension of the waistline, ran across my bare back, connecting the ends or the waistline so the dress would remain tight against my body. It was almost invisible.The result was an uncovered swath of tan skin from my neck to the floor, along with a generous amount of my tan bubble butt being completely visible along with my pussy lips if I happened to bend over just a little bit.I also brought a decorative clasp that I could use at any time to draw the top material together below my tits so they would be on full and uninterrupted display.Obviously, this dress could only be worn over a naked body. I loved the dress and sashayed around the room to proudly show off its unique features.I heard several oohs and ahhs from Jeff and Amy. Amy looked at me said, “Jeff and I agree the dress is absolutely perfect on you, and the idea of starting with that and then changing to the topless one after dinner is the right strategy. You will be seen and appreciated in both.Jeff looked at me and said, “What I’m going to say to you now I’ve repeated to Amy several times. Every time I see you or think about you, I get hard and want to fuck you. Now is no exception. I have a long and potentially tiring night ahead of me, and I’d love to slide my rock-hard cock into your smoking hot pussy right now, dressed exactly as we are, before we go downstairs.”I looked at Amy. She rolled her eyes, smiled, and nodded her head. I looked back at Jeff and said, “I’d love that. Let’s do it doggie, and you can cum in my mouth. That way, we won’t get mussed up.”Neither of us needed any more encouragement. It was merely a case of intense and mutual lust that had to be quenched in a hurry.I pulled the zipper on Jeff’s pants down and dropped them to the floor. I squeezed his cock and confirmed that he was rock hard. There was precum on the head of his cock, which I immediately licked off.I turned around in front of Jeff, then bent over and grabbed my ankles. This allowed the back of my dress to spread open invitingly. I said, “Fuck me now Jeff, and fuck me hard so you’ll remember it all night long.”I was so wet that Jeff’s entry into my pussy was instant, forceful, and enthralling. He grabbed my hips and immediately pounded me like a mad man. I loved it, particularly as we were doing this fully clothed just moments before walking into the banquet room.It didn’t take long for me to climax. And it was only a few minutes after that when Jeff said he was ready to blow. I turned around, opened my mouth, and Jeff promptly filled my mouth with his warm seed.I stood up, grinned like a Cheshire cat, swallowed his load, and said, “Okay. It appears we are all ready, so let’s roll.”Jeff pulled up his pants, and we all headed out the door without further adieux.As we walked out the door, Dave said he had the clasp for my dress with him. Amy thanked him, looked at me, and said, “Whenever we signal to you, or you sense the time is right, go ahead and put the clasp in place. Will that work for you?”“That sounds perfect to me. And thanks to Jeff, my horniness is already heading for the stars.”~~~~~~~Riding the elevator with Jeff and Amy and then making a grand entrance into the Gala with them made me feel like a million dollars. It was like I was a princess, albeit a nearly-naked one, to Amy, the Queen. The crowd was smiling and applauding Jeff, recognizing him for the remarkable business successes he had achieved and the increase in the share price of their stock. He was on a huge high and rightfully so.I was overjoyed when I didn’t see any shocked expressions over either Amy’s or my attire and began glancing at what some of the other women were wearing. I was ready to go topless if others had done so, or looked ready to go there.Jeff made a point of motioning for us the stay close by them as he and Amy made their way through the crowd, all the while smiling and shaking hands like a seasoned politician. Cameras and flashbulbs were everywhere. Of course, with every step I took, my legs were striding through the slits in the fabric, possibly bringing my pussy into brief view between each stride.And once the guests realized my dress was almost backless and nothing important remained covered, I was getting lots of admiring looks.Never in my young life was I so enthralled as I was at that instant. It was as though my body had been given to me for this one moment. I felt so proud to isvecbahis be standing next to Jeff and Amy with my barely covered body on full display.Dave and I followed Jeff as he expertly worked the crowd. When he saw someone he knew by name, he stopped to exchange a few words with them, and would make a point to introduce us as, “Mandi, one of our brightest and fastest rising corporate stars, and her proud husband, Dave.”I had trouble keeping a straight face as I silently wondered if the word “star” had become the new synonym for “slut.”It wasn’t long before two handsome middle-aged men approached us. Jeff immediately welcomed them warmly, with a firm handshake and a bit of a man-hug. Amy greeted them with a surprisingly close body-hugging embrace and a brief kiss on their lips.Amy then turned her attention toward me and said, “Mandi, please allow me to introduce you to the two gentlemen I may have mentioned to you, James, from the U.K., and Henry, from Hamburg, Germany. They are two of our