Does Size Matter


Well most women would say no, but when you are my size I would have to say yes it does matter. You see I’m not exactly small, my cock is around 8 inches long and around an inch in diameter, a nice size I hear you say, but that’s 8 inches before being erect. When I’m erect, it is usually around 10 – 12 inches, though when I’m super excited it can measure up to 14 inches and a diameter of around 2 1/2 inches.

Now having a big cock may seem to be everyman’s dream, but believe me it isn’t. I don’t get much action from the ladies as my size scares some women off completely, they won’t even attempt to try and slide my monster inside them.

Most women I have dated have tried but never managed to get all of me inside them. Let me tell you, that is as frustrating for me as much as it is for them. Obviously I’ve never managed to get a decent blow job either.

Living in a small rural town, my predicament was known to all that lived there. Not that I cared, I’m rather thick skinned, so any comments or remarks just washed over me. Many girls from the town had dated me mainly because they wanted to see my cock for themselves, obviously believing it to be some kind of myth. Once I confirmed the size to them, they usually moved on to someone else. I was resigned to a life of sexual disappointment until I met Julie.

Julie was the daughter of the landlord of the local pub. 22, dark haired, tall, a size 14, she was quiet and seemed pretty intelligent. Her good looks attracted a lot of attention from the local lads, but she never seemed to date any of them on a regular basis.

One evening I was sat at the bar on my own, with only my drink to keep me company. Julie was working behind the bar while her parents were away for the night at a friend’s wedding. Leaning over the bar towards me, she asked, “Is it true then?”

Having heard this question a number of times I knew exactly what she was referring to. “Yes it is,” I replied, rather solemnly.

“Hmm, I’m not sure I believe you.”

“Believe me Julie, It’s true. It’s too big for anyone to handle.”

“Well maybe not everyone. Perhaps you’ve not met the right person yet,” she said rather coyly.

“Do you fancy a challenge then?” I asked.

“Maybe. I’m closing up shortly, why don’t you wait around until after closing time?”

An hour later, Julie had closed the bar and I helped her to clean up. Pouring us a couple of large drinks she headed through the back of the bar and up the stairs. “Come on, switch the lights off on your way past,” she said.

I followed her into the living accommodation, which was a little dated but functional. We sat down on the settee and sipped our drinks. “I can’t wait any longer,” she said, “I’ve got to see it.” Putting her drink down she leaned over to my trousers and undid them. I helped her to pull them and my underwear down and off my legs.

“My god. It’s true. That’s one hell of a cock.”

“That’s nothing yet, you should see him when he’s excited.”

“Hmm, ok then,” she said leaning forward and taking me into her mouth.

Julie certainly had a wide mouth and had no trouble taking most of my soft cock, until I touched the back of her mouth. The sensations on my cock started to get me excited and I could feel the blood starting to flow and the expansion start to take place. Julie took my cock out then pushed it back in until I hit the back of her mouth again, this time though she gagged a little and pushed forward even more, taking me into the top of her throat.

This was a new sensation for me, nobody had yet managed to get so much of my cock into their mouth, but Julie was determined to get more in. She pulled off my cock, which I guess was now around 10 inches long and close to a couple of inches in diameter.

“Fuck, that’s a big cock,” she said and opened her mouth wide and pushed her mouth down as far as she could. Again I hit her throat and she gagged pulling it back out again before trying again. On her second attempt she gagged but forced herself down, pushing the head into her throat.

“Oh Fuck, that feels good,” I said, feeling my growing cock being squeezed by her narrow throat. I held onto the side of her head, encouraging her to move up and down on me.

Julie pulled off again and gasped for air while looking at my now fully expanded cock.

“That’s amazing. I’ve got to get this inside me.”

“Good luck,” I laughed knowing she would have a hard time getting more than half of my monster into her pussy.

Julie stood and quickly removed her clothes while I removed the last of mine. She had a great body, her pussy was small and covered by a thin layer of dark hair.

She kneeled over me and opened her pussy lips with her fingers, they were wet and shiny. “I’ve been wanting to fuck a large cock for years and now I’ll get the chance. Look how wet I am just thinking about it.”

