Legally Binding Ch. 07


It was a warm, humid night, and the moist air was welcome on my skin as we stepped out into the parking lot behind the building. The asphalt beneath my feet still held a great deal of the heat it had absorbed during the day and felt vaguely sticky. I was glad I’d chosen not to wear the shoes you had so kindly offered me, Sir. I had never felt so awake to all of my senses, or taken such pleasure in them. The droning of cicadas and the rustling of the nearby trees was music, the smells of the warm asphalt with a hint of gasoline and the very taste of the air were gifts to me.And my skin, Sir! In my on-going state of arousal every stray breeze was an intimate caress, every step a reminder of the wetness between my legs. It felt as though orgasm was just moments away – and yet would never actually arrive.It was wonderful, Sir.And yet, Sir, even lost in such an overwhelming sexual haze, I could hardly help being aware of the fact that I was almost completely naked and being led, by what was for all intents and purposes a leash around my neck, out of the darkness of the vacant parking lot, across a dimly-lit street and onto the sidewalks of what was very definitely a residential area. Past block after block of houses where people I knew, friends and clients, might very well live, and where at any moment one of them might drive by or even pull into their driveway just as we approached it.I imagined us being suddenly caught in the glare of their headlights. Pictured their shocked reaction to the tableau we’d present – and wondered if they’d even recognize Nadine, the real estate lawyer they’d thought they knew.  I was pretty sure that even I wouldn’t have recognized myself, Sir. And that made me strangely happy. I almost wished that someone would see us, Sir.Two or three cars did go by as we continued walking, yet I felt no sense of panic when I heard one approach, knowing that I was in your care, Sir. And sure enough, each almanbahis time you simply led me off the sidewalk and into the darkness of whichever yard we happened to be near until the car had passed, then we continued our journey.I had no sense of time or distance, no thought of where you might be leading me or what might happen after we arrived. I was in a dream that had no beginning or end. My gaze simply rested on you, Sir, as you led me. I tried to match my strides to yours and trusted you to lead me around anything on the sidewalk that might hurt me, like broken glass or large rocks.I was utterly content – possibly for the first time in my adult life, I realized. And after we—Oh, Sir! I was so involved in writing this for you that I completely lost track of the time and forgot about my first appointment of the day: the Halvorsens, a young couple buying their first house, who actually arrived a few minutes early. The office door was unlocked, of course, so if one of them hadn’t knocked before opening the door they would have discovered me in the position I described for you earlier – the position to which I have now returned in order to continue writing to you, Sir – which would have been extremely embarrassing for everyone, to say the least.As it was I barely had the time to bolt upright onto my knees and struggle to my feet as they entered. My skirt fell back into place as I rose, covering both my panties and the fact that my pantyhose were still pushed down well past my hips. This made the act of stepping forward to greet my clients more than a little awkward, and I know for a fact that I was blushing.As I welcomed them I vaguely waved this same legal pad, which I still clutched in my left hand, to indicate that I had dropped it on the floor and had been in the act of retrieving it when they’d entered. They appeared to have noticed nothing amiss as we all took our seats.I, however, Sir, suddenly required to re-enter almanbahis yeni giriş my earlier life and become my professional self again, when moments before I had been, in my memory, blissfully following you down a public sidewalk at the end of a leash, found the transition so jarring as to be nearly unbearable.Impossible, in fact, Sir, since it took only the slightest, unconscious movement of a foot or leg to remind me of my pantyhose, still constricting my thighs – and why. And you will not be surprised, I’m sure, Sir, to learn that those same nasty, stained and undoubtedly fragrant panties were once again soaked throughout the crotch, and that my nipples were pressing uncomfortably yet pleasurably against the cups of my brassiere.Add to that the all-too-potent presence of the marker you had used on me, still carefully enshrined standing upright in the exact center of my desk, with no papers or other clutter nearby. The Halvorsens, of course, had no idea why it was there or what it had been used for, though I could hardly help noticing their occasional curious glances at it. But I certainly knew, and it was all I could do not to keep checking it to see if there was any trace of my juices still visible along its sides.All in all, Sir, it was not one of my best client meetings. I stumbled and stuttered and lost my train of thought, couldn’t find documents that were right there on the desk, and undoubtedly made my clients wonder whether they’d hired a competent attorney. And Sir, I didn’t care. I was counting the moments until I could reasonably excuse myself for a moment to visit the bathroom and follow Your instructions to me. I was visualizing myself on my knees in there even while I struggled to explain mortgage amortization to the Halvorsens.And when I did finally find the courage to leave them waiting at my desk (undoubtedly discussing their doubts about me in low voices) it was all I could do not almanbahis giriş to run to the bathroom and slam the door behind me. (As it was, of course, I couldn’t have run if I’d tried, with my pantyhose still positioned the way it was.) So I simply walked as normally as I could manage, stepped inside the bathroom then turned and gave my clients what I hoped was a reassuring smile before gently closing the door.Sir, I’m sure you would have been amused to see how frantically I began tearing off my clothes in order to perform my ritual for you. Not only that, but I really did have to use the toilet, and I begrudged every second I spent on the seat, so eager was I to begin.  As I sat there the fragrance of my panties, just above my knees and well marinated in my juices, rose to my nostrils. I was already so aroused that I desperately wanted to cup my breasts and play with my nipples. But you had instructed me to call you first and frankly, Sir, more than anything else at that moment I wanted to hear your voice. So the moment I was done, I literally lunged off of the toilet seat and onto my knees, barely taking the time to pull the handle and flush.I had brought my purse in with me, of course, tossing it on the floor as I shed my clothing, and now I fumbled through the pile to retrieve it and find my phone. As I held it in my hands I saw that they were shaking as if I were a junkie who had waited too long for a fix, and in a sense I suppose I was, Sir.I hope it will please you, Sir, when I tell you that I had taken the precautions, not only of programming your number into my speed-dial but of bringing my headset along as well. Why? So that as soon as I had it in place and had pushed the button to dial your number, I could fully assume your preferred position for me – the one you taught me on our first night together: kneeling upright with my legs spread wide – after quickly reaching down to yank my panties up to where they should be – my back arched and my hands locked behind my head.Offering myself to you, Sir.I listened as the phone rang: Once… Twice… I could barely hear it over the sound of my own breathing. A third ring. Oh please, please…

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