most important partners in the European market.”I was almost stunned at how attractive the two men were. I gave them what I hoped was a pleasant but not overly sexy smile, and reached out with both hands to draw them toward me at the same time. I noticed that their eyes momentarily dropped to look at my nipples that had, of course, somehow popped out of my top as I extended my arms.I gently embraced them in a way I hoped conveyed a symbolic indication that the three of us would be spending a lot of time together this evening. Then, while still holding their hands, I stood back to admire them, as they did the same to me. I did a quick spin to show off the back of the dress and wiggled my butt at them, which resulted in several flattering comments.I couldn’t help thinking how hot it was that only minutes earlier I had fucked Jeff while wearing this exact dress.I was surprised to see that James was black, and he reminded me a bit of Rashad, who I had met (and fucked) at the private club he owned during our trip to L.A. a couple of months ago. James looked to be in his late forties, was about two inches taller than Dave, and appeared to possibly be a former competitive athlete that had kept himself in shape. He looked damn sexy in the French cut tux he was wearing, and my pussy began to let me know he looked hot. He was definitely assessing my appearance with great interest.Henry, while being white, was about two inches shorter and a bit more slender, more like a swimmer or runner. He, too, looked very handsome in his tux and had a mischievous smile on his face.We each exchanged the usual pleasantries, and I was charmed by their accents. Standing there with a handsome black man with a delightful British accent, and a white German who spoke perfect English with the usual Teutonic accent, sounded like a recipe for an eventful night.Tonight could be a lot of fun, and I knew I had to get the ball rolling. But I also didn’t know how much James and Henry knew about the arrangements and what they expected, if anything, my role would be.Fortunately, Amy jumped in and started talking to them. “James, Henry. I believe I mentioned in my text message yesterday that the usual plans for your arrival hit an unexpected bump in the road. Mandi is the newest and brightest star in our marketing area. When we explained our current quandary to her, she was quick to offer to do what she can to make sure you both enjoy the festivities as you would normally expect. I am confident that you will find her more than willing and adept to make sure you enjoy yourselves.”James was quick to respond and said, “From just these first few minutes, I would be most surprised if Mandi did not exceed all of our expectations. Wouldn’t you agree, Henry?”Henry, with what appeared to be a knowing smile, replied, “Absolutely. Let the fun begin.”I took that opening to move behind and between the two men, put my arms around their waists, and said, “With that perfect segue, let’s move to the bar, have a drink, and get to know each other.”As we started walking toward the bar, I couldn’t help noticing that both James and Henry’s heads turned to look at my tits. With my arms around the two guys, my top’s open sides allowed my nipples and most of my breasts to be fully exposed. I could also tell that they weren’t the only ones that noticed. My libido was rapidly heading toward the red line, and I could sense my pussy getting wetter and wetter.We placed our drink orders with the bartender, Isaac, who I had had the pleasure of enjoying in the bar on Larkin Street only about three hours earlier. We exchanged knowing smiles.I made no attempt to pull the top back over my nipples, looked at the guys, and said, “I hope that so much of my skin being on display is not making you uncomfortable.””Not at all,” Henry replied as Isaac put our glasses on the bar.James continued, saying, “You are an incredibly stunning woman, and I wouldn’t be uncomfortable if you were standing next to me completely naked.”I gave them both a big grin and a wink and said, “That’s not totally out of the question, but it’s more likely to happen after dinner.”They both nodded their heads in agreement.I continued, saying, “There is no need for any of us to be coy. I love to touch and be touched. If you see something you like, go for it. Please, don’t hold back. I’m an exhibitionist and love showing off my body, especially when there is an appreciative audience involved. I’m happily married, but I’m also free to enjoy sex with any partner or partners of my choice, male or female. I’m not a hooker or a professional escort. I’m just a young married woman with an insatiable sexual appetite.“As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this dress doesn’t cover much. So if you’d like to touch my breasts, squeeze my ass, or most anything else, you won’t get your hand slapped.“And in the improbable event that you do something I don’t like or feel comfortable doing, I’ll let you know right away.“All that being said, is this in line with any expectations you might have?”James and Henry looked at me like they’d just won the lottery. James wasted no time by sliding a hand inside my top and cupping my left breast. He said, “You mean it’s okay for me and Henry to do this right here, right now?”