Daniel Ch. 06: Cums in Their Ends


WARNING: This new story completes the introduction of Daniel my newest character. Here in involves scenes of graphic sex including seduction, reluctance, cunnilingus, discipline, breastfeeding, anal and incest. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by female adults over eighteen years old. Chapter 6 will be the last episode in this series.

My name is Daniel Johnson. I have my PhD in English Literature and am in New England and am now a teacher at an extremely private girl’s boarding school.

In my first story you can read were my dominance all started when I fucked a girl on the train and a woman from the hotel bar. The girl is the over eighteen years old Dean’s daughter and the woman is the Dean’s wife and the girl’s mother. I fucked them both one night in my school quarters but was caught by that Dean. In anger he fucked both his wife and daughter while I watched. Being in his sixties he gave me permission to continue to dominate and have sex with both his women to ease demands on him. Situations changed and he offered me a full time assignment starting after New Years.

So this is the last week before the Winter Holiday break. I’m finishing up grading finals of my Gothic Period elective open to forth year students if they are over eighteen. I was deep in my work late after classes on Wednesday when there came a knock on my door. I did not expect anyone and doubted it was Portia, the Dean’s wife during mid week. I had already had dinner and changed for bed wearing a sleeper shirt and loose boxers.

I walked to the door and Annie a class Proctor had two senior girls in tow. I recognized Hannah and Ashley as two seniors from my class and knew from the roster they were over eighteen. Annie was in a coat that showed her nightgown below. The girls had coats and shoes but just bare legs showed below their coats. All three must have been cold walking here in the winter night air.

“Mr. Johnson, these two chose bed time to get into a cat fight; pulling hair, pinching intimate places and wrestling each other to the floor. The whole floor of my girls got out of control whooping and hollering. I got these two separated and under the threat of being expelled convinced them to do the ‘Walk of the Three Stairs’ and take their punishment for breaking one of the house rules. I will wait here until their discipline is complete,” Annie explained.

I opened the door and let the three enter. I told them to hang up their coats on the door hooks and remove their shoes. They hesitated. I didn’t have time for this so I snapped, “Ladies, loose the coats or go back to your room and pack your bags for the one way trip home!”

They hissed in defiance but removed their coats and I saw the reason for their hesitancy. Both ladies were dressed for bed with soft jerseys that barely covered their crotch. I knew both girls, Hannah and Ashley, as being on the volleyball team and had tight athletic builds. They were not ‘huge breasted’ girls but each filled out their jersey nicely. Their nips were hard perhaps from fright, perhaps from the chill in the stairwell.

“Well ladies, fighting in the dorms is against the rules and carries disciple from the ‘oar’ for each of you. But since it is late I’ll apply the disciple to you both at the same time. Now kneel on this coffee table facing each other up close and tight.”

They fussed and cursed at each other but I grabbed their hair and had them move towards each other. I told them to hug each other but there was cussing at each other so I retrieved the fly swatter and gave each of their ass cheeks a quick swat. They screeched but got more cooperative real quick. I got out the soft silk ropes and tied their hands behind each other’s back. I looped the heavier rope around and around them both from torso to just above their butts leaving a gap across their ass. They were locked against each other.

“Now ladies it is in your own best interest to hold each other tightly as I apply your discipline. I would hate for you to fall off this table. Now since I already have the swatter out I will use it six times to the ass of each of you. If either of you doesn’t count out your disciple I will begin again at one. Do you understand?” I growled.

Neither answered so I swatted the back of Hannah’s thighs. “Yes, Sir,” she hissed. I swatted the back of Ashley’s thighs but she didn’t answer. I swatted her again a little harder and she moaned, “OMG, Yes, Sir.”

“Ladies, you don’t seem to understand that each of you controls how hard I will apply the disciple to your ass. Cooperate and I will go easy. Fight me or your partner and the swatter will come down hard. Shall I begin?” I asked rhetorically but both yelled out, “Yes Sir.”

I stood mid table and swatted Ashley first. “One, Sir” she moaned. Hannah’s ass was swatted and she moaned out “One, Sir.”

I realized their sleeper shirts were covering their panties so I stepped behind each senior and tucked the hem of their jersey within the ropes. almanbahis şikayet Hannah had pink panties with red hearts and Ashley had white and black polka dots. I heard each take in a quick breath when I uncovered their panties and murmur curses under their breath.

