Mistress Roulette – Part 5


I pulled against my restraints, eager to hear the news Mistress had for me. “Would you like to hear it?” she asked. “Yes please, Mistress.” “Mmm. I love the sound of your voice when you get like this. It’s almost musical how your denied urges make your body speak. The little ups and downs of your whimpers send chills through me.” Mistress started to run her fingers up and down over my bare breasts. I felt like I could barely breathe, I was so excited. “The good news, hunny,” Mistress started, “is that I’m going to take this tight, restrictive belt off of your gorgeous, deprived waist. How does that sound?” “Oh, Mistress. I love you! It sounds perfect!” I cried out. I felt tears well up in my eyes. “Oh, good girl. I love seeing you so happy like this,” Mistress purred. There was a long silence. I had lain perfectly still, hoping to hear any clues that could help me guess Mistress’ intent. Finally, I heard the key turn inside my belt. The lock clicked open and sent a short, glorious vibration into my pelvic bone. I’d never forget that feeling. Mistress slid the heavy, steel front plate that covered my crotch, off of the belt’s frame. I knew how wet I was, as the open air chilled my swollen opening. She stopped there, though. The tight-fitting metal around my waist remained on, but I didn’t care. My ass and pussy were now as exposed and accessible as my naughty mouth. “Oh, almanbahis şikayet dear,” Mistress giggled, almost cruelly. “Look at that wet, pink pussy! Oh, my little pet, you’re soaking down there.” Her words made me a little self conscious, but the feeling disappeared completely when I felt her finger make contact with the outside of my puffy mound. I felt like I was being pulled over the drop of a roller coaster. My stomach balled up and I wanted to scream. The delicious sensations surged through my groin, almost paralyzing me. “Good girl,” Mistress whispered. “You’ve been waiting for this for so long. You’ve just been teased and teased and teased.” She slowed her finger to an almost agonizing pace. My throbbing lips trembled and dripped as Mistress’ finger pressed into them. She knew exactly how to touch me; exactly how to torment me the most. Her finger withdrew from my wet cunt with a slurp. I felt like I had just been deprived of oxygen. I was suffocating for my pleasure to continue! “Be a good girl and taste yourself for me,” Mistress instructed. Mistress loved making me taste myself. She said it helped me become more aware of my own body, my own arousal and my own naughty desires. I opened my mouth and accepted her wet finger inside it. She carefully rolled her finger up and down my tongue, covering it with juices from my sweet cunt. “Let the flavor fill your almanbahis canlı casino mouth. That’s it. Focus on the taste I’m letting you experience and think about what it represents.” She withdrew her finger from my lips and put it back against my pussy. I moved my tongue around inside my head. The taste of my bitter arousal turned me on in a humiliating way. I knew that was one of the reasons Mistress liked having me do this. She knew it humiliated me and she knew I couldn’t help but get more aroused by my naughty acts. She pressed her finger firmly against my wet opening. Her tip fell inside me and I wanted to scream. Instead, I writhed on the bed, pulling against all four of my restraints. My body wanted to shake and squeeze, but it couldn’t. I remained spread wide for my mistress, like a well-behaved submissive. After a few more luscious strokes on the inside of my pleasure-hole, Mistress’ finger returned to my mouth. “Come on, hunny,” she encouraged. “I want you to taste yourself again.” I parted my lips for her, still writhing below the waist. My knees shook as the inside of my pussy throbbed with tremendous need. I didn’t know how much longer I could stand this. More sweet, perverse nectar washed over my senses. I could smell my horniness in the air, as I’m sure Mistress did as well. It was erotic and humiliating at the same time. Mistress seemed almanbahis casino to know exactly what she was doing. And I would have done anything for her. “I love watching you like this, my pet,” she said, sweetly, pushing her slick finger deeper inside me. “I love watching you get hot and excited while sampling your own naughty cunt.” I licked and sucked, desperate for her to return her hand back inside me. I wanted it so badly. I needed it back inside me. I needed to squeeze my tiny hole around it and cum like crazy. “This is my favorite. Just watching my horny, little girl writhe in heat. I love you so much. And that’s why I’m going to be careful with you. I can’t ever give you more than you need, or deserve. If I do, I might end up actually taking away from you. And that’s something I never want to do.” Mistress’ voice was like caramel. I could listen to it forever. It warmed me straight to my core and spoke to my soul. Over and over, Mistress repeated her process. She would tease my clit until I started to get close and then put her dirty, honey-laden fingers into my mouth for me to clean. I had never been so excruciatingly horny. When her fingers weren’t filling my mouth, I was fighting not to beg for my long-awaited orgasm. After what felt like an hour, Mistress broke from her routine. “I think you are ready to cum,” she commented, almost analytically. A feverish urge splashed through my body. My breasts and face became hot with boiling desperation as I tried to stay calm. Mistress slid two fingers deep inside my vagina and rested her thumb over my clit. “Does my horny, little pet want to cum?” Mistress whispered.

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