Steve and Kyle: Episode 4


STEVE AND KYLE – EPISODE 4byJason LandCHAPTER 10That Sunday morning, after breakfast Steve offered to drive Kyle back to the part of town where he lived; not of course to the actual house where Kyle lived, as he did not want anyone to see the two of them together. It was all Steve could do to restrain himself and keep his hands off Kyle as they sat there at breakfast together; Steve really did have the hots for his pupil and would have liked to have fucked him again there and then.But for once common sense prevailed and the two of them did not indulge in any sexual activity that Sunday morning before Kyle left to go home. It was about ten o’clock when Kyle finally walked into the house to be confronted immediately by Mr. Roberts, his stepfather who was obviously in a foul mood and raring for a row with his stepson.To say that the shit hit the fan from the moment Mr Roberts clapped his eyes on his stepson, is by no means an understatement; Kyle knew his stepfather was out for his blood from the moment he saw him.“Where the hell have you been since Friday? Your mother has been out of her mind with worry wondering if something had happened to you.” In point of fact, this was a total untruth for, as we already know, neither his mother nor his stepfather gave a toss about Kyle. But that did not stop Mr. Roberts tearing a strip off Kyle. “Are you deaf boy? I asked you where you have been for the last two days and what the hell have you been doing.”But the Kyle who was being confronted by his hectoring stepfather that Sunday morning was no longer the same young man who had gone off to school on Friday just two days ago. His experiences with Steve had changed him completely; he now had a totally different outlook on life; he felt completely sure of himself now that he had found, confirmed and exercised his true sexuality.And so, retaining his cool in face of his volcanically enraged stepfather, he said, very gently: “Well, not that it concerns you, but if you must know I spent the last two days staying with a friend.”This evasive answer further stoked the already roaring rage into which his stepfather had worked himself: “What the fuck do you mean when you say: not that it concerns me? You are living in my house under my roof and being fed and clothed by me and I want to know where you have been the last two days and who is your so-called friend? Come on; out with it, I want an answer; and be quick with it before I take you upstairs and skin your hide.”Kyle, who was feeling on top of the world after his two days of more or less non-stop sex, decided that the moment had come to throw caution to the winds and to burn his bridges. It had to happen sometime and now seemed as good a moment as any finally to break with his hated stepfather and the unhappy family environment in which he had lived most of his life.And so he took the bull by the horns and said to his stepfather: “It may have escaped your tiny, miserable, alcohol-soaked mind, but I am now eighteen years old and in case you are unaware of the fact, under the laws of this country I am legally free to do what I want; to go wherever and whenever I wish; and have friends of my own choosing, without your permission.”“It’s called coming of age. Face facts old man; I am eighteen and legally I am a man who can do as he wishes without any interference from you. I’ve put up with your bullying ways for most of my life, but as of right now, no longer; I am now free of your control and you had just better believe it. And so, there is no way that you are ever going to touch me again with your beloved belt.”“But if you really want to know the about the last two days, for starters, just get a load of this. I’ve been fucking other men who have also fucked me and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. The fact of the matter is that I am a practising gay: a homosexual: a bugger: a sodomite: a pervert. Call me what you will.”“You will from now on have to live with the fact that your stepson is a man who sucks cock and has anal sex with other like minded men; and there is nothing at all which you or my mother can do to change that fact. And to answer your question about where I have been the last two nights; I stayed with a friend in his apartment; a guy you don’t know; a guy you don’t need to know; a guy you will never ever meet. And yes to answer your unasked question, we had more or less nonstop sex together.”“In fact we had an absolute ball of a time together. And last night, we had a great sex party with two other guys and for you information I fucked and sucked everyone and everyone fucked and sucked me; and I enjoyed every minute of it.”If this speech had been designed to shock Kyle’s stepfather, it did just that. But it did much more, for Mr Roberts now became incandescent with rage, having been talked to in such a brutally frank manner by his stepson. Kyle had not spared his stepfather in the slightest, as he had seen the occasion as what might best be described as pay-back time.He had gone out of his way to make his stepfather squirm as he finally told him in no uncertain terms what he thought of him and how, now that he was of age, he was a free agent and beyond his control.Mr Roberts was apoplectic with rage: “You may be of age, but whilst you’re living under my roof and I am feeding you, you will obey my orders or clear out. And if you think that I am going to support a sexual pervert like you, you can think again, because it ain’t going to happen; either you clean up your act or you can get out.”“Well now that I finally know where I stand with you, as if I didn’t already, you – in fact the whole lot of you – which includes you, my mother and my half-sisters, have seen the last of me today. I’ll get my things and get out from isvecbahis this place right now; and believe me; you’ll never see me again. I’m my own man as of right now and I’ll paddle my own canoe without any interference from you.”