Zak Teachers At Community College


I had completed my last class for my teaching certification. I had a part-time job offer at the community college to teach journalism 101. The freshman class was to start in a month and there was time for me to get my lesson plans together. The class roster was evenly split between males and females all of whom were recent high school graduates. I had a foreign exchange student named Anders who has been in the United States for a year living with a local elderly family.This was going to be an excellent chance for me to shape the students to understand basic journalism in the digital age. I was getting excited as the class start was getting closer. The class size was perfect where I would have the time to devote the personal attention. The class was arranged in a semi-circle with rows tiered this gave all the students an unobstructed view of the visual aids in the front.On the first day of the class, I had each student to share some information about themselves and what they expected to get out of the class. The quick observation was that all the girls in the class either worn tight pants, shorts, or skirts all of which revealed more than they should. It did not take me long to realize that it was going to be a hard class in more ways than one. I had to be professional. At least all the students were of legal age.Anders spoke good English and he had striking features with shoulder-length blonde hair and well- defined cheekbones. I caught myself looking at him too much. His lips looked perfect. The seat he occupied was directly up front. He was wearing loose-fitting shorts.I did not want to waste any time and passed out the syllabus for the semester and gave out my office hours if anyone had problems. I did let the students know they could call me Zak.After class Anders came up and stated that he wanted to take my class because he had seen my writing in the local newspapers and liked my style. As he talked, I was watching his lips. His hand was on my desk and I noticed his slender fingers and manicured nails. The way he looked at me made me feel uneasy.The class was off to a good start and each session we had lively debates. All tests were being passed and I made them difficult. I started to notice that Anders was wearing short pants and he had them pulled up his leg. I had a feeling like he wanted to get my attention. I did my best to stay focused.Anders did share the family he lived isvecbahis with did not get out very much and he had not made any friends except the ones in class. There was not much of a social life.A week later I was at the school swimming pool finishing up and I saw Anders. He was wearing a pair of trunks which did little to hide his genitals. It was a good thing he was not aroused. I swam to the side of the pool and I was up directly under his crouch as we talked, and I think it was intentional. We made some small talk and then I left for the showers.I was drying off by the mirror when I noticed that Anders was in the shower. I pretended that I did not see him. It looked like he was rubbing himself. I saw his dick which was beautifully shaped. The doctor who circumcised him did a good job as his head was perfect. On a scale of one to five, his dick was a five with no pubic hair. His skin looked so smooth and his body was well defined. My eyes were making a quick pass, but I could not let him know that I was looking.I was sitting on the bench as Anders walked by with his towel wrapped around.“Zak, if it okay with you I need one more day for the assignment. I am waiting to receive some updated information,” said Anders.“I do not see a problem with the extension. I am sure your paper will be the same caliber as the others.”As Anders was ready to walk off, he conveniently dropped his towel. I had the feeling that he wanted me to see his manhood. In a weak moment, I would have reached out to grab his cheeks to pull him closer. I did not react.“Excuse me I need to get a larger towel,” said Anders.He was walking away, and it slipped down again, and he bent over to give full view of his perfect tight opening. It looked smooth and hairless. I froze for a moment and stared at the beautiful sight. I had a feeling that Anders was playing with me. I looked down and I was in a semi-hard state. I am glad no one was around to see me. I had to get ahold of myself.A couple of days later a letter was on my desk when I arrived at school. There was a note a name outside.The note read, “Dear Zak, I have been having sexual dreams about you. Last night you came into my room and stroked my hair and then you leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. You pulled my covers back and removed my pajamas. I felt your hands move up and down my legs and slowly your fingers were getting near my genitals. isveçbahis giriş I was trying to control myself and you were looking at my manhood it began to swell.You wrapped your fingers around my manhood as it became fully erect. The feeling was amazing as you began to massage me. You kissed the tip of my manhood and your tongue was moving around my shaft. At the point I was ready to have a violent orgasm, I woke up.”The letter was signed with the letter “A”.I sat back in my chair and I read the note a second time. I was in a difficult position being the professor and developing a sexual attraction. The more I thought about it Andres was attractive. A knock at my door broke my chain of thought. It was time for office hours.The next day in class Andres took his place up front and he was smiling. I offered a smile in return. I was being careful not to make eye contact. I was looking at the other students. I thought I was going to make it to the end of class without an incident when I noticed that Andres had pulled up a pant leg and exposed the head of his manhood. I was the only one who could see it. The sight was magnificent, and I was thrown off track momentarily. A visual was me on my knees with my lips wrapped around his stiff manhood enjoying the smoothness of his shaft. A question brought me back to reality and the bell rang. This was a case of being saved by the bell. I watched the student leave.“Professor, I am sorry that I distracted you but wanted you to know that I was serious about my note. I want you to be my first and I can wait. I can tell by the way you were looking at my head that you want to touch me. If you like I can let you rub me until I get hard in your hand,” said Andres.“I do not think it is appropriate and besides, I can get fired.”“We do not have to do anything here in school. I want to be alone with you so I can get naked and let you do t me whatever you want to. I want to feel you touching me and playing with my tight anal opening. I know that I am getting you excited,” said Andres.Andres reached up the leg of his shorts and brought his fingers out and placed it on my lips so I could taste his clear man fluid.“Professor, does that taste good to you? There is plenty more where that came from and you get to suck all of it,” said Andres.“You are aggressive and making it difficult to say no.”“Will you place your hand around my manhood and hold it isveçbahis yeni giriş for a few minutes,” said Andres.“I don’t think I should be doing this in my office. Someone might catch us.”“Please. I want to feel you holding me. No one has ever touched me and I long for that feeling. You do not have to do anything else,” said Andres.“I will do it for a few minutes.”I watched Andres lower his pants and the silk bikini panties he was wearing. His skin looked so smooth without any hair. I was staring at a perfectly shaped penis with his balls hanging low. I could hear his breathing increasing due to pending excitement.I reached up and held his limp manhood in my hand. The feeling was unbelievable as I looked at the sexy shaped head. It took a few seconds as he began to get hard as I watched him get hard.“Andres you look beautiful. Excuse me but your dick feels heavy in my hand and it is pulsating. I better not move my hand because you might get too excited and make things messy.”“Oh, Zak. It feels so good..please squeeze me. Please, stroke me like you do yourself” said Andres.I squeezed him gently and I saw his lube form at the tip. I could not control myself and pulled him closer until my tongue met the tip of his penis. He tasted salty and delicious.“Zak, go ahead and suck me. Let me fill your mouth with my sticky stuff. I know you will like eating my stuff,” said Andres.“Andres, I cannot do that. I think you better get dressed. I have another student in a few minutes. I promise you that we can finish this, but I have to think this through.”Andres pulled his panties and pant up and walked closer to me. I felt the softness of his lips as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I had never experienced such a passionate kiss from another man.“Zak, please do not take too long. You have me so horny and each time that I look at you all I will see is you with my penis in your mouth. I want you to make me cum hard,” said Andres.I watched Andres walk out of my office with a smile on his face. I know that I had been played. I wanted more of him.There was another student at my door, and she looked reddish in the face. I wondered if she had witnessed any of the activity with Andres.“Olivia, please come in and have seat.”“Zak, I hope that I am not interrupting anything. I only have a few questions on the assignment. I know you like to give personal attention to your students,” said Olivia.I knew the way she was looking at me and talking that she overheard the conversation with Andres. I was wondering if she saw anything. When she sat down her skirt rose high up her thigh and she did not pull it down. I was looking at her smoothness.

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