Second Honeymoon Chapter 1


Friday, 7:30 PM to Saturday 10:30 AM. I am retired but still quite active. Most gain a few inches/pounds; I actually lost thirty pounds after I quit working. I am fit, healthy, sexually excitable and sexually exciting. The last part is true, especially after what happened a few days ago. As I write this, my husband is out on a manufactured journey. Manufactured or contrived? Semantics don’t matter. We are apart to sort out the past few days. This chapter tells my story from the time I met Rex until the following morning, when I went back for more. Friday, 7:30 PM. The Beginning We don’t go out as much as we should. Few couples do, and we had fallen into the rut of TV news, Jeopardy, one or two series (taped or live), more wine than we should drink, then bed. Friday evening, though, we had tickets to political meeting/art show/fund raiser at a church. Temperatures had been close to triple digits (F) for days and Mother Nature was venting her fury in the form of violent thunderstorms, with high winds and golf ball size hail. We soldiered on anyway. The rain slacked somewhat as we got into town. Karl insisted on not paying for parking, so we left the car blocks away and made a run for it, to the church. I was a bit wet and a larger bit grumpy by the time we arrived. We had our complimentary cocktails and settled in at the arranged tables. A few minutes into the musicians’ gig, Karl went for another drink. A man of about my age came up and asked, “Can I buy you another drink?” Karl could not come to my rescue fast enough. I said, “Okay, I’ll have one.” The guy appeared ten seconds later with a replacement glass of white wine. He must have noticed what I was having and had already gotten my favorite. Sweet! We tried chit-chat for a few minutes, over the hubbub. His name was Rex. He commented that musicians were young and had a lot to learn about performing. I told him it was a benefit and they were not being paid. He pointed to a couple of young girls eying the boys. “They’ll get paid, don’t worry.” Rex continued, “This place is so noisy and I can’t hear too well. Would you mind stepping into the anteroom to talk?” How could I refuse? The doors were closed and we took advantage of the opportunity to talk without shouting. How much of an opportunity, I would find out soon enough. He was way taller than me; nattily dressed in tan khaki slacks and an Oxford shirt, boat shoes, no socks. While we talked, he did not face me full on, but rather turned his body a bit sideways. I think he didn’t want to come on too strong. I felt him gazing at me: my hips, my tits, and my hair. Rex smiled easily and tried to get closer every time I would explain this or that about myself or my life. He seemed genuinely fascinated by my former legal career. He touched me every time he felt like he wanted to ask a question about case law. Later, he told me he wanted to collect more of my aura, my aroma and my spirit. Rex was a widower, in town for a conference starting Monday. He got bored in the hotel and took a walk, almanbahis şikayet ending up here. I learned he was the president of his organization and an authority on his craft. He sounded bashful, saying, “I will be giving the keynote address.” His company was so appreciative of his skills that they gave him a few days off prior to the meeting. He was polishing the talk and settling himself in at his hotel when he decided to take a walk. Rex was staying at our city’s swankiest place, four blocks from where we were. Rex complimented me not on my weight loss, but how easily I moved. He asked about my marriage, my love life; if we slowed down at all, yet. “My husband Karl is retired, older than me and not in as good a shape as I am.” “Hmmm. I have my answer.” “I have never been unfaithful to my husband,” I protested.  Rex thought for a moment, then said, “But you like sex?” “Yes, of course I like sex.” Rex asked a bold question, “Don’t you wish there were more romance in your life?” I thought but did not say, “Karl changed from the guy I married so long ago.” Decades ago, he would have been red with jealousy if I had engaged a stranger in this type of conversation. My mind wandered. Rex seemed comfortable with the gaps in our talk. Nowadays, in bed, (pillow talk, really) Karl and I had fanaticized about me sleeping with someone else. I had been a virgin when we met; he was older, more experienced and had slept with several women. Once, after some good smoke and a lot to drink, Karl actually told me he would like to watch me fuck someone else! I did not tell Rex that! In no time it was intermission. We knew we had skipped the opening part and needed to return to the auction. We had to ‘swim upstream’ against the tide of people moving outside for fresh air or a smoke. Where was Karl? Would he be upset? I tried to rush inside, leaving Rex behind. Rex followed me with his hand gently on my backside for support. I had almost made it inside when a giant of a woman ran right into me. I tittered backward and Rex caught me, but his hand, previously resting on my butt, went straight for the gap between my cheeks. His fingers almost touched my pussy and I loved it! We got inside and there was my husband, waiting. I apologized and introduced Rex to Karl. They shook hands warily but neither caused a scene. Rex knew how to talk to women, but he knew how to charm the gents as well. He had Karl talking about fishing, the historical areas around, politics and even whiskeys. Rex owns a vintage MGB convertible, the same model year as ours. I guffawed when they learned that each had their MG’s painted the same color: British Racing Green. Karl hung on every word of Rex’s insights into restoration. Rex got a lecture on our local heritage. We three chatted until the show was about to continue. Instead of staying for more of the show and auction, Rex invited us back to his hotel bar for a nightcap. “It’s early still and I’m not ready for a lecture or a bed.” Neither my husband nor I was sure what to say. almanbahis canlı casino I guess the liquor did the talking, because we agreed. Our car was six or seven blocks one way, the hotel four the other. Karl would go back and get our car; Rex gave him the parking garage card that was previously useless. My new guy and I would walk back and my husband would join us at the bar. We held hands as we walked. He helped me over some puddles. We spoke in hushed tones, secretly sharing our feelings. I made a comment about being picked up by a stranger. He responded that he had never picked up a ‘lady of the night’ before. I protested with faux anger, “I’m not a lady of the night.” “But can you kiss like one? Give it a try.” The embrace lingered longer than I thought it should, just flirting. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. I took it and did a sucking thing like I do with Karl’s tongue, pretending it was his dick. “You could be a whore if you wanted. You are good at kissing and listening,” Rex said. We walked on. I told him I had never slept with another guy. Tonight was closer than I had ever gotten. For a while, I thought I was on a job interview to be a lady-of –the-night. We chatted about our sexual experiences. Yes, Karl and I watched porn, but I only liked the ones with a plot. No, I had never seen an uncut penis but for clinical purposes, I would be curious. Yes, I shaved ‘down there’. I may have gone too far, exposed myself too much. “Karl and I toyed with the pillow talk idea of a threesome, but we would never act on it.” He understood. “Lots of guys imagine their wives playing around. It is a turn-on for both spouses. Each gets something out of the fresh relationship.” Rex had allowed his wife several dalliances and it made their marriage even stronger. It was not love, not exactly lust, just the intense feeling of making someone else cum. He was using language that was getting rougher. The hotel bar was crowded. “Thursdays and Friday nights are the busiest for these hotel bars. Conventioneers are done with their business and bags are packed for the flight home in the morning,” Rex explained. “For those out-of-towners looking for romance, this was the last chance to find it.” We found a small table in the back, enough for two persons, three drinks and a bowl of pretzels. Karl arrived, found us in our corner. Karl had to find a vacant chair and bring it back to our space. I kept my seat and Rex did too, so Karl sat close of us. Rex had already ordered a whiskey for Karl and then another, so two very expensive whiskeys were waiting. That calmed him down. We three spoke like old friends. I admit I enjoyed the attention of two men, competing for my attention. Rex was first to excuse himself to the rest room. When he was out of earshot, I told my husband what a great time I was having. “Do you want it to go further?” he asked. That premium whiskey must have gone straight to his powers of reasoning. I was aghast! Then I thought about it: Rex had been touching me all evening, almanbahis casino making suggestive comments, inquiring as to my life and routine. Anything was possible tonight. My husband had started such talk months ago. Was this the night? “If anything does happen, will you tell me about it?” Karl asked. The ball was in my court. When Rex came back, Karl excused himself. Again, he was gone much too long. Rex took over, cuddling me and whispering into my ear. He got closer and I let him touch me a bit. He whispered in my ear, “We might carry this upstairs, to my room, if Karl says okay.” Rex might have gotten slapped in the face, but he didn’t. Karl was tipsy when he returned and I suspect he might have gotten some liquid courage on his own. I was game, so I started flirting with Rex even more openly, but was coy with Karl as well. The plan worked. I had not felt so alive in years. I was making out, being petted, teased, and hugged that night, in front of my approving husband. Trite to say ‘electric’, but we were all three charged up! Rex looked Karl in the eye and said, “You are a very lucky guy. Few men have such beautiful, intelligent, lively spouses.” I didn’t know what Karl would say. Rex persisted, “I would like to borrow your wife for a while, if you didn’t mind.” Karl looked at me, looked at Rex, and hesitated seconds, seconds. Then Karl said, “This might be the chance of a lifetime. Go for it.” The deal was done! Rex and I rose. Karl stayed seated. We separated. Rex and I got on the elevator; Karl stayed at the bar to finish his drinks. We agreed I would find Karl later, either at the bar or in the car in the parking lot. Two AM had come and gone before we got home. Saturday morning, 8:45 AM. The summer weather pattern where we live is predictable: five to seven days of beastly hot, humid air, then awful thunderstorms like last night. A merciful respite of low 80’s, breezy weather follows: the best of summer days. He slept late. I was up first, actually at dawn. I slipped out of bed and wrote this to Karl. Dear Karl, I love you now and will always love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Thank you for letting me have last night. You wanted to know what happened. This is what happened. Unlike Lot’s wife, I did not look back as Rex and I walked out of the bar. I had a feeling of de-ja vu from fighting upstream at the theatre intermission. Again, Rex steered me with his palm on my butt. I’ll tell you about the obnoxious woman later. This time Rex intentionally but slightly inserted his palm into my cheeks. After we got on the elevator, he immediately began to kiss the back of my neck. I melted. Another couple got on at the next floor. They asked if we were on our honeymoon. I said, “Second honeymoon.”  Sorry, dear; it just seemed like a cute thing to say, given the circumstances! Lol! He opened the door to his room, took the DO NOT DISTURB sign and hung it outside. Then he double-locked the door. It occurred to me that Rex had removed the parking garage card from its sheath (Gawd, now there is a metaphor to break the mood) before handing it to you. So Karl, you could not have found us, even if you tried! Rex did not have a room; he had a suite, on the top floor. He asked a favor. He wanted to keep my panties.

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