Cherry Busting


Roland’s ears were like radar scanners, inviting the most intimate details from women who just couldn’t help themselves relating their bedroom secrets to him. It was actually uncanny how they would simply unload in his presence. Dorothy, who worked with him, told him about her big butch husband who loved having her finger in his arse. ‘Innocent’ as that was initially, according to her, Barry then bought a dildo that he asked her to plunge it into his arse when he fucked her. The even funnier part of the story was that he apparently yelped like a little girl as she did so. Dorothy then proudly showed off all the trinkets she had received, for her compliance.Shortly after Dorothy’s revelation, Rusty and Jill became Roland’s neighbours in Roland’s apartment block. Jill was a petite blond bimbo, but very sweet. Rusty, however, was the ultimate uber-male. He was large and thickset, and had played football and wrestled while at school. He was ruggedly handsome, with a large jawbone that was punctuated by an enormous cleft in his chin. As much as Roland would have loved to have sex with him, Rusty had the irritating habit of constantly telling Roland that he was super-straight. Roland had never tried to hide his homosexuality, but Rusty obviously felt the need to hammer home his heterosexuality.Jill confided in Roland that Rusty was ‘okay’ in bed, but that he was a little too rough. Although Rusty never beat her up, she would often have bruises from the way he gripped her body as he pounded her. Roland was even shown the manifestations of their bedroom antics. According to Jill, Rusty’s cock was also thicker than most men’s and her pussy also took quite a bit of punishment during their encounters. Her most surprising revelation was that Jill believed Rusty would be better suited to gay sex, because of his lack of understanding when it came to pleasuring and handling the female body.A month later when Jill went to visit her ailing mother, she begged Roland to make sure that her husband, whom according to her couldn’t even fry an egg, was properly fed. Because Jill knew that Rusty would simply eat junk food, she made a number of pre prepared meals to feed them during the period she would be away, and asked Roland to take care of serving their dinners. On their first evening together Roland was again regaled with Rusty’s heterosexual litany. Fortunately, Rusty did not stay long before he made isvecbahis his way back to his own apartment. Roland was irritated by his visitor, but decided not to make an issue of it.On the second evening, however, matters escalated to a higher level. “So,” said Rusty, “Do you really enjoy having a cock up your arse?”“Sure,” replied Roland.With a look of disdain Rusty then answered, “Bro, this is for fucking pussy,” he said pointing to his cock. Then pointing behind at his backside, he crassly continued, “and this is exclusively for shitting.”Having a quirky sense of humour and also having had enough of Rusty’s bullshit, Roland then asked, “So… have you never butt-fucked a woman?”“Nah,” Rusty replied.Turning the tables, Roland then looked at Rusty with contempt and replied, “Ah well, whatever. You are very different to any ‘normal’ straight guy that I have ever met.”“What do you mean?” Rusty asked, dumbfounded.“Well every ‘real’ straight guy that I have ever met, says that although pussy is great there is nothing better than a tight arse. But… what do I know,” he concluded with an indifferent shrug. Roland could see Rusty’s eyes spinning with confusion before he pressed on. Roland then told Rusty about Dorothy and Barry, without leaving out one detail.After he finished his dissertation Rusty looked at him in disbelief and said, “What kind of sick fuck is that?” referring to Barry.Again, Roland donned the mantle of the professor and enthused about the benefits of anal stimulation. “The anus is one of the most erogenous zones on the body,” Roland finished off.“No fucking way,” Rusty replied, floundering.“Whatever,” Roland concluded condescendingly.As Roland continued warming their food he could observe Rusty’s confused contemplation.“Jill won’t let me,” Rusty finally said.“Oh,” Roland replied, feigning disinterest.“My cocks too fat, dude. It’s thicker than a beer can. It doesn’t even fit into her mouth and she also constantly whines about me stretching her cunt.” Rusty forlornly concluded.“Wow… I’m really sorry,” Roland answered. “I didn’t mean to be nasty or anything.”For the next several moments they intently observed one another, before Rusty smiled and said, “I really like you, dude, and I’m really sorry that I’ve been such an arsehole.”