Harvey Summers – Getting Boned In His Backyard.

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That first summer spent going to Harvey’s for my sunbathing was largely uneventful and forgettable, but near the end was an experience I would never forget.  It was late August and I had to start using some vacation days or lose them.  When I noticed a random Tuesday was going to be ninety degrees and not a cloud in the sky, I told my boss I was not coming in and told Harvey I would be using the yard.  Showering that morning I decided to lose the tan lines, going full nude that day.  With a day off work, trying something new must have added needed excitement to the morning because I was super horny, I could not stop playing with my asshole. Somehow I managed to get dressed, grab my things and be at Harvey’s by noon.  I let myself in through the side gate like normal but this was my first time there on a weekday.  I wondered if there would be anyone else there that day.  On weekends there would occasionally be another person or two there, mostly older men who I later learned were a part of a group of Harvey’s isvecbahis personal social circle.  I will cover those in later installments, but no one was there to start the day.I laid my comforter out in the grass, stripped down bare and applied some lotion.  I started out on my back but I still had a bit of a need first.  I spread my legs some, bending one up and reached around to finger my asshole some more.  I worked it a quick minute or two, give Harvey something to watch if he was peeking out.  Once satisfied, I lay back, closed my eyes and started taking in the sun.  It was a glorious day.A few minutes passed and I heard the side gate open and close.  I figured it was one of the other regulars, coming to enjoy the day too but did not bother to open my eyes to verify.  I could sense someone close and maybe the faint sounds of pants coming off.  The more enjoying the sun, the merrier I thought.Then they were really close, right by my head blocking the sun.  All of a sudden I felt something across my isveçbahis giriş lips then smacking my cheek.  I did not need to see it, to know it was a cock.  Before I could open my eyes, I heard in a low voice, “C’mon, get that mouth open, suck on this dick.”I opened my eyes and kneeling beside me with his legs spread and dick in my face was a man I did not recognize.  Maybe it was because I had been horny all day but this cock looked really, really good and I pretty much took it in my mouth without any hesitation.  In my brief glance, he seemed to be late-twenties, solidly built, with little to no body hair and his cock and balls shaved.  He might have been a light-skinned dark man or a dark-skinned light man but with his penis getting bigger and stiffer in my mouth I figured it did not much matter at that point.As I worked on his cock he said, “I was inspecting the roof next door and was surprised to see you over here, fingers in that ass, trying to satisfy yourself.  I thought you needed some help.”He isveçbahis yeni giriş was hard at this point, probably a little over seven inches. I tried my best to deep throat, forcing my mouth as far down on it as I could before gagging, covering his manhood with saliva.  Pulling off, I ran my lips and tongue up and down each side.  As I put my lips around just the head and licking the underside with my tongue, he told me, “Don’t forget those nuts, give them some love too, they have not had a release in a week.”I grabbed his dick with my right hand, jacking and lifting it up to give me better access to his balls.  And they were spectacular, about the size of eggs hanging slightly heavy in his sack.  I took the right one in my mouth, rolling with my tongue, then sucking and tugging gently.  He gave a moan of pleasure as I repeated the same on the left.  I put his cock back in my mouth, working up and down three to four times before he pulls it out, slapped it on my cheek and told me, “roll over.”Rolling over on my stomach, he moved behind me giving my ass a stinging slap on the right cheek, “Get that ass up in the air.” I got up on my knees, forearms to my chest on the ground. Another swat, this time to my left, “Spread them legs some.”  

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