Cock Rub

I was walking home along Route 39 out by the chicken farms and I was pissed. Steve and I had been at the lake necking and I was more than good with a little kissy-face. What I wasn’t good with was him suddenly whipping his thing out and pushing my head down on it. A quick punch to his balls ended his romantic evening plans. Furious, I grabbed my purse and stormed out of his car. And Steve had the nerve to call me a bitch as he drove off, leaving me in the woods. Well, I felt pretty good about myself for clocking him, at least for the first hour. But the lake is about twelve miles out of town as the crow flies. Far enough for couples to find some privacy. Long enough that I realized I’d likely be all night walking home. And it was a summer date, so I’d worn heels, a short skirt, and a halter top. So I wore the wrong shoes and had the wrong look for a slender young woman walking all alone in the country. Most people just drove by and ignored me, but not everyone. I’d been hooted at and offered a ride by a couple of good ol’ boys in a ten-year-old Silverado, which I politely demurred four or five times while they drove slowly alongside me and told me how hot I was and informed me in detail precisely how manly they weren’t. I kept my eyes forward, my feet moving and my mouth shut until they gave up. At least they did give up; I was scared for a while they wouldn’t. A middle-aged couple in a Dodge Caravan and a bunch of Jesus stickers called me a slut and asked me if my father knew where I was. Believe me, if my cell phone hadn’t died, I’d have called my parents long ago. They wouldn’t have minded coming and getting me for something like this. Unfortunately, I also knew they wouldn’t come looking for me yet. I was a high school graduate headed for Polytechnic so they didn’t mind me staying out late so much anymore. In fact, they kind of expected it. But my feet were getting sore, and my misery rising with every fresh quarter-mile when I heard the low guttural roar of Harleys behind me. Bikers, I thought, suddenly afraid. The Disowned had a chapter near here, and they were scary. I became even more scared when I heard them throttle down and the bumpity-stump idle of big v-twins at my side. I stole a glance to see what trouble I was in. And I was so relieved to see Gwen. I had met Gwen when I started waitressing at the Rob’s Diner after school. Yeah, she was rough. Moreover, she was patched, or close as a woman could come to being patched into the Disowned. She was tall and pretty, wore her hair in a long, blond ponytail, and rocked a leather vest over a shortie t-shirt, high leather boots, and tight jeans. She was six feet tall, and tattoos covered her belly and arms. almanbahis She pulled up next to me and shut it off. Two of her sisters were with her, similarly dressed and tatted. They looked at me like they could not understand why their girlfriend had stopped. But Gwen didn’t care and said, “Baby girl, what are you doing out here in the middle of the night?”“Getting away from the wrong boy,” I replied, my eyes shifting to the other women.“Is there such a thing as the right boy,” laughed a short, buzz-cut brunette with an enormous chest and full hips and skin the color of cinnamon toast.“Paulie, just ‘cos you don’t like dick don’t mean the rest of us feel that way,” said Gwen with a twinkle in her eye. “Gwen girl, I know you like mine,” she said, pointing at the bulge in her jeans. The other women laughed, but my mind was spinning because I had been so certain Paulie was a girl. I mean, even her voice was feminine. Only girls didn’t bulge there.Unless… the truth started to sink in. “Honey, we all like it now and then,” said the third woman, a petite redhead with broad freckles and a leather top that showed a little cleavage, even if she wasn’t any bigger in the chest than I. “Just like we like your cock a lot more now than then, Paulie.”“Julie, you love to be ridden more than almost anybody,” said Paulie. “But let’s leave this fresh thing alone, or we’re going to scare her off. This girl knows Gwen, not us. She might get the idea we’re bad girls.” They laughed at that. “We’re trouble, alright,” said Gwen. “But not the kind of trouble Donna here just escaped. She’s had a hard night; let’s at least make it easier for her.” She looked right at my legs and continued, “Those heels aren’t made for walking. I bet your calves are sore.”“You have no idea,” I said, relieved that I was about to get a ride home.“Hop on,” she said, nodding at the seat behind her. “Just keep those pretty legs off the side pipes. They’re hot and I don’t want to hear you scream.”The other women all shared a laugh at that, but I headed on over and let Gwen help me climb onto her seat. Then she swung her leg over the saddle, pushed off, and hit the starter and we were off. Harleys are loud. Maybe it’s a safety feature because the sound lets everyone know you’re coming. And they vibrate. They vibrate a lot, especially at idle. I really felt it as I scooted in close to Gwen and wrapped my arms around her belly to hold on. She shot off and the wind blew through my medium brown locks, and I let them flow out behind me. I felt the twist of her motor, strong and powerful, the wind on my face, and the rush of the air and the world passing by thrilled me. I’d ridden on the back of a motorcycle only once, almanbahis yeni giriş and it had been fun, but this was more primal, more urgent, and I began to relax