Insatiable Little Tart


At home, I’ve been needy all day, so I make sure you can see me as I slide my leopard print thong up my bare legs and under my short black skirt so it presses snuggly against my already wet lips. I keep glancing at you over my shoulder, as I make sure you and everyone at the bar later will be able to see the curve of my big braless tits, always smiling when I catch you looking. I press myself against you, lifting up on my tiptoes to kiss you and feeling the bit of bulge in your pants before pulling away.I grab the keys and dangle them from my finger. “We need to leave or we never will.”On the ride over, I slide my bare feet from my booties and rest them on the dashboard. Complaining about being cold and rubbing my legs, my skirt slides up my thighs with every pass of my hands. You refuse to turn up the heat even though my nipples are noticeably hard through the fabric of my top. I slide my feet back into my shoes as you pull into the full parking lot and park the car. Just before you can open your door I climb onto your lap.Squirming on you as I settle, getting comfortable, I lick my bottom lip with my eyes on you. My finger runs along the exposed curve of my tits as I grind on you more and more. I lean in and pull at your beard, kissing you deeply, biting your lip and pulling it with my teeth as I slide off your lap and out of the car, dragging you along with me. I smirk when I hear you groan and struggle to walk normally. We stop at the bar and I notice your blush, my smile slowly spreading across my face as I tilt my head and look up at you, tasking you with ordering for me as I wander off to find us a dark booth.You threaten, “I might just take you home right now,” but order me a pilsner and you an IPA.I watch you look for me and stalk over, my eyes darting down to your crotch and slowly scanning back up to your eyes, seeing your blush deepen as you take your seat. I immediately slide my hand onto your thigh and up slowly as you gulp at your beer. My hand skims over your bulge and rubs back down, giving you a little squeeze through your jeans before I slide my hand up almanbahis and undo your belt and then your top button, my finger sneaking in just above your boxer briefs. Flicking at the waistband as I watch you debate stopping me, I feel that your cock is too hard for you to resist as I undo the next button, and then the next, and slide my hand in over your thick bulge. “Fuck me or cum in your pants, Evan.” I squeeze your bulge over and over and over. You ask me if I need to go to the bathroom a few times until I catch on and smirk. I leave half of my beer on the table and sway my hips a little extra, knowing you are watching my round ass. Walking out of the bathroom, you push me back in before I see you. You tug my skirt up, spin me around and grab my ass, one cheek in each hand. You yank my panties down to my knees, finding me wet and ready, and bending me forward a little to shove your thick dick in deep. I let out a forced groan, my ass bouncing from your hips slamming into my ass as you fuck me, hard and needy. You let my moans fill the bathroom as my pussy clenches for you.You grunt out, “So naughty, getting me so worked up.”Your heavy balls slapping against my puffy pussy lips, against my clit, make me arch my back and rock up on my booties. Cumming on your cock, clenching and shaking and shivering, I start to pant. You jerk my hips back, pulling me onto you as you fill my tight little pussy with your cum. We pant together as your cock gets soft and slides out of my used cunt, sperm dripping out and down my thighs. I smile big and turn to face you, pulling your beard to kiss you roughly. I lean my hip against the stall and put your cock back in your pants, redoing your buttons and belt. Walking out of the bathroom with you, sweat on your brow and back, my chest and face flushed pink, we look needy and like we just fucked.You point out a guy who is paying me particular notice with a blush on your face and I head up to the bar with your cash for fresh drinks, looking back at you and then over at the guy and giving him a big smile. I lean over the bar to order and push my almanbahis yeni giriş ass out, smoothing my hands over my skirt, first my hips and then slowly over my ass, looking back at him and smirking and shaking my curls out over my back. I look directly at him and lick my lips, letting a smile slowly spread across my face as he starts to walk over to me. Chatting with him about the beers I am waiting on, I grab his upper arm gently and tilt my head to the side with a smile. I look over at you and smirk, both of us knowing that my pussy is currently dripping your cum. I watch you gulp at your beer and shift in your seat. My focus moves back to him and I catch him looking down my top so I lean towards him to give him a better view, twirling my hair around my finger as I step a little closer to him, forcing him to look down as I press my tits together with my arms. Running one finger down the center of his shirt and tilting my head to the side, I smile at him and tug the bottom of his shirt. I see you walk over out of the corner of my eye and feel you stand behind me as I’m collecting our beers from the bartender. With you so close I tell him, “You can fuck me but you can’t kiss me,” and hear you groan as the bartender quickly walks away. He blushes, nods and hesitantly says, “Yes.”I tell him, “I am really wet,” aware you know exactly why. I send you a smirk as I walk away with him, taking him to the men’s bathroom this time. A few minutes later I walk back to you, flushed and smiling. Swinging my leg over your lap and taking a sip of your beer, I feel your bulge as you blush and I grind my used cummy pussy on your lap, kissing you hard and whispering into your ear, “I told him I’d show him my tits if he would show me his cock.” Kissing you as your hands find my hips, “I pulled my shirt down for him and pinched my nipples as he pulled out his uncut dick.” Moving my mouth down to your neck and biting you before I tell you, “He was hard before I even touched him.” Grinding my pussy on you, relentlessly.“I pushed his foreskin back with my lips and wrapped my mouth around almanbahis giriş his head and sucked. I sucked his pretty uncut cock until he told me he had to fuck me or he was going to cum.” My voice gets a little louder in the noisy room as I tell you, “He groaned when I stood up and turned around. He was dripping precum before he even saw my pussy.” Squirming in your lap, I start to get uncomfortably wet. Running my hands over your chest, I lock eyes with you. “He pulled my cummy panties down in the dark bathroom and said that I wasn’t lying when I said I was really wet.” Smirking at you as I grind my sensitive little pussy on your bulge with far too many layers of clothing between us, I tell you, “I’m even wetter now.”Seeing your blush deepen as you smile and call me “A little bar slut,” your hand running down my smooth thigh and back up, this time under my skirt. Squirming as your hand gets higher, teasing me, it gets so close to my pussy. Moaning, “I came,” and telling you, “I think my cummy panties might get your pants wet.”I kiss your neck and over to your lips, biting your bottom lip and pulling as I moan from feeling your cock throb for me. You shift under me as your cock gets harder and harder, close to uncomfortable again. I’m grinding against you as you groan, “You are an insatiable little tart,” and I have to nod my agreement as you playfully slap my ass.Jerking as I tell you, “My pussy is extra puffy and pink from being used, and it’s sensitive, but it wants your thick dick,” grinding like a wanton slut as I moan out, “I’m needy for your fat cock.”You smirk and tell me, “Go get another round.”I groan as I drag myself off your lap and run a finger along the wet spot I left on your jeans, giggling. I almost cum from sliding off and walking to the bar, the friction tempting. Leaning forward as I order so you can see how wet my thighs are in the light. I notice a few guys and a couple girls watching me on my walk back to you and it makes me blush, shivering with need as I sit next to you and your hand immediately finds my knees. I’m distracted from what you are saying by your hand running from my knee to my hip and over to the soaked crotch of my panties. Your fingers rub at my swollen lips when a server comes over and places two shots on the table, shocking us out of our tryst.

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