College Stud with Something to Hide


Hey, I’m just trying my hand at this. Please leave a comment to tell me what you thought and any advice appreciated.


He was tall, dark, handsome, and ripped to shit. Popular with everyone, especially the girls who all doted on him, but Harry Knight, the hottest boy on campus, was still single. I didn’t get it.

At parties there were girls literally throwing themselves at him but still nothing. I lived down the hall from him and, I don’t mind admitting, madly in love. We spent most nights together smoking and drinking and chatting the time away. I caught him looking at my tits and ass a few times – I’m curvy for a white girl – but still nothing.

So, one night, halfway through wanking myself to sleep with my 12 inch dildo I decided enough was enough. Horny as fuck, my juices flowing down my leg with my dildo still stuck inside my pussy, I sneaked out of my room in nothing but my nightie, my rock hard nipples poking out, and tip toed down to his room. Please be open! Yes! I quietly stepped in, but fuck I woke him.

“Who’s that?” he grumbled.

“Shh!” I hissed as I approached his bed.

“Jess, that you? What you doing?”

“I need you Harry. I want you. And I know you want me too, I’ve seen you staring, I know you feel the same.”

“Whoa Jess listen I -“

“Shh” I whispered as I stepped right up to his bed and in one motion pulled my nightie straight over my head. His curtains weren’t shut and the light from outside illuminated my large young round perky breasts, nipples at attention. I saw his jaw fall wide open and followed his eyes as they scanned past my firm tits down to my skinny waist and down to my glistening shaved pussy, my juices sparkling in the light, rolling down my thighs. I slowly pulled the 12 inch dildo from inside my pussy sending even more juices flowing and I thought he would faint. He was transfixed.

“Fuuuuck” he managed to slur. I bit my lip, our eyes met and I could see the hungry lust in his eyes. I pulled off his blanket and slid into bed with him, he only wearing pyjama bottoms, his rock hard chest with sculpted pecks and six pack shadowed in the light streaming from the window. I put one leg over him, straddling him. His eyes ran all over me again, soon followed by his hands. I couldn’t help but moan as I felt his soft hands brush over my nipples, tweaking and teasing them, sending pleasure coursing through my veins.

Fuck, this was happening, me and Harry Knight, the Posh and Becks of college campus! I lean forward onto him, my tits falling onto his chest, my nipples pressing hard into him, our lips met. I kissed him hard, passionately, but he seemed awkward. He was not a great kisser, or he was just nervous. Either way, I wasn’t there just to kiss. I moved from his lips to his necks to his chest, making sure to lick his nipples, kissing my way down to his six pack. I could feel his cock pressing against my belly as I slowly slid down until my face was level with his waist. I grabbed hold of his pyjama bottoms and slowly pulled them down past his knees and threw them onto the floor. And Kneeling now I had a full view of my Harry, his six pack clenched, chest rising and falling, what a beauty, only his bulging pair of boxers now stood in my way and I was hungry for more, my pussy still leaking. I ran my hands up from his ankles to his thighs right up to his ball sack, which I played with through his underwear. After taking one last deep look into his eyes, I held my breath and slowly, slowly took hold of his boxers from the waist band and pulled them.

I was met with momentary resistance from his hard cock straining inside them but then, with a slap, it was free. And. And.

“Oh my god” I said. Looking down transfixed at his cock.

“What?” He asked, nervously.

“It’s just, only, I’ve never seen a cock…”

“What is it?”

Transfixed still by his pulsing cock I shouted “I’ve never seen such a small cock!”

Harry looked down at me wide eyed and afraid. I looked down again at his fully erect cock, his head glistening, but only four inches long! I’d seen bigger cocks flaccid on teenagers! I gently poked it with my finger to make sure it was hard, and sure enough his cock started bouncing and Harry moaned.

“Is that it?” I asked.

“Well – ” and he started spluttering.

“Now I understand it. That’s why you don’t have sex with all the hot cheerleaders who throw themselves at you! You’re scared they’ll rat you out and the whole campus will know you’ve got a maggot in your pants!” I couldn’t help laughing. Suddenly this man, no this boy, that I had been idolising and worshipping was fully revealed to me, nothing more than a puny four inch pecker. Not even any girth.

“Yeah, but, it still works. Can we, can we not still do it? Or do something? Please, I never have…”

“What, you’re a virgin?!” He nodded meekly. “Oh my god.” I looked down again at his tiny cock, then to his desperate, sad, beautiful face. “Alright then.”

