My Maria Scene 2


Saturday afternoon was quiet around my house so I took the time to look at my recent photos to enlarge print and mount. The music in the background was soothing and I was being serenaded by Sara Brightman’s Harem album. The sun had gone behind the clouds and I had to turn on a light. It was then that I noticed the lights came on in Maria’s Play Room (that’s what I called it now). Maria was a petite Latina woman in her late 20’s with a lovely compact tight body who loved to play with other women. She had entered the room and walked to the window looking for me. She held up her sign to call her again. I picked up the phone and called right away. “Hello Cal are you ready for an afternoon of watching fun? My new friends are very young and eager to play. I met them at the mall. The little Latina is Karen and my tiny Asian lady is Lucy. We are going to entertain you this afternoon. So sit back unzip your pants and let it all hang out.” I put the phone down next to me, put it on mute and turned up the volume. I heard giggling in the background and chatter about how big it was and the double dildo. They must have been examining the strap on. Lucy says. “I want to feel that in my tight ass while the dildo is filling my pussy. Let’s get started!” Lucy walked over to the window and looked out toward my house. She saw me and waved. As I waved back, she removed her blouse and skirt. almanbahis She had a demi-bra underneath which highlighted her perky tits. Her nipples were very dark and hard. They protruded about 1 ½ inches straight up, so easy to suck and bite. She took off the bra and her tits didn’t move. The bra was not needed. She pulled off her panties revealing a completely shaved pussy. As she turned to talk to Maria I saw the cutest curvy ass ready to be squeezed and pounded. Looking at Lucy I saw she was shorter than Maria. She had to be about 4’ 9” tall real tiny. Karen walked over and bent down to kiss and suck on Lucy’s hard nipples. Lucy placed her hands in Karen’s hair pulling her tightly against her breast. Lucy’s head lifted up and she let out a loud moan and smiled looking over at me. My cock started to rise. While Lucy held Karen’s head on her breast, Karen’s hand grabbed Lucy’s hot wet pussy. She started stroking Lucy’s pussy and Lucy opened her legs to give easy entrance. Maria walked over and told the girls to calm down. Lucy released Karen’s head. Karen stood up and Maria pointed in my direction. Karen said. “Hello.” I waved to her. She unbuttoned her dress and stepped out of it. She was wearing a full slip underneath. Maria pulled the slip up over Karen. She was now dressed in a pale yellow lace bra and matching panties. Maria turned her slowly so I could see almanbahis yeni giriş her body. Her breasts were just right for her size. I gave Maria thumbs up and she smiled. Maria kissed Karen on the mouth lingering to push her tongue inside. Karen sucked it down and bit Maria’s lower lip pulling it away. Maria quickly removed the bra and panties. All three women were naked and played with each other as I watch. Maria took Karen over to the bed and had her lay down face up with her pussy facing out towards me. She took the double dildo rubbed it on Karen’s pussy getting it covered with the cum that is there. When it was covered she started to insert it in Karen’s pussy. I could hear Karen moaning and screaming. The dildo was too big, but Maria kept moving it in and out of Karen. After a few tries it slid in all the way. Karen was delirious with pleasure. She had cum a few times all ready. Karen had her hands on the dildo and was moving it in and out of her pussy. Her hips were bouncing up and down as she came. Maria brought Lucy over to the bed and had her kneel over Karen above Karen’s pussy facing towards Karen’s feet. Lucy grabbed the dildo and held it straight up and eased it inside her hot wet pussy. It glided in easily. Lucy was used to having large cocks in her so she opened easily for this. Lucy and Karen pushed and pulled against each other. I heard almanbahis giriş a lot of moaning and screaming as these girls buried the dildo into their pulsing pussies. Karen and Lucy had each had hard wet orgasms and the real fun was just getting started. My cock was standing at full attention now and I have not had to touch it. Maria came to the window and I heard her ask. “Cal how is your cock. Is it standing at attention yet? Show me please?” I stood up and my cock was pointing straight out from my body. Maria gave two thumbs up, waved and walked over to the bed. Karen and Lucy had slowed down their movement but still had the dildo buried in their pussies. The bed was wet with all their cum. Maria walked to the bed with the strap on bouncing up and down. She positioned herself over Karen’s mouth. She grabbed Lucy’s hips opened her butt cheeks and fingered her ass. Lucy let out a load moan and pushed back at Maria. “Ram the strap on into my ass hard!” yelled Lucy. “I want to feel that cock ram all the way into my tight ass.” Maria placed the tip of the fake cock at Lucy’s tight ass, pushed it in slowly and rammed it home hard. Lucy yelled out. “Oh that feels so good! Do it again and again. I want to feel the pain of that big cock.” Maria was pushing in and out hard and fast. Her hair was flying all over her face and back. Lucy was moving back a forth with Maria. Karen had a hold of the dildo pushing it in and out of Lucy and herself. The three of them kept moving so fast it was a blur. Suddenly it all stopped as they reached a huge squirting, yelling, screaming, flooding orgasm for each one.

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