Washing DayProcrastination – Part 1


PART ONE My day off. Piles of washing begging to be dealt with… not a pleasant thought. I decided to procrastinate with a bath, but quickly put a load of underwear on before moving to the ensuite. I turned on the water, squirting in some tropical oil and bubble mixture, drinking in the sweet aroma as I slowly undressed in front of the wall of mirrors. I traced my hands gently over my thighs and cupped my breasts, enjoying the freedom of being alone, a lady of leisure for the moment. As the bath became deeper, I slipped in and sunk beneath the intoxicating slippery bubbles. I dipped my head under, the silence engulfing me, feeling almanbahis myself suspended and allowing the warmth to flood every inch of my nakedness. As I surfaced, I closed my eyes and opened my legs – adoring the sensation of liquid caressing my rosebud. My hands again found my breasts, large and swaying gently in the water. I circled my nipples firmly, allowing  a moan to escape my lips as I lifted my pelvis out of the bath, breaking the surface and enticing the water to lap at my clit. The lovely sensation was making me rock, so I increased the pressure on my nipples, squeezing them to match the now rhythmic motion on my pussy. almanbahis yeni giriş I held my breath and tightened my whole body, ripples of pleasure sucking at my curves. The phone rang. Loud and intrusive. I intended to ignore it, but suddenly realised it could be the electrician who was coming to service the house sometime today. I jumped out of the bath, almost slipping over from the oil soaked into my feet, and grabbed the receiver…”Hello?” My abrupt, annoyed voice.”Hope I’m not disturbing you Mrs Wright” A deep friendly voice.”Ohhhhh….ummmmm….”. I had to focus!! He laughed.”Still on for today then Mrs Wright?””Oh almanbahis giriş yeh, sure Mike, what time?””In about half an hour if that’s ok…?”I could hear the smile on his lips. How could he know what I was doing?! No, that’s ridiculous. Get a grip!”Yes! Umm.. that would be fine. See you then”. Click. The tension in my body had not been resolved, in fact, the phone call had made my pulse race even more. I guess I should get dressed… then I remembered, the washing! I had no underwear left, but it was a fine day and should dry quickly. So I heaved the load into the basket and stepped out the back door into the sunshine, walking carefully down the path to the line. I started pegging out the panties; black crotch less lace, tiger striped g-string, red satin bows, white burlesque frillies, and all the rest – like pretty flowers floating in the breeze.

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