Jay Nurses My Injury


I was sad. Jay had to go out town for the weekend. He was much older than me and divorced. I knew this meant visiting his family in a neighboring state once in a while. But he was such good company and at that point in time was the best dance partner I ever had.

We were having a big party at the club we often went to. We were celebrating a birthday. So I did want to go but was still sad that Jay wouldn’t be there with me.

We had dinner at the club that night. I was having a good time, laughing and chatting with friends. My long time friend Jim arrived. He always late for everything! And he would come up with the most cockamamie excuses for why he was late. For some reason, there was usually a frozen pizza involved in these stories. And sure enough, this was yet another. This time, he realized he was hungry and decided he had best eat something before he left. Jim loves to dance but can’t really hold a candle to Jay in that department. And he sometimes gets low blood sugar. So he got the pizza out and was going to bake it when he realized that they had skimped on the toppings. From there it was a long winded story about having some cheese but being unable to find the grater. And then by the time he did, an hour had gone by. That was Jim for you. I was used to it by now.

I danced with a couple of strangers. Then the band played a Rolling Stones song. That was my cue. Jim is a big Stones fan. I didn’t even have to ask him. We just grinned at each other and hit the dance floor.

But towards the end of the song, I felt a horrible pain in my left knee. For many years I had trouble with that knee to where the knee cap would pop out of place and pop back in. When I was younger, it would often be better with a few hours of rest. But as the years went by, more and more damage occurred and it was harder to heal. Thankfully I now know what kind of exercises to do to prevent it from happening. But at that point in time, I was in excruciating pain and needed an ice pack. My background as a dancer at least allowed me to finish out the song, if only while standing on one foot!

Jim helped me back to our table. Word had gotten back to my friend Kathy and she already had the ice pack waiting for me. Alas, another friend’s husband was also waiting for me. He’d been trying to get into my pants for years and I just was not interested. He went by the nickname of “The Italian Stallion” but a ladies man he was not. I only put up with him because he was married to my friend and she wasn’t at the party. He offered to follow me home and help me upstairs to bed. Yeah. Right! I could imagine what he thought he might do after that. I wanted no part of it. I did allow him and Jim to help me to my car.

Luckily I lived close by. But I did have to park behind the building. I managed to hop all the way around the building and sort of propel myself up the stairs from a seated position.

And once up the stairs, the phone rang. It was well past 10:00 p.m. I couldn’t imagine who it could be at that hour. But to my shock and surprise, it was Jay! He said something had come up and he hadn’t left town after all. He said he knew I was going to the party but somehow felt that I was actually at home and in need. I told him that I was, but I wasn’t looking forward to the trip back down the stairs to let him in.

I had just turned on my good leg towards the stairs when the phone rang again. Seems the Italian Stallion was across the street and really wanted to come in and check on me. I thanked him but said that Jay was coming over so he would take care of me. The Italian Stallion sounded disappointed.

I made my way downstairs and waited. Jay lived in a neighboring city but the traffic was light at this hour and I didn’t have to wait long for him to get there.

I let him in. He wrapped me lovingly in his arms, kissed me deeply then suddenly grabbed me and began to carry me up the stairs. I protested because he was on the lanky side and I feared that he would sustain an injury himself. He just grinned at me and laughed, told me to shut up and then shut me up by locking his lips onto mine while he continued carrying me until we got to my bed. He then carefully laid me down and began looking in the closet for some extra pillows.

“Let me get you undressed and I’ll elevate your knee for you.”

He slowly began undressing me, taking time to kiss and caress every inch of me as he did so. The night air was a bit chilly and I shivered as I became more and more naked. I tried to get his clothes off but he just chuckled and said he would keep them on for now. Then he went into the kitchen to get me an ice pack.

He came back with the ice pack, a stack of towels and a large container of ice water with a straw in it. He put the straw to my lips, gave me a few sips then said he was going to help me get settled and figure out a way to have sex with me so as not to hurt my knee further.

He had me turn onto my side and scoot towards the edge of the bed so I could lay down the towels. I tend to get very wet when aroused and I can be a squirter so without the towels, I can wind up with a mess.

Once he got me settled on the almanbahis şikayet towels, he fished an ice cube out of the container and began trailing it down my neck.

