In Love With My Best Friend Ch. 02.5


This story links with Chapters 1 & 2. It is not necessary to read them for this story, it would be purely for background and context.

This is a sort of spin-off from the main series; it is more of a quick jerk than a love story. Also, everyone is 18 or over and is completely fictional. This is my first series so please, please, PLEASE leave feedback if you could!

Thanks, and enjoy!

P.S. This story is in third-person, whereas the others are from Danny’s first-person perspective. I much prefer writing in first-person, so this won’t be a regular thing!


Danny’s House, 8:22 pm

Four and a half hours after the events of Chapter 2

Holly nervously picked at her hair as she approached the door to her long-time neighbor, best friend, and now lover Danny’s house. First of all, because she was excited for the evening they were about to spend alone together, and second, because the reason they were alone is because Danny’s parents were at Holly’s parent’s house. It had taken every bit of ninja skill she had to sneak out of the house to go next door without anyone noticing. If she had been caught, she knew she would be in for more teasing than she was sure she could handle.

Holly arrived at Danny’s door and opened it quickly, hurrying inside and shutting it behind her. She moved quickly around the corner and into the living room where she found Danny watching TV. He had turned around, and when he saw it was her, he smiled warmly. She sat down on the couch and cuddled up to him.

“Cold out there?” He asked.

“No, just thinking about how much I would’ve been teased by our parents if they caught me coming here.”

Danny laughed. “You snuck out of there without anyone noticing? You’re a nympho and a ninja!”

“I can be anything you want me to be…” Holly replied, her voice taking on a mischievous hint.

“Mmm I bet you can…”

Danny leaned over and pulled Holly into a deep kiss. Holly moaned and smiled as their lips pressed together. She wrapped her arms around his neck and fell backwards on the couch, dragging him with her. They quickly opened up, allowing tongues to probe each other’s mouths. Danny explored the mouth that was finally his after all this time. He still couldn’t believe how soft and dainty it was. It was even hotter knowing how filthy it also was!

The continued kissing for another couple minutes, but both were getting quite worked up, and since sex was still so new to both of them, they were very eager to go again. Danny started to take off Holly’s T-shirt, while Holly quickly followed by taking off Danny’s. Danny was surprised to find no bra under that tight T-shirt, and as soon as it was off he reached down to suck on her right tit, while gently squeezing them both. Holly, having finished taking off Danny’s shirt, immediately stopped and moaned, putting both hands on the back of Danny’s head as she pushed out her chest. Her nipples were hard and sensitive again so they both knew that she was pretty worked up. Danny decided not to torture her too much, but he also loved sucking on her beautiful, perfectly-round tits. It was a dilemma but he eventually managed to pry himself off her chest, and he looked into her eyes to see her lost in that state of lust he had seen her in earlier on in the day. He grabbed her shorts and pulled them down, revealing her lacy pink panties. He gave her crotch one long lick over her panties before pulling them down and diving almanbahis in.

Holly didn’t take long at all to start on her dirty talking; Danny knew that she was already close to the edge.

“Fuck! Oh, fuck yes, eat my filthy pussy, baby! Drink that fucking juice, eat me, fuck yes!!”

Danny had is face buried in her cunt and was eating her out furiously. He savoured the taste of her juice as it flowed out of her wet slit, but he was careful to avoid her clit. Holly was on the precipice of her first orgasm of the night, and it was going to be huge. He carefully worked her over, building her as high as she could possibly go, and when he deemed that she could blow any second, he latched onto her clit and sucked hard, flicking it with his tongue for added stimulation.

Holly went rigid and silent for about two seconds, then Danny felt the first squirt in his mouth. It was small, but as with most of Holly’s orgasms, the squirt turned into a firehose, and soon he was having trouble swallowing it all. Meanwhile Holly was now screaming, although she was too far gone for it to be more than “Fuck”!

