“That’s it, I think I’m finished!” Eunice squealed to herself as she held up the makeshift doll in her hands, admiring her work.It was a few weeks ago when Eunice came home to find the book wrapped in brown paper sitting on her doorstep. Thin hemp rope tied the package together with a little-folded note attached. ‘What lengths would you go for the one you want most?’She knew it had to be fate, some cosmic twist the universe gave her. A chance to finally be one with her obsession. Eunice never thought twice about opening it, didn’t give the other pages a second glance and never once wondered why the page she needed was bookmarked for her.  Everything was perfectly laid out for her, step by step.   “Hmm, strands of hair, check. You silly thing didn’t even notice when I snipped off a few in psychology class.” She shook her head and sighed. “I’ve sat behind you in three classes this term, let you use my pencils, and hinted answers when you looked confused.”  “Three drops of blood mixed into the beeswax before moulding. Check!” She picked up the small vial of blood and skipped to the fridge to put it back.“That was a busy day for you, two exams that morning and your girlfriend…” she stopped to giggle. “or should say ex-girlfriend now, bitching at you for that random nude on your phone.” Eunice spun like a ballerina back to her desk. “I wonder how that got there?”The heat rushed to her cheeks as she remembered taking over fifty pictures before finding the perfect one and then sending it from a burner phone. “Yet you sat there right in front of me at the blood drive, while I TOOK YOUR BLOOD. I did, Candice, and you didn’t even look up once. Not once! Not even a thank you.” She puffed out her cheeks and closed her eyes tight trying to let the building temper tantrum pass. “I guess that’s why you didn’t notice me taking a little bit for myself.”She fixed her dishevelled hair. “None of that matters now, baby,” letting out a big breath staring deeply into the big blue button eyes of the doll. “You will see me soon.“ “What’s next?” Eunice went back to the book flipping its pages. “Right! Clothes.” She picked up the mini outfit she had made from the soccer uniform she swiped after the big game. Then she dressed the doll as carefully as one would dress a newborn. “I remember that game, I cheered so loud, I even made a sign.” The heat settled in her cheeks, blushing to the memory of her holding up the ‘Be my girlfriend’ poster. But when she remembered the three other girls almanbahis şikayet with the same sign her blood began to boil. “You were so sweaty after the game. I snuck in and pretended to be the towel girl and I saw…“  A throb hit hard between her legs, ”Saw that sheen that coated your skin as you pulled your jersey off. ” she turned and picked up the scraps of clothes, pressing them to her nose. “I waited till you and everyone left and I… I,” her voice went soft. “I touched right then and there.”  “You’ll be mine soon, You won’t be able to keep your eyes off of me.” Across town, Candice slept peacefully, blissfully unaware of what was coming. The breeze blew in stronger from her cracked window, blowing the drapes about. As the storm started to brew, thick clouds crept across the full moon and lightning forked across the gloomy sky. Eunice drew the pentagram on the floor and her heart pounded against her chest. She placed five dark candles on each point and as instructed she placed the doll in the middle. ‘This is going to work!’ A rush of adrenaline ran through her when she lit the incense. She took a breath and slowly walked around lighting each candle.Not once did she stop to think of where the book came from, or if she should even be doing this. The first page had big bold letters written across, ‘Magic always comes with a price.’ She didn’t care, the only thing she cared about was making Candice hers, in whatever way possible. Eunice knew the first time she saw her she had to have her. Ever since that day, she’s spent years of countless nights fixated, hoping for a chance like this. Taking a seat in front of it, she read the next step out loud, “Place an item of yours around the doll with a drop of blood to connect you to the willing subject.” She picked up her favourite handkerchief, the one she’d had since she was a little girl and wrapped it around the doll. Eunice held her finger over them both then grabbed a needle and closed her eyes. “Ouchie!” she poked the needle deep enough to draw a few droplets of blood. “Oh Candice, what we do for love, am I right?” “This is the last step!” She jumped as the wind picked up and branches scratched along her window. “Just a few words and you’ll be mine.” She placed the book down beside her and searched for the incantation. ‘Hmm loosely translated, By your blood, I call you. With this doll, you will be mine. That’s it? but in Latin? Ok.’ She cleared her throat and sat up tall then inhaled deep. ‘Here almanbahis canlı casino we go,’ she thought to herself. “A sanguine tuo ego voco te. Cum pupa est, meus eris.” As the words were spoken miles away Candice started to toss and turn.The sky became velvety black as the stars disappeared behind a blanket of darkness. The fury of the wind birthed small dust devils that formed around her house, rustling up the dead autumn leaves and caused them to scratch against the siding and windows. She started to mumble an inaudible name as sweat started to build above her brow. A sheet of lightning brightened the sky, giving visual to the clouds that swirled ominously overhead. “A sanguine tuo ego voco te. Cum pupa est, meus eris.” Candice awoke with a fright sitting straight up as the first boom of thunder clapped shaking the house and vibrating through her core. She felt right away like she wasn’t alone, but as she scanned the room no one there. “Halloween is over. Enough with the pathetic pranks, Danny!”A crack of thunder roared through the house shutting down the power of the whole block. The candles blew out in unison and a deep chill filled the air around her as she spoke the words one last time. “A sanguine tuo ego voco te. Cum pupa est, meus eris.” A couple of minutes passed before the lights came back on. She was faced with a thick fog hovering over the doll and pentagram, swirling counter-clockwise with tiny lightning bolts flashing. She watched it slowly dissipate and the doll came into view. Immediately she knew it was bigger and real looking. The eyes no longer buttons but the eyes of her crush, real enough they seemed to stare back at her. “Fuck.” Running her hands through her hair Candice fell back on the pillows and closed her eyes trying to calm her breathing. “It’s just a storm. Taking another deep breath she tried to fall back asleep. “Ohhh,” she squealed in delight. “Oh, it’s like you’re already here and now you’re the size of Double D!” she giggled and picked up the doll and spun around in the spot a few dozen times.“I remember when I bought Double D. The lady at the shop said these double-ended dildos where new and just perfect. I tried to save it for us, baby but I couldn’t help it, I needed to feel its girth, to feel it spread me. You’ll spread me soon. Mmm to feel you inside me. To feel Double D… We are going to have sooo much fun,” she giggled again and took off to her bedroom skipping the whole way. “I’m going to make you almanbahis casino crave me.” “You are so real looking.“ She flipped down on the bed and dropped the doll on its back. Out of nowhere, Candice’s breath was knocked from her as she felt like she was hit in the chest.  “No peeking!” Eunice covered the doll with a small blanket and started to undress. She watched the candle on her dresser light on its own before she was thrown into darkness. Candice laid there trying to catch her breath when the rich aroma of the woods after a heavy rain filled the room, accompanied by a soft hint of sweet citrus. The fragrance traveled through her, calming her with its tranquil effects.After getting herself freshened up she slowly slid the sheet off, blushing hard. “I know it’s not really you, I’m not crazy, but I think I need to shake off some nerves before we do this.” Her vision came back after she was thrust into the shadows and she laid stiff as a board, unable to move. Candice’s eyes went straight to the flicker of a flame on the dresser ahead of her. She lowered her eyes and stared down, the sheet was pulled off half way and soon her shirt lifted. “What the fuck is going on?” As confused and scared as she was, she felt this blind arousal build. A want for more, even if she didn’t know what, or who it was. Eunice laid on her stomach kicking her legs as she stared at the small figure. “I wonder how you got bigger?” She started to trace her finger up the dolls leg, moving over the fabric. “OMG! I wonder if…“ Lifting the hem of the small shirt, she felt that beeswax base of the doll now had the warmth of flesh. The higher she got, she noticed the outline of the feather tattoo that peeked over Candice’s hip.“No freaking way! I can’t wait to trace my fingers along this tattoo. Well, now I really wonder!” She moved her finger over the two small orbs that were the dolls boobs and then down moving between its legs, slightly pushing against it. “I wonder if you can feel this right now.” Scanning the room as best she could, Candice was still unable to see anything. “It’s not real… It’s not re-“ then she felt it, the pressure against her clit. Her mind shot to the recent sex dream she was having of Rachel Weisz, to a flash of someone she didn’t recognize. “Do you like that, baby?” Eunice held her finger over, almost feeling the heat come off the doll. “Mhmm, I think you do.” “Oh, the things we are going to do, how you’ll crave every inch of this.” She crawled out of bed and ran her hands over her curves, swaying to the music in her head while she worked herself up.“Tell me… Tell me how much you want me. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” She quickly slid back on the bed, laying her head to the side, inches away from the figure. 

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