I began to protest! “Hey! I’m already freezing!”

Again he chuckled, looked at me with a bit of a pout and told me to put up with it because he would warm me up soon enough. He took his time running the ice cube over my breasts and nipples until my nipples were achingly hard. He then took the time to examine them, pinching them between his fingers quite painfully and pulling them up away from my body, stretching them until I cried out. He somehow managed to pinch them harder and pull on them more fiercely, causing me to lift my torso up off of the bed a bit.

He fished another ice cube out of the container. He then brought his face down to my right breast, squeezing his hand around it and covering my nipple with his mouth. His hot breath and tongue gave an instant of relief but it was quickly replaced by agony as he bit and sucked the nipple hard. As I cried out, I felt his other hand shove the ice cube between my legs, across my clit and then deep inside my pussy. He kept his fingers there, pushing it in deeply, while his thumb flicked at my clit. I squirmed as the pain and pleasure took hold.

I reached over and ran my hand down the front of his white, button down shirt. I was groping for a button to undo it but he told me to keep my hands to myself and let him take care of me. Meanwhile, the ice cube had melted and I felt the wetness trickling out of me onto the towel. His mouth moved to my left breast to give it a bit of torture.

His hand moved from between my legs so he could hold both of my breasts. He liked to push them together so he could take both of my nipples into his mouth and suck them at the same time. And suck them he did! He took them deep and hard into his mouth, sucking and squeezing until I cried out, moaning. Then he’d loosen his grip and caress them gently, working his tongue in quick little swirls around my nipples to give me a little relief. I could feel my pussy growing hotter and wetter as my juices seeped into the towel beneath me.

Jay loved to spend a long time on my breasts and nipples. He loved to see how it drove me wild to the point of begging for orgasm. He was clearly enjoying this.

I began panting and raising my crotch up as if I were somehow going to get relief by doing so. This caused him to chuckle.

“You want some of this, don’t you?”

I felt his hand slicking its way through my wetness, spreading it up and over my clit and down between my butt cheeks. I pushed up to try to get his fingers inside of me but he just pulled them away, and shoved them in mouth and telling me to clean them off. I love the taste of my juice and tasting it always makes more come gushing out.

He commented on how horny I was. Then he told me to put two fingers in my pussy. I needed no urging to do that! But once I shoved them in, he pulled my hand away, putting it to my mouth and forcing me to suck my own fingers clean. Meanwhile, he instructed me to switch hands.

I could feel my pussy growing softer and slicker until it began aching way up inside. And he wasn’t allowing me any relief. My own intermittent fingering coupled with getting a mouthful of pussy juice was driving me mad. He continued tormenting my breasts.

“Please Jay! Please! I need to cum. It hurts. Let me cum please!”

He just smiled at me and told me to lie very still. I saw him reach over to the side of the bed where the basket of goodies was kept. He took out the can of Kama Sutra honey dust and the feather duster and began coating me with the sweet powder. I am very ticklish and dislike having feathers on my skin. But he managed to distract me from this fact by reaching between my legs to pull on my pussy lips. First one, then the other, stretching them and rolling them between his fingers and occasionally adding a little finger flick across my clit.

My soreness increased to the point of begging for release! I was panting like some sort of crazed animal and squeezing my pussy muscles hard, trying to bring on an orgasm. He threatened me not to come. He told me that he wasn’t ready for me to do that just yet. Then he gave me a quick, hard swat on my swollen pussy with his hand.

I tried another tactic. I reached over once again in an attempt to undress him.

“At least let me suck your cock!”

“Oh… Hmm… So that’s what you want! I’ll have to think about that.”

I got even more excited as I saw him slowly unbutton his shirt. He allowed me to run my hand down his hairless chest but stopped me as my hand reached the waistband of his pants. My heart was pounding rapidly now. I needed his cock so badly!

“You’re all sticky. Let me get you cleaned up first.”

I could feel his cock, hard and straining at the fly of his tight blue jeans as he pressed himself to my side and began slowly licking off the powder, kissing me all over as he did so.

I heard him let out that deep, guttural moan that only a man can make as he slithered out of his jeans. I figured he must be suffering too almanbahis canlı casino and needed to release his cock. But he kept on his black underwear. This allowed me to get a slightly better feel for his cock as he pressed it against me. The front of his underwear was soaking wet and hot with pre-cum. I cried out as I felt it pressing against my side.

