Increasing Desire: Chapter 2 – The Second Visit


Lust AcknowledgedMy husband, Ricard, and I had paid an initial visit to a middle-aged couple who specialized in working with clients new to the concept of dominance and submission. We were both frightened and excited by the experience. After that first session, we had an unexpected response – we stopped a few blocks from home and had sex in the open over the fender of our car.We did have sex several times over the next few days as well. However, it wasn’t the same. We even tried spanking each other, but we could not recreate the excitement of our evening with Ivan and Kim.Finally, after a week, I asked Richard, “Do you think you might like to make another appointment with Ivan and Kim?”Richard was most relieved that I brought the subject up and he immediately agreed. So, I placed the call. Ivan said that he was happy to hear from me and that we could come by the next evening. I’m sure he knew we were struggling to rekindle the fire that he and Kim had ignited. He also knew that we were eager for them to do it again.We showed up at the appointed time. Ivan greeted us at the door. He was dressed in black leather trousers, a matching vest, and motorcycle boots. I was impressed with his look. He said he was glad we decided to continue with the lessons, and that he was looking forward to an interesting evening.Richard fished a one-hundred-dollar bill out of his jeans pocket and gave it to Ivan who smiled and accepted the payment.Bamboo Rods, Black Leather, and BlindfoldsHe then escorted us into the next room with the now familiar desk. On the desk were two slim bamboo rods and two black leather blindfolds. Kim greeted us there. She was wearing a black leather bustier, a matching mini-skirt, and black leather knee high, high heel boots. Again, I was impressed with the way she dressed. They made an attractive couple and they certainly matched my expectation for how a dominate couple should look.“Did you enjoy our session last week?” Ivan asked.“Yes, we did,” I responded, and Richard nodded in agreement.“And, did anything exciting happen after?” he asked with a knowing smile.Richard and I laughed, and we told them the story of our roadside stop. They enjoyed the tale. It was a great icebreaker for the new session.Then, Ivan began the lesson by asking us to go to our corners. Once there, he told Richard to remove his pants and underwear. He asked me to remove my panties.I trembled as I complied by slipping my new panties down to my ankles under my sundress and stepping out of them. My adrenaline was pumping and I was already excited – knowing that there would be more than spanking in this session. almanbahis Then he told us to turn around and face the desk. I knew Richard was excited too because when I looked his way I could see that he was already semi-hard and trying to hide it with his hands.BlindfoldedIvan and Kim were standing next to the desk. They motioned us to come forward. As we walked the few steps, Ivan said, “Tonight, you will experience being naughty while blindfolded. Are you ready for that?”We nodded and Kim stepped behind my husband. She took her time tying his blindfold in place. Ivan then stepped behind me and put mine in place. Then he surprised me by unzipping my sundress and lifting it off over my head. I raised my arms to allow the dress to move up and off. As the cool air passed over my nearly naked body, I was most relieved that my husband was not able to see this happen. I half expected Ivan to remove my bra too, but he didn’t.“Okay, tonight you are both going to remain at the desk for the entire lesson. To better appreciate what your partner is experiencing, I want you each to assume the position on your side of the desk. Then reach out and join hands. You will be able to hear what is going on, and feel your partner’s reactions through your joined hands. But, until we are finished, you will not be able to see your partner, or me and Kim. “With that, Ivan guided me while I bent over my side of the desk and rested my upper body weight on my forearms. Kim did the same for Richard on his side of the desk. When we were both in position, they brought our hands together and we interlocked our fingers, squeezing them to reassure each other.I sensed Ivan and Kim each pick up a bamboo rod.“Janice, you were the bravest last session, and you had a wonderful time because of it,” Ivan stated. “For this reason, I am going to introduce you to the bamboo rod first. The rod is about two feet long and it makes a swishing sound as it slices through the air. It stings like a cobra bite when it hits your flesh. Kim and I are experts in its use. We will strike you soundly, but only on the resilient flesh of your gluteus maximus or butt cheeks.”“Remember, your safe word is Kansas. Say it if you should feel the need to stop. But, also remember that once you use the safe word, the session is over for both of you. Understood?”Janice Takes ItI heard the menacing swishing sound as Ivan tested the rod in the air. Then I felt the rod gently touching my left ass cheek. Ivan moved the stick slowly over to my right one, as if he were measuring the distance each strike would travel. I was nervous and trembling when the rod lifted almanbahis yeni giriş and quickly returned with a stinging strike.