More Than Coffee Bargained For


Alan was a 35 year old insurance agent working at a small company called Ensured Insurance. He was actually quite successful and had recently got a promotion granting him a private office in their small firm. While this was great for privacy and thinking, it restricted his access to his secret of success… coffee. He couldn’t get enough of the stuff. His old desk was only a couple of paces from the break room where the coffee maker was kept. This meant only a minute or so was all it took to get a fresh cup. Now with his office being etimesgut escort across the room from the break room it took considerably longer to get one as he had to walk across the room. This meant walking past everyone in the office, and while he wasn’t overly social, he did like to talk. One person he did like talking to especially was Leila, the new hire, she was straight out of college. She was 25 and beautiful; long flowing red hair, 5′ 8″, and 34DDD breasts. He would linger chatting with eryaman escort her longer than the others. He wasn’t interested in the conversation so much as the view standing over her afforded. She always wore low cut dresses and they never left anything to imagination.Most days he arrived at the office earlier than everyone so he was never surprised when someone wasn’t there. However, today was an exception. On his way to get coffee Leila wasn’t there, which was odd for her because she hadn’t missed sincan escort a day of work in the 3 months she’d been there. He decided not to worry about it and proceeded to the break room a little disappointed. When he got there he opened the door and turned to close it so it wouldn’t block the hall.”You might as well lock it while you’re at it,” a familiar voice from behind him said.He turned to see Leila sitting on the table with her legs spread and her fingers in her pussy.”Leila, what the hell?””Don’t act like you don’t want this, babe.””Um, well yeah I do but here?””Well I’m ready and I see how you stare at me everyday so let’s go.””Are you sure it’s ok we do this here?””Like I said, babe, lock the door. Now hurry up, my fingers aren’t cutting it anymore.” He weighed his options quickly and decided to go for it.

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