For Charity

Ass Smack

“And this is for charity?” Nicole asked, seeking clarification.

“Absolutely,” Darren assured her. “Every cent that’s earned goes straight to your favorite charity, as agreed.”

“So only the proceeds that remain after you’ve paid the bills for the venue, the food, the drinks, and the staff actually go to the charity I’ve selected?”

“Oh no, not at all. The venue has been offered, free of charge. The caterer is supplying the food and drink gratis, in order to be seen and experienced by the participants. They are, after all, quite wealthy patrons, since the entrance fee has been set at $5,000 per person. Being known to them is sure to drum up more catering business. And the serving staff are coming from a vocational school as part of their work/study arrangement. So all the monies taken in are free and clear for the charity.”

Nicole looked impressed. “You’ve really worked hard to set this up, I can see. But why would people pay so much for attending an art exhibition? I know you referred to it as an ‘experiential interactive art exhibition’ whatever that means specifically. You said you’d give me more details if I indicated that I’m interested. Well, I am – so what are the details?”

Darren knew he’d had to tread lightly now. He cleared his throat a little nervously. “Your nude body would be on display as a work of art.”

Nicole was a little shocked, but not surprised. In the past, she’d modeled for life drawing classes, and many times she’d been nude before those groups. Her shoulder-length dark auburn hair, and sparkling green eyes caught people’s attentions in more public and social settings, but in the art classes, things were different. There, the participants probably focused more on her generous but firm breasts, with their russet areolae and prominent nipples. Their eyes most likely wandered down across her taut, flat tummy, over her mound and came to rest on her pussy lips.

Early in life, Nicole had discovered she liked having a smooth mound and labia, completely devoid of pubic hair, and she’d kept it that way to this day. She actually enjoyed the look of surprise on the faces of the art students when she took off her robe before them for the first time. She’d discovered she had a deep streak of exhibitionism, so when she felt their gaze focused on her pussy, it excited her. Sometimes it excited her so much that she began leaking her aromatic sexual juices onto her thighs. Holding her pose, there wasn’t anything she could do about those trickles. But it amused her to notice who in the class blushed and avoided looking there, and who spent more time staring at the glistening fluids.

Needless to say, being nude wouldn’t be a problem for her. But still she felt compelled to ask, “So would I be the only nude person in a roomful of elegantly dressed people?”

“Oh no. Two other young women have already agreed to be exhibits,” Darren hastened to explain.

“OK, so that sort of covers the ‘art exhibition’ part of the event’s title,” Nicole stated. “But what do the words ‘experiential interactive’ indicate?”

“Errr… ummm…” Darren stalled as he tried to choose his next words carefully. “Ahhh… you do enjoy sex, don’t you, Nicole?”

She blushed a little. “Well, yes… I do… but what does that have to do with… oh my god!” Her eyelids flew up out of sight. “You mean someone is going to ‘interact’ with me… sexually? And that means they will experience having sex with me? That’s what those words mean? You must be joking!” She crossed her arms across her chest, either defensively or defiantly.

Darren figured he’d better not obfuscate. “S… s… sorry – I’m not joking. Y… y… yes, sex is involved,” he stammered. “But the participants will be screened for health ahead of time, and they’ll wear condoms, if you require it.”

Rather than dismiss the entire enterprise out of hand, Nicole decided to think it over. Wisely, Darren didn’t press her for an answer, seeing that she was deep in thought. She was remembering how she’d felt while posing nude. That thrill from being on display – and yes, from being ogled and admired. Even though she was keenly aware of what she perceived as flaws in her own body, she knew that others openly expressed how desirable she was. And now she was being offered a chance to be put on display, and admired as a work of art. This appealed to her deep streak of exhibitionism.

“But this time it’s not just posing,” she mused. “If I do this, someone will be having sex with me… maybe a few people will. And in public! Well, not actually in public. Darren is describing a private event for charity. So not just anyone will be walking into the venue. And every single one of them will be paying $5,000 to that charity. I suppose in one evening we three women on display could earn $100,000 or maybe even $150,000 for that worthy cause, depending on how many people attend.”