“Absolutely. In fact, I’d be totally shocked and disappointed if you didn’t.” I then turned to Henry and said, “I have one other breast that is feeling neglected.”Two hands were immediately under my top, eagerly caressing my tits and my erect nipples. I put my glass down on the bar, smiled while looking at Isaac, and enjoyed the sensations their hands were affording. And when they squeezed or teased a nipple, a charge went directly to my clit like a bolt of electricity. I could feel my pussy juices starting to run down the inside of my thighs.I was pleased to see that a few of the nearby guests watched us and that they all had smiles on their faces. I made a point of making eye contact and smiling back at them. I even saw a couple of thumbs-up signs.My hands moved to the front of their pants. I was delighted to find a hard cock under both pairs of pants, and they felt quite adequate to satisfy me if fucking became an opportunity.James removed his hand from my breast and said, “Mandi, you need to stroll through the crowd so as many people as possible can see you. Henry and I would be honored to escort you, and I’m sure Jeff and Amy would appreciate you doing that. Plus, that will allow Henry and me to watch you from a short distance while secretly knowing that you belong to us this evening. We’ll also get a 360° view of your sexy dress.””That sounds great to me. Shall I lead the way?”“Please do.”I picked up my glass and headed out into the crowd. I knew James and Henry would now get a good look at my nearly backless dress with lots of ass cleavage and the four to five-inch wide opening over my butt held together with a few thin contrasting laces that zig-zagged across the gap over my bare ass.While strolling around, I took the opportunity to check out many of the other beautiful people here tonight, particularly the many stunning women, and their sexy attires. I noticed several other women had dresses with a totally sheer bodice that allowed their beautiful breasts to be visible. I was delighted that I didn’t see any other women with the sideless look I was rocking.There were many women with dangerously low necklines, some of which were open to below their navels. I was sure it was only a matter of time before their breasts would be on display. I decided now was the time to find Dave and use the clasp he had with him to pull the top of my dress together between my tits so my breasts would be on full display, hopefully before any other tits made their inevitable appearance.I was also pleasantly surprised to detect what appeared to be several unaccompanied gentlemen and perhaps even a few women without escorts. All of a sudden, the words ‘gang bang’ popped into my head again. I tried, but not very hard, to suppress that idea.I enjoyed moving through the crowd in my revealing dress, occasionally brushing up against other guests, welcoming the occasional isveçbahis giriş gropes or squeezes from both men and women, and reveling in the looks and smiles that others were returning to me. Knowing that James and Henry were right behind me and that I would be bare-breasted in a few minutes, my horniness was almost out of control.It didn’t take but a few minutes to find Dave, who was schmoozing with Amy again. I walked up to them and asked Dave for the clasp. Amy heard that and said, “You are going to uncover those magnificent tits now? I’m sure as soon as you do, several others will follow suit. I’m ecstatic and so proud that you are doing this now. May I do the honors?”Dave handed the clasp to Amy. She looked at James and Henry and said, “I need a little help with this. Can you come close to each side of Mandi, please?”James and Henry did as Amy requested. She explained that Henry needed to gather the top together as tightly as possible below my breasts and that James was to clamp the clasp together to keep the top in that position. It sounded easy enough but would result in hands coming in contact with my breasts.With a big smile on my face, I told the guys, “Take your time doing this so it is perfectly arranged and won’t come apart.”The process became almost comical and drew several bystanders. Of course, it took numerous attempts that involved virtually continual contact with my now hard and sensitive nipples. I was enjoying it as much as they were.Finally, after about ten minutes of adjustments and fondling, it was done. I looked down at my firm, bare breasts and prominent nipples as they stood proudly on my chest. I was exhilarated that they were now there for all to see and ready to rock the house.The three of them stood back and admired their handiwork. A small round of applause was heard from the onlookers who had gathered to watch the histrionics.I was ecstatic that I was now feeling entirely comfortable rocking my bare breasts in front of everyone at the Gala as Jeff and Amy had always wanted me to do. But still, I could hardly wait to get into the long black skirt after dinner.Looking at the time, I realized there were about thirty minutes before dinner was scheduled to start. Everyone had reserved seating, so we were free to wander until dinner was served. James and Henry were ready to continue strolling, so I could show off, and we could meet as many people as possible. Henry commented how appealing my ass looked through the opening in the back and wasted no time slipping his hand inside