Snowed In, Chapter 2

Female Ejaculation

“Here it is… my traveling companion!” I said, showing her the flesh colored vibrator that had gotten me through more than a few lonely nights in my hotel room!It was ten inches long, two and three-quarters inches in diameter, with a realistically veined shaft. At the base there was a set of “balls” and on the other side (the top) there was a set of fluted ticklers designed to give my clit a thrill.The vibrator had multiple speeds and actions – it would vibrate or rotate in small circles or both. When it was going full speed, I rarely lasted very long before I had a thunderous orgasm! I was sure that Cathy would enjoy my friend as well!I handed her the vibrator and let her get a good look at the toy. She marveled at how it looked and how it felt.“It’s so smooth and it feels a little spongy!” she said.“That’s because it’s supposed to replicate a man’s cock. And while I do love a nice hard cock, there is always a little give just to make it comfortable. This one is great for those nights when I can’t find or don’t want the bother of a man – my toy doesn’t argue, doesn’t demand anything from me, and never lets me down!” I giggled.“And he won’t promise to ‘call you tomorrow’ and then never does!” she added.“Exactly. He’s Mr. Dependable. Now, have you ever used one of these vibrators?” I asked her.“I used my Mom’s a couple of times. Actually, that’s how I lost my cherry… on Mom’s vibrator. I was home alone and Mom was at work. I had just gotten a call from a guy I was supposed to go out with, but he canceled on me. I knew where Mom kept her toy and I was just so sad at being rejected again.I figured the only way I was ever going to have sex was if I did it myself. So I did. It was scary when I broke my cherry… there was a lot of blood and I thought I had really hurt myself. I called my Mom and she rushed home. I told her what happened and she took me to the hospital just to check that I didn’t do anything harmful, but then the doctor explained that I had just torn my hymen and what that meant,” she said.“Oh my God, sweetie… that’s the saddest thing I ever heard! You poor dear – having to break your own cherry and all alone and scared like that. Oh, I’m so sorry!” I said.“Well, it worked out for the better actually. After that, Mom and I had a long talk and we became a lot closer. We weren’t really close before… I was always scared to talk to her about boy stuff. But this changed all that and we found we could talk,” she said.“I’m glad that something positive came out of the experience, honey. You know, if you almanbahis şikayet lost your cherry to a vibrator and you haven’t been with anyone, you are technically still a virgin, and I am your first real sexual partner,” I said.“I suppose that’s true,” Cathy said.“Well, I am honored to be your first and ‘officially’ take your cherry honey,” I told her, kissing her sweetly. As I kissed her, I let my hand move to her breast and I cupped it, rubbing her nipple with my thumb. She moaned softly into my mouth and I knew that I still had her interest. I kissed her for a couple moments, playing with her hard nipple before I moved to the side of her neck and then down to where her neck and shoulder meet.Moving further down, I reached those lovely young tits, and I greedily took one of her nipples into my mouth. I licked and sucked her tender morsel as she arched her back, moaning her pleasure. I made sure to switch to the other tit so it wouldn’t feel left out, giving it ample attention as well.Cathy moaned and squirmed as my mouth sent little electrical pleasure-jolts to her brain and down to her clit. I noticed her hand moving down to touch her pussy as I nibbled and I knew that she was ready for the next step.I pulled off her and took the vibrator in my hand clicking it on. I took the tip of the head and began running it around her areola in small circles, letting her feel it, but not touching her nipple just yet. I licked the other nipple just so it would stay nice and hard for me.After making a few circles around her nipples I knew they were aching to try the vibrator themselves – hell, mine were and I wasn’t even teasing mine! So I touched the buzzing toy to one and sure enough the moan that came from her nearly made me cum!“Ohhh, God!” she moaned as her eyes flew open in shocked surprise.“Feel good honey?” I asked, knowing full well what the answer was.“Oh yesss…” she moaned as she twisted and writhed in blissful pleasure.“Well if you think this feels good wait till I put this baby in your pretty pussy,” I told her.