She rested her pussy over my cock and rubbed the head around. I could not see how she was going to get this inside her, it looked to almanbahis be much too big. Girls with what looked to be much larger pussies had not managed to get more than the head in before giving up and wanking me off, but Julie was determined.

Looking down between her legs she pushed herself down and I felt her opening up and was surprised to feel her pussy lips close around the head of my cock.

“Oh yes, now that’s a fucking big cock,” she screamed.

I was surprised to say the least, but knew that was about as far as she would be able to go. But she was determined to fuck me, so she forced herself down sliding more of me inside her. Raising herself up slightly then pushing down she managed to get a few inches inside before pulling off me completely.

“Follow me,” she said walking out of the lounge and into her bedroom. Julie opened one of her drawers and found some lube. I think we’ll need some of this.

I lay down on the bed and she coated all of my cock with the lube. “No point doing all of it” I said, “nobody has ever got more than half way down when I’m fully excited.”

“Let’s see if I can break the record then.”

Julie handed me the lube and asked me to lube her up. If she was determined to break the record, which I doubted she would, she would need all the help she could get, so I used a lot of the lube making sure she was coated well..

She climbed over me and rubbed the head over her pussy again and shuddered as she felt it squeeze back inside her. She continued down until reaching about half way. “Another inch and you’ll break the record.”

Julie looked a little scared, she obviously thought she could get more inside. Not wanting to give up, she started a slow fucking motion by lifting up off me and lowering herself back down again.

It felt good to me, as it had been a while since I had been inside a pussy, and a long time since someone had managed to actually start a fucking motion with me. Most women that actually got me inside their pussies stayed still for while, feeling themselves spread to the maximum before pulling off.

Julie suddenly screamed as an orgasm took over her, sending a trickle of pussy juice running down my cock. After a while she stopped and got up onto all fours and waved her now gaping pussy at me.

I crawled up behind her and pushed my cock into her fairly easily as she was now stretched and lubricated. I could see the mark around my cock of where her tight pussy lips had travelled down to. I pushed in until I reached this mark and tentatively pushed a little more. The different position must have moved her internal organs around a little as I could not feel any resistance.

“That’s where you were up to before. Fancy going further?”

Julie replied by pushing back towards me sliding more of my cock inside her. She then started to slowly ride me again sliding me in and out of her pussy. After a while she pulled off and turned around to see how much she had got inside her.

“That’s looks to be about 8 inches,” I said. “Well done, that’s a new record. Just another six inches to go,” I laughed.

“Thank you,” she said and licked my cock, before sliding it into her mouth again taking a few inches inside. “Do these large balls produce a lot of come,” she asked moving her mouth down to my large ball sack.

“They certainly do, especially if I’m excited.”

“Good, I want it all inside my pussy.”

She turned around again and backed up onto my cock and slid it back inside her. “Fuck me now and don’t stop until you fill me up.”

I held onto her waist and started a slow fucking motion using around 7 or 8 inches of my cock. Julie was moaning and groaning with the large intruder now moving fairly quickly in and around her tight pussy.

“Keep still for a second. I want to see if I can get more inside,” she said. Pushing back onto me she went down to 8 inches then slowly pushed back further, screaming and cursing as she tried to get more inside her. I felt her insides hitting the head of my cock as she pushed further onto me. There was about 4 inches left outside, so she had managed to squeeze 10 inches inside her.

“That’s 10 inches. I can definitely confirm that you have broken the record.”

“Good” she said, pulling off me slightly to relieve some of the pressure. “Now I want your come.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not far off now,” I said, feeling my balls start to tighten. I started to fuck her again, though keeping it to around 7 or 8 inches, not wanting to slam myself hard into some tender organs. “Here it comes.”

“Yes, shoot it inside me,” she screamed and clamped down on my cock. The extra pressure aided my explosion and I shot forcefully inside her pussy. Even I was surprised with the number of streams I shot. She had certainly got me excited.

Slowly my cock started to shrink and I pulled out of her pussy as she collapsed on the bed. I tenderly rubbed and stroked her gaping pussy rubbing in the copious amount of come that was running out of almanbahis yeni giriş her.

Julie rolled over onto her back still breathing hard and recovering from her exertions. “I’ll definitely be having more of that cock.”