the dress and onto my butt cheeks.After wandering around the room for several minutes and reveling in the attention I was drawing, I guided us to the bar so that we could stand there while we finished our drinks.As we approached the bar, someone unexpectedly moved into my path, and I stopped suddenly. Henry accidentally bumped into my arm and caused the wine to slosh out of the glass and all over both of my bare tits and the front of my dress.I turned and saw the shocked look on Henry’s face as the wine ran down my breasts and onto my waist and hips. Henry began to utter some words of apology, but I grinned at him and said, “We can’t let good wine go the waste. Please lick it off me before it runs down onto the floor.”They both took that opportunity to lick all around my breasts and especially on my hard nipples. They continued following the trail of spilled wine and ran their tongues and lips down my stomach and then onto my upper thighs, where the two slits in the dress exposed them.As the bar was crowded, this activity was quickly noticed by several nearby guests. A few asked if they could help make sure that none of the wine was wasted. I assured them that I would appreciate any effort they made to accomplish that. As a result, several more tongues and lips were running all over my body, a few in areas where the wine hadn’t even touched.All this unexpected tongue and lip action felt so erotic that I, not so quietly, let out a long moan of pleasure. An orgasm suddenly swept over me as I stood at the bar basking in the intense erotic pleasure I was receiving.While all this was going on, James’ hand took the opportunity to find its way inside the front of my skirt and started stroking my pussy lips and teasing my clit. At the same time, I felt Henry move his hand onto my bare ass inside the back of my skirt, and slide his fingers between my ass cheeks and begin searching for my puckered hole.I began to think (okay, I hoped) that the spilled wine was not an accident and that James and Henry had hatched a plan to get me off before dinner. James continued exploring my pussy by thrusting two fingers in and began finger fucking me right at the bar. That got my pussy juices flowing like crazy and added to the puddle of wine already on the floor.I made a point of standing with my legs well apart. Henry noticed my not-so-subtle invitation and slid his hand between my legs and rubbed his finger all around my sopping wet pussy. Then he moved his juice-coated fingers into my ass crack and started playing with my asshole. He found hardly any resistance, and in a short time had one finger buried in my rear passage.Meanwhile, James had gotten a third finger in my vagina and started pounding his fingers into my hungry pussy. Henry worked a second finger into my asshole and started pounding my back door as hard as James was fingering fucking my pussy. It didn’t take long for the two to get into a perfect rhythm.Here I am, standing bare-breasted at the bar of a four-star hotel in downtown San Francisco, while two hunky guys are furiously finger fucking me in my pussy and ass at the same time. They were banging me so hard and fast that all of a sudden my pussy juice began squirting all over their hands, down my legs, and onto the floor. At the same moment, I was overwhelmed by a mind-boggling orgasm, and I hollered out some unintelligible string of words of praise to the Almighty.How I managed to remain standing through the intensity of this incredible experience, I’ll never know. James and Henry continued to pound my pussy and ass but did so with ever lessening speed and force, which allowed me time to slowly return to some sense of reality.I grabbed both of their hands and held them still for several seconds. Then I thanked them for what they had just done and asked them to please remove their fingers so I could lick them clean. James presented me with the three fingers he had in my pussy. They were coated with my cum juices, and I stuck all three in my mouth and licked them clean.Then Henry presented me with the two from my ass, and they went in my mouth for the same treatment. Since I had prepared properly for anal action tonight, they were practically tasteless, with just a hint of my pussy juices Henry had used as a lube.I couldn’t overlook the large puddle on the floor where I had been standing. I caught Isaac’s eyes and signaled that there was a mess on the floor. He indicated that he would take care of it.I had been so focused on my own body that I hadn’t realized our actions had not gone unnoticed. A hardy round of applause from a large audience welcomed me back to reality.I quickly looked down at my dress and was pleased to see that the material had dried quickly. There were no wine stains or cum spots to worry about.The three of us looked at each other and embraced. It was an experience I won’t forget for a long time, if ever.James announced, with a chuckle in his voice, that the attitude adjustment period was almost over, and it was time to proceed to our assigned table that included Dave, Jeff, Amy, James, and Henry. There were two more places, and I was wondering who our table mates would be.That question was quickly answered when who should walk up to the table but a handsome, older gentleman accompanied by the beautiful, sexy, Hispanic-looking