Turning Amanda Part 4

Big Tits

Monday morning. This three day weekend seemed to go by faster than any other in my life. Having Amanda around coupled with all the lovemaking made it all seem like a lovely blur. Neither of us woke in the middle of the night or had trouble falling asleep. I think we were both worn out along with being very comfortable with each other.We hadn’t discussed much regarding her continuation of exploring sex with women. In my mind, she enjoyed it too much not to take it further. The thing I wondered about was if and when she’d tell Valerie. I know Valerie would question her how this all came about. Amanda wouldn’t last long under Val’s interrogation. Then the truth would come out regarding my role in this ‘enlightenment’ that Amanda had experienced.Val would probably be mad at first and eventually calm down. I remember the look she gave me when Amanda was making dinner, and I mentioned I loved Sushi. Then again, Amanda is her daughter, but she is over twenty-one.Sigh, what have I gotten myself into?Amanda stirred next to me as I lay awake, thinking of things I didn’t need to think about. I glanced over at my alarm clock, Mickey’s hands were playing with his, well, you know. It was six-thirty way too early to be awake on a holiday morning.I brushed a strand of her golden hair from her pretty face with the tip of my finger. She looked angelic, sound asleep next to me. Gazing at her sent ripples through my body. Yes, I probably was falling in love with her, not something I would say out loud again. Forbidden almanbahis şikayet fruit tastes so sweet.I fell back asleep dreaming for about an hour and a half. Amanda woke me nuzzling my neck once again. We whispered our good morning greeting, both of us well-rested and lazy. I began our play session playing ‘connect the dots’ with my fingernail against her skin, making small doodles out of her freckles. Sometimes she’d giggle when I traced over a sensitive area; other times, she’d just smile and moan.She tried to play with me, but I’d gently slap her hand away until she gave up letting me play while she enjoyed it. I’d trace lower and lower moving down her body, watching goosebumps form and fade away. Yes, I was playfully torturing my darling Amanda. I heard no complaints as I continued my little game. Down her flat tummy, up to and including her breasts. Her moans were letting me know she was genuinely enjoying it all.Flat on her back, me at an angle spread across my bed. I added my lips to her seduction, kissing hers then sliding down her neck with my tongue. My fingers and fingernails no longer connected her adorable freckles; they glided like feathers over her. I was sometimes touching her smooth skin then just the briefest of air movement over her. She anticipated where they might land. Often she misjudged when they were someplace unexpected.I had easy access to a single breast. My mouth covered her pert nipple, coating it with my warm saliva. I’d retract it to softly almanbahis canlı casino blow cool air over it, watching it stiffen in slow motion as Amanda cooed. Her eyes closed. I could barely see her smile as I used the tip of my tongue to warm her nipple. Circling, I moved over her aureole. Her breathing deepened, her chest rising and falling like an ocean tide.I whispered, “You like this, don’t you, baby.”A gasp delayed her reply as my fingers toyed with her belly button.Her voice had the sweet sound of surrender when she replied, “Yes, Renee. I love it.”Licking her nipple once again, my fingers gliding further down her body, I asked her, “Are you my sweet girl, Amanda?”Her eyes opened as her head rose from the pillow. Looking at me in her bliss-filled state, she whispered, “Yes, Renee. I am yours. Whatever you want me to be.”I smiled, sucking her breast into my mouth, my hand covering her sex. My tongue was flicking her nipple, then a soft bite and tug with my teeth while one finger edged its way into her. Her body twisted, legs opening wide, inviting me in to satisfy her yearning.I gladly complied, moving closer to her so my hand could completely envelop her. My fingers split into a vee pressing over, not inside her. Up and down, squeezing, then relaxing, I massaged her while she continued whispering how good it felt.She raised her arms over her head; hands clasped together. I manage to sit up a bit, admiring her body stretched out before me. Grinning, I laid back down next almanbahis casino to her, my tongue gliding from her rob cage to her armpit.She shuddered as I painted it with the warmth of my tongue then the coolness of my breath. My fingers now inside her curling as she begged me to let her cum. Whispering as I went over her torso again with my tongue, I told her, “No.”Her whimpering increased, coinciding with the intensity of my fingers. I let her suffer for a few more minutes then concentrated my efforts between her legs as I told her what a good girl she was. Her body responded with an intense climax leaving her breathless and stunned.Smiling, I eased back on my manipulations while she squirmed, enjoying the feelings I’d created. Tears streamed down the sides of her face, tears of joy, and release. She sat up, moving her pillow to lay back on. She looked at me, lust in her eyes as I smiled at her.My hand retreated from between her legs. I brought it to her mouth, where she happily cleaned my fingers off. I watched as her tongue swirls over them, sliding between each one savoring her honey on each of them. She’d been turned. No words were spoken, and none need be. She had crossed over, and I was the one who led her.I knew at some point she’d tell Val. Right now, it didn’t matter to me what Val thought about that. I’d opened the door for Amanda, and she stepped through.She opened her arms to embrace me after finishing with my fingers. I joined her, kissing her hard and long.When we broke our kiss, her eyes told me she was in love. I didn’t say a thing, preferring to let her bask in the glow.We slipped back into the bed, cuddling; her breathing calmed as we lay together. I played with her freckles again, enjoying once more the feel of her skin.

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