Now with just thin panties protecting their ass I brought the swatter pad down hard on an ass cheek. They screeched and swayed against each other trying to react to the discipline and to keep from falling off the table. I could see their breasts rubbing against each other. They counted their discipline until just one was left. They had held each other tightly rubbing their breasts and mons against each other. Their scent from their leaking juices was filling the room. I looked at Annie who was now absentmindedly rubbing her pussy mound over her sleeper.

“Ok ladies, I can stop at six instead of twelve If I can be sure you will resolve your issue peacefully. So I want you to kiss and make up,” I said softly as I ran the flap across their panty covered ass cheeks. They didn’t answer or move so I pulled their panties down off their ass cheeks. They started screaming from embarrassment and fussing so the fly flap came down hard on naked ass cheeks. I quickly did three hard slaps and turned their ass cheeks red.

“No more Sir, please no more,” Ashley moaned. I softly ran the large flap across two nice youthfully firm ass cheeks. They displayed the red covered skin on those fine ass cheeks from receiving their swats.

As I untied the ropes holding their hands and loosened the ropes wrapped around them I asked them if they planned to make up as I had ordered them. I think it was Ashley that moved first and sought out Hannah’s lips. The first kiss was tentative but soon deepened. They kept locked to each other’s lips for several minutes. My cock started to get hard so I walked behind Annie and pulled up the back of her sleeper. I pulled down my boxers and placed my cockhead against the wetness of her pussy lips under her ass cheeks.

From behind my cock breached her pussy lips and slipped up her wet vagina slowly several inches at each thrust. I was balls deep inside her and began thrusting holding unto her mature breasts for leverage. The ladies could see, hear and smell the sex going on just several feet from them. Their hands tangled in each other’s hair as they pushed their faces against each other.

Hannah twisted a bit and got her hand between them and onto one of Ashley’s tits. Ashley moaned when Hannah must have pulled on her nipple. Ashley moved and got her hand into Hannah’s panties and started rubbing between her pussy lips. Hannah brought her other hand into Ashley’s pussy and the two girls went about getting each other to cum.

My cock was riding Annie’s pussy from the back while she rubbed her clit from the front. I felt her pussy grip my cock as she shook through her orgasm grunting and cursing. My cock swelled inside her as I shot six or seven pulses of thick cum into her pussy. Annie groaned as she felt me fill her oven with my cum. I held her there until she calmed down. I then pushed her until she stood sideways next to the girls with my cock still up her warm wet pussy.

I took the back hem of her sleeper and had her bite onto it to hold it up. I pulled my cock out and held my hand under her pussy lips from the front. Annie opened her legs and after a minute I felt my palm fill with my own cum as glob after glob dropped from her open pussy. I then moved to the ladies and turned my palm over. The cum dropped on their noses and flowed to their lips. Their kisses began to be more open mouthed as they swapped my cum.

Ashley and Hannah soon came moaning against each other breathing heavily into each other. Ashley held up Hannah’s sleeper and pushed her pink panties down to her knees and Hannah did the same to Ashley’s white and black polka dots panties. “You forgot to do the full twelve Sir,” Ashley pleaded.

I took a hard swing and slapped Ashley’s naked ass. She screamed and wet the table with her pussy juices. I took a swing and slapped Hannah’s naked ass. She moaned and slumped against Ashley. I walked around the young women and swatted twice more having lost count anyway. I slowly fully untied them and helped them step down. Their wet panties dropped to their feet fragrant from their pussy juices.

“Leave me your wet panties and get your coats on and get back to your dorm and behave until the end of the week,” I growled. “I’m gonna have Mz. Annie check to make sure you sleep with no panties tonight.”

They each slipped out of their fragrant panties and handed them to me. They then reached up and kissed me lightly. They let loose and kissed me deeply. They felt my cock against their sleeper and they both dropped to their knees and cleaned my cock with warm tongues and wet lips. They each took my cockhead between their lips and bathed my cockhead getting the last of my dripping cum.

They stood and kissed me again and smiled brightly. They helped Annie put her coat on then almanbahis canlı casino helped each other and went to leave. “Kiss each other once more then kiss Mz. Annie and apologize to her,” I ordered.

