A Day At The Beach


Madelyn laid her bamboo mat on the hot sand. It had been so long since she’d traveled, and she was planning to spend this whole week on the beach. It didn’t even matter that she’d gone alone, because she craved sun and time to herself. It really couldn’t get better than this: one week, completely off the grid in another country. She could spend her time however she wanted. Her cell phone was shut off and locked in the hotel room safe, and the only things in her beach bag were essentials: her hotel key card, a book, water, a towel, and a bottle of sunscreen. Her hair swung in a ponytail under her hat, and she scanned the beach from behind dark sunglasses. The ocean lapped soothingly against the sand, and there were other tourists enjoying the beach, but they were far off. Madelyn had found a private spot away from the water, partially hidden by a very dry looking shrub. There was a deep recess in the sand next to it which was the perfect size for privacy. No one on the beach would see her if she was lying down. Sitting cross legged and scanning the beach from her hiding spot, she pulled her shirt off and felt that exciting rush of exposing oneself for the first time of the season. Wearing a swimsuit always felt slightly awkward after a long winter, like she was stripping in front of a crowd. Of course, no one could see her skimpy bikini, or how good her curves looked in it, unless they walked right past the shrub. Madelyn pulled off her loose, cotton pants and shoved her clothes in the bag. She took out her sunscreen and settled onto the mat, wiggling her toes in anticipation. As she rubbed lotion all over her smooth skin, the warmth from the sun flowed over her body, and she sighed contentedly. This was the life. Madelyn read her book for about an hour before she sat up to take a drink and scan the beach from her sand pit. There were more people out there now, but they were mainly parked in lounge chairs along the water’s edge. isvecbahis Among the crowd, she saw two women sunbathing completely nude, and a third in the water who was topless and busty, splashing a young man and shrieking with laughter as he got her back. Madelyn was surprised because she didn’t remember seeing any signs about clothing being optional. She supposed that things were different in other countries, and she got a little voyeuristic thrill from watching them. One of the nude sunbathers, who appeared to be asleep, had a great, toned body. She had short blonde hair and an almost boyish figure. The other woman looked like she was in her early 30s with a mane of curly hair. She was sipping a fruity drink and talking on her cell phone. Her body was beautifully tanned.  Meanwhile, the couple in the water continued their flirtatious splashing for several minutes before wading into chest-deep water. The young man appeared to still be playing when, from behind, he pulled the girl by the waist, laughing. But soon it was evident that the young couple were trying to have sex in the ocean without anyone noticing. Unfortunately for them, the young woman’s breasts were fully exposed with each wave that splashed by, and her partner was clearly gripping one in his hand as he thrust behind her. An older man walking along the beach whistled at the couple in appreciation. Madelyn had never seen anyone having sex in public, and she feasted her eyes on the show until it was over. When she lay back down, she wondered if she should take off her bikini as well. She’d never been nude in public but the sun was so warm, and she was hidden. She could try it and no one here would care. Plus, the bonus was that she wouldn’t get tan lines. It didn’t take much to convince herself to go for it. Untying the strings around her neck and back, her nipples became hard with anticipation. Pulling her bikini bottom off, which was now slightly damp, she isveçbahis giriş stuffed the swimsuit in her bag and rubbed her entire nude body with more lotion, paying careful attention to her pert breasts. The ocean breeze teased her sensitive areas and Madelyn felt lightheaded and liberated. Her hand gently caressed her glistening body as she lay back on the mat.  Madelyn spent the next hour or more in sweet relaxation; enjoying the sensual feelings of the breeze, her hand gently running up and down her torso, and the sun’s pulsating heat. Occasionally, one or two people would walk by, but no one approached or tried to talk to her. Madelyn wondered if they even noticed her little hiding spot. As the morning ended and her stomach started to grumble, she decided to head back to the hotel for lunch. Not bothering with the bikini, she slipped her clothes back on and went in search of food. After getting a long, appreciative glance from the first man she passed in the lobby, Madelyn remembered that her shirt was slightly sheer, making her nipples quite noticeable as they rubbed against the fabric. For the next half hour she enjoyed lustful looks from multiple men and two women, and felt the thrill of subtle exhibitionism. It was a nice ego boost. When Madelyn had eaten, she wanted to strip down again in her sunbathing spot. She’d had a great first morning of being lazy, and she loved the tantalizing feeling of being nude outside. Maybe she’d take a nap. The beach had got busier throughout the morning, but now it was quieter again. People had left to eat, explore, and to avoid the midday heat of the sun. The few people left on the beach had set up umbrellas to protect themselves. Madelyn was content with her hat for now. She stripped down with excitement and grabbed her sunscreen. Being very liberal with the amount of lotion she used, she took plenty of time rubbing her body until it was slippery all over. She had definitely isveçbahis yeni giriş been thorough, and she liked the feeling of rubbing her slick thighs together. With all this self-teasing and sensual anticipation, Madelyn figured she’d satisfy herself later when she got back to her room.  Drifting in and out of sleep was blissful. Madelyn frequently checked to make sure she wasn’t burning, and to flip herself over. She was stretched out on her back when she heard footsteps approaching. Madelyn knew her sunglasses were very dark and the person wouldn’t know if she had her eyes open. It turned out to be a man who looked local – he was very tanned, with dark hair and a five o’clock shadow. He looked reasonably fit and was wearing nothing but speedo trunks. He was walking by, but did a double-take as he glanced down and saw Madelyn. She stared at the bulge in his speedo as he looked her naked body up and down. Madelyn lay there, feeling vulnerable and wondering whether to say something or just pretend she was asleep. She decided to pretend, figuring he’d move on. Instead, he looked around and quietly took a step closer. Madelyn’s heart raced. The man lowered himself into the pit and kneeled next to her. Madelyn focused on making her breathing sound deep and even. Her heart was pounding and she could smell his skin. It was a sexy, intoxicating aroma of sun, pheromones and the salty ocean. She felt dampness between her legs and her nipples tingled. He noticed her nipples hardening, because he reached out his hand and gently rubbed one between his fingers. Madelyn tried not to gasp. His finger then slowly reached down and swiped between her legs. It came back glistening. The man licked his finger thoughtfully while gazing at her body. Madelyn frantically wondered what to do – should she sit up and slap him? Should she continue pretending to be asleep? The shock gave her a slow response time, but arousal and curiosity made her hesitate until the moment seemed lost. As her inhibitions faded, Madelyn wondered how far would he actually go with her if she didn’t move? She was unattached, in a country where no one knew her; he was sexy and exotic and smelled good.

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