the pet of the house


We – I – don’t plan these weekends. It’s impossible to predict when the mood will strike me, but when it does…First, I leave a subtle sign for you, like placing those boots on the stairs this morning; an undisguised hint that, this weekend, you are going to be the pet of the house, my dear. You refer to them as my ‘bitch boots’, and you have a delightfully entertaining love-hate relationship with them. They are kept for these very special nights – partly because it’s fucking impossible to walk in them! I can just about manage the few steps across the living room – looking glam and not breaking an ankle – staring into your uneasy eyes, while you’re sat on the sofa, hands tied behind your back.These boots are very special, indeed, and have cost a fortune. Knee-high, black leather, smooth steel buckles – five of them, my favourite number – finished with a full-length front lacing, which I love to do up in front of you, sitting cross-legged while running the shoelace in an erotic slow-motion zigzag. I only do this to tease you because there is a full-length zip on the inside, but I want to reinforce the image that I won’t be taking them off tonight. Tying them in that fashion also reminds me of my ice-skating days back in high school, sitting on the cold, hard, wooden bench teasing my favourite hockey boys. I was a bit of a tomboy, playing ice-hockey with the lads, feeling like a badass skater. Now I’m a badass bitch. You’re taking in every detail, like the studded front and the little pocket on the side. I love everything embellished and exciting. I could say, I’m sophisticated and like the fine (and the very coarse) things in life, but the truth of it is that I have a short attention span and get bored easily.As I approach you, a riding crop and a paddle in one hand, I playfully tap the crop on the rough leather of my kinky footwear. I love the sharp cracking sound it makes. God, I can’t wait to make you feel the bite of it. It won’t make the same sound on your soft moisturised skin, but I’ll enjoy it just the same. Unfortunately, you’re not into pain and I ought to try to go easy on your peachy bum. Peachy as in easily bruising and NOT round and soft. On days like this, I really have to restrain myself not to let the true sadistic bitch slip.I instruct you to kneel on the floor, bending over the sofa, your strong masculine arms outstretched in front of you. Those sexy shoulders, I admire when they’re pinning me down, now rendered useless by my signature red rope. Your wrists are on display, held securely together by a double column tie. I yank your boxers down – those sexy black and red Ted Baker ones I got you last Valentine’s Day. You love it when I buy clothes for you because you say I have exquisite taste but I know that it is for a completely different reason you’d never admit to.As a warm-up, I whack your butt with the paddle a few times – quite gently (in my opinion), but you’re already complaining in your sweet puppy voice. I tell you that, “You’re gonna do so many other things you don’t particularly like. But you will not safeword out, will you, honey? You’ll do them because they…” I grit my teeth and punish you with a full-on hard whack for emphasis, “fucking turn me on.”This is my night and I love pushing your limits. I love fucking with you, just like you love fucking with me on other nights. It’s far from being revengeful though. Remember when we were kids and have thrown all sorts of things into the bonfire to see what melts and what explodes? It’s something like that. I often reminisce about the first time I told you to suck James’s cock. How your sexy lips trembled slightly, inclined to say no. Something inside you – call it morals, gay misconception or blah – urged you to say no. I’m proud to say, I’ve broken that stupid within you. And what happened? Now, you love it. What’s not to love about a nice thick cock filling your mouth, being used like a simple hole of pleasure? I should know.“Come ‘ere now,” I order you and turn you around yanking almanbahis şikayet on your black leather collar. “Perk that red ass up in the air, I want to see it nice and glowing, as you lick my boots like the obedient little dog you are!”I love towering above you in my six inches heels, but as you will be spending the evening on the floor, it doesn’t make much of a difference now. Getting comfortable on the sofa, facing you, I cross my legs to hide the fact that I’m not wearing any panties underneath my little black dress. I’m not into the idea of a full leather domina outfit just yet, but I’ve hoarded a few possible future purchases on my online shopping list for the days when I’ll decide that I want to experiment with how your tongue feels against latex-clad skin.“I want to see your tongue on the metal buckles! I want them polished one by one! That’s it… nice and slow.”I only recently discovered that I have a bit of a metal fetish and seeing your tongue licking and prodding at the stainless steel makes me even more snappy and cruel, because I can’t have what I want – just yet. My smooth and silky pussy sadly has to wait for its turn. When you’re done and the buckles are all nice and shiny, I offer you the thin stiletto heel to polish next and to suck on.