Those were Nicole’s private thoughts as she tried to rationalize herself into accepting. But subconsciously, her body was already reacting almanbahis şikayet to the imagined scene. Her inner kinky sex goddess was leaping for joy! The thought of being on display and having people watch her getting fucked set her heart thumping madly. If her partner was good enough, maybe the observers would witness her in orgasm. She didn’t want to appear too eager, though. Trying to get her heart and breathing rate back under control, she stated, “I don’t know, Darren.” She watched him squirm a little, but then tossed him a lifeline. “But after all, it’d be for a good cause, and the money that the charity earns will be quite beneficial. And I have to consider all those people donating not only things but their own efforts to make this a success. Given all that, it would be petty of me to refuse, I guess… so… OK, I’ll do it.”

The relief on Darren’s face was almost comical. He impulsively gave her a warm hug, saying, “Thank you, thank you, Nicole. That’s wonderful!” However, he didn’t quite look her in the eye as he added, “Umm.. just checking… you do like anal sex, right?”

Suppressing a smile, she said frostily, “You’re really skating on thin ice now, Darren.” She crossed her arms, put what she hoped would be a disapproving expression on her face and stated, “So you’re telling me that the exhibition would consist of people having anal sex with me?”

He didn’t know it, but Nicole actually enjoyed anal sex. She liked the freedom from the possibility of pregnancy, and she liked how nasty and salacious it made her feel. Add to that the fact that she felt mildly humiliated offering a man her back door, and she usually managed to cum, even without vaginal stimulation. She just wanted to see how he’d respond.

He actually blushed, both his cheeks flaming. “Errr… yes. But not just with you – remember there’ll be two other women there as well.”

“That well may be, but it’d be my ass on the line, you know… literally,” she rebutted.

He was looking desperate. He knew the other two were already committed to taking part. But if he couldn’t convince Nicole, who’d be the ‘star attraction’ of the exhibit, he knew things would go badly, if the evening even managed to go forward at all. “But Nicole, we’re trying to get these wealthy patrons to open their checkbooks. And not only are they willing to pay $5,000 each just to attend the exhibit – in addition, if someone wants to ‘experiential interact’ as it were, they have to pay an additional $10,000 to do so.”

Mentally, Nicole thought, “Wow! And if all three of us women get maybe 5 takers each, the contribution total will add up profoundly. What a nice idea. And I get some thrilling butt fucking at the same time!” Her inner kinky goddess was doing back-flips of ecstasy. But she answered with the calm voice of a martyr, prepared to accept her fate. “Well, since you put it like that, I guess I can endure one evening of such a performance.”

Darren was overjoyed. It was going to happen! He’d now gotten over the main hurdles, and she’d agreed. “I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you’ll do this, Nicole.” He gave her another warm hug as they fixed the date and time for her appearance.

Time flew by for Darren as he made preparations for the evening, confirming reservations with the patrons, seeing that the venue was prepared, discussing the catering, and making sure the three displays were being built properly. On the other hand, time dragged by for Nicole, since she was looking forward to the event with panty-soaking anticipation. For a couple of days before the actual event, she switched from solid foods to liquids, and did everything possible to make certain her back passage would be clean as a whistle. If anyone was inclined toward anilingus before the actual anal penetration, she wanted her back passage to be delectable.

Ultimately, the evening in question arrived. Nicole made certain that her whole sexual region was devoid of hair and stubble, reveling in its smooth feel. She wore only a simple sun dress and sandals, figuring it would make it a lot easier to get undressed and dressed again. Also, lack of underwear prevented any distracting elastic marks on her skin… something she remembered from being an art model. At the venue, Darren introduced her to Erin and Vicki, the other volunteers for the evening. They looked familiar to Nicole, because on display at the entrance were professionally commissioned head and shoulders photographs of all three women. She looked around. The venue looked suitably elegant, and the catering staff was busy setting up sparkling glassware and plates in preparation for serving delicious food and drinks.

“The guests will be arriving soon,” Darren informed the three women. “So, if you’ll remove your garments, we’ll get you set up.”

Nicole thought about asking, “What? No changing room? Just strip off here in the middle of the floor with the catering staff moving in and out?” But then she mentally shrugged, since in all probability a whole lot of people almanbahis canlı casino would view her naked… and worse… so what did it matter if the catering staff got a gander at her too? She slipped off her sandals and took off the sundress, folding it. Vicki and Erin took a little bit longer with their clothes, but soon all three of them were nude.

