Sex for Beginners – Part Two (The Practice – Her)


Mandy and Rick came to stay the following weekend this time on the Saturday. We took them out to a local pub for tea which helped us all to relax. Back home, we sat down together in the lounge. As we had agreed between us, Sylvie kicked off the conversation. “Look,” she said, “I know you two are close and that both of you would like the relationship to be even closer.” Both Rick and Mandy blushed at this stage. “Mandy asked me to explain to her about sex and how you get pregnant and how to prevent it happening. Now that is something that is both your responsibilities, so that’s why I suggested you come and stay over together so we can explain it to both of you. I know that Mandy is too embarrassed for us to talk about this with both of you at the same time, so I suggest that Malky stays here with Mandy and explains things to her. I will take you, Rick, to the bedroom and we can have a chat there.” Sylvie had explained this plan to me in advance, although she hadn’t gone into any detail as to what she expected to happen once we split into our separate pairs. I could see, however, that the next few seconds would be crucial in determining whether Sylvie’s plan went forward at all. Both Mandy and Rick hesitated. Sylvie had avoided mention of the conversation that I had had with Mandy the previous weekend and presumed that Mandy had not told Rick about it. It seemed clear that she was not comfortable talking about intimate sexual details with Rick, even if they were well advanced in the practice. Mandy, at least, had broken the ice with me the previous weekend and, hopefully, with Sylvie’s reassurance, she would accept the idea of continuing the conversation where we had left off. The principle risk was whether she would be prepared to do so without Sylvie being present. But then, if she didn’t want to include Rick, she had to accept the logic of Sylvie occupying him elsewhere. I had no doubt that Rick would quite like the idea of spending time talking about sex, alone with Sylvie. almanbahis The attention that he paid to her on his previous visits hadn’t gone unnoticed, except perhaps by Mandy who was still a little naïve about these things. Whenever Mandy’s attention was elsewhere, Rick never missed an opportunity to admire Sylvie’s cleavage or to try to glance up her skirt. And, of course, Sylvie being Sylvie, she had made sure that he had had plenty of chances to do so. Whilst both of them were no doubt weighing up these factors, Sylvie preempted their response by saying, “Right, Rick, you come with me.” She then led him by the hand upstairs to the bedroom. It took Mandy a few moments to realise what had happened. She sat across the room from me looking a little startled. I felt I should break the ice. “We were talking last week about how to try to make sure that you don’t get pregnant,” I said. “Yes,” replied Mandy. “Have you talked to anyone else about this? Your mum? A doctor? A friend?” “I asked a friend but I’m not sure I believe what she told me.” “What was that?” I asked. “She said that there were certain days of the month… you know… ” Mandy blushed. She clearly couldn’t bring herself to refer directly to her period. “You mean during your menstrual cycle? Between your periods? When you’re not bleeding?” Mandy blushed even more profusely. “Yes,” she said, quietly. Is it your period now?” I asked, as casually as I could. “No,” Mandy replied. “Well, I said, your friend is right. There are some days during the month when it is less likely that you will get pregnant. But it’s not a reliable way of not getting pregnant, so I don’t suggest that you rely upon it.” Mandy was listening carefully. She nodded. I continued, “You are far better either going on the pill or using a condom, or both.” You’ve not had sex with Rick or anyone else, yet, have you? You’ve not let him put his cock in your vagina, your cunt?” I was enjoying spelling out the detail to her. “No, not yet.” “But you’ve almanbahis yeni giriş wanked him off? You’ve seen him cum?” “Yes.” “But he’s not cum in your mouth?” Mandy hesitated. “He did last night. And I swallowed it. Well most of it. You said that was okay. It is, isn’t it?” “Yes, that’s okay. As long as his semen, his cum, doesn’t go anywhere near your cunt.” I enjoyed saying cunt rather than vagina. “So, are you ready to have sex with Rick? Are you ready to let him fuck you? To put his cock in your cunt and to let him cum inside you?” Needless to say I was horny by this point. I was hoping and guessing that Mandy would be aroused too. I did, momentarily, wonder what Sylvie and Rick were doing in the bedroom and whether their conversation was quite as frank and direct. “Yes, I think so, as long as I don’t get pregnant,” replied Mandy. I had a thought. “Has Rick ever had sex, fucked a girl, before?” “No.” “Are you sure?” “He’s promised. Crossed his heart and hoped to die.” So Sylvie, too, was dealing with a virgin! “Does sex hurt?” Mandy asked, out of the blue. This was interesting. It was, clearly something that was bothering her. But the fact that she asked me the question suggested a degree of trust. She was becoming more comfortable discussing such things with me. A sign of confidence. “It can hurt, a little, especially the first time or if the boy takes it too quickly. Firstly, you need to be wet enough to provide lubrication. And then, if you’re hymen is still intact, there may be a little pain and a little blood when Rick’s penis penetrates it and breaks it.” Mandy looked a little confused. “Your hymen is a little bit of skin inside your vagina, your cunt, that protects it until you are ready to have sex the first time. Sometimes it gets broken beforehand, if you’ve been doing strenuous activities, or maybe by a tampon. Do you use tampons when it’s your period?” I didn’t need to ask this last question but I liked the way that talking about periods made almanbahis giriş Mandy embarrassed. “Yes,” replied Mandy, with the expected blush. And then, after a thoughtful pause, “How can I tell if my hymen is broken or not?” To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to answer this. And then I had a piece of inspiration. “I could look and see, if you want,” I said, as matter-of-fact as possible. Again a pause. I waited, wondering if I had gone too far. “Would you really do that for me?” “Yes, of course,” I replied, trying not to sound too eager. “What do I need to do?” “You’ll need to take off your panties.” A slight hesitation. “Okay.” I turned my back while Mandy removed her panties. I know there was little logic to it, but I thought it might make her feel more comfortable. It seemed to work. “Okay,” said Mandy, again. I turned around. “Now lie back on the rug and raise your knees.” Mandy did as instructed. She lay on the rug with her knees raised and one hand on each knee holding her skirt hem in position. It must have given her some sort of comfort that she couldn’t see what was going on down below. I knelt down facing Mandy. Her legs were barely parted so there was not much on view. “You’ll need to open your legs for me, but you can hold your skirt where it is, if you want to.” I hoped this last reassured her, as I gently moved her legs apart. Her unshaven nether regions came into view. “Okay. I’m going to look to see if I can see your hymen. Is that Okay?” Mandy didn’t answer, so I continued, “I’m going to put a cushion under your bottom so that I can see better.” I picked a cushion off the sofa and put it in place as she lifted her bottom, signifying acquiescence. “Now, I’m going to have to open your vagina to look inside and it will only work if you are wet enough.” On this occasion I deliberately used ‘vagina’ rather than ‘cunt’. I lay between Mandy’s opened legs, placed my fingers on her labia and parted them, revealing the pink flesh and the opening beneath. “I don’t think that your quite wet enough yet. Could you just rub it a little bit for me?” Mandy let go of her skirt hem with her right hand and put her hand between her legs. I saw Mandy’s face for the first time since I had parted her legs.

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