Master Takes Over…


She walked up to him, grinning as she approached. When she was standing in front of him, she kissed him deeply, running a hand slowly down her chest until she reached his crotch. He looked at her expectantly as she got on her knees, kissing the pants and pulling the zip down with her teeth. She pulled out his semi-hard cock and kissed the tip, looking up. He smiled as she took his entire length in her mouth, sucking him hard. She pulled back, licking her lips, and took a deep breath right before she started deep-throating. He held her head, pulling her forehead against his belly. He almanbahis took hold of her hair, tugging it so she was pulled even closer to him. Seconds passed and she was trying her hardest not to gag. When she finally pulled back, her eyes were red and filled with tears but also with a look full of joy. She was proud of what she’d accomplished and, in his eyes, she could see an expression that he enjoyed it. But he was far from done with her. With one hand still in her hair he pulled something out of his pocket and put it around her neck. “A collar?” she asked with big eyes.”Yeah, almanbahis yeni giriş do you like it, Pet?” “Of course I do, Master, I got it from you. Thank you,” she said in appreciation. “I’m glad,” he said, pulling the collar upwards so she is once again standing in front of him. He pushed her against a wall, kissed her deeply and took hold of her wrists, putting them above her head. She shivered as he moved his hand down to her tights and slipped inside them to play with her soaking pussy. She moaned as he started fingering her g-spot. He looked straight into her eyes almanbahis giriş as she breathed heavily. “Pet,” he said. First he had been ‘J’ but now she could see in his eyes that he was truly her master. “Yes master?” she asked. “Strip. Now,” he said, not angry or yelling but very determined. He let go of her arms and she was quick to obey. She pulled off her shirt slowly, teasing him as he got more impatient. A stern look appeared on his face and she realized quickly that, if she did not do what she was told, she would get punished. She stripped off the rest of her clothes and then removed his, leaving them both naked. She dripped in anticipation. “Please,” she said, quickly adding, “master.””What is it, Pet?” He grinned at her, knowing that her near-slip almost cost her an orgasm. She looked at him with big eyes begging.

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