Darren next took them to see the display devices, impressive tall wooden structures which looked very sturdy indeed. On the side they were facing, they observed a large hole with a frame around it. The edges of the hole were lined with soft leather or rubber. Above that hole was a framed image of one of the women, identical to those displayed at the entrance. This obviously indicated the model that would be on that device. Nicole’s picture was displayed on the closest one.

“So am I sticking my head out of that hole, or something?” she asked.

“No. You’ll be sitting on the bottom edge of the hole, with your butt sticking out of it,” he explained.

Erin giggled. “So our butts will be framed below our pictures? Golly that seems kinky as hell!”

“Yes. They’ll be works of art and they’ll be lovely, I’m sure,” Darren averred. “We’ll even give them a light spray of oil to make them gleam in the room lights.”

“You mean we’ll have to sit, balanced on the edge of that hole all evening?” Vicki asked. “We’ll get tired and fall off!”

“You can’t fall backward, since your backs will be braced against the wood above the opening, where your picture is hanging,” he replied.

“But we might fall forward if we get tired,” Nicole stated.

“We’ve prepared for that, too, Nicole. Can I help you onto yours, and show you?”

A little mystified, she followed him around to the far side of her device. The other two women opted to stay facing it, obviously wanting to see what her butt would look like when she was seated. They didn’t have long to wait.

Nicole was fully focused on the hole for her butt as Darren gently took her by her shoulders and backed her to the opening. There was a small step to help her lift up to a sitting height, and she gingerly sat on the rim, wiggling a little to ease her butt back a little farther. Darren was now holding her hands to steady her, raising them up above her head. It was at that point that she felt a band of leather encircling her right wrist and heard a soft ratcheting sound. She looked up and was shocked to see that the leather was a lining for a handcuff that was now locked on her wrist. She was still staring in disbelief as Darren locked her left wrist in the same manner.

“See? You’re in no danger of falling, once I make this final adjustment,” he promised. Attached to the cuffs were chains bolted to the top center of the device. Those chains were loose, until he raised a few links and looped them over a prominent hook. Nicole was indeed pinned against the padding that covered the back of the device from the top of the hole, upward. Moments later, she was even more secure as Darren carefully bound her ankles into foot stirrups that allowed her to rest her feet, but were placed such that her knees were held wide apart.

From behind her, Nicole heard Erin say, “Your ass really looks great like this, Nicole. Not only is your cute puckered ass hole fully exposed – your ass is sticking out enough that all of your pussy is on display and available, as well.” Her two new friends giggled, and Nicole blushed, imagining what that must look like.

“Come and see how you’ll all be restrained for this event,” Darren invited.

As Vicki and Erin came into view their eyes widened in surprise and they gasped, seeing Nicole bound in place. There was a moment of utter silence. Then Vicki exclaimed, “God, that looks so hot! Do me next! Please, I want to be next!”

In response, Darren unlocked the wheels of Vicki’s device and rotated it so that both Nicole and Erin could watch. The device moved easily and silently, but when the wheels were locked again it was completely immobile. In just a few minutes, Vicki was seated in her hole, and cuffed and chained into place. Erin was eagerly standing by her device now, and helped Darren rotate it. As she was being bound into place, Vicki whispered, “I think my pussy is already drooling. Being exhibited like this, I’m so turned on that I can hardly believe it.”

“Show Nicole what Vicki’s ass looks like, Darren. She hasn’t seen the results yet,” Erin reminded him.

He unlocked and swiveled Vicki’s device around, and even wheeled her closer to Nicole’s. Nicole stared at Vicki’s butt, framed beautifully in that opening. Her puckered opening and pouty pussy lips were quite evident. The result was truly a mouth-watering work of art, somehow enhanced by the droplets of pussy juice moistening her intimate slit. “You’re right, Darren,” Nicole whispered. “If my ass looks even half as good as that, I’m happy.”