“And if I want to have sex with other men – which I most certainly do – then that’s my affair and there’s not a thing you can do to stop me. It’s not illegal anymore and I am of age. So you can just fuck off, you stupid, drunken, miserable old fart. I’m done with you forever as of right now; in fact I’m done with the whole fucking lot of you.”With that, Kyle went up to his room and collected together his few possessions, mainly clothing and from a tin box beneath his bed, all his worldly wealth: a sum just under $300.- which he had nickel-and-dimed together by working Saturday mornings filling up shelves at a local grocery store. When he came downstairs both his mother and his stepfather were standing there waiting for him.His mother said: “Kyle, you can’t be serious about walking out just like this. Where on earth are you going to go? And what about your school? You can’t just walk out on us like this after all your father and I have done for you over the years; you can’t be so ungrateful; and anyway, where are you going to go and what are you going to do for money?”“Firstly ma, that stupid, drunken, old git you call your husband is not my father; he never has been and never will be. And frankly, all the pair of you have ever done for me has been to make my life a misery in this house for as long as I can remember. Yes that includes you too ma, as for the most part you have gone along with him: you have always supported him against me.”“Well, I’ve now had enough; and don’t tell me how ungrateful I am, because neither of you have ever shown me the slightest kindness, so I’ve really nothing at all to be grateful for. My life in this house has been absolutely miserable ever since you misguidedly married that alcoholic idiot you call your husband.”“Well, you and he and your two miserable daughters, whom I do not own as sisters, have made your own bed and now the four of you can lie in it. So I’m on my way right now and that’s the last you’ll ever see of me.”Then without waiting for any further invective from either of his parents, Kyle picked up his rucksack and left. He went to the garage where he kept his bike and, rucksack on his back, pedalled away leaving his two erstwhile parents in what had all the makings of an apoplectic fit.His stepfather shouted after him that he would have the police on him for stealing the push-bike; but Kyle just pedalled on regardless. He had finally had the courage of his convictions to say that enough was enough and he had done what he had always intended to do; he had left home for good.It was not long however, before the harsh reality of his situation hit Kyle. He found himself in a sort of modified situation of the old adage; Marry in haste, repent at leisure. Married he certainly had not, but having quit the only home he had ever known on the spur of moment, however awful it had been, he suddenly realised that he has no idea what he was going to do or where he was going to goTalk about a plan B; Kyle didn’t even have a plan A. But the die was cast and there was no going back; so in sheer desperation he made his way back to Steve, the person whose actions had unknowingly galvanised him into doing what he had just done. And so an hour or so later having crossed town, standing there with his rucksack, he knocked on the door of Steve’s apartment and waited.Steve opened the door, took one look at his young protégé and pupil. The rucksack said it all. So Steve said: “Well Kyle, I was sort of expecting you back, but not quite so soon; anyway I guess you had better come in.”And then the whole story of what had happened after his return home came pouring out; Kyle told Steve how he had taken a spur of the moment decision and done what he had always vowed to himself: that when he came of age, he would leave home for ever. Without actually spelling things out in words, it was obvious that Kyle was hoping he could stay with Steve at least for a few nights to give him time to sort himself out. Where else could he go?Steve now found himself in somewhat of a quandary. Here, offered to him on a plate, was a physically attractive, highly-sexed young stud whom he really liked and whom he would be happy to have around more or less permanently as a live-in sex-partner were it not for the unfortunate fact that this guy, for whom he really did have the hots, was a pupil at the school where he taught. Alarm bells were already ringing in his ears as the thought of what might happen to him if it ever came out – as it surely would – that he was co-habiting with one of his students.OK, so Kyle was of age; but the school rules were strict and he knew he would be out on his ear immediately if it came out that one of his student, of age or not was living with him; he would be out of a job with no references and possibly classed as a paedophile, which he most certainly was not.But Kyle, who also desperately wanted to have regular sex with Steve, also realised that at the moment that Steve was his only opportunity of somewhere to stay that night. But he too was also aware of the difficulties that his moving in with Steve could probably bring.And so he said: “Steve I don’t want to make any trouble for you, but now that I am here I kind of hoped that you might consider letting stay with you – at least for a few days; so here is what I had thought. I am definitely not going back home anymore; when I walked out earlier this afternoon, I told them it was forever – and I meant it! Look Steve, if you let me come and stay with you, I’ll quit isveçbahis giriş school immediately and find myself a job.”