Hannah and Ashley turned to each other and started kissing. Tongues and lips went deep against each other. They caused my cock to start swelling. They laughed as the kissing died out they turned on Mz. Annie. They took turns kissing her deeply. I saw them push Annie’s coat open and the young women started gripping an old set of tits. Annie moaned as Ashley slipped her hand down onto that aged pussy over the sleeper.

The three of them went at it for several minutes moaning and hugging and kissing. “All right ladies take this back to your dorm or I’ll fuck all three of you bent over my sofa just for my own pleasure. Now behave for the few days left of this term. Now get!” I yelled. They laughed, zipped up their coats and left. I added their fragrant panties to my perverse collection then turned in for the night with a softening chubby. I thought I might have two candidates for my next Independent Study.

Thursday went easy. The Hospitality students fussed over me serving my breakfast and again my lunch. Suzette came over and sat across from me and chased the students away. She sat there quietly while I ate my lunch. I looked up at her and said, “Well?”

“Daniel I fucking hate you! I hated at first that you took my ass at the dance. No one had been in my ass ever! Nothing had ever been in my ass ever! Your huge cock pushed my ass wide open causing me such pain. Then while you rode your cock in my ass it turned to pleasure and I never came so hard and so long as I did on your long fat cock. I’m not proud to say I loved your cock in my ass,” Suzette said quietly.

“Get to your point Suzette, I’m trying to finish my lunch,” I said as a way of control.

“Daniel you’re a bastard! You use your big cock to control us women then treat us poorly. Again I’m not proud to say this but you can have my ass anytime you wish. I’d like you to bend me over this cafeteria table and fuck my ass right now. I’m lost! I’m your ass slut. I’ll clean your cock after it fills my ass with hot thick cum. Please Daniel say you’ll fuck my ass again soon,” Suzette begged as she sobbed into her hands.

There were too many eyes on us so I could not show her any affection. “Ok Suzette I will call you when I get back from Winter break. We’ll drive over a couple of towns on a Friday night and I’ll fuck you all weekend. I’ll fuck your ass so hard and so often your anus won’t close and will drip all Sunday night as you lie in your lonely bed reliving the pain and disciple your body will receive. Will that make you happy?” I asked her.

She smiled brightly and whispered, “Thank You Master,” then got up and left. The Hospitality students closed in on me again and fussed over me until I was done with lunch. Since all Hospitality girls had to be over eighteen to take the final year program each girl got a kiss on the lips they had come to expect and the Proctors now allowed. I asked them to make up a dinner to go since I had final grading to do tonight.

I was just about done with dinner and grading when a knock sounded on the door to my quarters. I thought, “What damn horny female wants my cock now?” but went to the door and opened it. There stood the President of the school. She was breathing heavily from the three story climb. I opened the door wide and she entered. She hung her winter coat on the door hook. I thought some stupid cunt had talked and I was now fucked out of this great job.

I said wide because the President was very zaftig carrying a full rounded figure. I remembered the feel of her body against me from the Winter Dance. Her breasts where matronly large and her ass was pleasingly plump. For being a large woman she kept herself well shaped. She walked around my room touching various things. She stopped behind my desk and ran her hands across the old wood.

“This desk was here when I went to this school, Daniel. I married smartly as this was more a finishing school back then. My husband was very financially astute and when I heard that the school had fallen on hard times I purchased the school and all the surrounding property. With my guidance and connections I turned this into a finishing and high school for daughters from the upper crust of society. The endowments will keep this school running for decades. Daughters of former students now fill this school.”

I remember dancing with Amelia as she purposely rubbed her body across my long cock and pushed her matronly breasts against my chest. I let her do all that because I knew she was the President of the school and held vast power. She even expected a kiss at the end of the dance. She kissed me hard even running her wet tongue across my lips.

“This desk is over 150 years old,” she continued. “A Master of Disciple sat at this desk all the years this school has been in operation but this room was much smaller. The previous almanbahis casino Dean asked for permission to demo this room and expand into the two storage rooms and modernize this area into living quarters. I told him he had to keep this desk and the implements that were within the drawers.”

