Her Pet – Chapter 1


My name is Chloe, I’m eighteen years old, and this is the story of the most incredible thing that ever happened to me. I should start with a few things about myself. I live with my parents, we’ve been living in the same house my entire life, and I’m half way through college. I’m a petite girl, flat chest and skinny hips, both of which I’m very self conscious about, I have blue eyes and short, shaggy black hair which makes me look like a lesbian, which is appropriate… because I am. Funny story there, and it involves our next-door neighbour. Miss Susan Pryce has lived next door to me for as long as I can remember. She used to live with her son, but he moved out when I was a kid, and now she lives alone. She’s a breathtakingly beautiful woman. Physically, she’s the complete opposite of me, not fat, but with huge boobs and a beautiful, round ass. One day, when I was fourteen, I had walked into my room, glanced out of my window and stifled a shriek. Susan, in her bedroom, which faced mine, was stark naked with the curtains open! I dived from my window and covered my mouth. I had always known that her window faced mine, in fact, I’d often smiled and waved to her, but this was the first time anything like this had happened. As I sat there, cautiously looking around the curtain, new feelings were felt and, long story short, I was in love with her from that moment on. After that, I looked at all the girls in school a different way. I never came out though. I never saw the point because I never wanted to date any of the girls at school. The sad truth was, although Susan had opened my eyes to my sexuality, she had also ruined other girls for me, because that’s all they were, girls. Even now that I’m in college and most of my classmates are beautifully developed, they’re still mostly just stupid bimbos who are putting off looking for a job. Nowadays, every night, without fail, I go to my room, strip naked, and peek through a gap in the curtains with my vibrator poised under my clit, and surprisingly often, I got a lucky look at Susan’s incredible, naked body. My parents and I often go round to hers for dinner, which is very tense for me. One time, when I was sixteen and it was summer, she wore a tight sundress, which hugged her massive tits and, in the right light, even showed her bra, and I simply had to sneak away to her bathroom for a quick wank before I exploded. Anyway, that takes us back to the present. I was at home, I had a day off college for staff training or something. My mum and dad were both at work, so I’d have the place to myself until late afternoon. I was lying on my bed, stark naked and flicking through one of my textbooks. My eyes darted over to my window for a second. It was still pretty early, there was every chance Susan was… Suddenly, I heard the phone ring and jumped. Breathing deeply, I put down my book and ran downstairs. It gave me such a thrill prancing around the house naked. Public humiliation is one of my biggest fetishes and I always secretly hope someone will get an eyeful when they idly look towards the house. I picked up the phone. “Hello?” “Oh Chloe! How are you sweetheart?” “S…Susan!” I spluttered. I was naked and on the phone with her! This was new. I instantly felt like she was in the room with me, staring up and down my tiny, naked body with a smirk. I covered my pussy with my free hand, but that only turned me on more. “I’m fine! H… How are you?” “Lovely dear. I’m having some trouble with my computer, do you think you could run over and give me a hand?” My heart skipped a beat. Susan was inviting me over, to be alone with her, in her home, while I was naked! Before I had an orgasm right there and then, I forcefully reminded myself that she’d expect me to be clothed. “Of course! I’ll be right over!” “Thank you dear.” I put the phone down and sprinted to my room. As soon as I got there, I swore under my breath. I should have told her I’d be a few minutes! If I didn’t masturbate before I went over, I’d be a wreck until she let me leave, plus, I probably reeked of my own sweat and pussy juice already. Too late to do anything about it now. I threw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. There was no time to put on underwear, if I took too long, Susan would probably guess that I had been naked! Okay, that was ridiculous, but what can I say? My head was a mess… I ran out of the back door and through the gate that connected our two back gardens, and then walked through her back door and into her kitchen, knocking on it as I did. Susan always left her back door unlocked and made it very clear that my parents and I could come round whenever we wanted, and needn’t wait for her to let us in. “Susan?” I called, my heart pounding against my chest. “In here, Chloe.” Susan’s voice came from her living room. I walked in, knees trembling. Susan was sitting on her couch, wearing a top that showed a little bit too much cleavage for my comfort and a rather short skirt. I felt like my head was about to explode. Her computer was at a small desk in the corner of the room, and wasn’t switched on, which was strange… “What’s wrong with the…?” I started, but Susan interrupted me. “I’m sorry sweetheart. I’m afraid I’ve lured you here under false pretences.” She smiled. I wasn’t sure how to react to that. Susan patted the couch next to her. “Why don’t you take a seat?” I’d almanbahis have been far more comfortable sitting opposite her, but not wanting her to know that, I gingerly sat down next to her, and then Susan dropped her bomb. “I know you’ve been watching me change, young lady.” I stared at her, open-mouthed. My world seemed to collapse around my head as my worst nightmare came true. Susan smiled at me, seeming to take pleasure in my torment. “Tell me Chloe, do you find me attractive?” She asked, forcefully. “I… I… I…” I babbled, desperately trying to make words. “Young lady, I suggest you answer me truthfully, unless you want your parents to find out that you’re a slutty lesbian pervert!