The Whole Gang (Secret Powers 12 – Final)

Big Tits

continued from Beach EncounterMelissa and I dress, and she leads the way to her house. As we are snaking through the narrow path across the dune, my knickers pull against my crotch. That, along with watching her lovely arse wiggle from behind, keeps me wet.When we reach the car park, I catch up with her and put my arm around her shoulders. She puts her arm around my waist as we walk the remaining steps to her place.Her place is one of four units among the dunes. “This is lovely,” I tell her.”Thanks, we like it.”She opens the door and ushers me in. It is tastefully decorated – light and airy. “Wow, just as nice inside,” I exclaim. She smiles, closing the door behind us.”I’m busting to go to the loo,” I say.”Down the hall, first door on the left,” she says, pointing the way.I run into it and close the door, sitting on the toilet quickly. Relieving my urgency, I wipe and then realise just how wet I’ve gotten. I finish wiping and flush and wash my hands.As I come out, I see her in the kitchen. She notices me and asks, “Gin and tonic?””Mmmm, that would be lovely,” I reply.I see her pushing on her phone, presumably replying to a text. almanbahis şikayet Then she sets it down. “Have a seat in the lounge room and I’ll bring it out.”I flump myself onto the sofa and admire the room. After a minute, she comes out with our drinks and hands one to me. “Cheers!””Cheers!” I reply.I gulp down half the drink before realising how thirsty I am. She sips hers and sits next to me. Setting her drink down, she gazes into my eyes and says, “Now, I made you a promise.”I smile, remembering.Melissa takes my face in her hands and kisses me so softly. I murmur and return the kiss. The tenderness of her lips ignites my passion again. I open my mouth slightly, and she slips her tongue into my mouth to find my tongue, playing with it so lightly.I reach my arms around her, pulling her lovely body into me. She hasn’t bothered to put her bra back on, so I feel my little boobs press into her lovely soft ones. We moan together.Her hands caress my sides then she pulls back and finds my boobs. Her fingers play all over them through my shirt. My nipples stand up, and she finds them, stroking them. “Ah yessss,” I hiss.She almanbahis canlı casino leans back and lifts the hem of my shirt, up and off of me. “Ohhh, your boobs are beautiful,” she says. “I’m going to love them.”Her fingers wander lazily over my boobs, avoiding my nipples. I look down and see her teasing me, making my nipples harden without even touching them. I moan and look up into her eyes, silently pleading for her to touch my nipples.She recognises my desire and smiles, continuing to deny me. I try to push up into her palms to have my nipples touch, but she lifts her hands away to avoid that. I groan for mercy.”Soon enough, my lovely,” she whispers, still fingering my boobs. I am panting now. Finally, she closes her fingers ever so slowly toward my nipples. Reaching the edges, she squeezes them gently and I almost scream, “Ahhhh.”Her smile broadens. “Yes, my lovely, I will please you,” she says. Her fingers stroke my pulsing, hard nipples upward toward the tip, then back down to the base and up again. Slowly she caresses the sides of my nipples with her delicate touch.Over and over she strokes my nipples, almanbahis casino making me moan constantly. Then suddenly she grasps my nipples firmly and twists. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I scream. My pussy flares from the sudden sparks of pleasure her fingers have shot into me. I instinctively spread my legs, which is noticed by my tormentor.She glances down and removes her hands from my boobs. “Oh, you naughty girl,” she admonishes, “you have made your shorts wet.” Her finger presses on the wet spot and rubs around. I moan again. She keeps rubbing, up and down over my leaking pussy.”Oh dear, it’s getting worse. This won’t do. We must remove your shorts,” she says. She unbuttons my shorts and unzips them. Reaching the waistband, she yanks them hard, pulling them down to my thighs, then slides them down my legs and takes them off my feet.Melissa looks back at my pussy, and my legs spread for her. She places a finger on my panties and rubs over my wet slit, up and down. “My, we have a dripper!” she says, beaming. Her finger keeps rubbing my slit slowly while her other hand returns to gently stroke my nipple again.”Ahhhh,” I moan again.”Mmmm, yes, my love. I love how sensitive you are,” she responds.She continues her slit rubbing and nipple stroking, eliciting constant groans from me. Then she presses hard with her finger, finding my now-hard clit, slowly rubbing it in circles.

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