Camille, who had handled the check-in duty for the Friday night party.We had a few minutes before we had to sit down. After I made sure I would be seated between James and Henry, I went over to greet Camille. She gave me a big smile and a suggestive, full-body hug and appreciatively squeezed one of my tits. While doing that, she said, “You look and feel spectacular, Mandi. I was so disappointed that we weren’t able to connect last night.I smiled back at her and said, “I’m glad you said that because I feel exactly the same way. Let’s see if we can’t correct that oversight tonight. And you look beyond sexy in the dress you are almost wearing.”When I first looked at it, I thought the top was painted on. Two narrow pieces of a soft and clingy white fabric literally clung to her tits like a second skin. They were connected to the dress’s waistband and were barely held up by two narrow spaghetti straps tied rather loosely in a bow knot on top of each shoulder. About the only thing the fabric barely covered was her perky nipples, and I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for the straps to slide off her shoulders. I ignored the rest of her dress.Camille replied, as she continued caressing my bare breasts, “I think we can make that happen.” This understandably isveçbahis yeni giriş made my pussy even wetter. I ran my hands under the material covering her nipples, and Camille let out an audible moan that turned some heads.Camille continued, saying, “Before we go any further, please allow me to introduce you to the handsome gentleman standing next to me. This is George, our hotel’s General Manager.”We quickly got the usual formalities out of the way as George looked me up and down in a devouring yet flattering manner. He said, “I’ve heard so much about the exquisite Mandi, and I am so glad to finally meet you. But I must say the real Mandi exceeds the visions I created in my mind.”His words were spoken with that compelling Greek accent that is almost melodic and so ultra-suggestive. I imagined that he would probably be an accomplished lover, even though he appeared to be over fifty years old.I turned back to Camille and quietly asked her how much open sex a person would expect to see in here tonight.She quickly answered, saying, “A lot. Why do you ask? Are you planning something hot?”“You never know. That’s just the way my horny mind works when there is an audience around. And I have James and Henry to please, as well,” I said, gesturing across the table to them. I almost blurted out the words ‘gang bang’ but thought better of it.Camille continued, saying, “It gets pretty crazy as the night goes on. The more there is, the happier George will be. In fact, he asked me to suggest that you and I put on a naughty little show for everyone.”I could see Camille’s eyes light up as she said that, and a wicked expression began forming on her face. She said, “Let’s give it some thought and make a plan after dinner. And I’ll ask George to reserve one of the playrooms just for you.”I almost screeched out loud and said, “How did you know I had been thinking about a gang-bang.”“I know Amy well, and she is very perceptive. She told me she could sense that need in you.”“She’s right. I’ve been fantasizing about that for several weeks. But right now, I want you to know I’d jump you the first chance I have. Let’s make it happen.”We sat back down at the table as the first course was being served. I placed my hands on James’ and Henry’s laps and began to rub their already partially hard cocks through their pants. I leaned toward them, one at a time, and whispered in their ears, “Thanks so much for getting me off a few minutes ago. I’m going to stroke your cock and hopefully please you as well as you did me. So please pull your zipper down, or I’ll do it for you.”The two quickly obeyed my request. I slipped a hand into each pair of pants and was delighted to find that both men had gone commando. One at a time, I brought their cocks out of their hiding place and began stroking them up and down. The white linen table cloth provided adequate camouflage for what I was doing.Their hard, naked cocks felt marvelous in my hands, and I was turned on as I explored their individual differences with my fingers. James’ was circumcised, about nine inches long, and very thick and smooth. It had a large helmet-head, and I could feel several prominent veins along its shaft.Henry’s was also circumcised, just slightly shorter than and not as fat as James’, although not by much. Its skin felt a little rougher, and the head was a bit broader too. Two good pussy-pleasers indeed.I continued stroking them faster and faster and alternately rubbed their helmets. I felt both cocks ooze precum from their little holes, which I promptly smeared around with my thumb.I whispered in their ears, “When you get close to cumming, slide your chairs back far enough for me to take your cock into my mouth. After all, we don’t want to soil your nice clean tux.”Both cocks felt rock hard in my hand, and both guys were starting to breathe hard. I didn’t think it would take them much longer. What we were up to wasn’t much of a mystery to the others at the table.Henry was the first to push his chair back. I immediately engulfed his cock in my mouth and took it right down to the root. I used a lot of tongue