I had been divorced for about 2 yrs when i meet a slim charming lady.We had been living together for about a yr.She was not aware that I had a plastic fetish so I thought,I hid my garments very well.One night while she was out with freinds I decided to dawn some of my plastic attire.I placed my items on the bed in there proper place like I always did so I could put them on in the right order.I was about to start when I heard the door ,I was naked as a jay bird and soon came face to face with my girlfreind.       Well Stephen what do we have here,what a surprise.She then almanbahis glanced over to the bed and saw my plastic.        I was hoping you would be doing this when I came back.I was speechless.Yes I knew you had a fetish she said as she smiled and walked me over to the bed.         Now you sit right here sweetie and don’t you dare get dressed, I will be right back,I have a surprise for you. A few minutes went by which seemed like hours she appeared in the doorway,she was wearing a plastic raincoat and rain bonnet.I was in awe.She walked over to me and took my hand and almanbahis yeni giriş walked me to the center of the bedroom. I had over the shoulder long hair,she rolled it up and put a large pink hair clip in my hair to hold it in place. This going to be fun for both of us,but for you even more.I even bought you some special item I think you will look cute in.You do want me to dress you in your plastic and make you look like a girl don’t you. I was so nervous but excited at the same time all I could do was nod my head. Well lets get started,she had bought me almanbahis giriş a pink bra and foam inserts which she gentle put on,then stood back and admired how feminine I looked wearing it. I think you will like these as well and had me step into a pair of pink nursery print plastic baby panties.She then proceeded to rub my wally as she always called it.Oh dear she said,the plastic does do things to you. A half hour went by and I stood there wearing several plastic raincoats,rain bonnets and many plastic aprons I had on the bed.She dawn a few of my plastic coats and took me to the bed.She climbed on top and just before we made hot sweaty love she covered my lips and hers with bright red lipstick. What a night,what a gal,and this is only the beginning.She couldn’t stop dressing me up and having fun with me.  

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