Step-daughter’s Cabin Trip (Part 1)


I’ve known Lisa ever since she was a small girl. I met her mother back then, and after some flirting and beating around the bush, her mom and I finally started acting on our feelings, though she had a complicated status – she was still involved with Lisa’s dad. He was a drunk, abusive, and as I’d find out later, worse. So despite our wanting to be together for good, we ended up settling into an on-again, off-again relationship as she tried figuring out things with this idiot. There were times we wouldn’t talk at all for months, only to rekindle for a short spark, and then who knows what would happen next.Surprisingly, the years went by quickly, though they didn’t seem it at the time. Lisa’s mom Cindy, and her now-husband (yes, that was a thing) ended up getting in trouble. I found out through the grape vine that Devon, the asshole in question, had a fondness for other neighborhood girls, including ones he shouldn’t. He also wasn’t smart, and got himself busted, and tried dragging Cindy down alongside him by claiming she was using, and more. All thankfully untrue and dismissed, but it did leave quite a toll on her.Lisa however, had grown up being watched over during the trying times by her grandmother. I actually kept in touch with everyone over the years sporadically, usually getting updates on how the messes were progressing. But Lisa’s grandmother was also very inept with technology and would send me pictures to then e-mail to Lisa, or print out and mail, when we were apart. This never really bothered me or caused me to take any notice. Not for a while at least.My phone chirped at me one day, and again, more pictures. The first one caught me very off guard. Lisa, a teenager now, was leaning over in a pair of very form fitting jeans, looking back with her tongue stuck out. The accompanying caption from her grandmother said ‘Lisa said to tell mom that she’s not getting her jeans back, now that they fit her good.’ I couldn’t help but stare. I even knew the jeans, from seeing them on Cindy from that view before. It was all I could do to contain the thoughts of jerking off until I came over the ass in those jeans. Instead, I simply replied, said Cindy would get a kick out of it, and continued on my merry way.Two weeks later, I got another text from grams, asking a question about how to block a number or something like that. And in that conversation, did mention ‘Lisa said she remembers you by the way’.Um, ok? I mean, I had seen her on and off over the years, but I guess it really did have some big gaps and it was more in passing that I would see her while trying to whisk Lisa away somewhere. Told her I was glad, and that I’ve kept her in my thoughts often too. Granted, now there was another thought in particular I couldn’t shake, but I was going to do my best to do just that. Turns out, that would be seriously tested shortly thereafter.Chirp.I look down, and it was from grams. ‘Cindy is out of town trying to sort out more shit, and Lisa wanted to know if her and her friend Emily could go camping at your cabin.’Oh, right, I have one of those. It’s nothing fancy, just a small plot of land about an hour away that had been left to me through family passings. It was secluded, and allowed me peace and quiet whenever I needed a getaway.’Really?’ I replied.’Yeah. I thought maybe you’d be able to take them this weekend if you weren’t busy.’On the one hand, great, thanks for assuming I would just be able to drop things and do this. On the other…’Sure, yeah no problem. Just tell me when to pick them up.’She said she would, and I went back to my Monday work. Thursday I got the text to pick Lisa up Friday night at grams place, and then we’d get Emily on the way. Easy enough.I keep a case of water on hand in the cabin, but went almanbahis out Thursday night and picked up some food and snacks to take. I figure they’ll be off swimming or hiking the trails, and I’d be just sitting on the porch reading or maybe fishing in the pond myself.Friday night, I logged out of my system and hopped in my Jeep. The drive to get Lisa took about twenty minutes, and luckily the sun was starting to set. I had warned them ahead of time that I was working late, and it’d be dark, because I wanted to give them the option of just going up Saturday but the girls insisted on having multiple nights to sleep over. Fine by me, I don’t have issues driving in the dark.I pulled up to the house, and was greeted by the front door opening and Lisa with a bag slung over her shoulder walking down. I watched her call back over her shoulder, and then the backdoor of the Jeep opening, and closing. I looked in the mirror and caught her eye.”Ready?” I asked.”Yep!” She was excited to go. Probably due to her drunk father never taking time to do things with her, but I was happy to help out. “Ok, just gotta let me know where Emily, is it? Where she lives,” I said, and headed down the road. Ten minutes later, another pull-up, another opening and closing of the rear door, and another face in the mirror.In the dark, I