and feel it. Plus the vibrations of the v-twin motor were starting to get through to me too. I liked the sensation more than I wanted to admit. The women didn’t ride straight into town; they turned off in the outskirts, out by Miller’s Dairy, and back into a trailer park I knew by reputation. All three pulled up next to a double-wide and shut off. “Don’t mind if we stop and have a couple of drinks, do you?” asked Gwen. “After all, it’s a Friday night, and while you may have been in a hurry to get home earlier, you don’t look in such a hurry now.” “Fine with me,” I said, pretending not to be nervous, and I was but also excited. This was new, something different. Not like a night at the bowling alley followed by a grope-n-go at the Lake. I liked kissing boys, I really did, but not enough to give them what they wanted, because they wanted everything. Okay, I’d given it up at prom, but boys seem to figure that once you had done a thing, you had to do it every time with them, no matter how you felt. The girls were… safer, even the wild ones like Gwen and her friends. They pulled beer, wine bottles, and some groceries out of their saddlebags and even gave some to me to carry as we marched inside. “Is this where you live?” I asked. “Where we all live,” said Paulie. “This is my trailer and these are my sisters. We’re just having a quiet night in like the good girls we are.” There was some giggling at that. Julie brushed up against me with a grin and said, “We like quiet sometimes. We have an evil reputation. It isn’t fair.”“What was not fair was watching you last Saturday night in the clubhouse,” said Paulie. “Girl, we need to buy you a set of kneepads.” They laughed but Gwen gave them a sharp look and they piped down a bit. “I met Donna here at the roadhouse. She’s the girl who made sure my apple pie was always hot.”“Sounds like she likes you,” said Paulie, pulling a can of beer from the plastic. She handed one to me and I took it, glad to be treated as an adult for a change. Julie had a bag out and was pushing a pipe into green, well-strained dope. I guessed it was a good night for adventure. Gwen took me by my hand and pulled me down on the couch with her. She smiled at me and took a sip of her beer, foam rising near the top of the bottle. I felt the single-hit pipe being pressed into my hand and a lighter. I pressed it to my lips and took a long draw, feeling myself wanting to cough but not before handing it back. The room got a bit warmer. I heard the Indigo Girls begin playing in the background almanbahis giriş as we passed the pipe around. They started questioning me. Yes, I had met Gwen at the dinner. Yes, I had worked there almost every day after school except for band and Academic Challenge. No, I wasn’t looking for a new boyfriend. Nor was I planning to stay here. I was planning to go to Tech and study physics.In return, I asked about them. They’d all met on the road or at the clubhouse. Gwen was a veterinary assistant, and the proof came when a fuzzy white kitten hopped up and placed himself on my lap. Knowing a soft touch when he found one, the kitten purred contentedly as my fingers found his ears and he settled right down.Paulie worked as a machinist over at the Mill. Julie was studying to be a legal assistant while working at McDonald’s, and I could see her textbooks filling the shelves. They had pictures up, pictures of women mostly, beautiful women in tight latex, with perfect lipstick and slicked-back hair and pride showing in their faces. A deck of cards was dealt and we played euchre, with Gwen and I versus the E’s; Paulie and Julie. We played a few hands too, they were good, maybe better than I was, but I had some luck with the cards. After a few hands Paulie suggested we raise the stakes. “I want to keep playing but I don’t have any money,” I said. I didn’t want to quit this soon.“So we play for clothes,” Paulie said, looking me straight in the eyes. I felt a rush of nerves. I’m pretty, not like a cheerleader, but the boys always paid attention to me. I wasn’t ashamed of being naked, especially in front of girls, even though by then I knew they liked girls, so in a way, this was like playing with boys. If I stripped in front of them, what did that make me?It made me curious. I was feeling loose and scared, but fear can be exciting. I was young; it seemed like a good time to experiment. I’d thought about girls, read about girls and I may even have had a teenage crush on one, but that didn’t matter much. Besides, wild as they looked, I was having fun. We dealt the first hand and Paulie picked up the ten of spades, meaning she had some spades. “Going alone,” she said, and I smiled as I had the jack of clubs. She had a powerful hand, but I had the Left and all I had to do was prevent her from going all the way. But Gwen led the ace of diamonds, a good lead, but Paulie had a void and trumped it with the ten.And just like that, we lost. Gwen and I had to take off two garments. I took off my right shoe and said, “One,” and then the left and said, “two.”“No fair,” said Paulie with a smile.“But you’re wearing more than I am,” I protested. “You have your vest and you’re wearing a bra.”“Haven’t got much choice about the bra,” she said with a wink. “I’ll let it go this time, baby girl, but not for you, Gwennie!”Gwen laughed and pulled off both boots, “One” and then she took off her biker vest, which made Two. 

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