“Hmm, I love those puffy lips on my heels, baby… reminds me of James’s cock in your mouth. Of course, he’s much, much thicker. By the way, he will be here soon… I can’t wait to see you gag on his thick cock, honey.” I rub your cheek and encourage – force – your head up and down on the silver metallic heel. You glance at me – your eyes like amber lightning in a starless, pitch-dark night. You hold my gaze with black ink pooling into your dilated pupils, giving away just how much my words turn you on and how much you hate me for knowing your buttons.I let a smirk dance around the right side of my mouth, which then morphs into a perverse grimace. “Fuck, it turns me on when you hate me.” My voice is the wicked offspring of a chuckle and a hiss and it sends shivers down your spine. I’m dying to drown your face in the hot spring, your wrathful eyes just created and the thought that I will most likely pay for this night dearly in the future excites me further… but James will be here soon and we have to get geared up.Your cock cage needs to be inspected to ensure it’s nice and tight. Despite your very animated reluctance, I had to enclose you much earlier in the day, because as the night nears you are more and more likely to have a hard-on; an inevitable consequence of having been sex starved for almost two weeks now.“Did you know that if you wear it too long your cock will shrink?” I mutter absentmindedly, holding your encaged pride and joy in my palm. “It’s barely average now,” (not true, but you like a sprinkle of humiliation on these nights); “maybe we should shrink it just a wee bit more.” Oh, the cruel, alas absolutely empty threats. You should see the look on your face, accompanied by the pathetic sobbing twitch of your tiny caged beast. The truth is that we don’t often have these nights and I like a nice pounding on any other night, so we’re keeping your good average size – at least for now.But of course, you can never be sure with a cruel jokester like me. I inch you closer to the cliff of misery by asking, “Would you like that?” Your answer is a firm shake of your head and a barely noticeable twinge of your upper lip as you’re trying to form the word ‘red’. I stop you and put my fingers over your lips “Hush! It is my night and I can fantasize about whatever the fuck I want.”Truth be told, it was almost this exact same scenario when I told you the very first time that the cage is not coming off and you’re not allowed to wank in James’s presence anymore. That ugly word ‘red’ thundered out of your lungs. I still masturbate to that image of you so ruffled and disturbed. Yet, sadly, now, just a few months later, that is your current situation.Because I always get what I want.I managed to work myself almanbahis canlı casino up to a state with that hot recollection and I must allow myself some relief. I’m ringing James and I order you to lick my pussy while I talk to him.“James, babe, are you far?… Hubby has worked me up and ah uhm… now I can’t wait. Oh, hmmm I think…. I… can wait that long. I mean… I’ll tryyy. Mmmm, what? (giggle) Ohh, mmmm.”He tells me to finger myself nice and deep and give you a nice taste… “Yes, I did…What now? Are you seeeerrrrious? (giggle) Ok, I will make sure, mmm, to let him know that.”“He told me to tell you to give me a nice rimming too as he’s planning on popping my ‘big cock in butt’ cherry too.”While you have no objection against the act itself; it is just something we haven’t tried in this scenario before. Considering my stud’s size, I should be at least slightly apprehensive but seeing your immediate obedient and enthusiastic reaction, I divert myself to concentrate on the now and how amazing your wet tongue feels against my little star. I wonder how it must make you feel to be doing something so dirty and humiliating, knowing I will be fucked in all holes while your manhood is locked away in its tiny restrictive cage. Ohh poor you.James was either exaggerating when he said ten minutes or it must’ve passed super quick as I don’t even have time to submerge into those X-rated fantasy images of you just watching, drooling over us, and he’s ringing the doorbell already.The sort of illicit snogging we engage in by the front door… I’m grateful for a wall blocking your view. It goes on for long minutes and I know you’re getting anxious imagining what we could be up to. It’s best you don’t know, honey. James is carrying a medium-sized black plastic bag, which grabs your attention straight away as he enters the room and you stare at me with alarmed eyes.“Don’t look at me like that,” I raise my arms innocently. “I really have no idea.” I really don’t.“Jaaames, what’s in the bag?” I enquire reaching out for it curiously.He slaps my hand away. “Later,” he says harshly.I do enjoy my firm middle position in these power games…We continue the unsolicited snogging, we started earlier, not having a care in the world that now we’re doing it in front of your watchful eyes.I normally don’t do kissing with other men (my rule, but much welcomed by you), but we have played with James quite a few times now and we agreed that with him there were no limits or holdbacks. I let you believe that it’s because of this little cuckold setup. However, the truth is that I really am taken with him and no doubt, under different circumstances…Having admitted that, you must know that I do love you, I am committed to you and I will never leave you, at least, not for another man. My unusual fascination with James has, most likely, more to do with dominance than anything else. So, I’m