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“I need you,” she breathed into the phone. I felt the insistent urgency and need in her voice. It was consuming her. The pounding of heart could be heard in her voice and breath. We met over a year ago on a sunny afternoon in Cuba. She was on vacation with her husband and a few close friends. I was there attending a business conference. I spotted her at an outdoor bar on the beach, chatting with her girlfriends. She was wearing a white bikini and an oversized yellow straw hat. I sat down two chairs away from her. My eyes honed in on a deep, purple and yellow bruise high on her right thigh. It was a perfect circle and the size of a tennis ball. She turned in her seat and watched me as I sat down. “Baseball,” she said to me with a smile. I smiled back at her and nodded my head in a silent reply. I turned to the bartender and ordered a shot of Jack Daniels. “You were staring at my bruise,” she added. “I was staring at your bruise,” I replied in a matter of fact tone. “I wasn’t staring only at your bruise,” I thought to myself. She giggled and replied, “I find it refreshing that you didn’t blush or lose your composure or try to deny it.” I winked at her and replied, “I find it refreshing that you didn’t try to cover yourself up, roll your eyes and turn your back to me, when you noticed that I was staring.” My wink and comment had caught her off guard. A quizzical look flashed across her face. She stared at me in silence for a moment and introduced herself, “I’m Victoria, by the way.” “I’m Gil, pleasure to make your acquaintance, Victoria.” “Hi Gil,” Victoria giggled. The bartender poured me shot and placed the glass in front of me. I paid for the drink and told him to keep the change. “Line drive?” I asked her as I lowered my eyes to the beautiful mark on her skin. “What?” she asked as she leaned towards me. “Your bruise, were you hit by a line drive?” I smiled, “You know, a powerfully hit ball that travels in the air and relatively close to and parallel with the ground.” Victoria chuckled and replied, “Nothing so spectacular. I tripped and landed on a ball at a company baseball game. I’m a klutz. It’s a good thing you’re two chairs away from me, Gil. Or you’d probably be wearing your drink on your shorts.” “Small price to pay,” I grinned. Victoria stared at me in silence again for a moment and said, “There is something about you, Gil. I can’t quite put my finger on it just yet.” She leaned towards me and whispered, “You have a very nice smile, Gil.” “There is something about you, Victoria, that makes me want to leave bruises and rope marks on your near perfect body,” I thought to myself. I leaned towards her, looked her in her eyes and whispered, “Thank you,” I paused and made sure I had her full attention and added, “You have a very nice bruise.” “Thank you, I think,” she replied clearing her throat and taking a long sip of her drink. She turned to her friends and introduced them to me. She patted the chair next to her, “Come sit next to me, Gil. I promise I’ll behave,” she blushed as soon as the words left her lips. I stared at her breasts as they jiggled and danced as she patted the stool. My eyes darted from her breasts to the wedding band on her finger. Victoria noticed, as I hoped she would have. “Our husbands rented a boat and will be fishing all day,” she informed me with a friendly smile. “Ladies, I would love to stay and chat over a few drinks, but, I have to pack. I have to be at the airport in a few hours. I came here on business, unfortunately.” “Where is home for you, Gil?” Victoria asked. “Toronto,” I answered. She reached in her beach bag and pulled out a pen and handed it to me. I looked at the logo imprinted on it. I recognized the logo. It was from a prestigious property management company in Toronto. “Small world,” I grinned. I lifted my glass, nodded to Victoria and downed the rest of my drink. “Have a safe trip home, Gil.” “Enjoy your vacation. It was a pleasure meeting you, Victoria. Perhaps, we will run into each other in Toronto.” “I look forward to that day,” she grinned and winked at me. I leaned in close to her, our faces inches apart and whispered, “Be careful what you wish for, Victoria,” and winked back at her. I thought of her on the flight home. How the skimpy white bikini had barely covered her breasts and pussy. Her bikini top lifted her breasts and held them loosely in place. How her breasts would jiggle when she laughed. Her bikini bottom left most of her hips and firm ass cheeks on display. And that bruise, that beautiful bruise on her delicate skin. I