Livia, Jake, And JoJo Work And Play Together


Jake D’Amato was quite surprised when he went to visit his relativity new girlfriend Josephine (JoJo) Boccio. That was because there was a third person in the living room, one of his employees, Livia Behrens. She in fact was the person who had recently set him up with JoJo. She immediately greeted him as she sat there. “Hi, Jake, how are you doing this evening?”It took him a moment to answer, “What are you doing here?”“Well, since this is JoJo’s night to dominate you, I thought I’d stop by and help her out.”“But that was never part of the deal.”“We never said it wasn’t. So you’re going to get punished by two ladies tonight, instead of just one. By the way, as you should know by now, don’t sit down unless we tell you to do that.”It was at that point that Jake noticed they both had spanking implements in their hands. JoJo had a leather tawse, while Livia had a short stick, a little on the small side to be a full cane. Livia kept talking, “As you know, JoJo is in her dominant mode tonight. Thus it is her turn to turn your ass into hash. By the way, we have other implements around if we decide to use them. She agreed that I should join in the chastisement of your skinny little hindquarters.”That sounded rather ominous, and he decided to push back. “But it’s not your turn. You don’t even have a turn because you never were supposed to have a direct part in this whole thing.”Josephine finally added something. “Jake, we know you’re a switch; you amply demonstrated that two sessions ago. You just get these huge erections when dominant females give you a thorough ass beating. Livia should have a chance to see it and participate in the chastisement too. So don’t object to her being involved with this.”“But she has never seen my stiff cock before. By the way, no one relieved – well, the ache in my cock afterwards that first time. I had to do that to myself when I got home.”JoJo said, “Oh, poor Jake, you had to take matters into your own hands. Come on, don’t complain. The last time we did this and I was submissive – well I fucked your brains out. You had some of the best screwing a man could ever get. And I, in turn, had some of the best sex a woman could imagine. I actually squirted just from your first spanking. I wasn’t sure a woman was capable of doing that.”She smiled at a memory “You may not look it, but you can be quite as a stud with that big dick of yours. You used it very well in Parts 2 and 3. I came four times that day if I remember correctly.”“I remember that well; Aimee Semple McPherson was among the topics we discussed.”“Yes, that pious little slut, fucking on the floor of her cottage.”Livia had an older grievance to bring up. “That first time you belted me at the office, you admitted masturbating about it later. And I’m not a switch myself, so I don’t like getting beaten on my ass like you did to me that time.”“But it was punishment, you deserved it. I caught you stealing.”“You could have done it in other ways. You thoroughly enjoyed taking my jeans down and belting my behind. Then almanbahis şikayet you bent me over a couch and belted me there too. You kept doing it until I broke and starting crying. Plus I know I wasn’t the first female employee to get your special treatment.”Jake, who was only twenty-six, looked embarrassed. “Come on, I thought we resolved all that to everyone’s satisfaction.”Livia thought for a moment. “But you have a good point, I mean you do like giving it but also receiving a good – I’d call it a correction. I suppose that does show some fairness on your part. You can dish it out but you can also take it too.”JoJo giggled, “I can definitely testify to that! I took a hairbrush and then a belt to his bare behind, and I gave it to him but good. He was erect the whole time.”“I didn’t know any of that until I met you two.”JoJo said, “But you know it now, which is what is important. I’m sure you masturbated like crazy when you got home that night. Oh, don’t look so chagrined, you know you definitely did it.”The three of them had worked out a rather unusual BSDM relationship. Originally, he had caught Livia, who was only twenty-years-old, stealing from the company. He was the head bookkeeper and she was the assistant. Rather than fire her or report her to the authorities, she had agreed to give him the chance to thoroughly whip her bare buttocks.He was considering doing that to her more often – as Livia had said, he had done it to other young female employees before – but Livia worked out a deal with him. She had guessed that he hadn’t had sex with a woman in quite some time. Actually, it had been nearly four years since he had broken up with his college girlfriend Alicia.So, Livia’s friend, twenty-seven-year-old Josephine, entered the picture. She had been divorced for a couple of years and was feeling pretty horny herself. On top of that, she was looking for some fresh male rear-ends she could whack. The final element was that she also needed a man to thwack her own hindquarters and put some serious dents in it.Livia said, “Look, let’s have some fun tonight. We’ve got two switches in the room, plus me, a real down-home kind of girl.”Jake said somewhat bitterly. “You’re a down-home kind of dominatrix.”She laughed at that. “Yeah, you bet. I think a lot of women are but they won’t admit it.”Jake looked at his female companions. Josephine was dark-haired and voluptuous. She was wearing a dark business suit with a short, tight skirt, and high-heeled shoes. It was her second time around with that look, and he assumed it was her preferred dominant outfit. He was sure she had a garter and straps underneath to hold up her stockings.Maybe soon she’ll wear the garter when I bang her. It was worth asking about for it, at least.Like most couples, Jake and JoJo also went on regular dates beyond the kinky activities. So far, however, he only had sex with her after one of her submissive sessions. The previous time he had spent the night at her house. Maybe, for the sake of variety, we should almanbahis canlı casino do it at other times too. Definitely more often; that would be really nice.He glanced over at