Love is Love


Here I sat as I wondered how I could tell my parents what I’d hidden for so long. I’ve always known something was different about me, but I tried to continue on what society considered the “right” path. I went to prom with Jack, from down the street, as was expected of me. We followed the rituals of pictures and dancing as we were supposed to. We even had been voted as prom king and queen. We had dated since I was sixteen and I was finally allowed to go out with a boy. I thought the feelings I had inside would change once we were able to go further with our relationship. We went through the typical stages of teenage courtship, stolen kisses with hands that sneaked under t-shirts or groped through shorts. We always felt hot after a night of discovering each other’s bodies. Jack would leave me each night with a large lump in his jeans while I was curious to know how my body would react to him. When we both were seventeen, we took a camping trip with some friends. That night in the tent we fumbled around naively. Jack entered me, and the act was over before we knew what happened. We chalked it up to inexperience. I didn’t feel overly turned on and didn’t understand my non-reaction. We did it a few more times that summer, eventually Jack felt like he was experienced in lovemaking and could last longer than that first time. I could never tell him that I just didn’t feel what he felt. My body reacted to the stimulation, but it was never mind-blowing. The last weekend before we started our senior year we were at the lake with some friends. Jack and I made out for a while, and after sex, he fell asleep. I slipped out of the tent and took a walk by the lake. It was a quiet night. I sat on some rocks and heard someone in the water. I turned to leave when I suddenly saw her. The water dripped off her naked body as she stepped out of the lake. She had slicked back wet hair as dark as the sky. Her perky nipples stood out from the chill of the evening air. Her stomach was flat with a small tattoo on her hip. She turned her back to me when she bent over to pick up her clothes. I was exposed to two perfectly round ass cheeks. As I watched her, I felt a stirring that began in the pit of my stomach, like a flame that spread to my pussy. It made me ache like I never had before. I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did, but I knew Jack had never induced these feelings in me. Before I knew it, I reached under my skirt and felt how wet I had become. I watched her dress while I ran my fingers over my pussy lips. I went back to the tent that night hornier than I had ever been to wake Jack up. As I straddled him, I thought of the mysterious stranger from the lake. I knew our friends would tease us in the morning, but I just concentrated on the figure of the woman in my head and pushed all other thoughts away. I yelled out when I finally came hard. I began to watch the girls in my class from afar after that. Then one day, as I got ready for cheerleading practice, the locker room door opened, and she was there. almanbahis Her hair was black with a purple streak in it, her eyes the color of emeralds, her tanned body perfect. I stopped getting dressed as I tried to get my thoughts under control. She smiled at me and said, “Hi, I’m Liza. I just moved here. I didn’t think anyone was here. Mr. Smith told me to come here to find a locker.” I willed myself to stand and speak. Shakily I said, “Hi I’m Jodi. Welcome to our school.” I finished getting ready for cheer practice as I told her, “These lockers are empty. You can pick any of them.” I left the locker room with thoughts of Liza at the lake. I felt myself flush as I recalled how hot I became after I saw her naked body. Liza and I had several classes together, and I always found myself with thoughts of how she had looked naked that summer. I often snuck glances at her, especially in the locker room after gym class. Her muscles were toned, and her breasts were above average with pert nipples. One Friday she asked me to come over to her house for the weekend. I didn’t have any plans with Jack that weekend, so I told her I would. She texted me her address, and I told her I’d see later. I went home after school to pack for the weekend, and I wondered what would happen if she knew the thoughts I’d had about her. I watched her undress every day for gym class, and I was always hot afterwards. My pussy tingled until I went home those nights and daydreamed about her with my fingers on and in me until I made myself cum. I arrived at her house that evening not sure what to expect. She greeted me at the door with a smile, “Hey, Jodi. Come on in. My parents are away for the night to some function or other. They got a room at the hotel where it’s held at so they don’t have to worry about driving home after drinking.” After she showed me where to put my things, we decided to order pizza and put on a movie. “Would you like a beer with your pizza? My parents won’t mind if we have a couple.” Liza asked. “Sure,” I told her. I sure hoped the beer would help me relax. I’m not much of a drinker so after two beers and a slice of pizza I was really relaxed.  We watched a movie for a while before she muted it and turned to me. “Let’s play truth or dare,” she suggested. “Okay, you first,” I told her. “I’ll start easy, truth.” “Do you have a boyfriend at your old school?” I asked. “No, I never had a steady boyfriend,” she said shyly, “your turn, truth or dare?” We went back and forth. We asked lots of typical girl things. We asked about who was hot and who made a good couple. We asked about our sexual experiences until there wasn’t much we didn’t know about each other.  Finally, I said, “Dare.” “I dare you to run outside in just your bra and panties.” I watched her as I lifted off my t-shirt to reveal my pink push-up bra. I opened my jeans and slid them over my toned muscles and off to show my matching pink thong. “Okay, I’m ready.” I opened the door and darted around her house. I hoped no one saw me as I sprinted back almanbahis yeni giriş to the door.  