You Know Better


He had edged her relentlessly for weeks. She hadn’t had a full orgasm in over a month, not even a ruin for almost that long. She sat in front of him with her legs spread as wide as he could strap them, her fingers playing delicately with her swollen and dripping clit. His fingers swiped softly against her, causing her muscles to tense. He could see the way she pulsed with need. Her entire body was bound against his bed, her ankles to the lower posters, one arm to the upper poster. One of her arms was free to roam her naked body, those hard nipples begging for his mouth, her wet pussy almanbahis şikayet begging for his cock. Begging for an orgasm.Begging for more attention than he would allow her very capable fingers to give. He knew how much she loved to masturbate and how much she loved to cum… this is exactly why he chose her punishment. Eventually, he’d hear her scream for him as he pressed a vibrator against her clit until her throat was raw and she begged for him to stop. But today was not that day, and with as delicious as she looked strapped to his bed and absolutely quaking with almanbahis canlı casino need, it wouldn’t be any time soon. He leaned over her, bracing himself using his fists forming a cage over her helpless body. Her hungry eyes searched his face, teeth tugging uselessly at her bottom lip. She tried so hard to turn him on enough to have him finish her. They hadn’t quite played together enough for her to know that the only thing that turns him on more than watching how depraved she was is forcing her into that depravity. He took one of those perfect nipples into his mouth, almanbahis casino his warm lips exploring her goosebump riddled skin. His teeth clenched gently around the peak, tongue flashing against her. She moaned quietly and squirmed beneath him; he bit harder, she moaned louder. He sucked on her breast and her breath left her. Her back arched and her moans turned to whines. He knew she was aching to the point of pain now. His fingers traveled from the nipple that wasn’t twisting between his lips to the soaking wet pussy that was between her legs. Good fucking god, he loved feeling her. He avoided her clit, but circled around it, being sure she knew he was avoiding it purposely. She squirmed and tried to press her hips to lead his fingers to that throbbing bead, but he slipped two fingers inside of her silky opening instead.

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