Livia and assessed her again; he had never seen her outside of their workplace. She was taller and more slender than the other woman. Her strawberry blonde hair was pinned up, and her clothes were simple: a long-sleeved blouse, tight black trousers, and white sandals.As he stood there pondering the situation, and insight came to him. He didn’t care much about what Livia thought, but he was concerned about Josephine. His relationship with her was moving towards something more serious, beyond mere fun and games. During the previous time at her house, they had said they had loved one another, and that had not been mere words.If he just walked out now because of Livia’s presence, he might jeopardize his growing connection to JoJo. As if on cue, she said, “Jake, I think you are going to like what we’ve cooked up. I mean, hell, I also know how fond of me you are becoming.”Livia chimed in, “So be a good little sub, Jake, and fix some drinks for us. I know I’d like a vodka and tonic. How hard could that be to put one of those together? ”During her time in the previous dominant mode, Josephine had asked for a Manhattan, but this time she was more straightforward. “And I’d like a vodka and orange juice if you please.” He was struck by how oddly polite she could be when he expected just the opposite from her.When he had returned with their drinks, he was standing there in the middle of the living room looking like a waiter. Livia said, “How about we play a bit of music during all of this?”JoJo said, “That is an excellent idea. I propose AC/DC, the ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.’ album ” She laughed, “In some ways, it’s sort of appropriate for what is going to happen today.” Jake had heard a small portion of her eclectic album collection the previous time, and he had been impressed with her wide-ranging interest in different kinds of music. He hadn’t heard anything classical yet, but perhaps he should ask her about it when he had a chance.Jake said, “I’ve never been a big fan of AC/DC. And I’m not sure I’m a fan of being beaten either.”JoJo said, “Come on, you know you are. We all know it. I’ve seen that huge boner you get when I work on your ass. Now live up to your end of the bargain, and we’ll all have a great time.”He realized that this whole weird deal was important to JoJo, and he was suddenly afraid of losing her if he walked out and refused to submit to her. She was the first girlfriend he had since college, and he was becoming ever more fond of her. In fact, the last time they had said that they loved each other. He wondered if perhaps she might leave him if he turned down one of these spanking games with Livia around.His only wish was that he might get some sexual satisfaction during the “dominant phase” instead of having to wait to get home to masturbate. But he knew that wasn’t his decision to almanbahis casino make. JoJo had certainly satisfied him during her “submissive phase” by balling him several times. It had been some of the best sex he had ever had.He made up his mind. “All right, girls, I put myself into your hands. Please consider giving me some mercy during this. Now what do you want me to do?”Livia started clapping. “I knew he’d come through for us! But don’t expect much mercy either. And don’t use the safe phrase – what is that, chicken salad? – unless absolutely necessary, which I don’t think will happen. Be an adult and take your punishment like a man.”As if by prearrangement, the two women got up and started to explain the details. Josephine said, “It’s pretty basic really. Take your sport coat off and bend over the couch. Then we’re going to take turns with our implements, right on the seat of your trousers, and see how that goes.”“Why do I have to keep my pants on?”JoJo explained, “First of all, they’re not staying up the whole time. But basically, we want to try an experiment first, see how much damage we can inflict through the cloth. And the cloth of your pants doesn’t look like it’s going to provide you with much protection.”That procedure struck him as a bit odd, but he didn’t question it. If they’re that curious about his pants, then let them find out. A few moments later, he was leaning over the couch with his hands pressed of the cushion. The two women stood on either side of him. Livia suggested they take turns. “Say six strokes apiece. I’ll take his left side and you take his right.” They both gently rubbed his backside with their implements.“You know, you girls are both kind of . . .”Before he could finish, Livia gave him six hits with her stick. She took her time with it, and she didn’t rush her part of the beating.“Jesus, that hurts!”Livia said, “It’s supposed to hurt dummy. Now stay down, in position. I can see that you’re about to jump up, which is a big no-no.” Then she said, “Josephine, he’s all yours.”While the stick had given him a sharp, concentrated pain where it had hit him, the tawse had a wider impact. He mostly stayed in position, but the leather strap had an effect on him. His voice was a sort of grunting yell each time it landed on the seat of his pants.Livia said, “I’ve been just dying of curiosity. Don’t you want to see what the impact these things have had him?”“Oh, yes, absolutely. Jake, drop your pants and underwear and expose your behind to us. We want to examine our efforts on you.”There was quite a difference on each side of his body. The stick had left narrow parallel red lines across his body; the tawse had resulted in wider stripes on the right side of his hips.“Quite a dramatic difference, I’d say,” Livia noted. “And look, he already has an admirable erection.”“I can’t help it.”“He’s quite the little masochist,” said JoJo. “I saw that they last time. Oh my, I forgot to put the CD on.”So while “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” played to start, the two ladies thwacked away at him. They didn’t go too quickly, but they hit him rather hard. He tried not to make too much of a fuss, but his voice betrayed him. He did a fair amount of yelling. He did manage to say to Livia, “Please don’t hit my balls with that thing.”

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