Pleasing her


It always happens this way; I get home from work before my Lady does, put some thought into what to make for dinner and prepare it. Then I go and prepare my self; a shave and shower to remove all signs of the day, paying special attention to the hair around my penis and scrotum. I also give myself a 5-litre enema with warm soapy water that has a trace amount of Her favourite analgesic so that when things get a little rough the pain will not be overpowering. After the enema and shower I make my way to our closet to pick out something to wear for the evening. This is not one of the “gee what should I wear” moments but rather ” if I put this on will She be happy with me?” I take a black leather harness off the hook and slide it over my head and shoulders. The roller buckle fits just in the hollow of my solar plexus, next comes the shroud and collar for the penis and scrotum; this is somewhat like a chastity harness in so much as I can’t access myself so that I can relieve the pressure that will build up this evening. When the shroud is completely attached and pulled tight I next take out a almanbahis şikayet set of wool-lined cuffs for my ankles. They are about 10 cm wide and have 2 D-rings on them as well. They go over a pair of smoke grey nylons that show off the well-shaped legs that kilometres of cycling have sculpted. There is a matching pair of cuffs for my wrists that are affixed as soon as the ankles are done. Now that I have my evening wear on I go about setting up the items that She requires. A complete setting of china on the table with silverware and crystal; In the living room, a riding crop and paddle for those moments when I do not come up to her expectations. The bedroom has a few items that are also laid out, an inflatable penis gag, black PVC hood that has two holes for the nose and a zipper for the mouth and a big black latex dildo set-up in Her strap-on harness. I take one look around the house and try to think of anything that I have missed, nothing crosses my mind, so I light some candles and slide the pop can sized plug in my butt. I wait on my knees by the front door until She comes almanbahis canlı casino home, this is so that when She comes through the door I can kiss Her feet and thank Her for letting me be Her’s. Tonight turns out a little different, as She has brought a friend home with Her. I am told to offer the same greeting to our guest and quickly set another place at the table. At this, I shuffle over and kiss the loafers of our guest. I am not able to see their face as the collar that I have on is keeping my head bent forward in a submissive posture. There are no words exchanged as I crawl out of the room and add the required items to the table. Within a few minutes I have finished the table and am required to attend my Lady in the living room. When She is home I am not allowed to walk upright but have to crawl on my hands and knees like a dog. This posture still did not allow me to see who our guest was; the fact that their face was planted in my Lady’s pussy also limited my vision. She motioned me to sit by Her head and watch how one is supposed to eat pussy. The person who almanbahis casino was eating Her was giving Her their all as She was bucking off the chesterfield and really fucking their face. I watched with rapt attention as this person continued to give my Lady a most enjoyable ride. It was when they finished that I discovered that the person in my Lady’s lap was a most wonderful looking young lad as he looked up at Her in some sort of animalistic stupor and then looked at me with disdain for even being there! Now that their coupling was over, I was directed to serve dinner for the two of them, this directive was accented by a smack across my bare ass with the riding crop. I quickly left the room and served up their food. I ate mine from the bowl at my Lady’s feet and waited for them to finish theirs. The conversation they had over dinner was based on the work they do together-bond trading-and of little to no interest to me but I needed to pay attention as I was always quizzed on this things. There was also some talk about how the evening was to proceed, this was a special evening for them as they had just finished some large-scale sale, made truckloads of money and were in a mood to celebrate. It seemed that my Lady wanted to have me as the entertainment for the evening but the lad had another idea and wanted to get out and party the night away.

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