I ran in breathlessly laughing as I slipped my t-shirt back on. I took a sip of Liza’s beer as I sat down next to her on the couch. I smiled at her, “Your turn. Truth or dare?” She looked at me coyly and said, “Dare.” My hands twisted in my lap. I wanted to see her naked again but didn’t know what these feelings were.  With a glimmer of excitement in my eye, I said, “I dare you to kiss me.” She looked at me for a second and leaned towards me. I could feel her breath on my face as she got closer. She pressed her lips to mine in a chaste kiss. I opened my mouth and snaked my tongue into hers. She reciprocated as she pulled me closer to her. My hands found the hem of her shirt and I slide them underneath over her smooth skin. The kiss lasted for barely a minute but felt like an eternity. She leaned back with questions in her eyes. “I thought you were with Jack?” “I am. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry, Liza. I don’t know what got into me.” I was ready to get up when she touched my hand. “Don’t, please.” I sat back and looked at her. “Jodi, I’ve not been completely honest with you. When I told you that I’ve never had a steady relationship with a boy before it’s because I’ve had only one serious relationship and it was with a girl. You see at my old school she and I came out of the closet, so to speak, and we were picked on and bullied terribly. She couldn’t handle it and broke it off. She went to stay with her grandparents over the summer. My dad got transferred here, and I moved at the end of summer.” I didn’t know what to say. I just knew that what I felt for her was different than what I felt when I was with Jack. “Liza, I’m sorry you went through that. I’ve never been with a girl before. Jack has been my only lover. The feelings I have for you are different than I have when I am with Jack. I feel a pull to you. I saw you over the summer at the lake. You were skinny dipping and I thought you were gorgeous. At the time, I didn’t understand my attraction to you. Then you showed up at school and we’ve started to spent time together it has just strengthened my attraction. I don’t know what I’m doing if I’m gay or straight or bi. I just know that I want to kiss you again right now.” After my confession, I pulled Liza closer to me and kissed her passionately. She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. Once inside, she slipped my t-shirt over my head. She kissed me softly sucking my lip and nipping it gently as she unhooked my bra. I let it fall to the floor as she massaged my breasts before pinching and then suckling my nipples as I moaned softly. Liza walked me back against her bed before she pushed me down on the mattress. I laid back as she began kissing my neck and nibbling my ear. Her fingers slid over my panties and she felt how wet I was. She slid the material to the side and pushed two fingers in my sopping pussy. She curled her finger to find my hot spot and began almanbahis giriş to press on my clit with her thumb. I was soon writhing from her ministrations as my orgasm built. She took me right to the edge before she stopped. She slid down my body and removed my panties. I was panting by the time her tongue flicked over my clit the first time. She moved her fingers slowly again as she licked around my pussy lips and bit my clit. She felt my walls tighten around her. She removed her fingers and licked me from my clit to my ass. As soon as her tongue touched my forbidden hole, I screamed with the most prolonged, hardest orgasm I’ve ever had. She continued sucking all my juices off me until I was done squirming. Liza moved up the bed and kissed me. I could taste myself on her lips. It was different and I felt right for the first time ever. Nothing Jack had ever done made me feel like I did then. I knew at that moment that this was where I belonged. Liza and I hid our relationship until we graduated. We knew we loved each other and wanted to see where life would take us.  I had to tell my parents about my change in plans. Liza came and sat next to me on my couch. My parents sat across in their respective chairs. I looked at them and took a deep breath. “Mom.  Dad,” I said quietly. Then with more pride than I knew I had in me, I told them firmly, “I love Liza. We are moving in together, and I needed to tell you. I am who I am and nothing can change that. I cannot hide any longer. Jack and I were not meant for each other.” My mom looked at me with tears in her eyes as she stood up, she pulled me to my feet and hugged me tightly. “Jodi, I’ve known for a while how you feel about Liza. It was difficult to understand at first, but I only want you to be happy. I don’t care what that means to others, but I know love is love and you can’t choose who you love. I’ve seen the way you look at each other and know that this is real.” I began to cry as I didn’t know what to say. My parents never let on they knew anything. I looked back at Liza and pulled her to me. We all stood there and hugged. My dad looked at the three of us and then took Liza’s hand in his. He told her, “Jodi is my baby girl, and if you make her happy, then that’s all that matters to me. I only want what is best for my princess, and if she says that’s you, then I’m happy for both of you. I just want you both to know it will be a hard road ahead. People are not as accepting as we are, but we will always stand beside you.” I turned to him and said, “Thank you, daddy. That means so much to me.” ——————————————————————————————————————A year later and Liza and I are still together. My mom and dad accompanied us to an enormous pride event in NYC. We met lots of people and made many friends. We visited the Stonewall inn the place of the riots of 1969. We walked in a huge parade with so many others like us. As we walked, my parents gave hugs and support to anyone that needed to know some people care. Their motto to anyone who asked is ‘love is love.’ No matter who you are or who you love you matter in this world. They were proud to have a daughter who stood up for the right to love whomever she wanted.

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