“Well, I like you too,” Roland replied, before warmly suggesting, “Maybe a man hug could sort out our apologies?”Rusty then walked over and embraced isveçbahis giriş Roland. What surprised Roland most was the length of their hug. After an age, Rusty finally released Roland and said, “I promise to stop my bullshit from now on.” Roland smiled and nodded in acceptance of the apology.As they ate there was a peculiar silence and a strange exchange of eye contact, it was almost as if they had progressed to level of intimacy. There was no more bravado from Rusty and a comfortable camaraderie seemed to hang over them. “I’ve always been strangely attracted to you,” Rusty then said, before continuing, “That’s why I’m always doing the anti-gay shit. I suppose it’s a defence mechanism of some sort.” Rusty then dropped the bombshell by saying, “I’ve never had sex with a guy and would really like to try it out.”“Rusty, if Jill ever found out about your ‘experiment,’ I would really hate to be the one that Jill blames. I like Jill and I would hate to fuck things up between the two of you.” Roland uncomfortably countered.“She doesn’t have to know,” Rusty replied, before continuing, “Besides, my relationship with Jill is practically over. You’ll see dude; I’ll be given my marching orders after she gets back.”“Why do you say that?” Roland asked.“Well… I’m too rough with her. I can’t help myself when I fuck, I just like it rough. After every encounter I practically have to beg her for sex over the following few days. It’s funny, but this has always been the story of my life and all my former girlfriends broke up with me, for exactly the same reason,” There was a sustained silence before Rusty mournfully concluded, “Looks like I may have spent my entire life on the wrong side of the fence.”The two of them just sat looking at one another before Rusty broke the ice. “Please let me stay the night… please, bro,” Rusty said in such a pleading manner that Roland didn’t have the heart to say no. Reticent as he was, Roland nevertheless nodded his head.Later, when they moved through to the bedroom they both undressed very gingerly. Much as Roland found Rusty very hot, his conscience was bothering him. Rusty in turn, looked like a shy teenager about to have his first fuck with an experienced woman. Once undressed, however, Roland’s eyes lit up when he saw the beautiful male specimen before him. Strangely, neither one had erections, which Roland surmised was due to their feelings of isveçbahis yeni giriş guilt. Rusty had the cutest uncut cock that Roland had ever seen. It was thick and floppy, and Rusty foreskin was gathered behind the pink dick-head on his shaft. Flaccid, Rusty’s knob was very fat and Roland wondered how much thicker it could get.At first they simply lay on the bed facing each another. After Roland realised that he would have to take the initiative, he moved his face towards Rusty’s head. There was a slight hesitation from Rusty, but he did allow their lips to touch. At first their lips brushed against one other’s and then slowly, their tongues came into play. Not long after when their oral wrestling became slightly more ardent, Roland decided not to push too hard. Changing tactics, Roland now began to move his head down Rusty’s body. As he did so Rusty shifted onto his back, and repositioned his body in the middle of the bed with his legs apart.Rusty lay with his hands behind his head as he watched Roland’s head closing in on his crotch. As Roland took hold of Rusty’s knob he watched in awe as the cock began expanding in girth. Roland had a good sized dick that was as long as Rusty’s, but that’s where the similarity ended. When Rusty’s thick bologna reached its full thickness, Roland fully understood why Jill’s pussy took enormous strain. Roland initially commenced licking the dick-head before expanding his lips to their maximum; next, he began lolling his tongue around the glans. Following this, Roland began using his tongue like a paintbrush on Rusty’s shaft.As Roland moved his mouth to and fro, to ever increasing sounds of contentment, his left hand began to fondle Rusty’s nuts. Glancing up at Rusty’s face, he saw that Rusty had tilted his head backwards in ecstasy. Shortly, Roland also began licking Rusty’s balls and fondling his thick knob. Taking his time, Roland settled into a steady rhythm as he listened to Rusty’s low groans of pleasure. Roland now began to encourage Rusty’s legs upwards, and was rewarded when Rusty bent his knees as he pulled his legs even wider apart. As Roland’s lips moved ever lower, he asked Rusty to pull his legs back so that he could have unobstructed access to Rusty’s pucker.When Roland began to lick the pink cherry the groans from Rusty became pants of excitement, and when Roland started to prod with his tongue, Rusty began to grunt. “Fuck, dude, fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah. Eat that fucking hole, bro. Oh Jesus,” Rusty stammered, constantly repeating a litany of expletives.Roland now wanted total access. He was determined to take Rusty’s cherry but knew that he would have to do so carefully.

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