Fun on New Year’s Eve


It’s only been two days and the feeling hasn’t gone away; every pleasure filled grunt and moan, the sensation of his hot breath on my neck…it’s all still with me in full force. It’s only been two days, and yet I’ve still found myself breaking down and sneaking off to take care of my wanton desires every few hours, each time the memories permeate my mind.

Literotica, you’ve been so kind to me, and now I feel I finally have a story worth giving back. I hope you enjoy~


A few months back my firm hired someone new to my floor, we’ll call him Chris. Chris is a tad younger than me, a fresh faced young lawyer with short, jet black hair and dazzling blue eyes. He has an almost-arrogant charisma, and a smile that melts even the iciest of hearts.

At first, Chris paid little mind to me…we didn’t have much work together, and other than the occasional nod and smile we rarely conversed…until one day, when the partners brought in lunch for our floor and we just so happened to find ourselves sitting next to each other. We hit it off, discussing work, television shows, our favorite books, fitness routines…typical co-worker conversation. Though there was something more, the way our eyes locked, the smiles we gave off. I think we both knew there was a connection.

That day was the beginning of a long, fruitless-feeling game of cat and mouse. Almost every interaction thereafter oozed with sexual tension, lip biting and nervous, butterfly-fueled glances. He would often find excuses to touch me while we talked, be it brushing my bangs from my face, or plucking lint from my sweater. But it never went anywhere…after all, the HR nightmare that would ensue was potentially career damaging.

And so it was, nothing more than a few 20 somethings flirting away, aimlessly. I have no shame in admitting that he started to invade my fantasies…late at night, curled up in bed as I pleasured myself, thinking of all of the vile and naughty things I would do with him if I just had the chance. But there was no chance, and for now, my battery-operated boyfriend would have to do… at least it wouldn’t be jealous of me crying out someone else’s name!

Fast forward to Wednesday night…New Year’s Eve, 2014. One of the partners decided to throw an absolutely massive party, and just about everyone from the firm was in attendance…including Chris, of course.

Now before this gets good I suppose I should preface with a little bit about me and my…interests. almanbahis I am by no means shy, or inexperienced. In fact, many may call me an outright slut, and I’m definitely okay with that. In my time spent finding my sexual identity, I’ve grown to have an enormous appreciation of anal sex. I can honestly say I spend a good 75% of my life with my ass stuffed with a nice, thick glass plug. Shopping, going to the gym, even often at work. I find excitement in the perversion, carrying on a conversation with someone that has no idea what’s going on between my legs. That said, this party was no exception.

Back to the party…much of the night was spent sending flirtatious glances in his direction, sipping at my drinks and stuffing my face with various appetizers. After midnight most of the partygoers had either left for home or funneled out into the back patio, leaving just a few of us inside. I excused myself, and set off for the restroom. I could feel his eyes on me the whole time, and couldn’t help but grin like an idiot.

While I was looking over my makeup, I heard a small, quiet knock on the door…”Just a minute!” I called out. And then the door opened, just enough for him to slip in, pushing it closed as he leaned back against it. My cheeks must have been burning the deepest shade of crimson, and I couldn’t help but stand there in awkward silence as he moved toward me. He just smiled that warm, soul-melting smile, and moved his hands to my hips, pushing me back up against the sink, and leaned in for a kiss.

As soon as his lips pressed mine all apprehension was gone. My lips played across his in a lust filled dance, my tongue slipping between them to graze sensually across his own, tasting and teasing. My hands roamed, caressing his smooth cheeks, down to his shoulders, and I couldn’t help but wrap my nylon-clad legs around his waist, pulling him to me as I sat up on the vanity.

What had been mere minutes felt like hours, and his lips had moved down to my neck, my hands running through his hair as he nibbled at my ivory flesh, his tongue gently flicking at my skin. My hand had moved down, my fingers delicately tracing along the outline of that thick shaft tucked away behind his slacks. I couldn’t help but chew at my lip, my hand moving to try my best to grip him, giving a few slow, deliberate pumps along his length.

