The Perfect Prescription


“Pull over,” Master told me. I was driving him to the airport at 3 in the morning. Master had been trying unsuccessfully to joke me out of my bad mood since we had left the house. I hate it whenever Master leaves, but he had forbidden me from being sad on our drives. He told me to smile and be happy, and I had forced a smile, but I hadn’t fooled Master. I never do. Now, as I pulled over onto the shoulder, I saw Master set his jaw. He told me to shut off the car. He stepped out onto the road, crossed in front of the car, unbuckled his belt, and opened up my door. My heart was racing as I suddenly realized he was going to punish me here in plain sight at the side of the road. What if we were seen? He pulled me out of the car by my wrist and led me to the back of the car. I knew better than to protest, but I pled with my eyes. He stared back at me and pointed at the trunk. I lay over it as he pulled his belt out of his belt loops. He lay his body on top of mine and whispered in my ear, “you defied me, slut. Clearly, you need an attitude adjustment . Spread your legs and open your mouth.” As I did, he placed the belt in my mouth. He stood up behind me and pressed his hand on the small of my back. He raised his hand above his head and brought it down on my ass. I felt the vibration shoot through my ass to my clit. He slapped my ass slowly and deliberately. I lost count after 30 strokes. I didn’t hear any traffic, but rubberneckers were the least of my worries. He raised my skirt and folded it under the front of my hips. He began spanking me on the bare faster. I almanbahis şikayet stood as still as I could, slobbering on the belt. He was muttering as he continued to spank. “Selfish slut…don’t listen…what did I tell you?” I moaned against the belt. His strokes were so strong; I felt the car rock under me. I began to whimper and he paused. He took the belt out of my mouth and told me to kiss it. “Why is Master spanking you?” “Because I disobeyed you, Sir.” “Why is Master about to beat your ass with the belt?” “Because I deserve to be punished for my behavior, Sir.” He doubled the belt and brought it down on my thighs. I screamed out in surprise and I felt like I could visualize the red stripe appearing under the skin. “Be quiet, slut,” he told me as the strokes came down on my thighs and ass. I couldn’t anticipate where they would land. I stayed as quiet as I could as he applied the belt, stroke by stroke to my ass. When he had finished, I heard him put his belt back on. He stroked my ass and squeezed it. He ran his fingers up to my pussy and checked how wet I was. “Dirty slut,” he muttered. “Get up and take me to the airport.” I got up and smoothed my skirt. I wiped my eyes and smiled at my Master. “Thank you for punishing me, Sir,” I said. He smiled a bit and walked me to the door. He set me in the front seat and walked over to his side. My ass was throbbing. The trip to the airport was quiet. I kept looking over at him, but I couldn’t read his expression. To break the silence, I said, “I’m sorry I—“ “Shhh,” he said, “I don’t want to hear it. You will almanbahis canlı casino get the rest of your punishment when I get back from my trip,” he said. He cradled my neck and pulled my face into his. “While I am away, you may NOT touch yourself,” he said. We drove on and my thighs twitched. “Yes, Sir.” Master had just given me one of the hardest spankings of my life. I thought, “The rest of my punishment?” The first few days without Master were hard, but he had left me a set of instructions to carry out so I would stay busy. On Monday, I shaved the pussy he owns, had my nails done, cleaned the apartment and the car, did the laundry and wrote my daily report to him. On Tuesday I worked out, did the grocery shopping, wrote my report and changed the bed sheets. I missed him terribly and when he called, I felt my pussy get wet at the sound of his voice. At night was the hardest. I wanted to touch my clit, but I knew I could not. I imagined I was lying in Master’s arms and that made it easier to fall asleep. On Wednesday I did not feel right. Even though I had slept well, my muscles ached. I felt like I had a fever and when I got out of bed, I had a little vertigo. I texted Master to let him know how I felt. He told me not to worry and that he would make an appointment. “Go back to bed, slave,” he said. A few minutes later, Dr. Johnson’s office called and gave me the time for the appointment. I stayed in bed until I had to drive downtown. Doctor Johnson was a young, serious man. He had a hard body which I think he liked to show off by wearing almanbahis casino his dress shirts one size too small. The effect was that his muscles in his arms were visible under his lab coat. From the first time I met him, I noticed that his hands were large. When I got to his office, he took all my vitals instead of having his nurse do it. He told me that J had told him to take care of me. He felt my forehead and told me that he didn’t think I had a fever, but that he wanted to make sure. He told me to strip. “Excuse me, Doctor?” I asked him, blushing. He spoke slowly, as if to a small child. “I need you to strip because I need to take some readings and perform some tests. Your clothing will interfere with the diagnostics. Take your clothes off.” “Are you going to step out, Sir?” I asked. “No, I don’t think so. I want to get you treated as soon as possible. We want you all fixed up for when J comes back to town, don’t we?” At the thought of seeing my Master again, I smiled and began taking off my clothes. When I was nude, he led me to the table and told me to get on top of it. He had me crawl up on all fours and he told me to put my head on the table and my ass in the air. He patted my ass, which was still sore from the punishment Master J had given me. I felt ashamed and vulnerable. Dr. Johnson rubbed my ass and began rubbing my asshole. He told me to relax. “It looks like you were a bad girl before J left town. He did a really nice job on this ass and thighs, though. Spread your knees for me, dear.” His touch felt good, but I felt guilty for enjoying it. “Is this part of the exam, Doctor?” I asked. “J told me to take care of you and that is just what I am going to do. Spread those knees and let me do these tests.” He continued rubbing the outside of my asshole and began gradually pushing his finger inside.

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