I took almanbahis his small penis between my thumb and forefinger and slowly started to wank him. He started to pant hard. He really was a virgin. Damn. I was horny still but this really wasn’t what I was expecting. What am I supposed to do with that? I felt his six pack and closed my eyes, imagining his big hard cock like I had been doing for weeks. But when I opened my eyes his tiny four inch penis still stood before me, oozing precum onto my thumb and forefinger.

“That feel good?” I asked him

Panting, hardly able to breathe, he spluttered “Ohhh, yeees.”

Fuck this was tragic. I stopped wanking him and his eyes shot open and looked at me like a hungry puppy. “Why did you stop?”

“You wanna fuck me?” I asked.

“Well, yes. Sure I can.”

“You know how?” I asked.

“Well,” he said, “I’ve seen videos.”

“Don’t bother. I’ll fuck you instead.”

I planted my hands on his chest as I sidled up his legs, positioning my wet flaming pussy lips over his poor cock. I started rubbing my clit against the base of his cock. He was rock hard, maybe this would be alright after all?

“So, you ready?” I asked. He nodded like a dog, panting. I took hold of his little sausage and positioned it, lowering myself slowly onto him. He gasped for breath, his whole body tensing, as I slid right onto him, his cock entering my dripping pussy until I hit his chest. He still hadn’t breathed. I looked down. That was it then, this was all he had to give. I could barely feel him inside me. I started to rock slowly and I thought he might cry as he struggled beneath me.

“You like that?” I asked, he whimpered back at me. Maybe I could fuck him hard and feel something. I put my hands back on his chest and built up the pace, at least I could work my clit on his chest while his puny cock was inside me doing nothing. So I started to lift myself off him and slap down harder and harder, my wet pussy smacking into the juices on his chest. But, “pop!” His cock had slipped out. I put him back in and tried again but “pop.” Fuck, his cock was just too small. I looked down at his boner, glistening with my juices and his pre-cum.

“What, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“You’re dick’s just too small, Harry. I can’t feel anything. I’m sorry but I don’t think this is gonna work, I like you, I mean you’re beautiful and nice but, I’m just not used to that size.”

“I understand” he mumbled, “I was always scared it would be true. But that felt amazing, and you’re so beautiful. Could you at least finish me off? Please!”

I looked down at is desperate face and his puny cock still bouncing with lust. I took it back between my thumb and forefinger and started to wank him again, fast now to try and finish this off quickly and get back to my 12 inch dildo which lay on the bed next to me.

“Wait, wait!” he shouted. “What about your arse? I can fuck your arse, that’s tighter isn’t it? Maybe you’ll feel it?”

I hesitated. I’d only done anal a couple times and it did hurt me a little at first, but seeing his tiny cock I thought, “why not!”

He jumped to his feet and I got a look of his dick on profile, wow! Maybe only 3 1/2 inches! That poor boy. And I was gonna let him fuck my arse. God, I just want this to be over.

I lay on my back with my arse hanging over the edge of the bed as he wanked his cock a few times between his thumb and forefinger, then lined it up to my arsehole, which was already soaked through with my juices. He got in position and shoved his whole cock inside me with one great thrust. I squealed in pain but had no time to catch my breath as he started to fuck me like a dog, smashing in and out of me hard and fast, grunting as he did so.

“Ahh!” I squealed in pain as his little pecker burst in and out of my arse. “You’re supposed to go slow!” But he was in another world, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. The pain was sharp with each thrust and sent tingles through my groin, I was starting to enjoy the pain as he continued to fuck me with relentless speed. His hands grabbed my tits hard and I again shouted in pain as he pinched my nipples in an iron grip sending tears streaming down my cheek. His whole body froze in tension, his little cock buried deep in my arsehole, pulsed once, twice, and then I could feel hot jets of cum burst inside me. I looked at his contorted face as his hands continued to clamp down on my breasts, he was shaking as his cock spurt the last of his cum inside me. He opened his eyes and saw the tears rolling down face. He reached out and wiped them off with his thumb, “so sweet” I thought. But then I watched as he moved his thumb down to my pussy where he inserted it into me, filling me more than his cock ever had, he held it there, and then started to shake it wildly, hurting me a little but turning me on, I started to pant and buck along with his rhythm. His cock was still in my arse and slowly I could feel it start to harden once again inside me. Surely almanbahis yeni giriş not so soon! He took his thumb from my pussy and shoved it into my mouth, forcing me to swallow it. He held it there as he once again started to fuck my tight arsehole with his little cock. He released his thumb from my mouth, taking my spit with it, and again clamped down on my nipple with his too strong grip.

