Good Girl Grace – Chapter One


“Good morning, Dr. Miller,” I said to my favorite professor as I walked into the History class with my group of friends. “Morning, Grace,” he murmured back, keeping his head buried in his laptop. He was always taking his job so seriously. Gosh, I admired him. Unaware that I was intensely watching him work until he looked up and gave me a sweet half smile, showing me his pearly whites. I blushed as my heart skipped a beat, quickly, I looked down and tried to act like I was studying. He waltzed over to me and started to hand out the test. “You all know the drill. You have one and a half hours to complete this test. It’s, once again, over the Great Depression. Please get out your number two….” I zoned out. Wow! He was so handsome! He had to be at least 6’3 and spend most of his free time at the gym. His luscious brown almanbahis şikayet hair that was longer on the top then it was on the sides, nicely trimmed facial hair that always looked ruggedly scruffy. Dr. Miller had perfect crystal blue eyes and chiseled features. Nice abs, arms, and a very sculpted jaw… All the girls on campus oogled over him. In their favor he did always look like a model. He actually pulled off the hipster glasses. Like, who does that? Always well dressed, though, I guess it is part of the job. I couldn’t stop staring. “Grace! Get your stuff together! You have a test to take and if you dare get less than a “B” you know Mom and Dad will decrease your allowance.” I yelled to myself in my head. “One hour left,” mumbled the dapper professor. Of course, him speaking brought my train almanbahis canlı casino of thought all scrambled again. How long had I thought about him. A whole half an hour. I looked down at the test waiting for my brain to make sense of the words. I had been non-stop studying for the past two days for this exam. The first one read, “What was “Black Tuesday”?” I drew a blank. I should know this! I muscled through the exam and not really knowing what I was putting down. My left hand wandered down to my chubby thigh and I lightly pet it, trying to calm myself down. The petting worked for a while until I felt like I was being watched. My head snapped up and I briefly saw the marvelous Dr. Miller himself looking at me. He suddenly looked down at his computer. My mind derailed again but then I thought that almanbahis casino if he could have saw me the other twenty plus students may have saw as well. I was horrified. Blushing big time I complete my test and double check it, making sure that I filled the whole thing out. I had finished a little early, he had just called fifteen more minutes. Most of my peers were quickly scribbling things down but I started to stroke my thigh again but more of my inner thigh. This time I close my eyes and get a little bold and rubbed my panty clad just a bit. I open my eyes to see my professor starring again, this time his eyes don’t adjust. I believe he was too entertained to stop. I rub my thigh a little rougher through my black leggings while watching his reaction. His eyes got a little bigger while he bit down on his full bottom lip. I stopped and he slowly looked up. Running his eyes over university tee and cardigan until he sees my bashful face with my rosey red cheeks. He forces out a gruff, “Five minutes.” I smile at him and decide to look over my test one last time.

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