“Oh! Shit. That stings!” I said involuntarily.“Every time you complain about a strike, you will get two more.”I gripped Richard’s fingers before the “Swish, Wang!” of the second and third punishing strokes. He squeezed my fingers in empathy. Ivan gave me five more. They left me squirming, moaning. and clinging to my husband’s fingers. Both sides of my ass were stinging like I had sat down on a bed of nettles.I felt Ivan move up behind me, his cool leather pants pressed against my naked thighs, his hands cupped my stinging ass cheeks.Ivan announced, “While Kim gives Richard five strokes of the bamboo rod, I am going to rub Janice’s ass to reduce the swelling of the welts and ease her pain.”Richard’s TurnI couldn’t imagine what Richard thought at that moment about Ivan soothing my welted ass cheeks with his bare hands. But he did not have much time to contemplate what Ivan was doing to me. Kim suddenly gave him two strokes of the rod.My husband tried to take it like a man, but he whimpered as he clutched my fingers.Meanwhile, Ivan’s massaging hands had started to alternately separate and release my buttocks. In doing so, his fingers reached deep into the cleft between them.Kim stopped and asked, “Are you okay, Richard? Can you take three more now?”Richard struggle to say, “Yes, and yes.”Swish, Wang… Swish, Wang… Swish, Wang.All of a sudden Kim was sympathetic. “You did it, Richard you took all five strokes. You are new at this but you took it like a man. I am going to help make the pain go away. Relax, let me do this for you. You’ll feel better.”My husband’s hands eased their grip on mine. I felt a little rhythmic movement from them. Was Kim massaging his ass cheeks like Ivan was doing for me? Or was she giving him a hand-job, or something else. My blindfolded mind was running wild.Ivan Makes a MoveJust then, Ivan leaned forward over my back and unhooked my bra. Because I was stretched out over the desk, my bra fell forward, slipping down over my upper arms, the cups and straps coming to rest over and between my forearms. I felt one strap fall toward my husband and land across our joined hands.‘Oh! My God!’ I thought, ‘does Richard now know that I have been undressed and that my tits are swinging free in the open right in front of his unseeing eyes?’ I felt my husband’s hands suddenly jerk and stiffen and then begin to relax and start trembling in mine.Ivan’s hands returned to my bare ass. There they lingered deep between my glutes, finger tips dangerously almanbahis giriş close to my anus. I held my breath at this point, not knowing how to react. But then, he moved his hands from my ass, slipping them up over my hips and across my rib cage. Once there, he cupped my breasts. He held them gently as Richard and I started to breathe in ragged gasps. No one spoke. We were all frozen in naughtiness.During the quite time, Ivan began to fondle my tits, then to pinch and tug on the nipples. I squeezed my husband’s hands in time with Ivan’s groping of my breasts, trying my best not to say a word or moan. If it were not for the continued stinging of my ass, I would have orgasmed on the spot.Wanting Punishment“Okay,” said Ivan. “You both have had enough rest and recovery. Janice, how many more strokes can you take?” This as he tugged hard on my nipples.A heartfelt voice I barely recognized responded, “I’ve been a bad girl. You can punish me with ten more strokes.”Kim queried my husband, “You’ve been a naughty boy too. How many more strokes of the bamboo can you take?”Richard was slow to respond. “I can take ten strokes too. One for each one my wife takes.” And then he gripped my fingers again.God,” I thought, ‘I wish I knew how she was giving him all this courage.’Ivan stepped back from me. I felt him pick up the bamboo rod. Then he put it between my legs and lifted the tip until it touched my mons right above my clit. He then drew the tip back slowly, touching my clit, trailing it through my lips and across my perineum, lingering in contact with my anus, then up the crack between my cheeks.Ivan’s attention to detail and perfect timing were exquisitely arousing. I tried to imagine what it would be like if Kim were doing the same sort of thing to my husband. The thought made my face and chest flush. At this point I actually wanted to feel the bite of the bamboo. First to continue the sexual stimulation, but more importantly, to assuage my guilt for wanting another man to continue pleasuring me right in front of my husband.Counting Strokes“Okay, Richard and Janice, count the strokes out loud,” commanded Ivan. “Kim and I will try to stay in synch”.Swish, Wang… “One.” Swish, Wang…” Two.” etc.There was no mercy this time. Richard and I each took ten lashes of the bamboo rods. They may not have been full strength strokes, but in the end our knees buckled. Then Richard and I collapsed to sit on the floor with our backs against opposite sides of the desk. I rubbed my agonized butt cheeks against the cool tile floor trying to put the flames out. I imagined that my husband did the same.As we sat on the blessedly cool floor, Ivan announced that we should booth sit still for a few minutes to recover and think about what we had experienced.Unexpected RewardIt was very quiet and I sensed that Ivan was standing in front of me.

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