The following night I had invited Julie round to my place for a meal, and no doubt we would be having another pussy stuffing session. She arrived early looking fantastic in a short white summer dress and high heels. She walked in and kissed me on the lips and grabbed my cock. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” she said while stroking me. “How long until dinner is ready.”

“Another half an hour or so and we should be getting close. You’re a little early.”

“I know, I wanted some action before dinner was ready,” she said with a smile and led me over to the settee.

Opening her bag, she took out a large tube of lube and passed it to me. She released my cock from my pants, then slipped out of her dress and panties. Standing there in just a pair of high heels she licked at my growing cock.

“I’d better get this in my mouth before it gets too big,” and pushed it into her mouth and as far down her throat as she could. Her lips were pushed into my pubes as she quickly fucked her mouth and throat on my cock. All too quickly my cock got too large and she had to stop. She kissed my cock on the head, “I want you to come in my mouth later, but for now I want this monster in my pussy again.”

I got down on the floor and lubed up the end of my cock, Julie pushed a handful of lube into her pussy and squatted over my cock. Her high heels helped to lift her high enough as I held my rod under her pussy. She lowered slowly, but the lube was causing me to slide around the outside of her pussy. With a little extra force she pushed down harder and I felt her open up a little and allowed my head inside.

“Oww,” she screamed as she rammed the first few inches up inside her.

“Take it easy. You don’t want to hurt yourself.”

“Oh it hurts alright, but it’s a nice hurt,” she smiled.

Sliding up and down she eventually forced 8 or 9 inches into her before I felt something hitting me again.

“Your turn, my legs are getting tired.”

Julie lay on the rug and I kneeled between her legs and lodged the head of my cock in her pussy crack. Pushing forward I slid a few inches in, but couldn’t get any more in.

“We might be better on the bed,” I said, “not a good position for me this.”

We moved to the bedroom and I positioned Julie on her back at the edge of the bed.

“Spread your legs and hold your pussy open, while I feed this monster into you.”

I held my cock with two hands and forced the head into her again, Julie grunted at the intrusion and moved her hands to support her legs and watched as I forced my cock deeper into her. At around 7 inches I felt resistance so slowly started to fuck her in ever increasing faster strokes.

“Push it further in me, I want more of it.”

I pushed in harder and more of my cock slid into her.

“Deeper, but slowly.”

I pushed slowly and could feel the head of my cock move her insides around and allowed me to slide in further. “Yes, that feels good and deep, you’re going to come out of my mouth soon. Try a little more, I need to feel it.”

I pulled out slightly then pushed back in rewarded with another inch of penetration. Then I could go no further. I had managed close to 10 inches again, so slowly started to fuck her pulling out a couple of inches then forcing it back inside again.

“We’d better stop soon, dinner will be almost ready.”

“Ok, but I want more later.”

We dressed in our underwear and ate our meal, then watched some TV for a few hours while Julie played and stroked my cock. “I need more of this now,” she said and led me into the bedroom and pushed me down onto my back.

Grabbing the lube again she quickly covered my still soft cock and scrambled over me and pushed it into her sopping wet pussy. She took all of my soft cock inside her then I started to feel it grow.

“Oh I can feel it stretching me out. Oh my god that’s weird.”

It was now a tight fit inside her and the pressure was building, Julie lifted up slightly to relieve the pressure and allowed some of my cock to escape. Eventually 6 inches of my cock was sticking out of her pussy. “Well at least I can say I’ve had it all inside me, if only for less than a minute,” she laughed.

She leaned forward and kissed me while starting to fuck me in long slow strokes. On each insertion I felt the head hitting her insides trying to rearrange her internals.

After a while she stopped moving and held me deep inside her, I could feel pressure on the head as she was trying to force me further inside, but nothing was giving way. With my hand I could still feel 6 inches outside of her pussy, so she hadn’t managed to get any more inside her.

Julie continued to slowly fuck me and leaned forward to kiss me again, this change of angle moved something almanbahis giriş around inside her and relieved some of the pressure I had been feeling, which caused me to come. As I’d been excited for a while I knew that this would be a large load.