Then he slithered out of his underwear, bringing the fabric up under my nose and allowing me to sample his aroma. That only caused more pussy juice to gush out of me.

“You want a little taste, don’t you?”

I told him that I did and he pressed the soaking wet fabric to my lips, telling me to suck on it. I did, and the taste of his pre-cum got me even hotter. But I can’t say that I cared for the cottony fabric against my tongue. Thankfully he gave me a sip of water for relief.

“I know what you need. You need your pussy to be full of something.”

“Yes. Yes I do!” I agreed.

He went to my dresser and pulled out two pairs of my panties. One was red lace fabric and the other was pink satin. He ran them slowly between my legs, getting them nicely damp with my juices.

“Okay then.” He laid the panties on my belly. “Take those and push them up into your pussy. Push them all the way in and keep them there!”

I tried to do as he instructed me to. The lace ones felt a little scratchy going in but I was so desperate for something to be in my pussy that I kept gathering them up and stuffing them in. The fabric was rapidly sucking up all of my moisture.

The satin ones did go in a little more comfortably but by that time, the panties already inside of me were working sort of like a tampon and not letting any juices flow out of me. Each time I tried to push my panty covered finger up inside of me, it became harder and harder to do.

I thought I had them fully inside of me but Jay wasn’t satisfied and forced his thumb up hard inside of me to stuff them in even more.

“There!” He gave my pussy another hard smack with the palm of his hand.

He then turned his attention to my knee. Running his fingers over it lightly and checking to see if the swelling had gone down any. He assured me that it had. He positioned my legs wide open and began stroking my inner thighs, up towards my pussy, only allowing his fingers to barely graze my lips. Once in a while he rammed his thumb up inside of me to make sure that the panties remained deep in there. He remarked that I was getting wetter. It didn’t feel that way to me. I felt kind of dry and irritated inside.

“Okay. I think you can have a little cock now.”

I grew excited. He lifted my head up and put another pillow under it then straddled my torso carefully, putting his cock between my breasts and stroking the skin there with the head of it and letting all that sweet pre-cum drool all over me. Then he cupped hands around my breasts, squeezing them up around his shaft and pinching my nipples up to give me a fresh wave of pain.

“Lift your head up and suck it!”

I tried but I felt kind of trapped with him on top of me like that and he wasn’t helping me out any. His cocked seemed so close but so far away. The best I could do was to stick my tongue out and blindly lick at the tip. Once in a while he would slide it a little closer to me and let me lightly suck the head before rapidly pulling it away from me. He continued on like this for some long time and then said he was going to let me cum.

“Put your hand between your legs and pull those panties out.”

I tried. He had pushed them so far in that I had to struggle to get fingers onto them and then struggle more to get a grip on them. The satin pair was fairly damp by then.

“Pull them out slowly.”

I did as he instructed and moaned as I felt their silkiness sliding out my tingling opening. I could feel my pussy clenching, trying to lead me to orgasm. Ah but I still had to pull out the red lace ones and they were now sucked well up against my cervix. I used my muscles to try to push them out.

“No. Use your hand. Put your whole fist in there if you have to but pull them all the way out.”

I struggled. Two fingers didn’t quite do it. Neither did three. I did try hard to get four inside of me. I was stretching myself wonderfully and yet painfully as my fingers attempted to snag the panties. I pressed the palm of my hand against my mound, trying to bring on a G Spot orgasm but he was watching too closely.

“No! I didn’t tell you to do that!” He yanked my hand out of my pussy, gave it another swat and reached his longer fingers in me, yanking the panties out quickly. That was a weird feeling. I was not accustomed to having lace up inside of me. It felt kind of good and bad at the same time but left me feeling empty and wanting more. I didn’t have to wait long for more.

He instructed me to shove the panties back up inside of me again and once they were in me, to pull them back out slowly.

This time I tried the satin ones first.

He had me do this again and again. I lost track of how many times I filled myself up and emptied myself out. By now, both pairs of panties were almanbahis casino totally slippery and soaked. My entire hand, my thighs and the towel beneath me were covered with my slickness. And still no orgasm! Doing this was stimulating but it was never going to bring me to orgasm. I was actually starting to get a bit bored with this and apparently so was he.