more than happy with this ‘anything goes’ setup and I can’t thank you enough. And I will. Later. Not now. Now, I’m His.I let James cup and squeeze my face and force his lips onto mine, tasting every corner, every depth of me as if my mouth was a site of a fascinating deep-cave expedition. Without taking his lips off mine, he rolls up my dress revealing my tits adorned with very hard nipples, like glacé cherries on top of tall, soft cupcakes. He munches both like they’re going off the menu. Hubby – uh oh – forgotten, as we savour the momentarily permitted fruits of lust.Clothes go flying off piece by piece while we kiss and bite every inch of naked skin that we can get a hold of. He’s my fast-spinning vortex and I’m his hollow core. We’ve joined to bring forth an unstable and possibly devastating tornado.Despite your position and tied wrists, you’re watching us with the calm and power of an almighty God, secure in the knowledge that one word, a tiny three-letter one can stop all this crazy. I better grin at you and thank you with my eyes.Or even better… I let you stick your tongue into my honey pot almanbahis casino while James pulls on my nipples and rolls them between his fingers. I rodeo ride your tongue and it wouldn’t take much at all to cum if it wasn’t for James’s vigilance.“Oh, no, no, no, you’re not coming just yet!” He grounds me.“Please,” I beg. Probably not half as devoted as I should be. But I always believed that actions speak louder than words and I drop to my knees submitting to him.“Keep licking me,” I growl at you with drunken hunger.Without fail, James seizes power, grabs you by the rough studded collar and pulls you in, kneeling next to me.“Hmmm,” I moan with a rejoice “the highlight of my night: sharing a cock with my hubby.”“Is it so?” our master chuckles.“Well, one of the highlights,” I correct myself with a grin, staring at his impeccable cock then at you as to say ‘get on with it already.’“Nothing beats seeing one’s husband with such a delicious cock in his mouth.”My use of the word ‘beating’ reminds me that I have a paddle close at hand to ensure, you’re doing a good job. Also, I’m not being a hundred percent satisfied with my bottom role; I need to take a bit of control back.”Come on honey, swallow that cock for me, deep-throat it like a pro!” I dictate the rhythm and how long you need to keep it in, and if I’m not satisfied, I punish you with a mighty whack. James is also training you well by keeping your face on his rod holding your collar with both hands. At one point he keeps you gagging till your eyes tear up, telling you, “I’m so sorry, mate. It must be tough to be married to this sadistic bitch.”That was funny. You should be laughing. Oh, only you can not as your face is so stuffed full of cock. I love it.“I take that as a fucking compliment, thank you very much.” I pose with one hand on my hip, the other holding the paddle mid-air, ready to strike again.“Do you want more, or will you swallow that fucking cock fully for me?” You are trying, trying so hard. You’re gagging so much. Your wrists are still tied in front of you, hands clutched, as if you are praying for more and James delivers that ‘more’.“Pathetic!” I snap. “I’ll show you how it’s done!” I elbow you out of my way. At least you can catch your breath and mmm let me help you wipe the spit off your adorably messed up face.“Charming,” I grin throwing your own words back at you from the nights when the roles were reversed.I catch sight of James looking down at me biting his inner lip. By trying to chain his own animal he’s prodding mine with a flaming torch. ‘Don’t do that,’ my eyes beg him. There’s a rift in the frozen lake of his blue eyes and I’m skating right into it. Our eyes dart away simultaneously, too scared of what we’d find in the abyss.I pull his foreskin back roughly, making him expect a vicious attack. When it doesn’t come and instead my tongue gently laps at his swollen and sensitive head, it leaves him wide-eyed and gasping for air.I cup his tight balls and claw at them in agonising slow-motion, admiring my glossy black fingernails, shining and viscous as if they were dipped in wet tar – a colour of choice for these naughty nights. Sometimes I tame them with a diagonal glitter strip for office wear and I flaunt them all week as a constant memento of what I’ve been up to the past weekend. Every once in a while, a colleague makes a curious comment along the lines of ‘must have been a wild party’ and I just give them a murky smile.I tease James with a slow rub of his shaft till his chest rises and falls to the rhythm of my hand and his breathing becomes laboured. I reach down and grab your pitiful cock too.“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel that baby?” I provoke you by sliding my fingers up and down on your stainless steel prison, that is way too snug for you to feel much. “If only you deserved to be let out of your cage…” Fingers prodding through the metal bars. Black nails trying to penetrate the tiny holes seemingly desperate to reach your sensitive skin to yank up the volume button of your arousal. “If only,” I tease sticking my tongue out prodding your snake’s eye.You throw your head back. The collar rises up and down on your sexy elongated neck as you’re gulping down some air. I lick you from nipple to chin leaving you panting for more.

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