couldn’t see much. I had the switch set to not turn the dome light on with the doors, thanks to paranoia from a dead battery one night, so I was just catching shadows on young faces through the moonlight. In forty-seven minutes, and after a short trip down the dirt trail to get to the cabin, it arose out of the clearing ahead, with the water beyond it glistening with the moon’s reflection.Yep, this is why I have it, and why I had always been grateful to be the recipient. This was peaceful heaven. I stopped the engine, and both rear doors were open and vacated before I even reached my handle. I chuckled, and followed suit, watching the cabin lights come on as I walked up the path to the door with the cooler of food in my hands and a bag over my shoulder with the chips and such.I may have understated the cabin a little. Two bedroooms – one in a loft area above a kitchen nook – and a larger open room with a central fireplace and windows overlooking the pond. Maybe it was a small lake? I never had looked up what the difference was between the definitions. The girls had wasted no time booking it upstairs and into the other room, I could hear them excitedly chattering among themselves.”I’m going to start a fire for S’mores if you wanna come out in a bit for some,” I called upstairs. I was pretty sure I heard a pair of Okays back through the door from above me, and after putting the groceries into place, I walked off the porch and gathered some firewood from the stockpile off to the side of the cabin. A couple pieces of crumpled newspaper later, and a small cozy fire was lighting up the clearing.Five minutes later I heard the front door open, and finally got my view of Emily, whom I had never met, and Lisa, now that she was older. Both were wearing form-hugging t-shirts, and shorts. The kind that are nice and loose when they stand up, but get very clingy when bending down or over. I don’t know if I bit my lip in plain view of them both, but I wouldn’t have been surprised as it was certainly my reaction.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those fat guys that needs to have a yacht and money to get girls in bikinis to pretend I’m interesting. I’m no model, but I’m certainly at least average. And at thirty-nine years old, I’ve got plenty of life to enjoy. But it also wasn’t lost on me that I was caught in the moment at the two before me. Lisa with her light brown hair that reached the midway point of her back, Emily almanbahis yeni giriş with her darker brown that was just below her shoulders, both slender in all the right places, with accentuating curves in all the others.They pulled up and sat in two other camping chairs on the other side of the flames, and had marshmallows and chocolates on their laps in no time. I tried to concentrate on my own, while secretly glad there was a glowing fireplace between my eyes and the legs on the other side.”So why’d you wanna come camping?” I finally asked. It was about time to at least make small talk and not be the weirdo of the group.”Emily said she’s never been and I was like, oh my god, Kev has a cabin! So I told her I would see if you’d let us come up,” Lisa chimed. I smiled.”Nice to meet you Emily. I’m Kevin, obviously. Hopefully you don’t get too bored out here. Not much in the way of service,” I said, motioning in general to the surrounding area. I was rewarded with another smile.”It’s ok. Sometimes it’s good to just be disconnected, ya know?” Emily said.Girl, you are wise beyond your years, you just don’t know it yet. I smiled at my own thought. Small talk continued for a little while, sports in school that they both played, saving up for a car so they don’t have to borrow anyone’s, figuring out what to do for college, that sort of thing. I humored them both with nods, and mhmm’s.I also noticed that the t-shirts they wore were the only things they wore over their chest. Every once in a while, one or the other would turn or shift in just a way that the fabric slid against their breast and outlined the lack of a bra beneath. And every time, I would fight the urge to catch my breath, and would look back down at the fire again. Mercifully they both decided it was time to go to bed, and got up.“Good night Kev.””Yes, good night!” Emily echoed.”Night.” I replied, and picked up a stick to poke the embers with.I looked up in time to see them walk away, and kind of let my gaze linger a little on Lisa as she followed her friend. Two steps though, and she dropped something. She knelt down to retrieve whatever it was, and those shorts, my God did they tighten over her ass as she did. She looked back at me as she started to stand back up, and caught my stare. I blushed instantly, but just a moment before I got my eyes averted, I could’ve sworn I caught a smirk.I sat in silence for a bit, maybe I was just a little stunned. Not surprisingly, my imagination had started running away with itself. After an eternity and assuring myself the coals were no longer a threat to escape the firepit, I headed inside. Not a sound from upstairs, so I let myself into the