wanted almanbahis şikayet to adorn her soft flesh with my rope, bruises and marks. My cock throbbed for her. I imagined Victoria completely submitting to me. Completely giving her mind and body to me, to do what I pleased with. Her breasts bound cruelly tight and her wrists tied behind her back. Her legs bound and spread apart. I imagined how she would willingly and hungrily obey me, how I would make her cum. Rope marks, bruises and welts adorning her beautiful form. I wanted her body as my canvas to paint my desires on, and mark her as mine. Two weeks had passed since I had met her. I decided to call the phone number on the pen and ask to speak to Victoria. The receptionist politely informed me that Victoria was in a meeting and asked if I would like to leave a voice mail for her. I asked if she would let Victoria know I called and for her to call me back when she had a moment. She assured me she would relay my message. A few hours later my cell phone rang. The screen displayed the number of the person calling in big white numbers. The area code and first three digits were the same as the numbers on the pen Victoria had given me. I let the call go to voicemail. A short high pitched chime from my cell phone announced that Victoria had left a voice message. I stared at my phone for a few minutes. Images of Victoria in her white bikini ran through my mind. My cock strained against my pants. I shifted in my chair and listened to her message. “Hi Gil, what a pleasant surprise it was to hear from you. So sorry I missed your call. I just got out of a meeting. It is ten fifteen. Call my cell when you get the chance. I am stepping out of the office for the rest of the morning. I would love to say hello to you.” I called Victoria’s cell. She answered on the first ring. “Hello.” “Hello Victoria, how are you?” “Gil! Hi, I am well. It’s so nice to hear from you. How are you?” “I am fine. I only have a few minutes to talk. Mondays are always very busy for me,” I explained quickly, “I was wondering if you would be available to meet for lunch one day this week.” There was a short pause before she answered, “Lunch sounds great, but, I am afraid I will be far too busy to meet for lunch anytime soon. I am working on a new contract for a retail development project. I have a very tight deadline.” “Meet me for dinner,” I smiled into the phone. Another short pause before she answered, “I am not sure about dinner. My husband will be leaving for Dallas next week. He’ll be gone for a month and then will be travelling back and forth for at least six more months.” “Breakfast then,” I chuckled into the phone. Victoria laughed and replied, “I still can’t figure out what it is about you that is so different from anyone I have met. You intrigue me, Gil. I can picture you smiling as you talk to me.” “Apologies, Victoria. I have to run. If you are able to meet me anytime soon, please call to let me know. Have a nice day.” “I will, you have a great day too, Gil. Thank you for calling.” A few days after our phone conversation I received a text message from Victoria, while I was having an early dinner at a restaurant close to my office. Victoria had texted, “Leaving the airport, thought of you and I don’t know why,” with a smiley face at the end of the message. I called Victoria’s cell. “Hello,” she answered. “Hello, Victoria.” “Hi Gil, I hope I didn’t disturb you with my text message.” “You did not disturb me, Victoria. I was very pleased to have received a text from you. Are you able to meet for drinks?” “I haven’t eaten since this morning, Gil. Drinks would put me to sleep,” she laughed. “I have just finished dinner, bad timing for us once again.” A long silence fell between us. Victoria broke the silence and asked, “Perhaps we could meet somewhere and I could grab a quick bite?” She paused a moment and added, “I would like to see you again.” “Name the place, Victoria.” “Great! 1201 Britannia Road West, Yorkshire Arms British Pub,” she excitedly provided me the details of where to meet her. Britannia Road is very close to the airport. I was downtown and close to the expressway. “I am about thirty minutes away from there, see you soon Victoria.” “See you soon, then,” she cheerfully replied. I turned into the parking lot of the pub and spotted Victoria sitting at a table for two, behind the windowed facade. Her hair was dark, wavy and long. When I had met her it was tucked neatly under her hat. She sat up straight when she spotted my headlights and her eyes followed almanbahis canlı casino my car as I drove past. My Audi has tinted windows. She hadn’t been able to see who was