Darren moved closer to her. “If anything, Nicole, yours is twice as magnificent,” he whispered softly in a almanbahis casino conspiratorial manner. Louder, he said, “If you think that looks good, watch this.” He produced a spray bottle of oil and spritzed Vicki’s butt, then smeared it out into an even sheen, now displaying an eye-catching gleaming surface. The contact of his hand on her bottom made Vicki giggle, and caused temporary goosebumps to appear. As they faded away, a single larger droplet of pussy juice emerged from her slit… momentarily clinging to it by a clear sticky strand of the fluid… then detached and plummeted to the floor. Nicole was amazed at how erotic that sight had been.

Darren proceeded to apply the oil to Erin’s ass, and then to Nicole’s. She wasn’t certain, but it seemed to her that he’d spent more time running his hands all over her exposed flesh than he had with the other two women. “And did he spend that much time carefully oiling their pussy lips? He certainly made sure that every possible millimeter of mine were lubed!” she thought, mentally panting with need. “Since he didn’t have the gentlemanly decency to fuck me, I wish he’d at least have fingered me to orgasm!”

But Darren was now busy wheeling them into place, since the guests would be arriving soon. They ended up side by side, facing away from the main doors. Nicole was in the center, with Vicki to her left and Erin to her right. Given the way they were bound in place, she could easily see the other women’s faces, upper torsos and breasts, and legs.

“Just a couple of final touches,” Darren said, coming into view with two of the venue staff. Each was carrying a wide leather strap. He came close to Nicole and attached one end of the strap to a hook fixed into the wood at almost waist level. Passing the strap across her lower torso, he attached its other end to another hook, the strap now securing her lower torso in place on the device. Nicole assumed the other two women were being given the same treatment.

She was so busy looking down at this new strap that she failed to notice Darren producing a ball gag from his pocket. When its ball suddenly touched her lips, her eyes crossed looking down, trying to see what it was, and her mouth opened in an ‘O’ of surprise. In a flash, the ball was blocking her mouth, her teeth softly biting it. She made a sound of confusion and possible protest at this unexpected development. She heard similar sounds from either side of her.

Darren stepped back a little. “Ladies, ladies, please calm down while I explain.” The protest sounds faded away. “Thank you. You know the patrons will be viewing you as works of art. But not just your posteriors. They’ll also be coming around to this side to view your fronts as well. And this kinky bondage display will undoubtedly ramp up their libidos, resulting in more ‘experiential interaction’ and more funds for the charity. You all want that, don’t you?”

There must have been grudged nodding to his question, because he said, “Wonderful. And therefore we’re going to enhance this side as well. Gentlemen, please proceed.” The two men of the venue staff started spritzing oil on the fronts of their bodies, using hands to smooth out the sheen. If they spent more time rubbing the women’s tits… well… they were only human.

Since he still had their attention, he continued his explanation. “You all agreed that you’re willing to have sex with the participants, even anally. And they will have to pay handsomely for that privilege – more for anal sex, of course. And if anyone just wishes to finger you, or play with your breasts, they’ll have to pay for those things, as well. Now the ball gags are part of the erotic presentation, adding a touch of kinky lewdness. But they’ll make it difficult for you to communicate with us. So, one of the staff will always be on this side, watching carefully, and there are two signals you can use if you need to communicate.”

They looked at him with full attention now. “The patrons are sophisticated members of society, so we doubt they’ll do anything outrageous. But, if you need something to stop immediately signal by raising the middle finger only on both your hands. Please do that now, to show me you understand.” Six hands quickly gave the vulgar ‘fuck you’ gesture. “Perfect,” he said, smiling. “And if you really truly need to talk to me or one of the staff make a circle on each hand by curving your thumb and index finger together. Please show me that sign now.” As they did so, he pointed out, “That mimics the shape of the ball in your gags, and we’ll release the ball gag so you can speak to us. But please only use that in an emergency. You’ll also be given short breaks for recovery time, and fluids and food if you need them.”

Erin must’ve made the ball gag signal, because Darren walked over and loosened her gag. “Yes, Erin?”

“I’d just like that guy to come back and oil my tits again… and spend a lot more time doing it!”

There were chuckles around the room as Darren re-fastened Erin’s ball gag. The other two women were making muffled sounds of mirth as best they could. As Daren stepped back, he said, “Erin, I’ll have to assume your tits will get a lot more polishing as the evening proceeds.” He paused briefly. Signaling the staff member, he stated, “But, just in case…”

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