What was going on? This was supposed to be a short pity fuck! And now he’s fucking me again and abusing me and…I’m actually getting turned on. With my right hand I reached down and started to rub my clit. Yes, fuck! With his little cock the perfect size for my arsehole, and now well lubed – filled with his cum as it was – he was slapping in and out me at his rapid speed, like a terrier relentlessly thrusting into me. I could feel the pleasure grow inside of me as I rubbed my clit faster and faster, his hand clamps on my nipples sending streams of blistering pain throug my body and forcing streams of tears from my eyes.

“Pop!” And I looked down to see his tiny cock had slipped out from my arse and had accidentally slipped into my pussy. He started to fuck me but I shook my head.

“Sorry Harry, but I just don’t feel anything in there with you.”

He bowed his head like the obedient bitch he was and shoved his cock back into my arse with all his virginal ignorance and force. I couldn’t help smiling as my pleasure continued to build, build. I was swaeating now, I could taste my sweat in my mouth mingled with my salty black mascara’d tears.

“Fuck me Harry! Harder, fuck me! Fuck me!” I looked up at his beautiful face, his perfect chest and rock hard abs. His little cock thrust into me tiny arsehole one more time and sent a shot of pain right through me to my g-spot, sending me into a shuddering orgasm. This time it was my turn for my eyes to roll, my legs wrapped around his waist shook uncontrollably and surges of pleasure raced through me, his hands still clamping down on my tits and sending me deep into Pleasureland. He had stopped fucking me and when my vision came back to me I saw him wide eyed and smiling.

“What just happend? Did I hurt you?” He asked.

“No no!” I laughed, getting my breath back, “I just came.”

“Wow. Did I make you do that?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I smiled.

“Even with my tiny cock?”


“Do you always cum when you get fucked?” he asked.

“Err,” I thought. Fuck, no I don’t. Hardly ever in fact. How did he do that? “No” I said.

“Wow.” He smiled. “I think you pissed yourself too though. When you’re eyes rolled back and you started shaking, your pussy started shooing out all this liquid over my chest. It doesn’t smell like pee though. Here, taste.”

Harry wiped his finger on his now glistening six pack and held it up to my lips, I licked his finger clean staring deep into is eyes, he pulled it out and it popped free from my mouth. “It tastes like my cum” I said.

He again wiped his finger on his six pack but this time he held the finger to his own mouth and licked it, “It tastes nice” he said,

I smiled at him. This tiny cocked virgin just made me shoot! I’d never done that in my life, I thought the stories of girls spraying cum out of their pussy was bullshit.

“You want me to stop now?” he asked. I looked down and saw his little cock still rock hard and bouncing before him now covered in my pussy juices, he must have slipped out of my arse while I was cumming.

“Err, no. Don’t. Give me more.” He beamed from ear to ear as he shuffled forward and lined up his cock to my little arsehole. This time he started slower, rolling his hips inside me. I smiled up at him, he’s learning! My little cocked virgin beauty is learning!

I took him by the neck and pulled him down onto me and kissed him passionately. He was a clumsy kisser still but passionate. His cock popped out again, he wasn’t able to keep it inside me from this angle. “It’s too fucking small!” He shouted in anger as he stood up again and this time thrust into me with all his strength without even lining up first. He tore into my tiny quivering arsehole and fucked me hard, his mini penis slapping in and out of me. His hands once again grabbed my tits which where red raw now, the pain from my arse and nipples was coursing through me and meeting in my g-spot.

“Harder” I grunted, “Fuck me harder!”

My hands moved to his abdomen and stroked my cum which still sat glistening on his six pack. My fingers wet and sticky now they moved round and grabbed onto his arse, soft and firm, I squeezed hard onto his arse cheeks and he gave a grunt. I smiled, and slapped one of his arse cheeks with my left hand. He howled at that and fucked my arse yet harder and faster panting like a dog as my right hand slowly moved between his arse cheeks and felt for his ball sack. It was soaked through with my juices, I stroked it with my forefinger and he let out a high pitched squeal.

“Oh yeh” he grunted out as almanbahis giriş he continued his relentless assault on my tight little arsehole, my pussy juices flowing freely down and lubricating his cock.