“I’m eighteen now and can legally leave school anytime I wish; so there is nothing to stop me telling Mr. Schmitt, the Principal, that I am quitting school tomorrow. I know that it is not normal and that usually most students stay until the end of the school year. But let’s face facts; if I stay until the end of the year and I am living here with you it could land you in deep shit.”“I’m very unlikely to get my high-school diploma as I know I’m just not smart enough academically to pass the exams and make the grade. So I have decided that I might as well face the facts right now; bite the bullet, so to speak, leave school and find myself some sort of a job – any job at all – which does not need paper qualifications. How does that grab you for an idea Steve?”Steve, who wanted nothing more to have his young protégé around as his sex partner, was astounded by the thought that Kyle had evidently already put into the idea and was thrilled at the prospect that Kyle was as eager as he himself was to continue the relationship between them, which had begun only a couple of days previously. What an irresistible force sexual attraction of one person for another is! Certainly if Kyle were no longer a pupil at the school, that would resolve any legal issues.He became even more impressed as Kyle went on: “When you took me to the gym yesterday, I noticed a sign in the entrance saying: Help wanted. So here’s my immediate plan. Tomorrow is Monday; so first thing tomorrow morning, I’ll go and see Mr. Schmitt and tell him that I am leaving the school as of right then.”“I am sure he will be surprised, but there is nothing at all he can do to stop me now that I am eighteen; and I have no intention of hanging around listening to him preach ad nauseam to me about the error of my ways and how I ought to stay on until the end of the year and get my High School Diploma. I’ll tell him I am leaving as of then and that will that.”“Then I’ll go down town to the gym and see what sort of help they need. I hope it will be helping their clients with their training routines. In fact, as you know, PE and sports are the only things at which I am any good, (apart from sex, Steve thought as he listened to Kyle’s plan) but it really does not matter, as I am ready to do any job which they have on offer so that I am earning some money right away to pay for my keep.”“So Steve, assuming that everything goes according to plan, would it be OK for me to stay with you here for few days until I get things sorted out? I shall not be burden on you Steve and I will pay you for my keep; I have almost three hundred bucks of my own money and I can give you that right now; and as I shall no longer be your pupil you will not have problems with the school and risk losing your job because of me.”Steve listened to what Kyle had had to say about his plans and was greatly impressed by the determination that the young man had shown. Truth to tell, from the moment that Kyle had walked into his apartment, Steve had known in his heart of hearts that he had no intention, whatever the legal implications of the situation, of letting Kyle go off on his own. He was totally besotted by the young man and he had already, in his own mind, decided that come what may, Kyle could stay with him for as long as he wished.The sexual attraction he felt for Kyle was just too strong to allow him to leave; even before Kyle had told him of his plans, he had already decided to throw caution to the winds and allow him to stay. But now, having listened to what Kyle planned to do, he realised that even though he was not an academically bright guy, the young man had a great deal of that not-too-common-commodity: common sense.Kyle was clearly a self-starter; and so it was with considerable warmth that he welcomed the young man into his home. Steve just felt in his bones that Kyle would do OK in life; and at that very moment, in the early afternoon, with his sex vibes strengthening with each passing moment, he wanted to nothing more than grab the young man, rip his clothes off and fuck him again.“OK Kyle, you can stay with me as long as it takes. But there is just one thing; this place has only one bedroom and one bed.”“That’s OK Steve; I’ll sleep on the couch or on the floor.”“Don’t be obtuse, Kyle; that will not be necessary unless you object to sleeping with me.”And so Kyle moved in with Steve and shared not only his bedroom but also his bed with him from the very first night onwards. Kyle was euphoric with pleasure. Just a few days ago he had been a shrinking gay virgin and now here he was about to live with another man, a man whom he absolutely adored, and whose bed he was going to share with all the sexual pleasure that that promised. Could things ever have worked out better under the circumstances?CHAPTER 11Kyle and Steve went out to a local fast food joint for lunch. When they came back, although quite unspoken, both of them knew what that Sunday afternoon together would hold for them. Steve led Kyle straight into the bedroom and pulled his T shirt off over his head. Kyle needed no encouragement as he was just as keen as Steve was to have sex; so he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks undid his belt and stepped out of his pants and stood there stripped other than for his Y fronts.Steve stood there for a moment looking admiringly at the sexy young hunk that was standing in front of him, before reaching pulling Kyle’s slip down and liberating Kyle’s magnificent man-meat, which was already rising to the occasion. Pushing the now naked Kyle flat on his back onto the bed, Steve too now stripped himself naked, before before isveçbahis yeni giriş kneeling on the bed beside Kyle. He then kissed Kyle fully on the mouth before very gently starting to kiss his entire upper body.Kyle was already in a state of high sexual arousal as