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Would Susan really tell them that? Instead of asking her, I decided to reluctantly answer her question. “Yes…” I said, staring at my feet. Susan’s blackmail was doing nothing for my throbbing vagina. I was as horny as I’d been when I knocked on the door. Susan placed her hand on my trembling shoulder. “Well then… what do you suggest we do about it?” I spun around to face her, and she smiled at me suggestively. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Susan gently ran her hand along one of my legs. This was sheer torture! “Chloe, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be dominated by another woman?” “Y… yes… I suppose… it would be pretty good…” That was the biggest lie I had ever told. Susan had just described my ultimate fantasy. Almost all the porn I watched was kinky BDSM, and in all my fantasies, I was the one being bound and gagged, and having Susan whip me like an animal. “Well then…” Susan smiled. She reached into a small cabinet besides the sofa and leant back with a leather dog collar. “If you put this on, you’ll become mine for life.” I barely hesitated. Susan was holding my dream in the palm of her hand. I took the collar from her and fastened it around my neck. Susan broke into a wicked grin. “Well then.” She pointed to the carpet in front of her. “On your knees!” She barked. I couldn’t scramble to the floor fast enough. I knelt in front of Susan and she gently stroked my face. “I have a set of very strict rules for you, my pet. But before I explain them to you, I want you to go home, remove all your clothes, place your panties on the kitchen table, and return here.” I was immediately stuck between a rock and a hard place. I guessed that ‘Total obedience’ was one of Susan’s rules, but she had just told me to do something I couldn’t do! Before she could punish me for not immediately obeying her, I quickly said, “I’m not wearing any panties…” Susan beamed. “Good girl!” She stood up and walked around me. I knew better than to turn around to keep her in my sights. Suddenly, Susan pushed her hand down the back of my jeans. She cupped each of my little, naked ass cheeks and then reached down to stroke my soaking wet pussy. She withdrew her hand and reached around to my face. “Clean my fingers, slut.” She ordered. I obediently took her fingers in my mouth a sucked every drop of my cum off them. Once I was done, Susan pulled her fingers out. “Stand up and remove all your clothes, except the collar.” My heart raced as I stood up, removed my T-shirt and jeans, and stood in front of the woman of my dreams, stark nude. “Now, spread your legs and finger yourself until I come back, but don’t you dare cum!” I wasn’t sure if Susan realised what a difficult task she had given me. I felt like a gentle breeze could send an orgasm coursing through me at that point, but I didn’t dare disobey. I stood, with my legs spread apart, and gently eased three fingers into my dripping wet organ, while stroking my clit with my other hand. I began to push my fingers in and out of myself, desperately trying not to think about anything sexy. Satisfied, Susan left the room and left me to my torture. After what felt like hours of torment, Susan returned to the room with a Polaroid camera. She lifted it up and snapped a picture of me masturbating. As all the ideas of what Susan might do with that picture ran through my head, I was pushed over the edge. Moaning loudly, I collapsed to my knees and shuddered as my cum trickled down my legs and onto the carpet. I looked up at Susan, pleading her for mercy with my eyes. “Well, it looks like punishment is also on the to-do list, but first, since you’re too much of a slut to wear panties, I want you to take this picture back to your house and place it on the kitchen table. Don’t worry, if you’re a good little girl, and I don’t get held up punishing you too much, you’ll be home in time to retrieve it. And I’m not going to make you walk back naked, either.” She pulled me to my feet, reached down and forced what felt like a ball of string into my tight, damp hole, working it as far up as it would go with her middle finger. Then she took my left hand and covered my pussy with it, keeping the thing inside me. Susan lifted up her hand and I instinctively opened my mouth wide to suck my juices off her. Once I was done, she placed the photo in my free hand. “Once you’ve put the photo on your table, take that out of your pussy and put it on. Come straight back. If you take too long, you’ll be severely punished. Understand?” “Yes miss.” I immediately replied. When Susan didn’t say anything else, I took my queue to start almanbahis yeni giriş doing as she’d instructed. As I walked past her, she reached up and gave