driving the car. I parked my car facing the pub and watched Victoria. Lit up a smoke and made her wait for me. She was visibly anxious. She checked her phone, took out a pocket mirror and applied more lipstick. She turned her head from side to side and fixed her hair. I wondered if she was aroused and if her pussy was tingling and wet. My cock grew stiffer as I watched Victoria squirm with anticipation. I finished the cigarette and headed to the pub. Victoria spotted me she smiled and waved. I made my way to her table, smiled back and said hello to her. She stood up, hugged me and replied, “Hello stranger. Finally, we meet again.” I gently gripped her arms, stepped back and looked her over. She lowered her head slightly and smiled. She was dressed in a semi-short black skirt with matching open toe pumps. Her legs were bare. The blouse she had on was dark orange and unbuttoned just enough to show a bit of her black bra and a lot of her cleavage. Her black jacket was draped neatly over the back of her chair. “It’s good to see you again. You look very different from the last time I saw you, Victoria.” She laughed and replied, “As do you. I have tried picturing you in a suit and tie. It’s nice to finally have my curiosity quenched.” I motioned her to sit as I pulled out her chair. “Thank you,” she said as she lowered herself into the chair. The waitress approached our table as I sat down. She asked if I needed a menu. “No thank you. Another glass of wine for the lady, if she so desires and one for me, please,” I politely replied. Victoria thought about ordering another drink for a few seconds and decided, “Just one more, please.” The waitress openly smiled at Victoria, letting her know that she had picked up on her attraction to me. Victoria blushed a bit and smiled back. The waitress winked at Victoria and said she would be right back with our drinks. “How is the retail property project coming along?” I asked not letting on that I had noticed her unspoken communication with the waitress. “It’s a disaster. The construction is six weeks behind. There’s a shortage of copper, apparently,” she sighed. “There’s nothing new on that front, Victoria. I have yet to come across any major development that was completed on time. If it’s not a strike or shortage of materials, our winters make sure a delay is inevitable.” “You’re in the construction industry?” she inquired. “Not anymore,” I chuckled, “I’m in corporate law. Most of the time it’s boring and tedious, rarely do I get to have fun and rant and rave in a courtroom.” “Hmmm… you don’t look like the type to rant and rave, Gil. You seem to be in control all the time,” she smiled. “I gather you figured out what it is about me that you find so different?” She flashed a coy smile and replied, “I have, and don’t look so surprised. It was only a matter of time, Gil.” “I’m not surprised in the least, Victoria. Please, tell me,” I grinned. Victoria took a deep breath and replied, “I will, but don’t let it go to your head. There is something very sexy about the way you talk to me. You ooze confidence and authority without being arrogant.” “I am flattered that you find the way I talk to you, sexy. You are very close in your description.” I reached for her glass of wine and lifted it to her lips. “What are you doing?” she whispered as she sat back in her seat. “Take a sip of your wine, Victoria,” I calmly replied. She stared at me and shook her head. “Take a sip of your wine, Victoria,” I repeated with a hint of sternness and a smile. She hesitated a few seconds, leaned forward, parted her lips and placed them on the rim of the glass. She was transfixed as I slowly tilted the glass and allowed her take a small sip. The waitress came to our table and placed our drinks on the table. “Enjoy,” she said with a big smile as she glanced at Victoria as she turned away and went to serve another table. Victoria picked up her glass and took a sip, placed it back on the table with both her hands gripping it, smiled and asked, “What do you mean by, close?” I took a sip of wine and replied, “Dominant, better suits me.” “You’re telling me that you’re a control freak?” she smiled and swallowed hard. I chuckled and replied, “I don’t think anyone finds a control freak, sexy. I like being in control, yes. But, only when I have no doubt that I have properly prepared myself and have mastered the necessary almanbahis casino skills to accept the responsibility that comes with it. If I am to lead a team, I want no doubt in their minds that they can count me, unconditionally. And, that I expect them to follow my orders down to the smallest