Steve’s tongue and lips crept slowly and gently down his skin towards their ultimate destination, which due to this foreplay was already rock-hard and dripping with pre-cum in anticipation of the ultimate pleasure shortly to come. But Steve was intent on making his partner fully aroused before indulging in the sex act itself. With his considerable expertise, he circled Kyle’s nipples with his tongue, until they too were as hard as rocks and fully erect.By the time he had finished, Kyle could hardly bear the touch of his lover’s tongue on his nipples as they had become so sensitive, for Steve was truly making love to his young partner as he prepare him for the ultimate act of sex And so Steve moved ever further down Kyle’s torso, covering his entire skin with his kisses until he finally arrived at the ultimate goal: Kyle’s magnificently erect penis.By this time, although his cock had not yet been touched by his lover, Kyle was already fully aroused and on the verge of an orgasm. Kyle had never in his life been treated to such affection and he realised that Steve was taking the sex act to a different level, way beyond the mere physical act of copulation. He was attempting to do something to Kyle that was something way above raw sex. This was not to be an afternoon where two young studs just fucked the living daylights out of each other, but an act imbued with love.For the first time in his life, Kyle felt that someone truly cared for him; someone wanted him. And when you consider the miserable home-life that the lad had endured for so many years, you can easily see how Kyle allowed himself to be carried away by the gentleness of Steve’s actions.In a word, Kyle was experiencing a true taste of euphoria as he felt Steve leading him gently up to the ultimate moment when he knew his partner would finally penetrate him and take him to delirious heights of sheer pleasure; taking him to heaven and back as he shared his own meat with him; taking both of them to the fabulously satisfying state of nirvana arrived at by the achievement of simultaneous orgasms.Already after only a few days experience of gay sex, Kyle had realised that the orgasm produced by fucking, or being fucked by, another man, was one of the greatest experiences he would ever enjoy in his life. He had already understood fully the unbelievably exquisite pleasure which the sex act brought with it at the moment of orgasm and why sex was the key driving force in life.But if he had hoped that Steve was about to penetrate him, he was to destined still to wait as Steve had by no means finished with what had turned into a long period of foreplay before beginning the final act of anal intercourse itself. Steve held his partner’s magnificent ten inch, erect cock in his hand and very delicately, with the tip of his tongue, circled Kyle’s penis just below the rim of its cock-head, the very sensitive area where the lad’s foreskin had been cut away as a baby.The indescribably exquisite feeling which Kyle experienced as Steve’s tongue lapped again and again with extreme delicacy round that hypersensitive area, drove him into paroxysms of pleasure the likes of which he had never before experienced when he had jerked himself off. Kyle had already ridden steeply up the learning curve of gay-sex techniques but now he was experiencing something beyond his wildest imagination.However, Steve had still not finished with Kyle’s preparation for the ultimate act. He now applied his tongue directly to Kyle’s cock-slit before finally taking the whole magnificent head of Kyle’s cock into his mouth thereby completing what by any standard had to be considered as the definitive blow-job on the young man’s cock. By this time, Kyle could no longer control himself and climaxed into a huge orgasm, shooting his first creamy load of the day partly into Steve’s mouth and partly over his face.“Steve, please, please stop; I can’t stand it anymore, you have just got to fuck me here and now otherwise I am going to go stark raving mad. Please, please just fuck me as hard as you can.”Steve looked down on his young partner and smiled at a job well done. He knew he had taken Kyle to the heights of erotic, sexual pleasure of which the lad he had hitherto never dreamed; had never even known existed; and now he was ready for the next phase. Steve stood up, picked up a towel and wiped Kyle’s sperm off his own face.He then opened a bedside drawer in which he kept the necessities for anal sex, took out a tube of lubricant and applied a generous amount to his own erect tool, which was also by now dripping with pre-cum, before kneeling down in front of Kyle, spreading his legs and lubricating the lad’s hole prior to penetration.Kyle waited patiently, observing Steve’s every move as he prepared him for the ultimate penetrative act of sex. His patience was finally rewarded when Steve lifted his legs into the air, pushed them forward over Kyle’s stomach and with one smooth movement gave the lad the full length of his hard member.“Steve, I just feel so very good with you inside me. Please, please, please, don’t hold back. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can. I want a really rough fuck. So do your worst on my hole. I just want my ass to be reamed out as if it were the last time ever.”Steve smiled as he listened to Kyle’s wishes, which he then totally ignored; he had set off on a sexual journey of advanced instruction with the young man and before even shafting him with his cock had already taken him to the heights of ecstasy, the likes of which he was sure Kyle had never ever known existed. And so it was now to be with the ultimate sex act, as Steve prepared to share his large and very experienced piece of man-meat, with his young partner.

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