David, the pharmacy guy


David started working at our local pharmacy about two years ago. He is a really cute guy, maybe five foot ten inches tall with a linebacker’s build, solid and thick. I always wondered what kind of a package he had concealed under his long, lab coat. Several months ago he’d suggested a spray for my sore throat. I wanted to discuss this medication with him sometime and one Friday afternoon proved to be the right time. There were two people working behind the counter. I took a bottle of the spray off the shelf, walked over to him and said, “Can I talk to you about this spray?””Sure, come into the consulting room.”We go into the room, and he closes the door. There is a desk and two chairs, and we sit across from each other. I hold the spray and explain to him that it did not work too well. The spray never hit the back of my throat, only my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I tell him that it would be better as a liquid gargle instead of a spray. “Well, we have that too. We were probably out of it when I recommended the spray.”“Okay, that makes sense.” I nod. “I’ve sprayed a lot into a cup and then used it as a gargle.”He says, “Yes, that would work, it’s the same stuff.”Now that I am nearly a septuagenarian, I sometimes blurt out stuff out of the blue. “It also has a numbing effect,” I whisper. “What it would be good for is if your wife or girlfriend was giving you a blow job, you could spray it on your isvecbahis cock and then you would last a long time before you would cum.”He laughs and says, “Well, actually, I am gay, but I guess my boyfriend and I could try it and see if it works.””For sure,” I reply. “Who’s the hung guy in your relationship?”He chuckles. “Well, that would be me I guess.” He is blushing, his face turning quite pink and his ears red.I spread my hands about six inches apart on the desk and ask, “How big?”Proudly, he replies, “More than six inches long and five inches thick.”“Wow, that’s great. Maybe someday you’ll show it to me?” “Hell, I’m not shy,” he says. I guess his pink face is not through embarrassment but excitement. “I’ll show you now.” He stands and unbuttons his lab coat. After undoing his belt, he unzips, reaches in and pulls out his cock and balls. He is cut. Like he said, his shaft is thick and it tapers to a narrow pointy pink tip. I reach across the desk and wrap my fingers around the base of his cock. I stroke it gently towards the head. I do it slowly. And I do it again. Since there is no objection, I do it again and again. I hold his balls in my other hand and fondle them while continuing to stroke his growing erection. Steadily, he reaches what appears to be his maximum length and thickness. His erect cock is impressive, standing to attention, pointing towards his stomach. It has a slight isveçbahis giriş upward curve and it feels good, pulsating in my hand, thick, hard and hot. His nuts feel good too. He’s clearly enjoying my hand job, gasping and moaning softly, before he suddenly grabs a tissue from the box on the desk. He holds it under his cock head. White, thick, creamy cum squirts out onto the tissue. He spurts repeatedly, and I count about eight of them. His cum puddles onto the tissue. It’s a good-sized load and I keep stroking and squeezing, draining him. As his cock gradually diminishes, I reluctantly release my grip.His face is beet red again. Is it embarrassment or from holding his breath before ejaculation? Whatever, he says, “You won’t tell anyone about this will you? I could get fired.”I chuckle and say, “Hell no. As you know, I’m married. I also count on your discretion.” “Thanks.” He puts his cock and balls back inside his pants and zips up. He re-buttons his lab coat. He pulls out a surgical glove from the box behind him and gathers up the cum-soaked tissue and puts the tissue inside. He takes another tissue and wipes up the cum that has seeped through the tissue and puts that in the glove as well. He ties the glove shut and puts it in his coat pocket. “I’ll flush that away later. Wow, I really needed that. My boyfriend has been away for a week. I’ve been too busy to jerk off. It’s no wonder isveçbahis yeni giriş I had such a big load and came so quick! Normally, I would never do this, but you got me all horny and excited, you bugger. You have soft, hot hands.”I laugh and ask him, “So you liked it?””Obviously.”I chuckle and give him a big grin and a wink, “Well, I liked it too. Can we do it again someday?””We’ll see.” =======Some weeks later, I have a prescription to drop off at the pharmacy. When I get there, David is just closing up. He’s obviously in a hurry and says, “Sorry to be in a rush, but I have a bus to catch.””Don’t worry about the bus, I’ll give you a ride home.””But you live around here and I’m across town. It will be way out of your way.””No problem. The wife is visiting her sister, and I have fuck all to do anyway.””Oh, okay. Thanks Bob.”On the drive to his house, I learn that his car went into the body shop that morning. It will be there for a week. His boyfriend gave him a ride to work from the shop, but he is now out of town for two weeks. Hence, the need for David to take the bus. My ears have perked up considerably – his partner is away! If I was younger, I know I would have a boner already. We arrive at his house and I don’t hold back. “Would you be interested in another handjob?” I ask.He’s clearly taken aback by my direct approach, thinks for a moment and then says, “I don’t know if I have a load left in me. My partner sucked me off twice this morning.”“Well,” I say, gliding a hand along his thigh, “you could at least give me a chance to coax a load out of that awesome pecker of yours? Please, pretty please?”“Okay Bob, you win.” He smiles.

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