detail.” “You are referring to work. I was referring to Gil, outside of work,” she smiled. “I’m very much the same in my personal life, Victoria.” She slowly raised her glass to her lips and replied, “Intriguing.” “More logical than intriguing, if you take into account that we all make plans and choices. I have made my share of mistakes in life. Some have cost me a marriage and my family. My ex moved to Vancouver, and I don’t see my son and daughter as much I as would like to. I gave up on achieving perfection long ago, it’s an impossible dream. But, I have learned that if one prepares properly, it is possible to minimize unwanted outcomes.” “There is no significant other in your life right now?” she asked. “I have friends. I do not have a significant other,” I replied. “Dominant, I can see how that would suit you. Perhaps it was the word I was looking for,” she smiled. “You ooze dominance without being arrogant. That is a very sexy combination.” “How has the bruise on your thigh healed?” “Ha! You remembered. It ruined my tan,” she laughed, “I have multi shaded, speckles and splotches where the bruise was. It’s grotesque.” “May I see them?” “Excuse me?” she asked, visibly shocked at my request. “Your speckles and splotches, may I see them?” I calmly repeated the question. “Right here and now, you can’t be serious?” I remained silent. “We’re in a restaurant, Gil,” she snapped at me, “Very inappropriate of you to ask such a thing. I should ask you to leave.” I had upset her, but not as much as she had let on. And she wasn’t upset at me. “I’ll leave. Just say the words, Victoria.” She glared at me and asked, “Why would you ask such a thing?” “I want to see the speckles and splotches and gaze at your sexy legs again. You are an incredibly sexy woman, Victoria. I frequently think about the way you looked in your white bikini, in Cuba,” I calmly replied. “I’m a married woman, Gil,” she replied emphasizing the word married. “I am aware of that, Victoria.” “And it doesn’t bother you to hit on married women? Perhaps I grossly misjudged you and your intentions,” she harshly whispered to me. “I don’t think you’ve misjudged my intentions, and there is no way I will believe you’ve misjudged yours. Is all this anger you’re displaying directed at me, or are you angry at yourself?” “I think you should leave, Gil,” she snapped back. I smiled, stood up and reached for my wallet. “Just leave, I’ll take care of the bill. I don’t want to feel like I owe you anything,” she hissed at me. I stared at her, silent and cold. Letting her know that I did not like what she had just said to me. She looked down at her wine glass to avert my stare. “What makes you think I want to feel like I owe you anything, Victoria?” I asked her as I placed a twenty dollar bill on the table. “That was arrogant of you and very unappealing, I am disappointed.” “You are unbelievable! I can’t…just leave!” she fumed. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Victoria. It is a difficult choice to think about, let alone make,” I said to her as I turned and walked away. I passed our waitress and smiled at her, thanked her and said good night. I lit up a smoke and walked to my car, pressed down on the fob and watched the lights flash twice and heard the driver side door unlock. I opened the car door and took a long drag of my cigarette, held the smoke in my lungs and exhaled slowly. Behind me, I heard the click of heels on pavement, quickly approaching. I glanced over my left shoulder and saw Victoria walking towards me. Her gait was quick and with purpose. Her eyes were focused and locked on me. The closer she got to me, the clearer I could see how serious she was. She had something on her mind and nothing was going to stop her from unleashing it. She stopped inches away from my car door. Her eyes were on fire. She was royally pissed off. More at herself than she was at me. The fact that I blatantly had mentioned it to her, had served only to fuel her rage. “You son of a bitch! Is this what you want!?” she hissed as she turned and lifted her skirt over her right hip. “Go ahead, stare all you want, you arrogant prick! I’ll keep my skirt hiked up for as long as you need to get off. Take out your dick and jerk off. How dare you call me arrogant and claim I’m angry at myself! We were to meet for a drink or two, and you had to ruin it by embarrassing me. Go ahead look at my speckles and splotches and gaze at my sexy legs. I’ll stand here all night if that’s what you need to get off!” I kept my eyes locked on hers and remained silent.

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