How I met Melissa2


My tongue left a wet trail across her throat as I sought out the hollow of her other armpit, she shivered with pleasure as I sucked at the tangy flesh I found there.”Oh God Jackie,” she gasped and leaned back against the wall.I slid my tongue, slavering wetly down to her breasts and sucked at each swollen nipple in turn before carrying on down over her stomach.Her panties were moist, clinging to the contours of her slit, the heady aroma of her juices filled my nostrils as I ran my tongue down to where the delicate material caressed her legs.Easing them apart I kissed each inner thigh, running my tongue lightly across her groin from one leg to the other, before worming a finger beneath the damp nylon and into her cloying wetness.”Jackie,” was all she could manage before a gasp caught in her throat and she shook as another orgasm gripped her!”No, no more Jackie, let me.”Giggling she pushed me away and stepped out of her panties.”Come down here and let me taste you.” she said as she lay on her back, arms outstretched to me.Squatting down above her face, I held myself just a etlik escort few millimeters away from her so she had to flick her tongue out, it was like an electric shock going through me as it touched my clitoris and I sank all the way down onto her mouth!She ate me like she would a gourmet meal, her tongue first of all savoured the juices dripping from me, then she began the main course, taking each morsel of my labia in between her lips and worshipping them tenderly before delving into the steaming cauldron that was my cunt!I felt the tips of her beautifully manicured finger nails scraping lightly across the flesh of my buttocks as she feasted, slowly the nails scraped lower down into the crease between my cheeks.”Melissa,” I moaned, “Oh God Melissa!” and I ground myself sensuously against her mouth. I felt her tongue inside me licking all around the fleshy innards of my cunt, a fingertip touched my anus and prodded, opening me carefully but insistently.Another shock wave hit me as I felt her tongue licking against the tip of her finger, separated keçiören escort only by the thin membrane of skin between them, I spasmed, every nerve in my body seemed to explode, I feared I’d smother her but I was out of control, completely unable to stop myself from cumming again and again!I was still tingling with tiny little aftershocks as I collapsed beside her, our lips found each other’s and we tasted ourselves.She giggled suddenly and I found myself joining in.”What?” I asked and licked at a bead of my own moisture on her chin.”Well on my way here, I was wondering what I was going to eat tonight.” she laughed, “I never thought it would be the best meal I’ve had in my life!””Hey” I smiled, “That was only the first course, we can make it a feast if you like,” and we kissed again.We spent another hour bathing each other in in an orgy of mutual admiration between kissing and fondling. I felt deliciously wanton as I sat on the end of the bath, legs wide apart drinking gin and tonic while she wet shaved my pubes and tested for smoothness kızılay escort with her eager tongue.When doing the same to her, I saw her clitoris properly for the first time, I teased it out gently from beneath it’s protective hood and told her it was the most beautiful little cock I’d ever seen.She sighed with pleasure when I puckered my lips and took the nub between like I was giving head to a miniature penis.”Jackie tell me you don’t have to leave tomorrow please.”I used my tongue to part the folds of her sweet little cunt and lapped at the juices I found in there.”I don’t have to go home tomorrow.”I slavered my tongue down to the beautiful little rosebud where her juices had collected in a tiny pool on the warm ceramic.”As a matter of fact…” I licked at the nectar that had so recently been inside her body, “I think I might open a branch here.”She leaned back against the mirrored wall and moaned as I lifted her legs onto my shoulders.”Do you know anyone who might be interested in managing it for me?”  The lovely little rosebud opened under the gentle pressure of my tongue.”You’ll make me cum again.” she gasped and she did as I folded my tongue and pushed forward into her sweet, yielding little cavern.***The restaurant was almost empty as the waitress showed us to our table, smiling as she noticed our fingers entwined with each other’s.

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