The Blindfold


“Short & Sexy Red Lycra Spandex Super Stretch Mini Dress (PVC Wet Look).”Fuck.When I scrolled down to those words, my pussy got wet.  The model had my body type and I just knew it would look amazing on me.  I knew Damon would love it on me as well.  I also knew he would love taking it partially or fully off.I put it and the matching open-toe, red mid-heel pumps in my cart.  Truth be told, the shoes were strictly for me.  I think heels are sexy, but Damon couldn’t care less.  He likes seeing me barefoot or in sandals.  I think my feet look funny, but he absolutely loves them.  And, yeah, I could say something about sexist men wanting their women barefoot and pregnant.  But that doesn’t describe Damon at all.  He honestly likes the shape of my feet, from ankles to arches to toes.  Knowing this, I paint my toenails just for him.  Conversely, I love men’s forearms.  He doesn’t get that at all, but when I see him in a tight T-shirt I can barely catch my breath.Yes, I am a mostly sexually submissive woman that likes to switch occasionally.  Kink-fearing folks: this does not mean victimized, put-upon, or abused.  I’ve known what I like since I was in my early teens.  The fact that I was raped as an adult didn’t make me submissive.  My rapist, like a lot of abusers, fantasized a pre-existing relationship with me, fucked me against my will (in the missionary position, my least favorite one) while imagining he was rocking my world, and talked up almanbahis a blue streak.  Doggy-style fucking, highly negotiated kinky power exchange, and a minimum of talking is what does it for me, the opposite of what most people (even other women) imagine women want in bed.  At least my rapist was apprehended, tried for the multiple rapes he committed before being caught, and convicted.  Lots of survivors never get that.I also don’t really care for BDSM scenes and parties.  The ones I’ve been to seem so simplified, unimaginative, and boring.  It’s as if most party goers arrived at what topping, bottoming, and switching meant before they actually got there instead of exploring and expanding what those roles can and could mean.  I prefer to get kinky with the few people who can push my boundaries without violating them and also expand my quirks.  To hell with that RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and 24/7 bullshit, though.  I can and will call an immediate halt to anything I don’t like.After I had bought the outfit, and while watching television together one evening, Damon casually said “Red Rover” to me.“What?” I enquired.  “What are you saying to me?  Do you want to play a kid’s game?”He replied “No, Leslie.  In that outfit, that’s exactly who you would be.  It should also be your safe word when we put that costume to good use.”I thought about what he said for a hot second and concluded he was dead on the money with that suggestion.“Thanks, almanbahis yeni giriş babe!”  I gushed.  “That’s fucking perfect!”  I snuggled up closer to him and offered my mouth for sweet, nibbling kisses.When he’s right, he’s right.  This is what I mean by kinky negotiation.  It’s not just what we do “in scene.”  It also has to do with how we address issues, set boundaries, make suggestions, and plan our sex lives and regular lives together.  Damon’s easy confidence and willingness to listen over the extent of our relationship has turned him into a sort of sexy mind reader.  He can anticipate what I might like based on deeply knowing me.In my mind’s eye, I could envision the strutting, sexy bombshell he imagined me to be.  Topping the ensemble with Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses would make me seem mysterious and supremely sexually confident.  I was determined, the very next time we got down, to be the Red Rover of his and my dreams.**********The scene happened at a midtown hotel.  We reserved it a month in advance specifically for this sexy event.I got ready at home alone. I slipped out of all of my other clothes and into my barely-there thong panties.  Then I slipped into the red stretch mini dress.  I loved how it slid over my breasts, nipples, and hips, like the dress itself was feeling me up, tickling me in the most intimate of places.  I slid the red pumps on my feet, stood up, and looked at myself in the mirror.  “Not almanbahis giriş bad, not bad at all,” I thought to myself.  I found my Ray-Bans, put them on, and headed out to my car.I was instructed by Damon to park at least three blocks away from the hotel and slowly walk there.  This has a two-fold purpose for my particular brand of submission.  One, I get “told” what to do in a way that absolutely excites me.  Two, I get to put on another hat and play at being someone else.  I’m not usually sexually gregarious, but Damon knows how to bring that out in me.I concentrated on my breaths to slow down my rapidly beating heart, adjusted my sunglasses in the rear-view mirror, and got out.I could hear my heels slowly clack on the pavement as I strutted.  I concentrated on swaying my hips back and forth in a slightly exaggerated, but not comical, fashion.  I could sense the people I passed averting their eyes or trying to sneak a peek.  Just feeling all that barely hidden attention being paid to me sent delicious waves of pleasure down my spine and into my cunt.  I thrust my chest out so my hardened and excited nipples poked against the fabric.I sashayed my way through the automatic doors of the hotel and up to the front desk.  The slightly flustered hotel clerk fumbled my key card into my hand and escorted me to my room.  I tipped her generously and closed the door behind her with the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outer door handle.**********The bed was generous and king-sized.  I made sure to lay out plenty of lube on the nightstand.  I placed towels by the foot of the bed in case we needed them.I took off my Ray-Bans and placed them in my handbag.  Then I took it out.

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