Walk Of Shame

Big Dick

Stella and Agnes were hitting the town tonight. These sexy ladies were keen to get out and have some fun. Dressed to kill in hot flesh-revealing outfits guys wouldn’t know what hit them.Agnes is Dutch but had lived in LA for a few years. She is medium height, smoking body with short blonde hair, cute nose and the biggest green eyes. She wore glasses and had several pairs which she turned into a fashion statement depending on whether she was at work or out to play. And she loved to play!Her outfit consisted of a backless cowl neck metallic top, it showed off her bare skin and loosely covered her tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra and gave anyone looking a good display of side boob. Her bare legs ran down from her black skirt to a pair of black shoe boots, backless with a strap and open-toed.Stella was a dirty blonde, in more than one sense. She had deep blue eyes, sharp facial features and the longest legs and perkiest tits. Her tight, short leather dress hugged her body and accentuated her breasts and ass. She wore a pair of black ankle-strap high heel sandals on her feet, which made her long legs go on forever.The almanbahis şikayet girls started with a few drinks round Agnes apartment before moving on to some bars in town. After a few bottles of wine and a couple of cocktails, they ended up in a club called ‘Coasters’. By this time the ladies were ready for some dancing.As they moved to the groove on the dancefloor Stella noticed two hot guys looking their way. The girls teased them as they danced seductively with each other. As Agnes moved in closer Stella glided her hands along Agnes’ body, slipping them inside her loose-fitting top. Agnes was a bit stunned at first but soon was enjoying Stella rubbing her hard nipples and caressing her breasts.“You have great tits, babe,” she said while squeezing them hard.The guys couldn’t believe their eyes and soon came over to the ladies. Stella ended up with the blonde one of the two, while Agnes got the dark-haired one.“My name’s Mack,” the blonde guy hollered in Stella’s ear.“Hi, I’m Stella.”“You look hot in that dress, Stella.”Mack was blown away by how sexy she looked, the leather dress clinging almanbahis canlı casino to her torso, her breasts pushed up and almost cascading out.Some casual dancing got more intimate as Mack’s arm went around Stella’s waist and glided up her back. She put her arms round his neck as they enjoyed the music. Mack then spun Stella round and ground into her from behind as the music quicken up. Her arse was rubbing in his groin and slightly pushing her dress up. He started kissing her neck. His hands were so close to her vagina as he ran them along her legs, she was wet with anticipation.Mack stroked her butt cheeks as he slid his hand between her legs. He was delighted to found she wasn’t wearing any panties. That sexy leather dress was the only item of clothing she had on.Stella loved the feeling of not having material between her legs, it was so invigorating, sexy and dangerous.Mack couldn’t believe his luck this sexy lady was commando. His cock got hard feeling her flesh and thinking about her nakedness.Stella had a piercing through her clit, which Mack had also discovered. It was a almanbahis casino vertical bar with a ball each end, going through her hood. The sensation she got was fabulous as Mack played, her stimulation was so much more sensitive.Mack spun Stella round and they kissed, their mouths meeting in a fury of tongues. His hand going back up her dress. He spread her puffed labia lips slipping a finger in the inner layers of her vulva and continued to massage her clit. Stella was cumming hard. Her body felt hot, cold and excited as she reached an orgasm.They moved off the dancefloor. Mack licked her sweet pussy juices from his fingers. The taste of her made him want to fuck her, he was so turned by this slutty, sexy creature.Stella wanted him paying attention downstairs too; oral is infinitely better with the piercing. And when a cock rubs against it, just wow!“Let’s get out of here,” Mack suggested.“I’ll meet you outside in five minutes,” Stella replied.Stella caught up with Agnes who was now preoccupied making out with the dark-haired guy and quite happy for Stella to leave her to it.Outside waiting for Mack, Stella thought she had better quickly check in with her hubby. Kieran was having a boy’s night round their house. But was desperate to hear what his slutty wife was up to, so he excused himself and went outside when he saw her name flash up on his cell.

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