He instructed me to stop and laid the soaked panties on my tummy, sort of mopping them all over me. My nostrils filled with the aroma of my pussy and I gasped, in dire need of getting some kind of relief! He put his face close to my crotch and said he wanted to get a really good look at me as I came. I thought he was going to eat me out but instead, he pulled the panties from my tummy and began stuffing them back inside of me hard! I couldn’t tell how many fingers he had inside of me but I felt totally stuffed full and finally he was squeezing his hand hard into my mound, juicing me like an orange!

An orgasm began ripping through me but just as it started, he stopped squeezing and pulled the sloppy panties out of me all at once and suddenly. I wailed now as I felt he had ruined my orgasm on purpose. Just as soon as it started, he stopped it. It left me wanting.

He trailed the soaked panties over my face, leaving wet traces all over and leaving me even more wanting.

I saw him fishing in the goodies basket again. This time he got the lube out.

He carefully turned me onto my side, being mindful of my knee, moving the pillow and propping it up for me.

“I want to fuck your ass. Get it ready for me!” He handed me the lube.

I started doing what he had described to me as he had readied me for his cock on prior occasions. First slicking some lube around the opening. Then lubing the tip of my pointer finger again and again, inserting it slowly and carefully and working it slightly deeper each time. Sinking it in my tight, hot hole up to the knuckle and listening to my breathing deepen. I moaned softly as I envisioned my taut asshole winking itself closed and opening slowly to allow my finger to probe it.

Jay had his head resting on a pillow very near where I was working so he could get a very good view of it. He kept encouraging me and telling me how sexy my ass looked to him.

Apparently I was going too slowly to suit him as he took a hold of my finger and plunged it rapidly into the depths of my backside. I wailed with pleasure.

“That’s it. I’ll put some more lube on your finger and you just keep fucking yourself like that.”

I pressed my butt cheeks back against my finger and soon it was sliding in and out as though it was meant to be.

“Two fingers now!”

He spread the lube on my fingers and reached around to play with my breasts for a little while before moving his head back down to my ass for a better view.

It seemed to take me a while to get that second finger all the way inside of me. My ass was so very tight! He instructed me to spread my fingers apart so he could squirt more lube in there. I couldn’t quite do it. He helped me by pushing my fingers apart. The lube felt cold but ever so soothing.

“You’re ready for three fingers now. Shove them all the way in and fuck yourself.”

I tried. I really did. I pushed back against my fingers. I squirmed and wiggled my ass. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t do it.

“Help me Jay!”

“You don’t want me to help. If I help you, you won’t like it. You can do it.”

I tried again. I couldn’t. I begged him again for help.

All of a sudden I felt my ass being forced and opened so wide, I shrieked as much with the surprise of it all as I did with intense pleasure.

“My finger is in there too. Four fingers in your pretty little ass now. Let’s fuck!”

We both began moving our fingers in and out as I felt an orgasm take hold but once again, he stopped me short by pulling my hand and his finger abruptly out of me. Tears pricked at my eyes. I needed to cum so very badly.

“Please Jay!”

“Please, what?”

“Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

“I’d rather have you on your knees to suck me. But… I will take pity on you since you are injured and all. Instead I will give you what you REALLY want. Let me help you over to the edge so you can take me deep down your throat!”

I do love sucking cock and taking it as deeply as I can but at this point in time I was left with a quivering, swollen pussy, a badly throbbing clit and an ass that was begging to be fucked! I put my hand between my legs, determined to give myself a quick orgasm. But it was not to be.

“Nope!” My cock is over here baby.”

He grabbed both of my hands and pulled on them, easing me over to the side of the bed. He positioned me on my back and had me hang my head over the side of it. Then while keeping a good grip on my hands, he sort bent his knees and contorted himself so that his very stiff and dripping cock was pressed against my lips. In one fell swoop I felt his cock being shoved straight down my throat. I tried to breathe through it and not gag. If left to do it on my own, I can pace myself and take it in slowly but… This was something else entirely! I felt a sense of relief as he slowly extracted his cock but that relief was short lived. I barely had time to react. He fucked my throat again and again. I could tell by the look of strain on his face that he was trying hard to hold back and not cum that way.

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