“Here I come,” I said and started to pump stream after stream into her.

“Fuck yes, come inside me.”

I continued to pump my load into her until things subsided. Julie climbed off me and lay down next to me and we cuddled and caressed each other and drifted off to sleep.

I woke a while later and Julie was still asleep on her back next to me. I carefully turned around on the bed and got between her legs and started to eat her out, she woke with a smile on her face and held my head between her legs and grabbed hold of my cock. She then climbed on top of me so we were in a 69 position. I tentatively used a couple of fingers on her in case she was a little sore, but there was no complaints. As she moved around streams of my come was starting to pour out of her, I was amazed how much was in there. Each contraction of her pussy squeezed out another river of come. She was now working her mouth over my extending cock trying hard to keep it in her.

My tongue made its way up to her tiny puckered asshole and licked tentatively at the hole. I had always been fascinated by anal sex and had tried to indulge in it on a number of occasions, but hadn’t managed to get any part of my cock inside an ass.

Julie moaned at the contact, which was a green light for me to carry on. I now had 4 fingers in her pussy and was using my tongue on her ass when asked me to put a finger up her ass.

Not needing any lube due to the river of come still flooding out of her pussy I slowly eased a finger inside pushing in some of the come. Julie clamped down on my fingers and shrieked as an orgasm came over her. Determined to give her more I pushed in a second finger and eventually working in 3 fingers.

“God yes,” she said “I’m going to come again,” and screamed her way through a large orgasm.

I removed my fingers and continued to slowly lick her pussy and ass as she came down to earth again.

“Ever had that cock up an ass,” she asked

“Nope never.”

“Well this will be new for both of us then, as I’ve never tried it before. Lube me up good proper then we’ll give it a try.”

I grabbed the lube and worked 3 lubed fingers into her ass trying to stretch her out to the maximum. If we had any chance at all of doing this then she would need to be lubed and stretched.

“Probably better if you get on your front and raise your ass slightly,” I said while lubing up the head of my cock.

Julie moved a few cushions under her so that it raised her ass off the bed slightly. “Go easy, I know this is going to hurt like hell.”

“I will, don’t worry, I don’t want to hurt you. Well maybe a little, but you like that,” I laughed.

I lined my cock up with her impossibly looking tight hole. If her pussy looked tight before, this hole looked as if it had sealed over. I pressed the head against her and pushed lightly. Julie held onto my cock and realigned it slightly and pulled me towards her again. I could feel her hole opening slightly then all of a sudden the head slipped inside her and her ass clamped down around it.

“Fuck, that hurts like a motherfucker,” she screamed.

“Tell me about it. Relax your ass a little , you’re going to cut the end of my cock off!”

I felt Julie relax and the pressure on my cock reduce.

“Ready for more?” I asked.

“Yes, but go slow and stop when I tell you to.”

I lubed up another six inches of cock and lightly pushed into her. Her inner muscles gave way and allowed me to slide all six inches into her.

“Fuck, is it all the way in?” she asked.

“Hardly, about 6 inches,” I laughed. “How does it feel.”

“I feel like I need to take a massive shit, but it feels good. Try fucking me a little now.”

I pulled out a little then pushed back in, noticing a little blood around my cock but feeling no resistance I lubed up the rest of my cock and started my downward journey again. I managed to get 8 inches into her before I felt something stop me. I continued to fuck her slowly building up speed until I was freely pushing in and out of her.

“I want to go on top now.”

I pulled out most of the way then rolled her over on top of me. She put her feet and hands down on either side of me and supported her weight.

“I could get used to this,” she said, “It doesn’t hurt too bad now, it’s that nice hurt feeling again.”

She lowered herself down past the point of where I had managed to get to before and inserted around 10 inches right up her tiny little asshole.

She slowly bounced up and down on me moaning and cursing as she did. Eventually she pulled off me and we noticed the end of my cock was covered in shit. “That must be what’s blocking it,” she laughed. “Perhaps I should take a shit before we try this again.”

We went into the bathroom and showered to clean ourselves up. My cock had shrunk back down to its normal size as we washed each other down. Julie kneeled down in front of me and cleaned my cock with lots of soap then took me back into her mouth.

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