“Please… please put it in me, Judy,” she said. She opened her legs wide for me And I saw her hands grab onto the sheets like she was getting ready for a wild roller coaster ride. Which she was although she didn’t know it at the time.I obliged, and after turning it off temporarily, I slipped the tip of the vibrator between her lips and worked it into her until the head just touched the entrance to her vaginal tunnel. Using the twist cap at the base of the fake cock, I then turned almanbahis canlı casino it on to about half speed. I didn’t want her to cum just yet; I wanted her to feel it a bit before she orgasmed. I could feel it working as soon as my tongue returned to her clitoris, the little vibrations sneaking up my tongue and into my mouth.I could sense the tension building in Cathy, the little jerky movements becoming more urgent, her groans and moans of pleasure increasing as each second ticked away. The use of the vibrator allowed my hand to stray between my own thighs, and I found myself still aroused and wet. I gently played with myself but taking care not to detract from my more important task of pleasuring Cathy. My own pleasure, however, did not last for long. Cathy’s grinding and humping grew more erratic and I needed both hands to hold her still enough for my mouth to continue working on her clit. My face was now absolutely drenched with Cathy’s juices, and her ever moving pussy was gyrating against my mouth and nose. I eased the speed up on the vibrator a little.“Ohhhh, that’s soo fuuuuckin nice,” she groaned loudly. “Ohhh I’mm gonna cummm…”Sure enough, a few seconds later, Cathy let out a scream as she lifted her buttocks high from the couch. It sort of caught me unexpectedly and my face slipped from between her pussy lips, Cathy’s reached for my face and directed it straight back to where she wanted it.“Ohhhh fuuuckkk,” Cathy sighed as she rubbed my face around her gyrating pussy for the next few seconds. I licked and lapped up the copious juices that the young girl was pouring out.I held on to Cathy’s thighs for grim death, I wanted to extend her moment of fun longer for her. Eventually, however, she began to relax back onto the bed and away from my face. Her hand slid down her belly to her pussy and she found the vibrator; easing the still buzzing toy from her soaked pussy dropping it onto the bed beside her for me to turn off.“Ohhh fuck, Judy, that was sooo goood,” she whispered as she began to return to earth.For a bit of fun, I leaned forward and slipped my tongue to her exposed clitoris, and her face grimaced in a mixture of pain and pleasure.“No, noo, please!” she squealed while trying to wriggle away from my playful tongue. “I’m too sensitive right now!”I giggled and leaned back away from her swiftly closing thighs; I didn’t want to get my head jammed in there. I looked at the young woman lying on the bed with closed eyes and a very contented look on her face.“Mmmmmmm,” she whispered almanbahis casino after a few seconds. “Judy, that was wonderful. Thank you.” She leaned forward and kissed me deeply. When she pulled back all she said was, “Even my mother never made me feel that good.”“That is probably true Cath, but mothers don’t generally stick a vibrating dildo up their daughters pussy?” I chuckled.“No, I don’t suppose so,” she said.The young girl moved to her favorite spot, laying next to me with her head resting on my arm and her arm over top of me just below my breasts, snuggling close. She molded her body to mine as if we were one. Damn, she was such a sweet girl.We lay there for awhile, just basking in the closeness. But it was getting late and we didn’t know what tomorrow would bring.“Cath, I think it is time for us to hit the sack. What do you think?” I asked.”You’re probably right,” she said. She hopped out of bed and because we had made such a mess of the one bed, we decided to change the sheets. While she stripped the sheets off the dirty bed and tossed them in a pile in the corner of the bathroom, I went to the housekeeping storage closet just down the hall and got a clean sheet to use. We lay in bed with her wrapped in my arms. I let my fingers trail over her and around her breasts and nipples as she lay there letting me have my way with her. She was getting sleepy and I could tell by her breathing, she was beginning to nod off a little. Just before she fell asleep as she was snuggling to me, she said in a very small little girl’s voice, “I love you, mommy.”I cried myself to sleep. I determined right then and there that I was going to take care of this girl. She’d had a tough life up to this point from what she had told me and I wasn’t going to let such a dear keep on struggling. I had the means financially and other ways, to see that this girl had a better shot at a decent life. She had told me that her parents no longer wanted her around. So I decided that I would see what I could do to help her.[img][/img]I awoke the next morning with her face in my crotch and her tongue working my clit as fast but as gentle as is humanly possible. She looked up at me and pulled her face away and asked, “Am I doing it right Judy?”“You are doing it just fine honey. When I have my orgasm I want you to lick up all of my juices. Okay?”“I will if that’s what you want,” she answered. It was sounding as if she wanted to be my sex slave or at least willing to do whatever I would ever ask of her. While that sounds sexy, it is a little frightening.I was getting hotter than hell the closer I was coming to an orgasm and I rolled over and squished my pussy on her face. I almost screamed, “Lick me, baby. Do me right.”

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