other room, my room, and stripped out of my jeans and shirt. I flopped down on the bed, then sighed, got back up, and slid the window up, letting a little fresh air waft into the room. Back I flopped, and despite my mind racing with the image of those white shorts, I found sleep. Sunlight flickering into the window from through the trees woke me up. At least, I’m sure that’s what did it. I thought I had heard something, but nothing was there when I cracked my eyes open. I also hadn’t remembered dreaming anything, but the erection that my boxers no longer contained through the opening suggested otherwise.My eyes flashed to the door, still closed, and my hand pushed myself back into place. I should’ve brought tighter articles, I thought. Shorts and a tank top later, and I walked out into the main room. The girls were already up, wearing sweats and their t-shirts from last night.”Hey Kev!” Lisa greeted me. I looked beyond, and they had found the pancake mix.“Ah, hey. Found breakfast, I see?” I said, stretching my back a little. I got a pair of grins in return.”Yeahhh. Figured almanbahis giriş it was the least we could do for you letting us come up,” Emily piped up.I nodded. In short order, they had a stack on a plate, and we all ate up. After my second, I leaned back.”So what are you girls planning to do today?” I asked. Lisa leaned forward.”You know that trail that goes off to the… uh, west, I think? I figured we’d take some sandwiches, go that way and follow it around, and then maybe go swimming or something if it’s still warm later,” Lisa paused. “Wait, it DOES come back around right? I think mom said that?”I laughed.”Yes, it goes out, into the state land for a little and then back around to and meets up to the path on the other side of the pond. All in all, four-point-three miles,” I smiled.”Ok, perfect!”The girls hopped up, apparently eager to get started for the day. Jesus, how long had they been awake already? Ten minutes later, they had a small bag packed, and were reaching for the door handle.”Wait, one sec,” I called, and popped up, taking a few steps to the closet.Above the vacuum cleaner stored inside was a container on the wall. I grabbed it, and opened it on the table. I snatched something from it, and caught back up to the girls. Holding out my hand, Lisa reached and took it.”Take this whistle with you. It’s super loud, so if anything happens, just give a blow on that, and I’ll come find you.” I said. Lisa playfully rolled her eyes.”Not a gun? Boring.” She grinned, and then laughed. “Thanks! We’ll be back later!” and poof, they were gone.I spent the next hour outside, chopping up some more firewood. I hadn’t used much last night, but I always liked to be fully stocked for the next time, and ok, maybe I felt the exercise would help a little since I mean, who wouldn’t want to have warmed up biceps around a pair of hot girls. I also went around, just checking the general status of the immediate property. The cabin was still clean, not much more to do, but I did find myself back inside. I glanced up to the loft, and sighed. Grabbing a soda from the fridge, I sat on the porch and watched over the water while I drank.Lisa had mentioned swimming if it was still warm. Surely she was joking, it was early August and even here in the shade of the tree, it must’ve been at least 80. Down on the water, the sun shone across the small town and the ripples, and the little beach area. I stood up, and walked back in the house to toss the empty can into the recycling.Turning back to the door, I stopped. The girls were coming around the corner, and down at the water’s edge. I stood in the window, and just watched them. They were laughing at something, and then each of them in turn slipped their fingers into their sweatpants waistband, and bent over, pushing them down their legs.Good God, I caught myself. Emily wore bright pink bikini bottoms, while Lisa had on red. Not quite a thong but certainly giving enough attention to her firm ass it tried hiding. As they then followed by stripping off their shirts to reveal their tops, my left hand found itself rubbing my growing erection through my shorts. Wrong, I knew it. But as long as I was only thinking it, right? I continued to watch through the window as they both jumped off the end of the dock, and laughed and swam. And then they would walk out of the pond, water dripping down their bodies and even from fifty yards away, I could see most every detail, and any I couldn’t my mind sure filled in.Emily was at least a full C cup, and about five feet, four inches tall. She had a mature tone to her face, even for her age, and a gorgeous smile that was just as genuine as could be, every time she flashed it. Lisa was a spitting image of her mother, Cindy. Just by unfocusing my eyes in the slightest, it was almost as if I had been meeting Cindy all over again all those years ago. Just, a few years past that, really. Her chest was still filling out, B’s probably but I wasn’t an expert, so that’s just guessing.

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