Fifteen Shopping Days ‘Till Christmas


Santa’s hand slipped up the inside of my thigh. He had taken off his wooly mittens so he could caress the skin; my pussy pulsed into a low throb. But, just before he reached the apex–and with an enormous effort on my part–I moved a step away. I pretended to straighten an ornament on the fake Christmas tree. “Knock it off, Saint Nick,” I said in a low, indulgent tone. “We still have four more hours on our shift.” Mall Santa and elf. He groaned, the sexy bastard. Well-built, athletic, and adventurous at sixty-seven. Forty-five years in age difference between us and I could barely keep my hands off of him. He had me at the point where the smell of his sweat mixed with Ben-gay was a turn on, for Christ sake. The truth is, he was hung like a reindeer. If a man can give you four hard orgasms in a row, you’ll call his dick the “South Pole” when he asks. Trust me on that. He leaned towards me so he could talk in a low voice, too. “Did you wear the panties you were telling me about?” I tossed a smirk over my shoulder at him. Of course I did. çankaya escort I was in the curled pig-tails he’d asked for and had put glitter on my cheeks, too. We’d been fucking in his truck after our shifts for a week now. A truck with a red glowing nose strapped to the front grill. Always in our costumes. He had a role-playing thing. “The little red satin thong? With the green Christmas bow in front and back?” I asked sweetly. His cheeks got rosier. “Did you?” I gave a quick look around. It was three o’clock on a Wednesday, still two weeks before Christmas and the photographer was on break. I waited for a lull in the mall foot traffic and bent over at the waist until my red velvet, cotton-puff-edged, mini-skirt sneaked over my bum. Then, I quickly stood before I was noticed. I heard his intake of breath. “That is a fine view,” he said in a gruff voice. “Did you see the panties?” “I saw that they were wet. Come sit in my lap, little girl.” I didn’t sit in his lap; I sat on the arm of his huge, velvet chair. rus escort We hadn’t had a customer in over three hours but we were still right in the middle of the mall. We had an enormous display behind us in cardboard and Styrofoam: Santa’s Workshop and an oversized model train running in a loop. It wasn’t like we were low profile. Nonetheless, I couldn’t deny that I was hot for him. He just fucked so well. Last night he put a candy cane in my ass while he tongued my pussy. Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. He had me seeing sugarplums. His fingers played on the skin of my upper thigh and I seeped more into my panties. I throbbed harder, too. I couldn’t stop thinking about how we’d make that truck jump in four hours and how long that four hours was going to feel. It was like he could read my mind. “Want to try something?” he asked me with a twinkle in his eye. “Something naughty?” I asked. “Oh, very. There may be coal up your ass later.” “Mmm.” He took my hand and led me around the elaborate Santa’s eryaman escort Workshop display. It was bright, pretty, and covered in simulated snow. During the non-December months, it was folded up and stored in the mall warehouse. One of the cardboard doors did swing open so that someone could work under it when it was assembled. Santa pushed it open for me and I gave him a mischievous smile before I hurried inside. We had to slouch to not bump our heads on the ceiling. But there was plenty of room to move around as long as we stayed low and didn’t touch the walls. “Show me those panties again, Little Girl,” he whispered. I bent over at the waist again; this time, I spread my legs, leaned over until my head was between my knees, and flipped the hem of my short skirt up. He steadied me with his hands on my hips and his mouth went straight to my covered pussy, biting at me through the material. A small moan slipped out of me. He pushed the satin aside and licked at me bare like I was candy. Santa was good with his tongue. Before long, my knees were jelly. When he stopped, we didn’t have to talk. I got onto my back on the cold terrazzo and he opened his belt, pushing my legs back to my ears. He had that Christmas cock inside me as soon as he could get it unwrapped. He held my ankles and really went to work.

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