He took the hint, a knowing, coy smile curled across his lips as he pulled away. He grabbed my wrist, turning me around with almanbahis yeni giriş my heels flat on the floor, and pushed my chest over the sink. I tried to watch in the mirror, but lost him as he sunk down to his knees, pulling my skirt up and over my round, pale ass. I could feel his hot breath on my cheeks, biting and kissing at my skin as he worked his way down lower. When he pulled my thong to the side, I could tell just how surprised he was as he laid eyes on the pink glass plug stuffed into my tight backside.

He paused, and I almost felt embarrassed…until he gave the flared base a little tug, before patting it back in. He never said a word, instead he put his mouth to work in other ways, and I was greeted with the sensation of a warm, wet tongue slipping between my folds. And my God was it something to behold, the feeling of that warm tongue nuzzling deep inside of me, only to be pulled out as he lapped the tip against my sensitive little clit. It didn’t take long before my legs were clenching shut, my eyes fluttering closed as I couldn’t help but have my first orgasm, biting down into my own forearm to keep myself from crying out.

He waited for my legs to stop shaking before he stood up…I could see him in the mirror behind me now, that same cocky grin on his face, his chin glistening with my juices. His hands found their way to my ass, kneading and squeezing away as we had a small-talk discussion about protection, and a moment later I heard the unbuckling of his belt.

I started to turn, full well ready to return the favor but he stopped me, pulling my wrists behind my back and pushing me against the sink. I could feel his fingers push inside of me, just for a moment… only to be replaced by the feeling of his thick cockhead against my folds. He asked a simple “Ready?”, and I couldn’t muster more than meek nod.

He was gentle…slow, even. I never got to see his cock but it felt just perfect, not needlessly large or unfortunately small. He took his time with me, sinking in inch by inch until I could feel his entire length buried inside. And that’s when things took a bit of a different turn…I felt him tugging at my plug, slowly prying it free. He set it next to me on the sink, and ran his hand up through my hair, pulling me back into a kiss.

He left his cock hilted inside of me while we kissed for a moment, and as he pulled away he gave me that smile, and in the plainest, most sincere tone he simply asked “Can I fuck your almanbahis giriş ass?”…and I couldn’t help but giggle. I gave a nod, and pressed my lips to his just a moment more as I felt him slide his cock from my pussy.

The toy had done a good job of getting me prepared, and given how absolutely soaked my thighs were I knew my cunt had lubed up his cock quite nicely. He didn’t waste much time, seconds later I could feel my tight little pucker yielding to that thick tip, and with a little spit he was able to ease the head inside. One of his hands found its way around and under my sweater, beneath my bra to cup and squeeze my breast, the other spreading my ass apart as he started to sink in deeper.

He worked himself in slow, until I could feel his smooth balls resting up against my sopping wet pussy, every inch of his shaft stuffed deep into my body. I took a moment to adjust to his size before giving a nod, and he started to slowly thrust his hips. I couldn’t help but moan, and he stifled my cries with another intense kiss as he started to pump deeper into me, each thrust faster and harder than the last. It didn’t take long for him to stretch me open for a proper pounding, his balls slapping up against me with each deep, hard thrust. I could feel almost his entire length sinking in and out, his breathing growing ragged with each pump, my tight little pucker stretching across his thick shaft.

What felt like hours had been maybe 5 minutes, and I could tell he was close…he started to slow down, to draw out, but I knew that wouldn’t do…I wanted to feel his cum inside of me, to know it was my body that got him off. I stopped him…and his face lit up like a kid on Christmas. He pushed my down in the sink, stancing my legs a bit further apart as he grabbed my hips, and started to hammer away at my ass, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room as he drove his cock into my snug tunnel. I looked back over my shoulder, begging and pleading for him to cum, to fill me up, and he did just that, hilting himself all the way in my ass as he started to gasp and groan, flooding my hole with a warm, sticky torrent of cum. He gave a few more slow, teasing thrusts before pulling out. He took the plug, stuffing it back into my cumfilled asshole and giving it a little pat before pulling his pants back up.

He gave me another soft kiss, but didn’t say a word before returning to the party. I used a different door. I thought for sure we had been gone for ages and everyone would notice, but it hadn’t even been 15 minutes!

I hope we can get together again soon.


Thank you for reading! I hope you all liked it. 🙂 Here’s hoping for a round two…maybe I’ll share that as well!

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