action on the underside of his shaft, which had the desired effect. In just a few seconds he exploded, sending stream after stream of warm cum into my mouth. I swallowed it as fast as I could because I would feel bad if any of it were to drip out of my mouth and onto his tux.I lifted my head off Henry’s lap, looked around the table, and made a big production of licking my lips. Then I reached for my wine glass and took a big swallow. With a bit of a sigh, I said, “Ahhhh, nothing can top the combination of Chardonnay and cum.”My other hand was still stoking James’ hard cock. He seemed to be enjoying what I was doing but apparently needed more encouragement to get off. I whispered in his ear, saying, “James. I’m so horny. Please pull your pants down and slide your chair back far enough so I can sit on your lap and fuck you.”He looked at me unbelievingly for a few moments. But after I whispered, “I’m not kidding,” he grinned and did as I asked.I moved over to sit on his lap with my back toward him. Since my dress had that convenient gap in the back, all he had to do was point his beautiful rod at my dripping pussy. I casually sank down and impaled it onto his hard cock, and began to ride him.Needless to say, this caught the attention of everyone at the table. I started slowly sliding up and down on James’ magnificent cock, and it felt delicious. He reached around and cupped my tits and played with my nipples as we quickly got into a pleasantly slow rhythm. The size of his cock and the slow pace allowed me to appreciate his girth fully. I was clenching my pussy muscles so tightly around his beautiful black phallus that I swear I could feel every vein in his shaft.Since we weren’t humping fast or yelling, our antics were hardly noticed at any other tables. All I saw were smiles and a few thumbs-up. I even picked up my wine glass and casually sipped on my Chardonnay while we continued to slowly and gently fuck. It was so much fun I actually started giggling. Before long, everyone else at the table, including James, was giggling along with me.I wanted to climax when James did. I hadn’t noticed, but Camille had been watching us intently. She could easily tell James and I were both close to cuming. I watched as she got out of her chair, walked around the table, and moved my chair out of the way.I had no idea what she had in mind. She leaned over and kissed me passionately, and while doing so, she slid her hand under the center panel of my skirt and began frigging my clit. As she did that, the thin straps holding her dress up slid off her shoulders. The top of her dress fell entirely away, exposing two of the most perfectly shaped C-cup tits and long nipples I had ever seen. I stopped kissing her, pointed the tip of my tongue at one of her engorged nipples, and rolled my tongue all around her breast.Camille leaned her head between James and me and spoke loudly enough for us both to hear her. She said, “James, when you know you are close to blowing your load, let me know. I’ll pull your cock out of Mandi’s pussy, and you can cum in my mouth. That way, Mandi won’t have to clean herself up, and I’ll get to taste your cum.”James managed to blurt out a quick “okay” as he continued to fuck me even harder. The combination of his cock, Camille’s soft lips and busy fingers, and her beautiful naked breasts, sent me straight over the moon. An orgasm hit me like a tornado in Oklahoma.It wasn’t too long after that when James called out excitedly, “Oh fuck, I’m about to cum.” When I heard that, I was in such an erotic place that my orgasm continued like it would never end.Camille reached between my legs, quickly withdrew his cock from my pussy, and engulfed it in her mouth just in time to capture all of James’ pearly liquid. I covered my pussy with my hand so my cum juice wouldn’t squirt into her face.After James stopped cumming, I had somewhat settled down. Camille pressed her lips to mine so we could both savor the cum he had just spurted into her mouth. As everyone at the table watched, we exchanged his cum several times while the three of us caressed each other everywhere we could reach.I finally swallowed my share of the cum and looked around the table. George had a massive smile on his face, and it looked like he was rubbing his cock under the table. Amy had her hands on Jeff’s and Dave’s cocks through their pants. Henry appeared to have recovered, and I saw that his hand was inside the slit in Camille’s dress. He was likely fingering the soft folds of her wet pussy.All that, and we still hadn’t been served the main course of the banquet’s meal.After Camille and I came down from our highs, and the guys all got their clothing back in place, a very naughty thought formed in my mind about what Camille and I could do for the “show” George had requested. Before Camille sat down next to George, I took her aside and told her what I had in mind.She giggled, got another one of her mischievous grins on her face, and said, “I love it. Sounds like a lot of naughty fun. Let’s make it happen.”“Okay. You talk to George to see if he is okay with it, and I’ll speak with James and Henry to see if they’ll participate. We should know if we have a go by the time the dancing starts.”~~~~~~~ To be continued in Part Four ~~~~~~~

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