Party Girl, Chapter 1


Bailee Jean Stephens was a wild child. At seventeen, she was the youngest of three girls, but she wasn’t like her oldest sister, a stable and sensible girl. Nor was she like her middle sister, a smart, studious girl. No, Bailee’s goal in life was to live in the fast lane and have as much fun as she could possibly squeeze in. As a young girl growing up, Bailee was tomboy-ish and a daredevil – she didn’t let much slow her down. She tried out for several sports in school and did well in most of them. But school was hard for Bailee, and she always seemed to have better things to do than to sit in class all day. So school sports didn’t hold her attention for long. She was plenty athletic, but the whole keeping your grades up thing turned her off completely. Then, as she turned sixteen, Mother Nature kicked into overdrive with Bailee. She blossomed, almost overnight, into a very shapely and attractive young woman. With her sisters to help her, she learned that the new Bailee was a very powerful weapon – she had the power now to turn the boys’ heads in ways other than rough and tumble sports. Now, a little over a year later, Bailee had mastered her weapon and become quite a coquettish young woman. She knew she had this power over boys, and was not hesitant in the least to use it. She thoroughly enjoyed teasing and taunting the guys and getting them all flustered and rattled. She prided herself in being able to get them so excited and horny that they wanted to do anything just for a chance at her. But she was more than a tease – Bailee enjoyed sex as much as they enjoyed giving it to her! Bailee was a slut and she wasn’t ashamed of that. In fact, she reveled in her sluttiness. One Friday while she was at school and bored practically to tears waiting for the weekend to begin, she heard an announcement over the school P.A. system that would change her life: “Attention students. Don’t forget there will be a pep rally for the big lacrosse game with East Side High after school today. Come out and show your support for our team then stay and watch as we play East Side in the state championship game! Go Tigers!” Bailee didn’t know too much about lacrosse, but it sounded interesting. And it would get her out of the chores she had waiting for her at home. So after calling her Mom and letting her know about the pep rally and game, she decided to check it out. After all there were some pretty good looking guys on the lacrosse team. The school day dragged on, but finally the last bell of the day rang. As the kids filed out of the classroom, Bailee followed the crowd. When she saw an opening between a couple fellow students, she broke through, hurrying to her locker so she could get rid of her books and get to the pep rally. Bailee knew that these pep rallies were as etimesgut escort much about status as they were about supporting the team. Where you sat and with whom showed your rating in the school social ladder. You didn’t want to be caught sitting in the wrong area – such a blunder would cost you dearly when it came to dates and other societal situations. So she rushed to get to the school gymnasium so she could pick a good seat. Bailee arrived in the gym in time to find the bleachers just starting to fill a bit. “Good I’m not too late!” she thought to herself. She found a good seat up front where she could see the pep rally, and possibly flirt with some of the team members. The pep rally lasted for about an hour and there was plenty of cheering, excitement, and high spirits. Bailee found a couple members of the team that caught her eye, and she made sure she caught theirs as well. She had picked a seat that was three rows up from the bottom – just the right height from the gym floor that when she propped her feet up, the boys on the gym floor could see right up under her short skirt and get a good view of her pink panties underneath. She chuckled to herself whenever one of the guys looked her way. The shocked expression on his face always made her day. Then the high-spirited young girl had an idea… a really daring and slutty idea. She got up from her seat and went into the restroom. There she found an unoccupied stall, and took off her pink panties and put them in her pocket. She went back out to her seat, panty-less and sat down, enjoying the coolness of the air on her exposed and dampened pussy. The thought that anyone could look up her short skirt and see her completely unhindered excited her immensely. The more she thought about it, the wetter she became. And the wetter she got, the more the cool air reminded her she was naked beneath that skirt. This cycle was going to drive her crazy!Right after the pep rally, everyone filed out of the gym and over to the lacrosse field which sat on the far side of the football field. Bailee felt the cool, crisp air blowing over her wet shaved pussy, and it almost took her breath away at first. But she liked the feeling and it made her all the hornier. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to watch the whole match. She found herself a seat in the second row and sat down to watch the game. A couple minutes after she arrived, another student came and took a seat next to her. She recognized the boy sitting next to her from one of her classes, and although she had never really paid too much attention to him, she looked at him differently now. He wasn’t bad looking, in fact he was kind of cute in a hunky geek sort of way. He had a good body on him, and he obviously took eryaman escort care of himself, but his clothes and those glasses with the black plastic frames were certainly not doing him any favors with the girls. Still… The whistle indicating the starting of the lacrosse match took her wandering mind back off the guy next to her and she tried to watch the game. She didn’t know anything about the game or how it was played, but it was getting her out of her chores so she tried to pay attention. She watched as the boys ran up and down the field, and tried to figure out the rules. But the cool air on her pussy and the fire in her belly wouldn’t let her concentrate out here anymore than it did in class earlier. She coyly looked over at the boy sitting next to her. He was kind of cute… Bailee leaned over and whispered something in his ear. The boy pulled away like she had just bit him, and looked at her astonished. She smiled and nodded then took his hand, getting up and walking away from their seats. She led him around the lacrosse field to the vacant football field next to it and over under the bleachers on the far side of the field, where they had some privacy and no one was nearby. “I have been horny as fuck all day long. I need a stiff cock… and you are it!” Bailee said as she took hold of his belt. The poor boy was so stunned that he couldn’t say anything. He couldn’t do anything. He just stood there, wide-eyed and slack-jawed, as this girl who he only saw in one class was hastily undressing him. As his pants fell to the ground around his ankles, he found his voice – sort of. “I… I don’t have any…” he squeaked. “That’s okay. You can just play with my pussy with your fingers. But first…” Bailee said. She fell to her knees in front of the boy and jerked his boxers down. His cock, which was rapidly growing and getting hard at the prospect of possible sex, sprang to life with the sudden freedom. Bailee looked at the boy’s excited apparatus, licking her lips. He may dress like a geek, but his cock was definitely all man! Bailee took hold of the boys six-and-a-half inch cock and admired it for a moment. “Damn, you got quite a yummy looking cock,” she said. She pulled his hips closer and took the young hard cock into her soft mouth, licking and sucking him as he groaned his approval. She didn’t know if he had ever had a girl suck his cock, but she didn’t care. He was loving it, and she was enjoying the feel of the silky hardness on her tongue as well. As Bailee went after his cock like it was the first meal she’d ever had, the poor boy grabbed onto the seat above his head to help steady him. His legs were getting weak and he could feel his balls tightening up. She had caught him totally off guard and he wasn’t sincan escort prepared, so he wasn’t going to last too long. Bailee licked and sucked on his steel-hard cock, running her tongue around the rim of the swollen purple head and cupping his heavy balls in her hand. She looked up at him and saw his face contorted in pure rapturous delight, and she half-smiled to herself. Then she deep-throated his cock, taking it all the way into her throat until her nose pressed against his stomach. She grabbed his bare ass cheeks with each hand and squeezed them a bit. It was more than the poor lad could handle. “Oh, Fuck! I’m coming!” he announced loudly. Bailee pulled back a bit and he unloaded into her open, hungry mouth, emptying his balls into her mouth and onto her face as he came hard. She swallowed his hot sticky come as fast as he produced it and when he was finished, wiped what spilled onto her face off on a finger and swallowed that as well. The boy sat down on a roll of artificial turf used for football practice as his legs could no longer hold him up. As he sat there gasping for breath, Bailee looked at him, pretty pleased with herself. “T-Thanks,” he panted, still trying to catch his breath. “You’re welcome,” Bailee said smiling. After a minute, he had regained his wind. “Now what can I do for you? I told you I don’t have any protection.” “Well, how are you at eating pussy?” she asked playfully. He grinned broadly. Getting up, he rolled out a bit of the artificial turf for her and helped her to lay down on it. He got between her spread legs and began licking and lapping at her wet, bald pussy. Bailee moaned and twisted under him. He was better than she thought. She began to writhe and tremble as she felt his tongue snake its’ way into her, finding all the right spots and driving her crazy. “Ohh,” she cooed as he lapped up her sweet juice. He flicked his tongue over her clit and sucked the little bud into his mouth, nipping it gently with his teeth. “Fuck! Oh yes! Yes!” Bailee cried. She pushed her hips up at him and he grabbed her ass, holding her against his face. Now it was Bailee’s turn to come and she felt herself cresting… cresting… “Oh! I’m coming!” she said, grabbing his head and holding him against her clit and pussy. She flooded his mouth with her juice and she bucked and humped his face in her orgasm. She arched her back and stopped breathing for a moment as the waves of delight stole the breath from her. At last she collapsed back onto the turf, gasping and panting for breath, her thighs twitching and convulsing with the last remnants of her orgasm. “Damn, you are really good at that!” she said when she had caught her breath again. “Thanks,” he said. “No, thank you. You don’t know how I needed that.” “We’d better get back before someone misses us, though,” he said. “I suppose you’re right.” And the two happy teens went back to the lacrosse game, no one aware of their little tryst. The home team won the big game against their rival school, and the stands were filled with cheering, happy fans and supporters.

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