me a colossal slap on the ass that almost knocked me off my feet. “Th… thank you miss.” I said, and scurried towards her back door. As I stepped outside, a chill wind hit me and my nipples were immediately rock hard. I ran over to my house, as quickly as I could with something jammed into my pussy. My juices leaked out around it and between my fingers. With the hand holding the photograph of me wanking, I covered my nipples, more for warmth than privacy. On my left ass cheek, I felt a dull throbbing from where Susan had spanked me. I looked at the road on the other side of the gap between our houses as I passed. There were a fair few people on their way to work and school. I went through the gate and towards our house as fast as I could. As I ran into the kitchen, I looked at the photo in my hand. For a fleeting second, I considered throwing it away, but I didn’t dare, Susan would find out somehow. Then I considered throwing it away so Susan would punish me. I grinned mischievously as I thought about how Susan had slapped my ass on my way out and what a thrill it had been. I reminded myself that I was already going to be punished for cumming earlier, I didn’t want to overdo it. I put down the photo, and then reached into my sopping wet vagina with two fingers. What I gently eased out was a hot, pink thong. The lace was so thin it was practically dental floss! As I stepped into it and pulled it up, it occurred to me that it would never fit around Susan’s womanly hips. She must have bought it especially for me. It made me wonder what other preparations she had made. Wearing nothing but a thong, I ran back to Susan’s house, not daring to look towards the road this time. As I walked into her kitchen, I saw her waiting for me with a stern expression. In one hand, she held a hefty riding crop, in the other, a roll of duct tape. “Is… is everything okay?” I asked quietly. Susan’s expression suggested it wasn’t. She held out her hand. “Give me your thong and get on the table.” She said quietly. Dreading the worst, I stepped out of my cum-soaked thong and handed it to her, then sat on the edge of her large dining table. “Face down… spread eagled.” Susan corrected me. I quickly backed over to the middle of the table, turned around onto my belly and pointed my hands and feet at the corners. The table was so big, I didn’t even reach them. Susan walked around me. Taking each of my ankles, she wrapped the duct tape around them, and then wrapped the same piece around their respective table legs. She walked to the front of the table and did the same to my wrists, so I couldn’t move at all. I tried struggling, but sure enough, I was completely at her mercy. “Tell me young lady- did you hesitate to put my photograph on your kitchen table?” “N… no miss…” I lied, desperately hoping she’d believe me. “I was…” Susan promptly interrupted me by shoving the thong I’d been wearing into my mouth. She tucked every last string of it in, and then secured it with another piece of tape. “That’s enough.” She said. She walked out of my field of vision and, before I knew what was happening, I felt an explosion of pain as the riding crop was brought down onto my ass. SMACK! I screamed into the panties that were trickling cum down my throat. “So… as well as cumming without permission, we can add hesitating to do as you’re told and lying to the list of things to punish you for!” Unable to beg for forgiveness with my voice or my eyes, I simply braced myself for the next strike. SMACK! The second time hurt no less than the first. “Now, here are the rules to being my pet. First.” SMACK! I struggled desperately against my bonds, but it was no use. “I demand total and unconditional obedience at all times. If you do not obey me immediately and without question, you will be punished. Second.” SMACK! Tears streaked my face and my mouth was full of saliva and cum as I kept trying to scream. “You will never speak in my presence, unless I have ordered you to, or to thank me for anything I do for you, including this punishment.” I tried my best to scream my thanks through the panties in my mouth. “What’s that dear? Are you saying ‘thank you’?” I desperately nodded my head. SMACK! “I’m sorry sweetheart, I just can’t hear you.” I arched my back as much as I could, trying to ease the throbbing pain in my buttocks. Susan pushed me back down again with her free hand. “Third.” SMACK! “You are never again to call me ‘Susan’ from now on, I am Miss, Mistress, or, in front of your parents, Miss Pryce.” She gently stroked by pulsing, red cheeks and I dared to hope she was done. “Fourth.” SMACK! SMACK! “You are never to have a single hair on your pussy. You will buy an electric razor and shave yourself every day, as soon as you get up, before you do anything else. And finally…” I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the beating… but all that came was a gentle hand onto my burning cheeks. “You are no longer in control of your own orgasms. You will only cum when I make you cum, or if I give you express orders to cum. At no point are you to ask me for permission to pleasure yourself, and when I do tell you to pleasure yourself, it is not optional. Am I understood?” almanbahis giriş SMACK! I nodded quickly. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The last five strikes came one after the other, and without mercy. Having finally resigned myself to my punishment, I lay still and wept into my cum-soaked thong. I breathed a sigh of relief through my nose as I felt the tape being removed from my ankles and wrists. “Stand up, slut.” Susan ordered. I quickly got to my feet, shaking slightly as my feet hit the ground. I desperately wanted to stroke my ass and remove the thong from my mouth, but I knew better than to do either. Susan tore the tape away and reached into my mouth forcefully separating my lips with her fingers. I gagged slightly as Susan forced most of her hand into my mouth and pulled out the thong. “Thank you for punishing me miss!” I quickly said. “Good girl. Now get on your hands and knees.” I dropped to the tiled floor and stuck my little, crimson ass in the air. Susan walked to one of the kitchen draws and returned with a short leash for my collar. “Come on, whore.” She said, degrading me so casually as she attached the leash. “Let’s make you presentable.” Before I could imagine what that might mean, Susan strode through the house, completely unsympathetic of the fact that I was on my hands and knees. She pulled on the leash, choking me as I feebly struggled to crawl after her, like I was some filthy puppy who wasn’t cute enough to sit in her purse. She dragged me through the house’s main corridor, up the stairs and then kicked my sensitive ass, prompting me to crawl into her bathroom. “Bend over the bathtub and spread your legs.” Susan ordered, as casually as one might ask for salt at the dinner table. I smiled and did as I was told, like a good little whore. I would never get tired of being told what to do by Susan. I heard a squirting sound and the next second, felt shaving cream being generously applied to my pussy and legs. The buzz of an electric razor warned me in advance, before it invaded all my intimate areas. Having never shaved my pussy in my life, I could feel the difference as my thick bush was removed, one strip at a time. I stood like a statue, obediently letting my mistress shave every hair off my body. Then, she placed her hands on my still throbbing buttocks and pushed me roughly into the bathtub. Susan detached the showerhead and proceeded to hose me down with freezing cold water, and with her free hand, scrubbed every inch of my body with a coarse, sandpaper-like loofa. I was dragged out of the bath by the lead and plopped to the cold, tiled floor in a broken, exhausted mess. I was naked, disgraced, covered in goose bumps and not a single hair on my body. I dearly wished my mistress would just fuck me with a strap on and let me go, but I doubted that would happen. Susan pulled my leash upwards. “Oh your feet.” She ordered. After I complied, my mistress slapped my ass, herding me from the room and into the corridor. Ever guided my mistresses hand, as it repeatedly struck my quivering cheeks, I went back downstairs and into the kitchen. As I stood obediently in the middle of the room, Susan retrieved a pair of black bin bags from under the sink and pushed them into my arms. “Go back to your bedroom and fill one of these bags with all of your bras, and fill the other with all of your panties and sex toys. Bring the panties back, but throw your bras away, you won’t need them anymore.” That was an order I was reluctant to obey. While bringing all of my panties to Susan in a bag was an exciting prospect, my bras were expensive! And even though, as I mentioned, I didn’t have much on my chest that needed supporting, they kept my nipples from rubbing against my tops or being visible to those around me when I dressed light. “Mistress…” I started, but immediately realised I had broken a rule by speaking without permission, and bit my tongue. I braced myself for punishment, but to my surprise, my mistress gently took my hands. “Pet…” She said, gently but accusingly. “Bras are for women with tits, like these!” Without warning, Susan placed my open palms on her massive globes. I went weak at the knees and almost started drooling, as my fingers tensed around her firm, supple flesh. As quickly as it started though, my hands were pulled away. “Now do as you’re told.” Susan said, still unsettlingly gentle, as she unclipped the leash from my collar. Not wanting to push my luck by speaking again, I nodded silently, picked up the bin bags where I’d dropped them, and ran naked from Susan’s house for the second time. Far worse than punishment, I realised that Susan had shown me what a brainless whore I was. Even though I had objections, I was prepared to do whatever I was told, if it meant a couple of seconds of touching her boobs. I dreaded to think what she would make me do when I was allowed to see her naked up close. Walking through my kitchen, naked, I was reminded of the picture on the table, which my parents would see if I didn’t get permission to retrieve it once Susan was done with me. I raced upstairs with renewed urgency and opened my underwear draw. The bras I filled the first bag with were unremarkable and virtually indistinguishable, except for colour. My panties, however, ranged from plain, comfortable ones, to skimpy lingerie I had bought for myself, to feel sexy. Ironically, when I wore them out, I usually imagined I had been ordered to, by Miss Price. At the bottom of the draw, were several pairs of tiny panties I hadn’t worn since I was a kid, and just hadn’t thrown away yet.

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