J’s Story

For Women

Frisky. That was the only way to describe how she felt. Normally, on date night, she just longed for the control and discipline he provided. She prepared carefully as she always did for their dates. She took her time in the bath, washing slowly, shaving her legs and… other areas, warming the water as it cooled which refreshed the scent of the oils she’d added. She let out the water and dried off rubbing lotion all over herself without lingering though she wanted to. That would be for him to do tonight. She slid on her brand new underwear and his favorite garter belt and stockings and that almost too short, sexy, red dress and sat down to do her hair and put on makeup. She went a little heavy on the eyes since he liked that so much. He was prompt as always and she tried to keep from skipping down the sidewalk when he arrived. He opened the door for her with a look that made it clear he approved of her wardrobe choice and his gaze lingered as her dress rode up and showed the top of her stockings and garter. She smiled, happy to have pleased him, and started thinking about how she could continue to do so throughout the night. The ride to the restaurant was short and they didn’t speak much, just him asking if she enjoyed the music and her replying that she did. When they arrived, somehow, he was out of the car and opening her door before she even realized he’d parked the car. He offered her his hand to help her out and placed it on his arm as they walked in, placing his hand over hers in a somehow gentle but possessive way. He smiled at the hostess and asked for a table for two. She was a little unhappy with how friendly the young hostess was but relaxed as he kept looking in her eyes instead of at her. And she couldn’t be too upset because the table they got was out of the way and as private as you could get in this restaurant. almanbahis şikayet Perfect for her plan, she thought, as he pulled out her chair. He seemed to relax as they ate and they laughed and talked together for a while. When she felt like he was least expecting it, she lowered her eyes and slipped her foot out of her shoe and slid it across the way to his thigh. He barely showed anything on his face but mentioned the word “inappropriate” quietly. She smiled and slid her foot farther up, stroking back and forth along his inner thigh and not gently either. She was almost giggling as she heard the words “severe” and “consequences” but she continued her assault, moving her foot up as far as she could when the waiter returned to ask about dessert. He was about to say “No, thank you” when she piped up and asked what they had. She was impressed that he kept his cool completely during the conversation since she could feel that her efforts were exciting him. He ordered something sweet and chocolate and excused himself to the restroom, carefully keeping his hands in front of him as he left. She almost laughed out loud until her phone buzzed and she saw it was a text message from him. “Your behavior has been unacceptable and you have ignored my warnings. You will wait exactly two minutes and then come to the Men’s restroom. You will knock five times and I will let you in.” Shit. She had expected punishment when they got back but now… here… at the restaurant… in the bathroom? Her heart beat very quickly and she had to concentrate to make sure she waited the two full minutes. She worked hard to walk steadily to the restrooms and knocked as commanded. She heard the door unlock and saw his eye, looking very stern, as he cracked the door. He glanced around making sure no one was there and then grabbed her arm and pulled almanbahis canlı casino her in, locking the door again. He pulled her to the floor without letting go of her arm and looked down at her. She was nearly terrified but his look, while very stern, was controlled and his voice was quiet and measured. “You seem much less amused with yourself than you did earlier, dirty slut.” She tried to apologize but he slapped her. “You will not speak until you are told to. Your behavior was immature and unworthy of your position, dirty slut. You have caused me embarrassment and irritation. You were clearly looking for a particular reaction. You’ll regret that you got it.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick, hard, throbbing cock. Her emotions flashed between excitement and uncertainty. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “I would tell you to suck it, dirty slut, but that would imply some sort of choice on your part.” He reached down and used his thumb to open her mouth and shoved his cock in forcefully, gagging her immediately. He kept his hand in her hair at the back of her head, keeping it from slamming into the wall, as he face fucked her hard and fast. He muttered curses and called her every awful thing she’d ever heard and some she hadn’t. As he used her mouth she scrambled to get her knees under her and try to keep her dress from getting as wet as her panties already were. The whole scene was a dream come true for her: the public setting, the humiliation of being on a bathroom floor, being used without any regard for herself, how submissive her position was and how dominant his. All too soon, she heard his mutters become the familiar grunts that meant he was close. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, making saliva drip onto her dress and stroked it furiously right in her face. She hoped, fiercely almanbahis casino hoped, that he’d make her beg for his cum but it was immediately shooting into her face, across her cheeks and dripping down her chin. She fought the urge to lick it off and hold out her tongue to catch more. He looked down at her and she imagined what he must have seen: the perfect image of a dirty slut, cum covering her face, sitting on the floor of a public bathroom. The idea almost made her smile. “We have dessert to eat, dirty slut. Rub that into your skin. And don’t think this is nearly over. Not hardly.” She did as she was told and he helped her up and she looked at the spots of saliva and cum on her dress as she tried to straighten her clothes and hair. He unlocked the door and checked that it was clear and let her walk to the table in front of him. She felt eyes on her and she was sure they knew, knew it all. She imagined the other guests all whispering about what a filthy whore she was to be walking around with cum all over her face and dress. He pulled out her chair and they shared the dessert. He talked like nothing had happened as she stumbled over her words, feeling the thick fluid drying on her face. When the waiter came with the check, she kept her head down, blushing furiously. He walked her to the car and let her in. He was smiling broadly when she glanced up at him. He was humming along to the music as they drove back. She considered speaking but, after his statement earlier, she decided against it. So, she remained silent as he got his bag from the trunk, helped her out of the car, and walked her to the door. He waited patiently while she got out her keys and fumbled to get the door unlocked and open. Once inside and closing the door, he took her into his arms and kissed her fiercely. She melted and relaxed into him, kissing him back. “Don’t think you’re off the hook, dirty slut. You know your place.” She tried not to rush to get undressed to just the garter belt and stockings and kneel in the usual spot. It felt familiar, even comfortable, even knowing she was about to be punished.

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