I took my finger, now covered in my own cum and his, from his ballsack and slowly slid it along his perineum until I found his arsehole. I watched his eyes pop out of his gorgeous head as my finger slowly made its way into his tiny hole, never before touched. As the very tip of my finger finally nudged inside him he stopped his thrusting deep inside me and grabbed hard on my tits not breathing. I slowly but surely pushed my finger deeper and deeper into his excruciatingly tight arse. His eyes wild now, fucking me harder than ever, little whimpers of ecstasy escaping from his lips. With one last effort I forced my entire finger into him up to my knuckle. He roared with delight.

“You like that?” I asked him, and he nodded his head like my little bitch. “Oh yeah you like my finger in your little arsehole don’t you?”

“Yes” he grunted still fucking my arse hard.

“You love my finger feeling deep inside your arsehole, like you’re my little bitch don’t you?” I slapped his arse cheek as hard as I could with my left hand.

“Yes, yes!” He squealed. I started to finger his arsehole now, using his own rhythm as he fucked me hard. His tight hole slowly accustoming itself.

“Oh fuck yeah fuck me!” I shouted as he increased his rhythm. “You’re my little bitch aren’t you.” He squealed. “Ah, my finger is deeper inside you than your little cock is inside me, isn’t it? Hm, you little cocked sick son of a bitch, you love getting your arse fingered don’t you? Tell me bitch! You little cocked faggot, tell me how much you love me fucking your arse with my finger!”

“I love it!” He panted, “I love feeling your finger deep in me. Oh fuck yeah! Your fingers bigger than my dick, yeah, and I’m your little bitch and you’re fucking me in the arse! Yeah, go Jess, right there! Ah, finger me right there Jess, oh fuck!”

I shoved two fingers in his arse now and he was fucking me uncontrollably, lost in pleasure. His arse was slowly opening up to me like a flower, lubricating itself. When I shoved three fingers into him it proved too much. His whole body spasmed and his cock thrust deep inside me and seemed to expand, like a dogs, and then I felt the tsunami waves of his cum blasts deep inside my arsehole, sending pleasure coursing through me, but I didn’t cum.

Harry collapse onto me, his cock popping out of my arse. I felt his cum escaping from my fluttering arse hole in great waves and rolling down between my cheeks, working its way down my back. I kept my three fingers tightly in his tiny arsehole as Harry started licking my red raw nipples, he flicked them lightly with his tongue and after all the pain he had inflicted on them his his hands they responded. They were more sensitive than I had ever felt them, I really must be turned on! I could feel my orgasmed rising, but I wasn’t ready yet. I took his mouth away from my nipple.

“Are you my bitch, Harry? Are you my dog?”

“Yes” he panted, “I’m yours, Jess.”

“Good” I smiled. I slowly pulled my fingers out of his arsehole and watched his face contort in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I felt around on the bed and found it, my best friend, my dildo. I’d almost forgotten about it, but it was still wet from my pussy earlier on. Harry was collapsed now on the bed his eyes blinking asleep when I gently slapped him over the face with my best friend.

“What the fuck Jess! What’s that!”

“That is my best friend, my dildo.”

“Fucking hell, but it’s massive.”

“It’s twelve inches Harry. Now, open up.” And without giving him a chance to argue I forced the massive dildo into his mouth, completely filling it. He was slumped now in the same position I had been and I stood up now between his legs just like he had done with me. His eyes were wide and crying as I forced my dildo desperate down his throat choking him, him turning red. I pulled it out fast and he choked, gasping for breath. I slapped him with the dildo now covered in his own spit and asked him, “Like the taste, little doggy?” He stared into me with beautiful scared eyes and nodded. I held the 12 inch dildo on his six pack, so it lay next to his now shrunken cock. Oh my god, it was now less than one inch long and hidden within his pubes. “Where’s your penis gone, Harry? Hey, where’s your little dicky gone? I’ve never seen such a small cock! You must be embarrassed, Harry, you must feel like a real pussy. Do you?”

Harry looked at me with tears welling in his eyes and nodded, “Yes, Jess. It’s not my fault! I -“

“Shut up!” I shouted. I looked down at his tiny shrivelled penis, like a child’s. His abs and balls still shone with my pussy juices. I knelt down and kissed his tiny penis, I took the tiny soft piece of skin and sucked it into my mouth like a lollipop. I heard Harry moan once again. I licked and sucked his tiny little penis hard, tasting his salty cum, my sweet pussy juices and my arsehole. I felt him grow inside my mouth. I loved the taste of his cock, I could have sucked it all night, but my pussy still burned with lust. I wasn’t finished yet.

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