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My name is Julius Brown. I have this dilemma. It’s kind of a craving, if you will. I am a six-foot-six, athletic, fairly good-looking Black gentleman living in Iowa. I am the Patrol Supervisor for the Police Department of the town of Grand Vapid, which is home to only three thousand people. It’s a small town where everybody knows everybody. The Grand Vapid Police Department only has one hundred police officers, thirty of which are policewomen. I like my job. Fighting crime ( there is hardly any) in Middle America. I get bored most of the time. The only crime that occurs in Grand Vapid is littering, and that’s not really my department. The dilemma I have has nothing to do with my job as a policeman. However, it does involve some of my sexual proclivities and how I went about indulging them.

I’m going to put this as plainly as I can. I’m a man who likes large women. All colors and social backgrounds are welcome. Skinny chicks need not apply. I don’t know why. Anyway, there I was with this chick named Kory Anne Sanders. She’s around five feet ten inches tall, white-skinned and plump, with large breasts, wide hips and a wide waistline. Kory is the daughter of William Sanders, the Chief of Police. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Sounds risky. However, the Chief won’t bother me. Not unless he wants me to reveal to his wife Michelle almanbahis that he likes to suck cock once in a great while. Yeah, the Chief of Police was a bisexual man. I caught him with Todd Jenkins, one of the local thugs. Jenkins has a reputation for being vicious and evil. He’s also an arsonist. I guess we can add bisexual con artist to his list of accomplishments and vices. I’ll keep banging his fat slut of a daughter and there’s nothing he can do about it. His wife Michelle Johnson Sanders is also the county judge, so you know he’ll get screwed in a divorce.

Kory is a very cute chubby woman. She always does as she’s told. I like that in a woman. Presently, she was sucking on my ten-inch black cock like her life depended on it. I smiled as she knelt before me, worshiping at my altar. She’s a lot of fun. She sucked my cock and licked my asshole. I love it when she did that. Once she got done sucking me, I told her to get on her hands and knees and show me that butt hole of hers. I’ve read somewhere that the bigger the woman, the tighter the asshole. It’s a theory which I’ve proven to be true. My penchant for anally inclined large women has enabled me to explore this fetish many times. Kory is one of my favorites. This big woman loved taking it in the ass. I gently pressed my cock against Kory’s asshole and pushed it inside. almanbahis yeni giriş She gasped as my cock slid up her asshole. I laughed and smacked her hot booty. I rammed my cock into her butt hole. There’s something special about a big woman’s asshole. Not only is it tighter but it’s also wonderful around my dick. It massages the dick gently as you penetrate it. I especially love to fuck big women who are anal virgins. They are always nervous about getting a huge cock up their assholes but in the end, most of them love it. If you’re living with a big woman, I urge you to fuck her in the ass. It might just turn out to be the most fun thing you’ve ever done. Trust me, I know what I speak of.

Kory howled as I rammed my cock into her anal cavity like the commanding general of a large army invading enemy territory. I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back. I never get tired of doing that. She must really be into anal for she spread her plump butt cheeks even wider, giving my cock even greater access into her tight backdoor. I flipped her on her back, so that I may look into her eyes as I fucked her in the ass. I looked into Kory’s eyes. They were widened and almost fearful as I rammed my cock into her sweet asshole. Doubtlessly, no one had ever fucked her like this before. I reached with almanbahis giriş my hand and dipped my fingers into her pussy. She smiled. I slowly inserted my entire fist into her pussy and her eyes grew even wider. I grinned and continued to pump my cock into her butt hole. Kory’s asshole was incredibly elastic. It could stretch to accommodate almost any size of cock. That’s why I like her so much, I think. I drilled my cock into her asshole, stretching it to the max. Then I came, sending my hot manly seed deep inside her. Kory howled as my hot cum flooded her asshole. I grinned. Her screams are and always will be music to those ears of mine.

Later, I experimented with her some more. I slowly inserted my fist into her asshole. Kory’s eyes widened like saucers. She was a strong woman, though, and didn’t scream as her asshole got stretched and penetrated. I sank my fist deeper into her asshole, like I had done with her pussy earlier. Her asshole was tight, even after I fucked it with my dick. Kory screamed as I went in deeper. I continued to manually explore her asshole until I reached bottom and could go no further. Slowly, I pulled out. Kory’s ass was now a gaping hole. It was a wonderful thing to see.
I spat inside, and she grinned at me. I love this woman. Not only was she big and beautiful but she also sucked cock and took it up the ass like a pro. They don’t make women like her anymore. Remind me to take her someplace nice one of these days. I’m thinking a fancy restaurant or something. I could fuck her during bathroom breaks. Sounds good? Let me know.

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