Bare-back with the Bar-back

Big Tits

Saturday nights in the summer were our busiest. Being a popular place, the bar was always packed with beautiful people. Not just the customers, but the staff also.I had been there for well over a decade now. I loved our staff. We were like a family, an incestuous family, but a family nonetheless. We loved to flirt with each other and joke around. And yes, I had slept with a few co-workers over the years. There was a new one, however, that I had been keeping an eye on.Carlos was a twenty-three-year-old Latino that took my breath away. Muscular body, dark hair, and blue eyes. He was covered in tattoos and had an inviting smile. He had only been there about eight months, etimesgut escort but was already quite popular with the girls. Carlos started as a bar-back, stocking the shelves, bringing beers from the cooler, supplying the bartenders with whatever we needed. Our work uniforms were all black. Black dress shirts, black slacks, black shoes. The pants were the best thing for my rear. They made my booty really stand out. My ass became a target for my co-workers. There was barely enough room behind the bar for two people to walk through, so it became a thing for the guys to rub their dicks on my cheeks as they squeezed by, and the girls eryaman escort to give it a pinch. My butt was like a good luck charm, everyone had to touch it when they worked.This particular Saturday night I had shown up to work horny as hell. My husband was out of town and I hadn’t had sex in well over a week. My sexual frustration was getting hard to contain.As I was taking a drink order, I saw Carlos coming towards me. I leaned over the bar and stuck my ass out, feeling him press up against me slowly as he walked by. His dick digging in my cheeks. The feel of his cock sent a hot wave through my body. I looked back and gave him sincan escort a grin. If he only knew how bad I wanted him, and how easily he could have me. I couldn’t stop thinking about him after that. My body was craving him.After a hectic couple of hours, I finally got my fifteen-minute break. I would usually go have a smoke outside, or a quick snack followed by a beer in the cooler. I decided to eat a few carrot sticks, then go to the cooler and chill for a few minutes with a cold brew. The door was cracked open and I saw Carlos stacking the shelves with cases of beer. Something came over me, I needed him now.”Hey Kim, you want one?” Carlos asked as he pulled a bottle out of the box.I shook my head no and walked towards him. Grabbing the bulge in his pants, I kissed him passionately. He grabbed my ass with one hand, and the back of my neck with the other. I squeezed his cock harder as our tongues intertwined, my wet heat burning between my thighs. 

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