When the last of Holly’s orgasm squirted out into Danny’s mouth he made sure to hold it, and by the end he had an entire mouthful for her. While she was still panting and recovering, Danny crawled up to her face and let loose the pent up mouthful of cum straight into her mouth. She gulped it down willingly and once the last of it was finished, Holly groaned with lust and thrust her face into Danny’s, kissing him with sloppy, wet lips.

Holly pulled away and looked at Danny intently.

“Fuck me.” It was simple, and Danny liked it. He grabbed her and flipped her onto all fours on the couch. Holly squealed with delight, and Danny thrust inside her, too horny to care about any sort of foreplay right now.

“Ah, fuck yeah!” Holly started yelling. “I love it when you fuck me like this! Fuck me like a slut, Danny! Fuck that sloppy, wet pussy!”

Her yelling was cut off by a scream as Danny had spanked her, hard. He moved on to the other cheek and got a similar reaction. Once again, Holly was gone, her words slurred by the feral lust that had consumed her. Then Danny had an idea. He didn’t want to pull out, but he did so he could talk to her. She, however, was less happy about it.

“What the fuck? Danny, make me cum right now!” She was so cute when she was indignant, with her little pout. He almost obeyed her, too. Then he composed himself.

“Holly, do you want me to fuck your ass?” Holly looked taken aback by the bold suggestion.

“I want to but… will it hurt?”

Danny shrugged. “Maybe. But you love your ass played with, wouldn’t it be even better if it was being fucked?” Danny was getting excited now. He’d always loved Holly’s ass.

Holly looked worried, but also quite excited. “Okay, but be gentle…” She pouted at him as she turned back around.

Danny took his hand and stuck two fingers deep in her pussy. Holly moaned as did so, then he pulled them out and used her copious juice to lube the area around her asshole. He did this two more times until the area was nice and slick, then he used his middle finger and popped it in to the first knuckle.

It didn’t hurt as much as Holly had thought it would. Then again, thinking back, she had really enjoyed his anal fingering back in the park, but she had attributed that to the animalistic sex they were having.

Danny continued his fingering, going a little deeper almanbahis yeni giriş each time, and each time he re-lubed his fingers to make her asshole smooth and wet. His dick was already lubed from fucking her, so Danny put one hand on her ass and used the other to guide his dick in to her.

As soon as his head popped in, Holly groaned. She was enjoying this more than she thought she would! Danny waited for a second to let her get adjusted, then he started easing his way in deeper. Slowly, he pushed himself inside, her ass gripping around his cock so tightly. This was awesome.

He finally bottomed out, and when he did, Holly looked back at him and giggled. She gave him a wink.

“I think we’ll be doing this pretty often!” She sighed.

Danny said nothing. Instead, he pulled out, then quickly thrust back in. Holly screamed, but there was little pain; having a dick in her ass just felt right. Danny started to fuck her then, pumping at an ever-increasing rate into her ass. Holly was quickly getting worked up again, and she started moaning lewdly. Now Danny was fucking her firmly, his dick thrusting its way into her tight asshole, its slick walls sucking on his cock, begging for his cum.

“Holy fuck! Fuck my ass! God, I’m such a fucking whore, fuck me, AH! God dammit, fuck my asshole, use me! Use me like a fucking slut!”

With Holly’s dirty talk and her mind-blowing ass slapping up against his dick and milking him for all his worth, Danny was about to blow. But there was one thing he wanted to try before he filled her ass with jizz, so he slammed firmly into her. She squealed, then he brought both hands to her tits and grabbed them, pulling her roughly up from her doggy-style position so she was flush with him. He told her to close her legs tight, then he started kneading her tits, which earned him a huge moan of satisfaction. That moan turned into a gasp, and then a groan as he resumed fucking her senseless in her filthy asshole. Holly was so far gone that she was almost senseless.

“I can’t, believe I’m doing this… So good!”

Danny was getting close now, and he was handling her very rough, slapping her tits and pounding into her ass. Holly was loving it. She couldn’t even make proper words, just sounds. She sounded so slutty it drove Danny wild. However, just as he was about to cum, Holly screamed out.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!”