“I hear only good things about your teaching abilities Daniel and am very pleased I approved your permanent hiring. I am very proud about how you handled the senior girls at the dance. I also felt your special gift as you danced with me that night. I also have heard the rumors that you have taken your extra job as Master of Disciple quite seriously. I hope the women you disciple across this desk hold our secrets tight to their bosom.”

She reached behind her and I heard a zipper pulled down. The shift she was wearing dropped to the floor. My mouth dropped open as I saw what she wore. She had black stockings help up by a bright red garter. She wore no panties and her labia was devoid of any pussy hair. She wore a bright red and black lace bustier and corset. Her huge breasts sat in red lace half cups and her large dark aureoles and fat nipples pointed at me.

She turned and her dark aureoles the width of an apple displayed her thump tip sized nipples. She laid her huge breasts on the desk and hung her arm over the side. She spread her legs wide against the back desk legs. Her naked vulva was sparkling as her juices dripped out from between her labia and wet her inner thighs.

“Use the ropes and the flogger Daniel. I am breaking a primary school rule and expect the full discipline. I want all twelve lashings served hard on my ass and thighs and back. Then I want that fat cock rumors have it you hide in your pants to fuck me hard and deep until I cum so much I faint. Now punish me Mr. Daniel Sir,” she said in a young girl’s voice.

Laid across my desk Amelia’s black stockings rose up her fat thighs reaching towards her bodacious ass. The corset covered her back in red and black silk and the red garters stretched down to grip the stocking tops. Her gray and black hair spread across my desk covering her head and face. Her large ass was the target hanging over the edge of my desk. Those jello cheeks pulsed in anticipation of the first strike.

I stripped then I took the soft ropes and tied her ankles to the desk legs. While kneeling down I pulled her ass cheeks apart and kissed her darkstar. Amelia hissed and shimmied her ass across my pointed tongue. Pussy juices poured out from her splayed open pussy lips. I ran my tongue through those lips gathering her thick nectar on my tongue. I savored her mature taste as I swallowed her offering.

I stood then tied her wrists to the front desk legs. I pulled her gray and black long hair lifting her face and put my cockhead against her lips. “Suck my fat cock Amelia.”

She hissed again and her tongue slipped out to lick off my pre-cum dripping out of the slit of my cockhead. She sucked just the crown of my cock pulling more pre-cum out of my cock. I pushed forward and if she wanted to or not my cockhead entered her warm mouth. I pushed further spreading her lips sliding my cock along her wet tongue until it hit the entrance to her throat. Amelia coughed and I pulled back to my dickhead then filled her mouth with cock over and over.

“Do you want me to drown your mouth with my hot cum Amelia?” I growled.

She moaned and shook her head, “No.”

“Well perhaps after I destroy your ass with the flogger and my long fat cock you will willingly take my cum down your throat,” I growled and struck her ass with the flogger tresses.

Her mouth closed tight on my cock as she moaned. Her back was protected by the corset so I walked behind her and started undoing the hooks until I pushed the sides apart. I then struck her back with the tresses and ribbons of red appeared along her spine. She screamed and pulled against her ropes.

“Well we can’t have you screaming each time the flogger warms your ass Amelia so I’m gonna have to fit you with the ball gag,” I said opening the desk drawer and removing it. Amelia tried to tell me no and fight it but I got the rubber ball into her mouth and buckled it. I pulled her long hair past the straps so I could pull on her hair when I filled her ass with cock.

“Well Amelia with the ball gag installed you won’t be able to count out your punishment clearly so I will expect you to do your best to count. Shall we begin?” I asked rhetorically.

I took a good wind-up and struck her fat ass cheeks with all the tresses finding purchase on bubbly ass flesh. Amelia raised her face and screamed pulling against the ropes. “I’ll take that as ‘One’ Amelia.”

I pulled the flogger back and struck where her ass met her thick thighs with some of the tresses striking her dripping pussy lips. Amelia screamed behind the ball-gag. “I’ll take that as ‘Two’ Amelia.”

The next ten lashings struck her back or ass or her thick thighs or combinations of all three. I watched her white fat ass turn all shades of pink or red as her pussy juices rolled down her thick inner thighs to wet my floor behind the desk. After the twelfth lashing I sat in my desk chair and rolled it up behind her ass. I watched her fat pussy lips pulse as her nectar dripped out from her naked gash.

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