Danny moved his hand down to Holly’s clit and started rubbing it hard. Holly screamed and went rigid. Then her first little tell-tale squirt came out, and Holly whimpering as she convulsed, her cum spraying out between her closed legs. He was still fucking her, but not as hard now, and he still had one hand mauling her tit. It was one of the hottest displays he had ever seen. She looked like such a whore, her legs closed and absolutely coated in cum. Better yet, she was still spraying buckets, and it was dribbling down between her legs and gushing out from both sides.

When she was done, and the last little quirts were dribbling out down her legs, Danny resumed his previous pace and whispered to her.

“I’m gonna fill that filthy ass full of cum…”

All Holly could do was moan in appreciation. Danny lifted his cum-soaked fingers for Holly to lick clean, then he pressed himself up against her as he started shooting wads of cum deep into her ass. Holly groaned as she felt jet after jet of hot spunk fill up her ass. Finally, after he had emptied himself into her, he gave her almanbahis giriş two sharp thrusts to secure his load deep inside her and pulled out. They both fell in opposite directions, Holly forwards and Danny back, in an effort to catch their breaths.

Danny was starting up at the ceiling panting when he looked down. He saw Holly crouching over his limp dick ready to take it in her mouth. Danny was stunned. He could only watch as Holly, with a mischievous little smile on her face, started sucking his cock that was covered in his cum, her cum, and her ass. She bobbed happily up and down, seeming not at all deterred by what she was doing. With the such a display being put on for him, Danny could already feel himself coming back to life. When he was hard again, Holly pulled her mouth from his dick with a loud pop, giggling as she did so.

“Man, you seriously are insatiable aren’t you?” He asked her with a touch of concern.

“Shut up and fuck me,” Holly winked.

For a second, Danny thought she was going to ride him, but then she turned around and lined up her pussy over his dick. She was going reverse cowgirl!

“I want a load in both holes tonight while I sleep!” She turned to look at him, a small pout on her face and her big, innocent, child-like eyes staring at him. “You can do that for me, right Danny?”

“Fuck, anything you want…” Danny replied in a trance.

Holly smiled innocently. “I’m on the pill don’t worry, just fill me up!”

Then she thrust her soaking wet pussy onto his cock. She moaned as he impaled her, and she wasted no time in building up to a fast, furious pace, fucking him hard and fast in an effort to drain him one more time. Holly was moaning as she fucked Danny, and Danny could only stare in awe at the perfectly round ass that was jiggling in front of him, his dick getting worked over by sloppy cunt.

“Fuck, that’s so dirty! You like my ass Danny? You like watching it bounce when I fuck you? Can you see your cum dripping out yet? Ah, fuck yeah it’s filthy, so fucking filthy!”

Holly was going wild and that made Danny pretty excited too. It finally became too much, and Danny told Holly that he was about to cum. He wasn’t surprised when she squeaked out a “me too”, he loved how easily she squirted!

After another ten seconds or so of fucking, Danny finally released his second load into her. It wasn’t as big as the first, but Holly had done a great job in getting back in the game, so it was pretty decent. Just as he started shooting into her, she screamed and started cumming too, once again soaking his waist in juice. There wasn’t nearly as much as the first two times, but there was definitely enough. She also came down quicker too, and when she was done cumming she slowly lifted her pussy off of Danny’s spent cock, arching her back as she did so. Danny watched as his dick, covered in juice, slipped slowly out of Holly’s stretched pussy. His cock twitched when it popped out, and he saw her hole close slightly with the obstruction out of the way. Holly took a hand and dipped her fingers into her cunt, gathering up as much pussy juice as she could before turning to Danny and licking each finger clean. Then she turned around fully and bent down with her ass in the air, and began to clean Danny’s cock once more. When she was done she laid down beside Danny and they shared a kiss.

“How does it taste?” Holly asked.

“Filthy,” Danny smiled at her.

“Just the way I like it…”

“You really are the best thing on this planet, you know that right?”

“Is it my ass, my tits, or my personality?” Holly giggled.

“All three and more.”

Holly giggled. First anal out of the way for them; the future was looking pretty damn fun.

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